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File 128928493110.png - (373.94KB , 346x465 , 127200528185.png )
2433 No. 2433
>My OC'd 8500GT idles at 55 degrees Celsius.
>The GTX 480 idles at 51 degrees Celsius.

>I can't run TF2 at 60fps.
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>> No. 2434
Perhaps you should upgrade your cooling system.
>> No. 2438
wat why

Newest drivers, etc?
>> No. 2439
File 128944156829.png - (37.54KB , 769x442 , FermiJunior.png )
Yep, with fans on 100%.

I'm kinda scared.
>> No. 2440
OHHH I though you meant the 480 wasn't performing.

That's actually pretty par for course, don't worry. In fact, that's good. OC'd GPUs and hotter running stock ones can idle in the sixties and seventies and that's fine. They're more high temp tolerant than CPUs. Just consider lower nineties max under load.
>> No. 2441
You honestly thought I'd own a 480? Hahahahahahaha. HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA.

It's from 2007, this card. ;_;
>> No. 2444
2008 card here

>> No. 2446
I actually have a 9500GT, but it's on PCI, so I don't use it anymore.
>> No. 2450
I have a Nividia Geforce GO5200. Feels pretty fuckin' bad, man
>> No. 2464
File 128981194271.jpg - (6.50KB , 219x93 , ;_;.jpg )

You poor bastid
>> No. 2466
Having Pro Tools but no Mbox is like the opposite of having the Infinity Gauntlet but no Infinity Gems. Just as frustrating, though.
>> No. 2485

So this has been a long time coming, but personally, I don't think it'll work. Sterility just doesn't seem like it'll have a plauge-effect. It'll more likely just NOT be selected for, or result in rare mutation births that select OUT the sterile mutation. Espcially since mostquitos go through so many rapid fire gestiations per year. But we'll see.
>> No. 2486
It doesn't look like they're trying to introduce the mutation into the wild population. They're just trying to reduce the effective population by lowering the chances of finding viable mating partners.
>> No. 2490
I want to like GM, but ever since the whole 'copyrighted and patented produce mutants' thing, they start looking more like Pentex. :\
>> No. 2493
File 129056466466.png - (244.30KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-42000.png )
>External HDD stops working
All of my important shit's on there and I don't have the money for data recovery.
>> No. 2494
Is it Maxtor? One of those Seagate 7200.11s?
>> No. 2507
So my video card is making a loud ass noise. Looking into it I think the screw that holds the fan in is dying out. I already have an RMA for the company to get it fixed but I won't be able to get it sent out until probably next week and I really am bored and want to play New Vegas some more. Would it be fine to let the card run a bit for a few days or should I not risk destroying it further?
>> No. 2509
File 129092649565.png - (142.24KB , 343x189 , damnitcanada.png )

>> No. 2530
File 129118197290.jpg - (14.17KB , 500x500 , I'll get more use out of this by eating it.jpg )
What's a reasonable amount I can expect to pony up for a competent Bluetooth dongle? Apparently they can't be reliable and two dollars.
>> No. 2531
I'd say at least $20. Look for deals and sales though.
>> No. 2576

Better take with heavy scoop of salt, but if it IS real... holy shit.
>> No. 2581
Anyone know anything about digital cameras? I'm going to get one as a Christmas gift and I have no clue about quality or brands.
>> No. 2623
I was wondering when this would happen:

>> No. 2626
It'll happen when it's convenient for the drug companies.
This kind of shit really is inexcusable.
>> No. 2628
Uh, can someone help me with my R4?

I have a SD card for it and I have the firmware downloaded, but it's stuck on the loading screen. It's making me sad.
>> No. 2640
So, after every time my computer goes to screensaver, when I log back it, my computer thinks that it was improperly shut down. Despite never being off. Any ideas how I'd fix this?
>> No. 2641
Also: where is a good place for reviews and comparisons of TVs?
>> No. 2668
Reinstalled Windows. Got a virus before Christmas, and it had been three years since the initial install, so I reckon it was about time. I also used the opportunity to switch up partitions, since my main C drive was almost at max before the wipe.

Got all my apps reinstalled, and will let Steam download a bunch of games overnight. Still have some tinkering to do here and there, but overall I'm back in business. Whole ordeal took me about 5 hours total.
>> No. 2678
Why isn't the Nexus S available on Sprint. Whyyyyy?!
>> No. 2688
Has anyone ever encountered an error where an empty file contains a file of the same name, which keeps continuing like a mastroska doll about two dozens times and, possibly because of the ridiculously long file names creating errors, can't be deleted?
>> No. 2689
Sounds virus-y. You can probably remove the entire thing through the command line.


DEL /S /F /Q path_to_folder
>> No. 2690
I'm sorry, I said that wrong: they're not files, they're folders. Folders which contain only the next folder in a series.

And there's not a set number of the files, it seems to just be as long as it can be without (I tried giving the folders 1 character names, but that eventually opened up new ones from the bottom).

This could only be caused by a virus if it's one that's outside of the folders in question, because a scan turned up nothing and the properties state the folders have a size of 0 bytes.

And perhaps for some context: the folder chain became apparent when some file error prevented me from updating to Windows 7 or even from restoring my previous version, and I had to use Command Prompt to move the thing to a temp file outside of C:

To make it worse, the error keeps happening when I try to install again, even though the folder under that name is no longer there, and I had to use the same method to move the folder over again, so the original folder is apparently restored anytime I use my computer.
>> No. 2692
when you say a scan I take it you mean a base-level sweep with your AV and not a restart+Safe Mode+Malwarebytes?

How long are the folder names and where do they keep reappearing? If you're upgrading from a legitimate copy then this sort of thing shouldn't be an issue (love how many times I have to say that about windows).

If the path length is preventing you from deleting it, one might try just renaming the folder and then deleting it. But how is it being restored?
>> No. 2694
>when you say a scan I take it you mean a base-level sweep with your AV and not a restart+Safe Mode+Malwarebytes?

Yeah, just had Security essentials check it.

>How long are the folder names and where do they keep reappearing? If you're upgrading from a legitimate copy then this sort of thing shouldn't be an issue (love how many times I have to say that about windows).
The original names of all the folders are "Downloads", and yes I'm upgrading from one legitimate copy (Vista) to another (7), I think the problem might have been caused with how certain programs used that folder.

>If the path length is preventing you from deleting it, one might try just renaming the folder and then deleting it. But how is it being restored?

Renaming just causes the chain to add more folders, or rather more folders become visible.

To elaborate: any time I try to delete the folder (or any sub-folder) it says it needs to be permanently deleted because the name is too long to go into the recycle bin.
I say yes, and it tells me the source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system and to try renaming the folder (didn't work) or moving it to somewhere where the file name will be shorter, which lets me delete the now-empty highest folder but then the folder chain gets a new folder from the other end to become the exact same length.
>> No. 2695
Download the malwarebytes trial (do not install yet), reboot into safe-mode (generally F8 whenever it says like "F2 to access BIOS/boot"), then install, update, and run malwarebytes.

