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File 130091122795.jpg - (103.07KB , 800x600 , Winter.jpg )
3064 No. 3064
my motherboard's intergrated VGA port isn't working. So I put in a Video Card. That also doesn't work.

So /tek/ies what would you do in this situation? I personally think that its a short in my motherboard.

also Trouble Shooting General
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>> No. 3072
Here, this flowchart might help. Also, you might want to think back to what was done to the machine between the last time it worked, and the first time it refused to work. Did you install or delete anything?
>> No. 3073
Pfft, forgot the link:
>> No. 3083
fixed my problem

also I have this and forgot I had it.
>> No. 3086
Well, I guess my rampant internetting has finally caught up with me. It's been almost an entire year with my new computer, and today she has finally caught a trojan spyware thing.

So, MS Tool Remover. Tried installing "SpyHunter Spyware dectection tool" to get rid of it, but apparently it altered my Admin's settings so as to reject it. Any ideas what I should do?
>> No. 3087
Tried booting into safemode?
If not, do that, scan with whatever AV you've got(or install one if you need one), then download and update Malwarebytes and scan with that.
>> No. 3089
>Wake up
>Wake up computer, decide to continue watching Freeman's Mind from before I went to sleep
>It won't play
>See audio icon has a little red X over it
>Start foobar, try to play a random song
>Not a single sound, the song refuses to even start
>Start updating audio drivers, updating Windows, updating like motherfucking Fist of the North Star
>In the middle of updating
>About to flash the BIOS because I've done everything else
>Randomly check if it works by trying to watch a video on Youtube
>Suddenly everything works
>I don't know how, nothing would have been changed until the computer restarted, which it didn't
>"...Well then."
>> No. 3090
the x means you muted the sound.

you probably hit the mute button on the keyboard to turn it off, then hit it again to turn it on.
>> No. 3093
No, when it's muted it has the "circle with a slash in it" symbol on it. I tried that. Also when it's muted it'll still play sound files, I just won't hear them. With this, sound filed utterly refused to play- I loaded up my media player and kept getting errors.
>> No. 3098
File 130215138713.jpg - (654.55KB , 2048x1536 , DSC00170.jpg )
>> No. 3101
try updating your bios
>> No. 3102
PFN_LIST CORRUPT means that the system went to swap memory between the RAM and the VRAM on the hard drive, and couldn't. either: Pagefile.sys is not properly addressed.. did you change it's location in the registry? HDD Corruption -- The bad sector is located inside the pagefile.sys (although usually this would just cause a hang) BAD RAM -- (usually would give you a Page Fault Error instead
>> No. 3103
Absolutely nothing was changed, as far as I know. Thanks for the help, but now the situation has gone from bad to worse.

You know that raining green code from The Matrix? The screen looks like that, but gray.
>> No. 3150
A few days ago I started having problems with captcha, it doesn't show up in any site, I tried with different browsers and nothing happens.
I hope you can help me
>> No. 3153
File 130302056569.jpg - (7.51KB , 150x186 , 150px-John_Pemberton.jpg )
I just had a full retard moment but ended up figuring out the result.

I was downloading some porn with a czech adult actress/borderline milf and it was in 4 .rar packages, in order. I had only downloaded 2,3,4 and for some reason couldn't start 1, so I was desperate to just see what it would be like if I extracted just those latter 3 and the video was choppy and fucked up but I could see snippets before getting 1.

Well I got some weird corruption with the file and it could not be deleted and "windows explorer" had to be restarted or stopped every other 15 seconds with the new pop-up.

So I tried the system scan, then running anti-malware software to no avail and finally realized my masterplan, I would go back and download part 1 of the .rar package, then try to extract that and when it's the same filename as the corrupted file I would choose to "replace" it, this worked and the corrupted file disappeared and everything is normal...

But not before I had deleted the previous .rar files, which I have to re-download again now so I can extract all 4 parts and finally fap.
>> No. 3315
Alright, fuck.

I bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 and tried to install it, no on-board video. The computer goes into instant and infinite reboot. I attempted to have both it and my 7900 GS in to see what would happen, but it's the same problem. I don't even get to a point where I can do anything in the BIOS. I thought it was a power supply issue, but unless my power supply is dying it should be fine; it requires 400W and mine is 550W.

I also bought two sticks Corsair 1GB PC6400 memory and it causes page faults. Gonna run a memtest, but I'm doubtful.

Could I have fucked up my system to such an extent that it won't accept any new hardware? Taking out the memory and using just the 7900 works fine.

I really don't want to RMA. ;_;
>> No. 3317
K, I got the video card working (it had to be in the lowest x16 slot for some reason), but MemTest shows the memory has faults, so back it goes.

So sad. ;_;
>> No. 3319
I've got all these pictures saved on a USB drive, but Window Photo Gallery isn't showing them, saying they're "empty files".

