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File 131880857655.png - (350.43KB , 1024x768 , Ubuntu_11_10_Final.png )
3826 No. 3826
alright /tek/ i got a few question for you

i have the .iso for the newest 64 bit ver of ubuntu, im using the last lts 32 bit right now

is the time to upgrade worth it?

is the 64 bit fine? ive heard some problem here and there awhile back.

unity, nay or ya? i personally am a hardcore Gnome user.
>> No. 3827
When I installed 64 bit Ubuntu a year or so ago, there was a very large number of packages that didn't support 64-bit, including (as I recall) ZSNES and some of the video libraries I needed to run XBMC. It's possible they've resolved that since then, but I just decided to stick with 32-bit. The notebook I'm running it on has only got 1 GB of RAM anyway, so there's no real advantage to 64-bit.
>> No. 3828
ive got 8 gig of ram

i tried the pae (pea? the 32 bit one that knows fi there is more then 4 gigs) kernel but for some reason it doesn't like my video card
>> No. 3870
>ive got 8 gig of ram
You probably should upgrade to 64bit then. 32bit may recognize your 8gigs of RAM but it can't fully use it.
>> No. 3871
it doesn't, it only sees 3.2 gigs

ive got the boot usb ready and im backing my files up now

i know for sure that im fucking putting gnome on it and nuking Unity from orbit, i may have only spent 20 minutes using unity but those 20 minutes were more then enough
>> No. 3872
why does it seem that with every new version of ubuntu more things are stripped away

at least i love tweaking shit, but srsly it seems like the features that were so useful in the last version are either removed or gimped

i can prolly blame this on their focus on other things beside desktops and servers but why?
>> No. 3975
I'm still using 10.04 and don't have any problems with it, so I don't plan to change as long as it's supported. I installed 11.10 on a friend's new laptop yesterday and hated Unity, as I thought I would. Thankfully Gnome Shell ends up being pretty similar to the usual Gnome setup. I just wish I could move the top bar to the bottom of the screen.

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