It could just be an error but I've never seen a folder error generate more copies of itself. Can you rename the folder before attempting to delete it? Sometimes that's enough. It's this duplication you mention that has me worried.

for reference, the windows maximum path size is 260 characters generally
>> No. 2696
also, which program do you think is responsible for this? Disabling/uninstalling said program might be a quick fix.
>> No. 2697
>Download the malwarebytes trial (do not install yet), reboot into safe-mode (generally F8 whenever it says like "F2 to access BIOS/boot"), then install, update, and run malwarebytes.

In progress.

>Can you rename the folder before attempting to delete it?
Results are identical regardless of folder name.

>also, which program do you think is responsible for this? Disabling/uninstalling said program might be a quick fix.
My most likely suspect is uTorrent (which I did uninstall, but haven't tried the upgrade since then) because of some weirdness in how if I deleted the downloads folder (which was there before I had uTorrent) it made a new one.

Also, I meant it might let 7 install properly, obviously it's not getting rid of the folder chain (I'll just put them back where it seems they don't affect installation in the meantime).
>> No. 2698
hurm. uTorrent doesn't physically create a download folder. See what malwarebytes turns up and after that, if you can proceed with upgrade then I see no reason not to. I would recomend backing up any personal file you have now. Could be nothing or it might be you need to format.
>> No. 2700
>hurm. uTorrent doesn't physically create a download folder
Well, after I deleted my original "Downloads" folder and tried uTorrent it did make a new one.

Still, it is just a hunch.

Finished the safemode malwarebytes scan: nothing, not even when it rechecked those files specifically

Also, besides prevent the upgrade it seems to be mostly just an annoyance now that I know how to get change the file so it can just restore Vista.

Either way, I backed up everything on a hard drive beforehand.
>> No. 2704
well that's one worry laid to rest. I guess you could try manually setting uTorrents' DL folder but this is looking more like a glitch of some kind and I'm not 100% on what kind. But like I said, if you can get it to upgrade then I see no reason not to proceed, especially now that you're backed up.
>> No. 2706
It failed again, and now I can't even restore Vista. I'm now using a different computer.

I restore Vista earlier by moving Downloads to C:\temp, temp1, temp2, etc. but now DOS is paradoxically stating:
1. You cannot move Downloads to C:\temp4 because either Downloads doesn't exist or there is a duplicate name.
2. There is no C:\temp4
3. Access is denied to RD (folder delete) Downloads, which implies it exists.

Another problem it might be was that I deleted the original "downloads" file in my user file and there doesn't seem to be any way to really restore it to the way it was (it had a special icon).

I'm honestly thinking it might be easier just to do a Windows 7 install from scratch and just bring in the folders from the harddrive backup.
>> No. 2707
Does sound like a wipe is in order. Sorry I can't really offer any more advice without extensive googling (I would've loved to hear of a vista -> 7 upgrade that actually worked). But really if this is just a redundant glitch then yeah format and recover from backups would be the next step. Fortunately that tends to be easy (all required tools are available on the 7 disc).
>> No. 2710
Finally worked (using original computer now), though since I only had the update pack I had to re-install Vista, delete all incompatible files, and then do an upgrade 7 installations.

Now I just need to restore the stuff from the backup.
>> No. 2727
Neat tech crime that came up recently:

>> No. 2742
File 129482335317.png - (45.15KB , 306x282 , XYPLORER.png )
Any suggestions for a file manager? I think I've had it with XYplorer and its love of crashing.

That's pretty badass.
>> No. 2752
File 129493533755.jpg - (14.67KB , 333x500 , 316MQDASC4L.jpg )
So I need a replacement enclosure for my external hard drive, an older MyBook like the one pictured (a model number WDG1U5000 I believe, if that makes any difference). Any specific enclosure I should get?
>> No. 2756
>Just bought the Epic4G
>Wowed by the goddamn lockscreen and volume window this things is so fucking great
>downloading all my apps
>Wait some of these aren't available for this phone?
>check out alternatives
>wtf is Dolphin Brows-OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING

Guys this phone is better than my computer.
>> No. 2758

we're going to see this a lot more. The advance of technology will most readily be seen in phones, because they are the most visible to the general public.
>> No. 2759
Here's the story: I need a particular version of MSN Messenger to play Exalted with my friends (apparently they think the newest one is lame). My friend sent me a link so I could download the program, which I did. It's now sitting in my downloads folder, labeled "wlsetup-custom.exe." When I click on it my computer tries to open it with the Unarchiver and says, "The contents of this file can not be extracted with this program." Is there something else that I should be using, am I going about it the wrong way, or is it because my computer is a Mac?
>> No. 2760
I'd think that last one to be the primary culprit. You're sure you have the Mac version? You sure there is a Mac version?
>> No. 2761
No idea in either respect. I'd have to ask exactly what version we're dealing with first.
>> No. 2772
Is there anywhere I can learn about the various complexities of graphics cards?
Trying to shop for a new one is making me dizzy.
>> No. 2790
Saddle up, my man.

Nvidia makes it simple:

X80 = Enthusiast (for rich people with giant and/or multiple monitors.)
X70 = High End (For gamers that play at high resolutions)
X60 = Performance (Higher-mid range cards, pretty much the "default" gamer choice.)
X50 = Mid-Range. Moderate gaming, mostly for video.
X30 = Home theater PC card, not very good for gaming.


GTX = High Performance Gaming
GTS = Mid-Range

With Radeons, it's important to remember that it isn't hardcore unless it's hexacore. supermegagigabytes, son. (to be honest, their new re-numbering scares and confuses me.)
>> No. 2793
File 129554361737.gif - (78.32KB , 300x225 , Laughing Shino.gif )
>try to play a song on WMP for 7
>taking a while to "find media" or some shit
>go to sleep
>finally starts playing the song 9 hours after I asked it to
>> No. 2827
Ended up calling tech guy. Prognosis not good. Strong chance something burnt up. Getting ready to mourn for all my lost files.
>> No. 2844
>I can't access plus4chan or Operatorchan on any computer in the house
>Only on mobile phone
What the fu
>> No. 2850
i loved directory opus when i was using xp.
>> No. 2874
So my Droid has been horribly slow/frozen for the last three days whenever it's unplugged from the computer. The battery (just the upper portion) will also get quite hot. When plugged in, it works great. I think the problem lies in the SD card--when I go to Windows and do a "Safe Disconnect" for the device, THEN disconnect it, it seems to work fine.

Any solution for this?
>> No. 2875
Do you have an app killer on there, to make sure nothing is still running in the background?
>> No. 2877
Anyone know how to turn an iPod (iPod video) into something more like a USB? Something I can actively put files onto and take files off of without having to sync or lose shit if I'm away from home?
>> No. 2879
I've got BAD internet addiction.
Is there a firefox extension that can block my usage at a certain time?
>> No. 2881
Yeah, and I've gone through to kill everything.