Is there some way to recover them, or fill them up again or.... something?
>> No. 3320
What happens when you copy them to your hard drive and try to open them? Have you tried opening them in another program (MSPaint)?
>> No. 3323
My Laptop's charging mechanism is all wonky. It starts to charge but then it stops after about 10 seconds, then it starts again, then it stops again. The cord is getting a steady flow of power, however.
>> No. 3433
File 131044120046.jpg - (211.86KB , 692x1024 , 1310439487484.jpg )
Okay, whenever I open this picture in any program, some of the pixels are transparent, when the pictre is completely erased, an image of whatever's playing in VLC stuck on the upper right corner of the monitor is showin, the rest of the back image is just black. What's going on?
>> No. 3448
Okay, bought a newer motherboard/processor from a friend and installed Win7. New system is working awesome, but I can't have a separate quick launch bar. ;_;

Took the old motherboard/proc, bought a new case, HDD, and CDROM, and put together a media center PC. Installing WinXP on it, the install went fine, but now the only way i can get it to display on my Proscan 32LB45Q HDTV is by selecting "Enable VGA mode" at boot. Doing anything with the settings, even not changing them but pressing "Apply", causes the signal to be lost. I've reinstalled the video card driver to no avail. This is exceedingly annoying, I have to pull a monitor out of storage to hookup so I can fuck with settings to get the TV to work.

Is it just that image?
>> No. 3449
I've checked the properties of all the folders in m C drive but there's still 27 gigs being taken up that don't show up in these folders...
>> No. 3450
Problem fixed. I moved the card to the other PCI slot (it was where I had it before I had switched out the card) and updated the driver. HULU WATCHING ON TVS FOR ALL.

So, todo for the media center:
-Find media center front-end that also interacts with Hulu and emulators (or at least allows to launch them from the interface)
-Install every fucking emulator ever
-Download every fucking rom ever
-Get WonderRemote working
-Buy & install fans (currently has only the CPU fan)
-Set up second monitor (yes, my media center is going to have a second monitor, displaying SpringPad)
-Find good, legal media download services to try out new music and shows

Is there such a thing for towers that would allow me to install a drive vertically? I want to lay my case on its side, and the only thing stopping me is the orientation of the CD drive.
>> No. 3467
Several other pictures had the same issue.
>> No. 3490
I need a freeware translator... specifically, one that can work offline. All I seem to find are programs that need an internet connection to work. Of course, there's Lingoes, but I have no idea how to install that damn thing.

Seriously, it just gives you a .zip with everything, but it just demands an update. The "how to install" is really obtuse - it just says "Run the installer" when there is no fucking installer that I can see in the whole damn .zip file.

I am of course more than willing to be corrected on this, as I probably missed something in the half a dozen attempts I made to install the damn thing.
>> No. 3552
welp, my monitor died overnight. no previous signs of warning either. was working fine yesterday, i got up this morning and it won't power up at all.

so i guess the question is whether i should bother taking it somewhere for repairs or just buy a new one.
>> No. 3608
Okay, mediafire's 404ing on me for some reason. Is anyone getting the same problem?
>> No. 3625
Okay, turns out Sky Boradband is being butts with download sites for some reason. Should be fixed in a few days.

Polite sage for etc.
>> No. 3743
So ASUS M489GTD motherboard. Works great, except that when I try to use my front audio panel (AC97), the rear audio jack doesn't turn off like it did in XP (admittedly, with a different motherboard).

I can get Realtek to separate them (sound comes out both otherwise) but it won't automatically switch.

It's not a huge problem, as I can simply turn off the monitor with the speakers when I want to use the headphones. Still, it's annoying.
>> No. 3744
Seems that the Bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz Hard Drive means that the HD controller is failing in the board.

Stuck with the Lappy till I scrounge up enough to start getting parts for a new system.

First system crippling error I've had that I cannot fix with a format and clean install.

Anyone else ever had a Bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz
>> No. 3749
My girlfriend reminded me that we did have a Bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz on her old iBook. Had to replace the HDD. Which got me thinking, my housemate had a Bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz. He ordered another hard drive, removed the controller from the old drive and replaced it with the new one. Dude has some pretty sweet soldering skills.
>> No. 3750
Yea it was the controller on the main board (tested all the drives with an external so I'm going with a ASRock 890GX PRO3 to upgrade into the AM3+ arena for the next gen since that looks good and can crossfire with the onboard.
>> No. 3752
nix the ASRock went with GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 which has a better power phase (8-2) and control bridges.

8 gig ram and a Phenom II X4 3.20 I think looks to be a nice step up from the old P4 Duo 3.0
>> No. 3757
Wait, so it was the motherboard HDD controller? I thought you meant the controller on the HDD itself. My bad.