The problem appears to have fixed itself somehow. I found a post with similar issues saying it was due to the media player and some fucked up media files, so I'm going to slowly add my music back onto the device and see if I can keep it from going tits up again.
>> No. 2882
There is, actually! Look up LeechBlock.

You'll still need willpower, though, as it's too easy to just open up IE or another browser.
>> No. 2884
It will help.
And thank you.
>> No. 2887
File 129740268168.jpg - (4.54MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_7201.jpg )
New Raven RV02 case and a liquid cooler for my CPU. I need to upgrade more often. I realised that it had been too long when I opened my previous case, Antec 300, and there was so much dust.
>> No. 2899
Looking for a new HD as the main drive just died on the big system (using kitchen comp now) who has the best deal for one online?
>> No. 2901

seems like a good one for 80 bucks
>> No. 2902
I've had 2 of those, one dead on arrival and one that died after a month. But that was over a year ago, almost 2. I know their 640GB has the best ratings though.
>> No. 2903
You have to be careful not to get an early model.
>> No. 2904

Yea gotta check revision numbers. Its what got me with my Samsung HD753LJ. Course they were shit overall from what I've read. And it finally dies just about the time the warranty does...fantastic. Its why I'm going with the WD and their 5 year warranties.
>> No. 2914
Any advice on what motherboard I should get to go with a Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz?
>> No. 2934
I have a last.fm account and I like it a lot. Only problem is, the vast majority of my music listening happens when I'm at work, using my Zune with no net access, so things rarely get added to my page and it's not entirely accurate. Is there some sort of plugin or program I can use to save the information on what songs I've listened to until later? I know foobar2000 does something similar- its audioscrobbler extension saves the songs you listen to in a cache any time you're offline, and gives you the option of sending them to last.fm later, but is there any way to do that on a Zune?
>> No. 2952
File 129840526756.jpg - (11.76KB , 300x300 , 1298275409996.jpg )
>Windows Live Essentials 2011
>> No. 2953
There's a Zune scrobbler or two - I think one is called Zenses? They're a little buggy and sometimes drop tracks, but they're better than nothing.
>> No. 2954
File 129844550573.jpg - (41.56KB , 227x234 , aghast.jpg )
>brand new laptop from aunt and uncle
>"I'm gonna take care the shit out of this thing!"
>overheats because case next to vent, scary black screen and stuff about crash and memory dump
>restarts, seems to be working okay

Oh God, you guys, I hope my shiny new comp is ok! D:
>> No. 2955
should work alright, just keep it away from extreme heat and extreme cold. If it had overheated to the point of frying something it likely wouldn't start. You should be alright.
>> No. 2958
My laptop used to regularly overheat and shut down when I played video games. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to happen, it shuts the computer down before it gets too hot to damage anything.

One thing that helped me was changing the positioning of the laptop. The back left corner is hottest for me, so I stick it up on a textbook and leave that corner sticking out in the air. A nice side benefit was that it elevates the screen more to eye level (I get amazingly terrible neck cramps that won't go away without shitloads of ibuprofen if I look down too long).
>> No. 2959
But I'd definitely double check on that "supposed to happen" thing becauase that's pure unfounded speculation on my part.
>> No. 2965
Some brands of laptops shut themselves off if they get too hot. I keep mine on top of a few books to help ventilation. I also have several other books of equal size so I can swap them out every hour or so to prevent extra hotness.

I bet they started including the self shut off part when people started suing after they started getting 3rd degree burns on their laps after falling asleep with their laptops on
>> No. 2968
I find it pretty hilarious that one of the reasons the PS3's root key is out and in the open is because nobody went through the usual procedures to encrypt it on the off chance somebody would tinker with their console.
>> No. 2983
is it normal for loud videos to freeze firefox?
>> No. 2984
The volume of a video shouldn't effect the video in the slightest
>> No. 2993
File 129930110620.jpg - (58.46KB , 955x577 , YOUTUBEISBORKED.jpg )
Okay, so youtube isn't completely working for me. Everytime I try to watch a video, only the audio plays while the video box doesn't even show up. I can interact with the different buttons and what not, but I just can't see anything. Anybody know what the fuck is going on here?
>> No. 3001
What browser are you using? I know when I have adblock on for chrome on youtube it does that to me.
>> No. 3003
I am indeed using chrome, but I don't have adblock on. At least, i didn't last time I checked.
>> No. 3005
Okay, so for whatever reason, videos can play like normal whenever I clear my history, cache, etc. from chrome. Though as soon as I watch one video it goes right back to not showing up at all. Sage for double post.
>> No. 3033
>> No. 3034
Hey, anybody know of a good freeware video cleaner? And I mean ACTUALLY free, none of that "Don't have an activation key? HOPE YOU LIKE WATERMARKS" b.s.
>> No. 3036
File 130049796951.jpg - (204.79KB , 899x650 , The pleasure of being LISPED inside.jpg )
>Finally discover ftp servers
>More glorious then I could ever imagine
>> No. 3043
So my computer is now nearing 7 years in age (bought it in April 2004) and it starts breaking down and crying whenever I try to do something more ambitious than browsing the internet (for instance, playing Minecraft or using Photoshop CS2 at a resolution higher than 1000x1000). My brother tells me it's probably the hardware showing wear and that it will break down completely soon and there's nothing I can do about it. But I am completely out of money right now. Fuck!
>> No. 3046
I know how you feel. Right down to the 'no money' part.
I've given up playing games on Steam because my machine kept losing the driver for the fans and temperature monitor. It just can't handle playing games anymore without flipping its shit.

But at least I can watch videos, play flash games and cavort on message boards.
>> No. 3047
File 130067483430.jpg - (94.61KB , 800x872 , not good with computers.jpg )
>New computer

>8 GB free of 126 GB

Why can't I hold all these programs? What should I delete? I remember reading that HP loads lots unwanted shit...I just can't distinguish vital programs from nonvital ones.

Ones I'm considering deleting: Adobe Aim, Bonjour, CinemaNow Media Manager, Cyberlink DVD suite, Fences Pro, HP MediaSmart CinemaNow 2.0, all the HP MediaSmart stuff really, LogonStudio, Silverlight, Windows Live Sync. Stop me if any of those are useful/essential.
>> No. 3048
Take a screenshot of your installed programs and one could probably tell you.
>> No. 3049
File 13006772531.png - (381.49KB , 1920x1080 , Programs.png )
>> No. 3050
You don't need Bonjour unless you have to link up to a Mac at some point. And most of those HP programs are crap.

Although, I don't think your installed programs are your problem. It says down at the bottom that your programs are only taking up about seven gigs.

Try downloading something like Spacemonger and taking a look at your disc. You've probably got a couple huge folders of files tucked away somewhere you forgot about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpaceMonger Spacemonger will bug you about buying it; just ignore it.
>> No. 3051
>PCI FX5200 128MB
>Aero at 3fps
Feels good, man.
>> No. 3059
recently my speakers started distorting at the slightest hint of bass. i have to have everything at half volume to get bearable distortion.

what could be going on here?
i havn't fiddled with any sound settings that i know of
>> No. 3062
The speakers could be failing.
>> No. 3063
File 130087312762.gif - (959.41KB , 200x134 , 1287298249032.gif )
oh jolly good.

this is just what i need right now
>> No. 3070
Speaking of which, my speakers have failed, too. The left one still works, but not the right one. What speakers should I get as replacements? I just want one set, no bass. I hate bass.
>> No. 3074
What's your budget?
>> No. 3075
I could have gone as high as $70.

I wound up just buying a pair of $20 Insignia speakers. Quality is pretty low, but the profile is exactly what I need with my current setup (my last speakers were very slim), and so long as I understand what's happening I don't mind at all.
>> No. 3078
Guys what's a good and/or free webhost?
>> No. 3099
I wasn’t sure if there was a thread to talk about this so I’ll go here, I’m trying to update my several year old gaming computer with a good set of Ram and nice new CPU but I want to shirk as much cost as possible. Are there any models or parts anyone here uses that can run modern PC games like Witcher 2 without costing half of what retailers are demanding for a new rig all-together?
>> No. 3157
File 130309424746.jpg - (16.51KB , 300x274 , 1301990782896.jpg )
>Win7 arrived, finally I can finish this build and give it to anon
>Set it up next to mine
>Realize how washed out my screen is compared to shiny brand new screen
>> No. 3158
My monitor died again.
Any recomendations? Any at all.
>> No. 3159
What's your budget? Minimum size desired?
>> No. 3160
It's alright now.
I was lucky enough to find a 20" acer for $100.
Resolution isn't as nice as my old monitor, but it works fine enough till I can save up more money later on.
>> No. 3161
So I have been getting messages when I start up my laptop that my battery volume (capacity) is low. I have not run a diagnostic but I keep it plugged in now all the time, how should I go about getting a new battery and theoretically how dangerous is it to not get one right away? It seems to be fine when it's plugged in and still runs normal when it's not...
>> No. 3162
Can anyone recommend a good, cheap laptop without any bells and whistles? I just need it for word processing/spreadsheets at work.
>> No. 3167
What model laptop is it?

Would a netbook suffice?
>> No. 3172
I'd prefer to have an optical drive.
>> No. 3174




Okay okay I got (most of) it back...


Know of any way to organize 5000+ songs quickly?
>> No. 3182
You mean in a library or on the disk? Because the ID3 tags should still be there, right?
>> No. 3190
What about getting an external optical drive? How often do you use DVDs?

I'm the kind of guy who pretty much just uses the optical drive to copy DVDs or install games occasionally, so I don't really think of it much.
>> No. 3193
Wouldn't say it's quick exactly, but it sped up my organizing a lot: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/MusicBrainz_Picard
>> No. 3194
File 130417440436.jpg - (156.64KB , 551x1435 , at_first_gordon.jpg )
>mfw my laptop shelf finally arrives
>... just in time for my laptop's charger connector to pretty much stop trying to work, to the point where the only way I can charge it continually is to use fucking Blu-Tack
>> No. 3198
The battery on my three year old budget laptop is dead, can't hold a charge to save its life. When I boot up the machine I get a message indicating I NEED to replace the battery.

What happens if I don't and leave it forever plugged in?
>> No. 3199
Nothing, you just have to shut it down before moving it.
>> No. 3208
>Costco giving away Google G2x for free

I pooped a little.
>> No. 3209
There was some story on Physorg about a hard drive that could actually morph and update itself, but I can't find it. Anyone book mark it?
>> No. 3210

Well it looks like it's still got a little ways to go, but I think we might end up putting our phones in our wallets.
>> No. 3211
Can someone recommend a reliable USB or PCI wireless adapter? The last time I tried wireless gaming, it was a headache-inducing mess, but maybe I had a abd card. Plus I don't have a choice this time.
>> No. 3212
Scratch that; I can ethernet it up. :V
>> No. 3213
File 130478851347.jpg - (46.06KB , 500x430 , i don't know how to deal with this.jpg )
>Firefox 4
>> No. 3220
File 130500421143.jpg - (19.02KB , 426x304 , 1231563462962.jpg )
Fuck. That.


Also, might as well join in.

>Buy dual monitors
>Notice that the colors are completely different and can't be synced
>Nerd-OCD kicks in
>> No. 3227
I've been thinking about getting a record player. Don't care if it's new or old, just that it works and isn't too expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what to look for and expect?
>> No. 3228
So the left channel of my audio output on my motherboard has disappeared. Right works no problem. The audio output on the front of my computer works fine.

What might the issue be and can I fix it? Really don't want to buy an audio card, I have basic shitty speakers.
>> No. 3235
File 130558457080.png - (62.90KB , 1245x541 , computer shit.png )
Guys, I need your advice. I keep hearing to avoid pre-builds of any kind, and to make it myself from seperate parts.

But why? Exactly what part of the pre-builds MAKE them a bad choice? Is it the price for the components? Because I have this list in the image ringing up to about 930 bucks, and then I've got THIS HP computer here


And outside of the sound card and the ugly case, it looks pretty nice, and it's about 80 bucks cheaper, and I don't have to buy Windows 7 seperate. Is it the Norton? I can uninstall Norton and replace it.

I'm not angry, there's got be something I'm missing here, but I can't see it right away. What's the ripoff flaw in here?
>> No. 3236
Your link isn't working for me, but in general, prebuilds tend to have the absolute cheapest fans and power supplies available. They might also have weird low-end motherboards, stock heatsinks, weird off-brand disk drives, hard drives, etc., basically every corner that can be cut, is.

Which is fine--but generally, if you went out and cut all those corners yourself, you could still do it for cheaper. That said sometimes worthwhile prebuilts come along, especially low- and mid-tier ones, it's not like there's a law against it happening.
>> No. 3243
Get a prebuild if it's a laptop (ie. if you are a casual) and in no other circumstances
>> No. 3244
File 130590860664.jpg - (51.22KB , 500x666 , 2009134-1.jpg )
Oh BULLSHIT. Whoever J.D. Power is, they've never had to call Net10's fucking customer support.
>> No. 3264
File 130637302666.jpg - (48.22KB , 508x373 , 1306365306739.jpg )
>Newest MacDefender scareware installs without a password

It just keeps getting better

>> No. 3282
File 130656354774.jpg - (27.91KB , 336x229 , 1306459590012.jpg )
What are some good primer tutorials for Blender? Text preferably.

Pic not related
>> No. 3283
Is there anyway to set the output to my stereo speakers to mono? my right speaker is blown and I can't hear half my songs. Literally!
>> No. 3284
File 130660156120.jpg - (16.63KB , 430x430 , 45765478[1].jpg )
>stereo speakers
Do you mean PC speakers that play stereo or one of these?