And good move on the mobo. I've always had good experiences with Gigabyte boards.
>> No. 3759
File 131658226574.jpg - (59.67KB , 640x480 , koala.jpg )
My iPod won't synch with iTunes anymore. iTunes just stays frozen. I tried media monkey and it actually worked again the first time, but then media monkey started freezing too. I am convinced it's not my computer and it's some software problem with the iPod at this point.

When I disconnect it, I don't even get the music, it says no music (though before it still had it and recovered it), but under the settings it still has the same space used up for all the music so I think this can be fixed again if it would just synch.

I had not made any other changes to the drive, so basically...

It's fucked, isn't it? Any last ditch things I can try?

I have already:

Tried reinstalling itunes/media monkey
Restarting the iPod

I have not done anything recently, like dropped it or changed some property settings, it just started happening out of the blue but I have had the iPod 120 gig classic for many years.
>> No. 3760
The two most likely causes are either junk in the backups folder in iTunes (which might not get removed when doing an uninstall) or the iPod could have corrupt data on it. If it's corrupt data on the iPod, you can just wipe it and load the OS on it from iTunes in Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, it shouldn't try to do a backup first or even really check what's on the iPod before asking to sync, and that stuff is probably where you're running into the freezes.
>> No. 3761
If it was junk in the iTunes, then shouldn't it have continued to work fine in media monkey? I didn't like media monkey anyway before it started freezing like iTunes because it got some of the cover art confused with my files. How do I access recovery mode for iTunes and the iPod..I googled it and just got a how-to for putting the iPod back to factory settings and only after it's appeared in the source icon on iTunes. I'm trying to keep what I already have on it.
>> No. 3762

I also tried to get the component for Foobar to run the iPod but the download link is missing from their site, I'm guessing they discontinued that?
>> No. 3766
Yep all HD checked out as working when tested and the vanishing drive bit that happens and looking at the forums it looked to be a full controller failure. I think it had started to develop problems handling voltage as well.
>> No. 3999
So, a while back, my PC decided to start randomly clicking off. For a while, it was only at startup(I'd hit the power button, it'd whir up, then click and shut off), but eventually got to the point where it'd shut off randomly while I was doing things.
Then it got to the point where it'd shut off, and not turn back on for more than a split second. I assumed it was fucked and just moved on with my life, until a friend of mine got me messing with the mobo. Eventually, we figured out that resetting the BIOS fixed it temporarily. It still sometimes clicks off as soon as I turn it on, and continues doing that until I reset the BIOS again, but it's at least manageable.

Point is, I'm getting new components for Christmas. Was planning on replacing the motherboard(and the CPU with it, I really don't trust myself with re-applying thermal paste, I'm shaky as a motherfucker, and due for an upgrade anyway) and PSU, just cause I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but my question is, do you guys think I'd be fine with just ditching the motherboard, and save myself the money I'd be spending on a new PSU? I really don't think the PSU's the problem, considering how resetting the BIOS fixes it, and how even when it's fucking up, it does power on for a split second, but I'm not really a tech-whiz or anything.
>> No. 4002
Does sound like a power supply problem.
>> No. 4009
I'm having this issue pretty much exclusively when I try to play games.

My computer is booting up fine and I can browse the internets and junk with no issues, but if I try to start a game then the monitor blanks, gives me a no signal message, and the power button turns orange. The computer is still running, sound still works, just the display disappears.

The drivers are up to date, all the cables are tightly plugged in , I've tried reseating the graphics card and blowing canned air into everything I could find and I just can't. get. this. problem. to. stop. It went away for about a week after I left the pc unplugged for a few days, but that's not a good solution if I want to actually, you know, use my computer.

What do?
>> No. 4012
What operating system, video card (and video card driver version), motherboard (and motherboard firmware version) and power supply?
Does the video card have stock cooling?

I ask because my guesses would be, in this order:
1. Power supply can't handle the draw when the video card starts hitting its stride.
2. Video card is overheating and for some reason is just switching off some component and the OS isn't handling this well.
3. Your particular video card doesn't want to play nice with your particular motherboard chipset (like I had with the Radeon 9700 Pro and the Intel e7205 many years ago).
>> No. 4014
Thing is, PC worked fine for like a year before this started happening.

Reinstalling everything cause my computer needed it anyways. Problem is the monitor stopped detecting feed from the VGA port altogether before I started this. So....blah. gonna try to get my hands on a different gfx card to see if the problem prsists with that.
>> No. 4018
System has been working fine since the reinstall and a bit of tweaking.

>> No. 4034
More questions! Mostly because m google fu is weak and I can't find any info online.

Is there a way to setup my webcam to start recording with an email/text message/android app? The closest I've been able to find are virtual desktop programs for my phone but I'm looking for more of an on/off switch.
>> No. 4038
Does anybody know how to make pdf2cbr work for small pdf files? It's fine when it's dealing with 200+ page pdfs, but with a pdf that's only 17 pages long it goes "HERE, HAVE ALL THE .pbm FILES IN THE WORLD!"
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