If you're talking about speakers connected to you PC running windows 7, then as far as I know it's not possible unless your media player can do it.
>> No. 3285
Yeah, I meant computer speakers. Damn. Oh well, thanks anyways!
>> No. 3287
If you're on Windows 7, try this:

Right click on the volume icon in the taskbar. Click "Playback Devices." Select the Speakers, and in the bottom left, there should be a button labelled "Configure." Press that. If it's possible to set your speakers to mono, then the option will be available there.

Something's up with my computer and I don't actually have that option, but it might work for you.
>> No. 3292
Do any of you guys have first-hand experience with recycling CDs?
>> No. 3293
No dice. Lowest option is stereo.

Eh, speakers aren't that expensive. Probably just buy a couple of cheap ones and be over with it. Thanks anyways.
>> No. 3296
since i never see questions of this kind on /cog/ i figure this is the appropiate place to ask

have any of you fine gents dealt with the random freezing + sound looping issue on source engine games with any success? it happens to me with every single source game, from hl2 to portal 2. most of the time it's tolerable because i only have to ctrl+esc and restore the window to get it working again but the fifteen-twenty seconds it takes to do this can be crucial when playing tf2 for example

it feels like it's the graphics card crapping out because sometimes i can see some minor corruption in the visuals immediately prior to the freezing, but from what i googled i see that i'm far from being the only one with the problem.

things that didn't help:
- updating graphics card drivers
- running steam with admin privileges
- disabling desktop composition and visual themes

many tia
>> No. 3297

This sounds exactly like the problems I had with an older computer. Lots of rectangular screen noise, looping, freezing, etc. during Steam games. Later, the harddrive crashed.

I never found out why. Sorry :/
>> No. 3303
Building "Windows 8" - Video #1youtube thumb

It's different, I hate it.
>> No. 3304
Why is there peanut butter in my chocolate?
>> No. 3305

If I wanted a phone OS, I'd be running a phone.
>> No. 3312
>Optional interface for touchscreens.

>Winfags too stupid to realize it's optional.
>> No. 3313

>typing with your thumbs on a full-sized monitor

>> No. 3314
I actually quite dig what I'm seeing here.
>> No. 3325
get the fuck out, tripfaggot
>> No. 3349

This looks pretty interesting, but I'm more concerned about potential security issues
>> No. 3351
Anybody recommend a good freeware image editor... thingy? Specifically, one that isn't balls at adding text to stuff. I've got Paint of course, but that leaves a fugly white box around the text. I also have Photoshop Elements 2.0 on the family PC, but it can be a pain in the neck most of the time. I just want something inbetween...
>> No. 3352
There's GIMP and Paint.NET
>> No. 3360
Go type "gay pride" in google without the quotation marks. Don't ask just do it, and watch your toolbar get a new skin.
>> No. 3387


>Doesn't work through old USB to P/S 2 adapter like my old mouse

>> No. 3390
I want to download the entirety of the Homestuck archive to my harddrive so I can read it while I'm out in the field (where I'll have a netbook but no internet).

What program/way can I use to do this? I've tried using DownThemAll!, but it downloads only the HTML and not the related images/flash files.
>> No. 3391
I believe this will work.
>> No. 3392
Looks like it would, but I can't figure out the correct syntax to do it with. I can download the pages themselves, but the images remain as full links, so I can't view them offline.

wget --mirror --convert-links --backup-converted --html-extension -p -H -l 2 http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?viewlog=6

I thought -p was supposed to force a download and convert the links, but it doesn't seem to (breadth first means that it would get the image for the current page before moving on to the next page, right?) I'm running it with -H now to see if that does it. I haven't let it download all the pages because I'm expecting it to download the images before the next page.
>> No. 3393
Do SSD drives really enhance performance of stuff like image editing programs that much?
>> No. 3394
K, looks like the localization is done after all the pages are downloaded, so I had the right setup of commands.

And now I have 30,000 files D: Half of those are .orig files I need to delete...

SSD drives give you faster file access time, so you'd be able to open images faster (given you have no bottleneck elsewhere), but the actual editing is done within RAM, so you wouldn't necessarily see an improvement in editing speeds.
>> No. 3395
Also, new project! I have a PC circa 1999 with a PIII 384MB 500GB setup running Win2K. My first ever computer, it still has a ZIP drive (100MB).

I have it hooked up to my 32" HDTV and want to get the remote that came with a TV card and Hulu Desktop working with it. Right now it plays Hulu at about 5 fps, so that won't work. I'm going to try installing Xubuntu (already tried a test run of Lubuntu, worked for shit) to see if the lower requirements will give me enough spare power to run Hulu.

I'd love to do an overhaul, using the main case (it's medium size but sleek) as the basis, but I don't have the money to do that right now. I've considered getting a prefab machine from TigerDirect/CompUSA to replace it, but again money stops me.
>> No. 3396
Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Mandriva all fail to do anything after the initial selection to Live boot.
>> No. 3402
I've had this same problem twice in a row: I get an AIM account, everything goes fine, I log off, I try to log back on, INVALID USER NAME OR PASSWORD! And when I try the "forgot password" option, it just says that it doesn't have the information needed to reset it. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
>> No. 3459
File 13111330087.png - (52.08KB , 747x521 , 130809839333.png )
Thank you, ATI. Thank you for wasting my time with your incredibly shitty drivers.
>> No. 3460
File 131121348297.png - (58.36KB , 696x552 , I raged so hard my floor turned into lava.png )
You got a Mobility Radeon HD 5730 too, huh?
>> No. 3462
5770. Issues with the latest 5xxx driver are apparently pretty common on Win7 x64. Back on the driver the card shipped with and I seem to be doing fine.
>> No. 3465
File 131122787061.gif - (377.93KB , 480x270 , 1310780736892.gif )
>Foxit Reader

>> No. 3500
>Spend hours uploading files onto mediafire
>Go to sleep
>Go to check on mediafire account
>The entire sub-folder is gone
>mfw I have no face because seriously, what the shit
>> No. 3501
Foxit Reader is nice, but I'm not a fan of how it handles "fit to width". It scales the entire document to the width of the widest page, so a single sideways page of graphs can make an entire article a pain in the ass to read.
>> No. 3502
>give my roomate a demonoid account
>he goes to The Piratebay
>surprised when his computer is FUBAR.

le sigh
>> No. 3505
>Get a computer that's 4 or so years old for free
>Decide I want to use Linux for the first time and put the newest Ubuntu on it
>Can't connect to the internet, everything is so complicated to fix
Oh well, at least this gives me something to do.
>> No. 3514
File 131228659527.png - (338.72KB , 930x930 , one of us one of us.png )
What the fuck, Google?

>> No. 3515
>Google Voice

mien gott
>> No. 3523
So I'm looking into Tablets. More specifically the Nook Color.

Tablets are essentially multimedia devices from what I can tell, and I've wanted a reader for books and one with color so I could read comics decently on it. The black and white ones kind of muddle the grayscale transition from what I've seen.

Whatever happened to the color e-ink stuff? Why is everything going fully LED and LCD with all this glare and junk? I thought that's what was the main draw of the original ereaders was the flat no glare screens.

tl;dr, is it worth it to pick up a nook color if I already have a smart phone, or should I wait for a cheaper color e-ink reader to come out? I know they're on their way.
>> No. 3524
File 131274375444.gif - (2.12MB , 360x213 , 1300078911156.gif )

>So I'm looking into Tablets
>> No. 3525
I understand the sentiment, which is why I'm looking at the cheaper options and probably buying secondhand on top.

I'm trying to get rid of all my books and replace them digitally cause I'm a terrible person, but half of my book collection is comics so I need something that I can load comics to and read from that isn't awful to look at.
>> No. 3528
So has anyone ever heard of a SATA hard drive just...unplugging itself? I've spent the last few days fighting to save my files from what seemed to be a dying hard drive. Today it seemed to have finally died completely, so I open up the case to get the serial numbers to RMA it...and as my fingers graze over the SATA connection, I hear it click into place. It now works perfectly.
>> No. 3529
>So has anyone ever heard of a SATA hard drive just...unplugging itself?
No, I've heard of stuff not being plugged in properly though.
>> No. 3531

Actually, it's looking now like the SATA connector on the drive is shot. It detects it if you open up the case and fiddle with it, but will fail to detect it on the next boot.

I'd be a lot more annoyed by this if I hadn't just backed up my files. All I'm likely to lose is some software installations and a few video game saves.
>> No. 3533
>hi Ninja

Hi Mom what's up?

>oh nothing I just need you to change all my passwords

ok wait what why

>I installed some program

What program? I told you no downloading or installing without calling me first!

>oh I don't know it's whatever he said to

Who is "he?"

>I don't know he called me

You didn't know the person who called you?


And he told you to install a program you didn't recognize?


And you did it anyways?

>haha yeah

>> No. 3541
>> No. 3561
Whats a good cheap gaming laptop out there?
I mostly will be playing TF2 an New Vegas.

I'm hoping for around 700 or 800 dollars.
>> No. 3562

I saw an i5 Lenovo at Best Buy for about $700. It'll get you through TF2, but in general


Pick two.
>> No. 3563
How about Desktops?
>> No. 3566
You can build a decent (good framerate on most modern games at mid-high settings) gaming desktop for as little as USD$600.
>> No. 3568
I think that Lenovo would be enough to run New Vegas. That game's system requirements aren't all that demanding.

I built my cousin a desktop for about $800 a few months ago, but that didn't include the monitor, mouse or keyboard. As far as I know, it runs all recent games.
>> No. 3573
I'd say that Anon could definitely run New Vegas no problem.
I have a three or four year old thinkpad (T61p), and I run New Vegas fine, albeit with no AA and resolution lower than my screen's native. Any newer thinkpad will run New Vegas no problem. Maybe not highest settings, maybe not Max AA, maybe not highest resolution, but it will run and it probably look fine.

I've actually more success than I expected keeping up with games, although if it was made in the last two or three years I need to put it on rock-bottom settings to get playable framerates.

If you're going to get a Lenovo, try to go for one of the thinkpad models over the ideapad or essentials lines. It'll be heavier, but the durability is worth it.
>> No. 3576
So Google bought Motorola.
>> No. 3577

They've been flirting with their own phone company for years now.

I, for one, welcome our new overlord.
>> No. 3580
I remember reading about how Google was really frustrated at how all the phone manufacturers took Android and turned it into just another closed, locked-down phone OS. They might be looking to remedy that situation here.
>> No. 3618
So, I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my machine. I have a few questions:

How is the AMD vs. Intel battle these days?
How is ATI vs. nVidia?
I'm really impressed with how long this machine lasted, I got it back in '07 and it's still running strong today. What sort of specs should I look for to get an equally decent run?

I'll probably be building it, myself.
>> No. 3619
>How is the AMD vs. Intel battle these days?
AMD's launching their next generation of processors soonish and that could mix things up a bit but at the moment if you're looking for performance then Intel is a no brainer.

>How is ATI vs. nVidia?
Price/performance-wise ATI has the edge, especially at the lower specs, however the difference is marginal.

>What sort of specs should I look for to get an equally decent run?
Hard to say, maybe an i5-2500k, HD 6790 and an SSD
>> No. 3622
Thanks for the feedback. By SSD do you mean Solid State Drive? Those are wide spread now? If so, sexy.
>> No. 3623
Yeah, ~80GB Solid State Drives are becoming fairly common within the higher end of the market, although they're still at least two years away from the mass market.
>> No. 3626
Solid State Drives are getting bigger capacities.
I approve. Quiet, efficient, long lived solid state drives. Eat'em-up yum.
>> No. 3627
Anyone know if there's a firefox app that lets you go straight to the first tweet a person made on their Twitter page?
>> No. 3637
There's a greasemonkey script that reverses the order of twitter updates.


It haven't been updated in almost two years though, so I don't know if it still works in the latest Firefox version.
>> No. 3638
Given how Mozilla seem to bring out a "completely new" FireFox every month now, probably not.

Thanks anyway.
>> No. 3645
So I read about this:


And then I remember I have this:


When I move I am so pimping my monitor. :9
>> No. 3659
I mainly wanted to post this so I could find it again on my regular PC.
Thought you might enjoy it though.
>> No. 3660
File 131480041445.jpg - (94.55KB , 630x925 , beta-08.jpg )
Hah, I love this. Probably fairly noisy unless that fan is a prop.

Hurr, puns.
>> No. 3666

My computer tower sits on the floor, under the desk, next to my feet. Why would I care how it looked? I'm supposed to be looking at the monitor, anyway.

Also, how in the name of CHRIST do you expect me to watch a DVD on my computer in total theater-style darkness when my tower is glowing with over 9000 LEDs like a blue bonfire?? Throw a blanket over it? Or two, because one wouldn't be enough...? People just aren't very practical.

Also, the website name is misleading. I thought at first it was PC builds that were literally worth a million dollars. Which would be very hard to do unless you also built a room-full of stuff around the computer. I could imagine building a full-size Flight Simulator cockpit worth a million dollars, provided it was mounted on hydraulic rams that articulated it off the floor. Since you'd need probably FOUR computers to run the thing, though, it still really wouldn't count.
>> No. 3674
Oh goody, I can't access mediafire. Again.

Done a little research, with both my broadband provider and MediaFire themselves blaming the other. It'll probably get sorted tomorrow, but it's still frustrating.
>> No. 3677
>over 9000 LEDs
You didn't see this one then.
And I also have my PC in the same position as you, but this site isn't about practicality, it's just a showcase of possibilities.

But maybe someday someone will see these and be inspired to make something more practical, like maybe putting a projector on top of this one.
>> No. 3687
Ok /tek/, help me out real quick.

I got this PS3 fat, right? Like, first generation PS3 real fat right? Fat.

So it's overheating and shutting off mid-game and shit, right?

Cause it's fat?

What can I do to this fatty breathe better? Right now it's on one of the shelves under my TV and I'm guessing that ain't optimal.

It's fat.
>> No. 3689
Set it on its side, have a fan blow at it.
>> No. 3690
Might have something (probably dust) obstructing airflow in the case. Crack it and see!
>> No. 3692
This, take an air duster and blow every orifice.
>> No. 3693
File 131542425993.jpg - (21.06KB , 235x256 , 1312065863379.jpg )
>Have a lot of audiobooks on cassette from the library
>Dust off my old portable stereo
>Put tape in, press play
>No sound
>Check the spools are working, which they are
>Ah, screw it
The next day...
>It was set to play CDs
>> No. 3718
anyone else ever got a Hard Driver error picking it up as BZbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz..etc
>> No. 3719
File 131605752832.jpg - (27.99KB , 308x280 , 1314241148547.jpg )
>Adobe force bundling unnecessary shit with Acrobat.
>> No. 3727
File 131612415212.jpg - (79.88KB , 800x663 , confuz.jpg )
>Trying to figure out how to move iTunes folder from C to D drives to free up space so my laptop will stop crashing

>Don't want to have to go through the effort of finding each file for each song one at a time

Guys, how do I do this?
>> No. 3729
if i have a 1TB hard drive, should i partition it into two smaller drives?
>> No. 3730

I would. Program files on C, other stuff on D.
>> No. 3731
Got my hard drive test kit today and drives all seem to be fine (even one that windows told me was dying and I replaced) from the things I've read the people that have had the BZbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbz etc problem have narrowed it down to bad SATA cords. Got four new ones from amazon and I'm going to replace all the cords and see what happens. If that doesn't work then its has to be the controller on the board is going out and I'm going to have to repbuild the system once I ge a job. New Tower, New Board, New Processor, New Memory and likely a new Video Card while I'm at it.
>> No. 3736
I wouldn't bother partitioning a single physical volume.
>> No. 3771
File 13167117836.png - (124.37KB , 625x452 , Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX.png )
building a new system decided to go with the Antec Three Hundred Illusion case
>> No. 3786
Yes. Oh yes.

Just unplug those LEDs and you'll be golden.
>> No. 3798
Any advice on replacement batteries for a Toshiba Satellite A305D?
>> No. 3817
I finally solved a connectivity issue on one of my external HDs by shoving the socket into the plug really hard. I am a god damned genius.
>> No. 3820
Isn't it weird when you can fix something by smacking it around? But it happens!
>> No. 3821

if it works for Astronauts then its good enough for all of us.
>> No. 3822
Several times, I have managed to repair something (a fan, a toaster, a fish filter, a cordless drill, a vacuum) by completely disassembling it, and then reassembling it. I'll find nothing wrong or broken inside the thing, but once it's all put back together, it starts working properly again.

I doubt that there was a fleck of dust or filth in there that was somehow hampering the operation of the whole machine — and was shaken loose by taking it apart — but otherwise, I can't explain it. However, hitting the side of it might have the same effect...
>> No. 3823
It could have just been some part was too loose/tight.
>> No. 3829
So what's a good antivirus program for Macs
>> No. 3830

Simply having a Mac is good enough. That whole refuge in obscurity thing.
>> No. 3832
refuge in obscurity with respect to macs and viruses is a myth, an urban legend

the reason macs have less viruses is because they present harder targets, not because there's less of them. the draconian user controls make it so that it's difficult for a virus to gain a foothold unless the user does something completely fucking stupid.
>> No. 3833
Ok guys, not sure if this goes in /cog/ or not, but here you go.

Sonic Generations's PC reccommended requirements are pretty fucking heavy. However, I pass most of it. What I'm confused on is the processor and graphics card.

MY PROCESSOR: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

MY GRAPHICS: ATI Radeon HD 4890 (1GB)

I'm a perfectionist, so I want to run this on max settings. Would it work? Are they that much different? I don't want to shell out $200 for another card if I don't have to.
>> No. 3837
Does anyone have any experience with usb hubs that run more than 4 ports? I'm trying to find one with at least 7 that runs on USB power instead of an AC adapter, and I can't find anything that seems reliable.
>> No. 3839
I'm almost certain this can max the game out.
>> No. 3842
Is Alienware any good?
>> No. 3846
Good tips for smartphones on T-Mobile?
>> No. 3850
Good? Sure.
Usually overpriced as shit? Yeah...
>> No. 3853
File 131950363430.gif - (284.48KB , 150x150 , excellent.gif )
Got a Wacom Bamboo today, the difference between it and my generic drawing tablet is phenomenal.
>> No. 3854
anyone know what is the best thing to study for Oracle Database stuff. Looking to get DBA Certification.
>> No. 3855
So...my headset died.

Wires have been popping out of it for a while now, and I covered them up with electric tape. Then, out of nowhere, the left speaker went out. Moving the wire around got the right speaker working again, until it just stopped altogether. They're Sennheisers btw.

Can you help, /g/uys? I'm not going to repair them and I need a good headset for under $80.
>> No. 3856
Headsets are usually just shitty headphones attached to shitty mics for too high a price. Their only benefit is convenience, and you're probably not going to find a worthwhile one for $80. I'd suggest finding a decent pair of headphones with replaceable cables and a clip-on/desktop mic.

I would have said GET A SUPERLUX 688b BRO, but those are pretty much sold out everywhere.
>> No. 3857
Or you can be lazy and get this instead.

>> No. 3865
>looking into getting a laptop to replace my desktop
>pricing it out
>stumble across Falcon
>desktop replacement base laptop config is 3000 dollars


>go back to cyberpower PC
>customize one for 1100
>> No. 3866
Yup. This is why I stick with a desktop and a tablet or netbook for portable internet browsing.
>> No. 3890
Does anyone have recommendations for gaming-focused PC builds in the $500-$750 range?

Yes, I know that's not gonna work miracles, I'm just hoping to decently run most new games at medium settings and several year old ones at high settings.
>> No. 3891
That amount will get you parts that will work just fine on new games, though if you need a monitor/keyboard/mouse the quality will drop of course. Hard drives right now are more expensive than usual, so if you can hold off for a while it'll be to your benefit.
>> No. 3892
At the very least I already have a mouse and mic.

Someone in my family may be getting a laptop to replace their old desktop, in which case I could probably reuse the monitor (I could reuse the keyboard, but that thing is already a disgusting piece of crap).

If they don't get one or I don't wait that long, I'll not only have to get a new monitor but will also have to make the build wi-fi compatible, because then I'd have to put it in a different room.
>> No. 3896
I just updated my MSN, and now I have a toolbar on my firefox. I said no to the toolbar. How do I get rid of it?
>> No. 3897

Click the Firefox button at the top, go to Addons, then remove it.
>> No. 3920
File 13209652031.jpg - (78.02KB , 700x548 , 8.jpg )
I need a new laptop. I just want it for college. I'd probably put linux and windows on it, use it mostly for programming and browsing, video editing and that sort of stuff. I thought one for 500€ without OS should do it as long as it's not loud and has good battery time.
But now I am in the shitty situation that I have to share my actual gaming pc with my boyfriend and he is an ass and I hardly ever get to use it and it pisses me off. That problem would be solved if I got a "gaming laptop".
What can I expect for 1000€ (that much would hurt my wallet and soul)?
Games I'd like to play are minecraft, lol, tf2, battlefield bad company 2, shitty indie games - he only plays battlefield 3 at the moment and he already complained that my desktop pc can not run it on high stats.
>> No. 3924
Welp, time for a new laptop. Again. This one lastedd, like, a year. Better than the last 3.
>> No. 3925
Any recommendations for a video player for Android? I've replaced all the other stock crap on my ARCHOS 43, but I'm stumped on this one.
>> No. 3926
File 132102897697.png - (10.09KB , 432x494 , 1288551848113.png )

>need laptop for college
>for programming and browsing and video editing

>have to share with boyfriend
>have to

>Battlefield 3 on highest settings
>> No. 3927
I'd just recommend getting a new boyfriend.

Thank you, I'll be here all night.
>> No. 3928
File 132109754266.jpg - (1.25MB , 1400x1802 , MP-tree-house.jpg )
Are you free and well endowed? Yearly income? Nationality, age, political affiliation, alignment, zodiac sign?

Baddlefield is not a determining factor. I would just be most pleased if I it would at least run with shit graphics on it and could banish him to the laptop for ever.
>> No. 3929

I would suggest just upgrading the desktop if that's the case. Keep the laptop exclusively for work.
>> No. 3930
You could just stop being a pushover maybe to solve the problem.
>> No. 3932
Very no. Spectacularly. <snorting laughter>. Australian. Too damn old. Non. Chaos 12, Balance 86, Law 2 (Elric! Alignment system). Aries.

Maybe you could try being single for a while?

Seriously though, I don't know what laptops cost in the Eurozone, but anything with an i5 processor or better and actual hardware 3D acceleration (i.e. not chipset integrated rubbish) should do you well. If it's any guide, I bought the laptop I'm writing this on last year for AU$1600 and it runs Source stuff brilliantly. I'm not sure about newer graphics intensive games, as I do not give a fuck about any of them except for Skyrim (which I'm saving for my new desktop with ALL THE RAMS).
>> No. 3933
File 132120532672.jpg - (2.83MB , 1333x1778 , 1208541023161.jpg )
Nah, not interested in being single, I love that dork.

I've had my eye on the Asus N55SF but the audio gimmick isn't really anything I need. The frustrating thing is that it would cost $1200 (900€) in the US and here in Germany it's 1100€.

I decided that minimum requirement is 4gb (8gb preferred or at least capacity for 8), i7 processor, something like GeForce GT 555M or better.

I don't know much about the quality of different manufacturers either. My old laptop is Toshiba, it is falling apart now and embarrassingly loud. But I think it's at least 6 years old and I've been using and carrying it around excessively.

Also how much difference does the display resolution make? Seems like I get a lot more for 1000€ if the screen is just HD compared to Full HD (usually twice the RAM, next best processor, more hdd).
My old Toshiba one is tiny, 14'' and 1280 x 800, I didn't think it was bad at all, I played tf2 on that screen but now that I got used to full hd it does seem a bit silly.
>> No. 3934

Trying to spring for the 8gb. In the US I know it's proportionately cheaper to upgrade, similarly with harddrives.

Also, keep an eye on US Amazon and US Best Buy. Crazy-good laptops going heavily discounted for Black Friday. I heard one of the higher-end HP's will be like $900 USD, usually $1,600.

You already seem to have answered your resolution question.
>> No. 3935

*try to spring
>> No. 3939
I got the Asus N61Jq. I saw some advertisements around not long after I bought it touting the audio capability, which I found hilarious as the speakers are actually rather shitty. Maybe earlier laptop speakers were even shittier? I don't know, I've never owned a laptop before. At any rate, it makes some good sound through headphones.

What Ninja said. Spring for the 8GB if you can.

In my experience, Toshiba makes good laptops. My girlfriend has owned a couple. Six years is an amazingly long time for any laptop to continue working. Most I've seen seem to average about three years before something that is either too bothersome or too expensive to be worth fixing breaks (which usually means a CPU fan that has been discontinued and is only available as overpriced counterfeit parts on ebay).

More pixels means you're going to need more graphics card (generating more heat, needing more fans) to achieve a useable framerate on a given game. I'm really out of touch with where graphics cards are at right now, so maybe this isn't a huge issue any more. While a full 1920 x 1080 display would be nice, I find 1366 x 768 perfectly adequate on a 16" display.
>> No. 3941
So, okay, guys.

I just started doing some research with an eye towards putting together a new PC, and I've just realized that I haven't sort of lost track of where graphics cards are at, I have no fucking idea of where graphics cards are at.

What the balls is up with specific drivers for specific games? Games that work dramatically better with a mediocre part from Nvidia than a high end part from ATI? (Or vice versa.) What should I even be looking for in a high end graphics card these days? And can I chain four of them together?
>> No. 3949
File 132137989610.png - (451.29KB , 466x527 , 2816451.png )
I just looked at prices do determine what graphic cards I can afford, then looked the models up on some hardware comparison sites to get the best I can for my money.

Thanks for the input.
And yes, 6 years is an impressive time. But when I opened it to upgrade the ram just the act of carefully opening the space it was in and looking at it the wrong direction immediately destroyed the module. I had to replace it and the laptop isn't running that well anymore. Maybe I hurt its feelings.
>> No. 3950

I just got a Dell XPS17 3D and it has this nifty service center setup where you remove one panel at the bottom and you're right at your harddrives, RAM, and chipsets.
>> No. 3951
So I've been having two recurring errors recently, potentially from the same source. I updated my AMD drivers, which included a new Control Center, and since then:
1) The menu bar (which I have set to auto-hide) will randomly pop out. Sometimes a notification bubble will appear for a fraction of a second. I cannot react fast enough to get a screen cap to figure out what it is about. This is problematic because it can pop me out of TF2, which kind of leads to the second problem...
2) I have an HP wide-screen LCD with HDMI hookup. I have to randomly use Scaling Options in the control panel to increase or decrease the screen size to fit the monitor. It seems to randomly set itself to whatever it wants, mainly based on restart or playing TF2, but also sometimes when the monitor goes to sleep.

Thoughts? Any way to capture what's going on? Event Viewer showed Application Experience alerts that loosely correlated with the pop ups, but even after disabling it the problem persists.
>> No. 3952
>Hard drives right now are more expensive than usual, so if you can hold off for a while it'll be to your benefit.

Yes, because the flooding in Thailand closing those factors. However, is that all drives or just hard-disk drives? Because I'm planning to get a solid-state one.
>> No. 3953
SSDs appear to be unaffected.
>> No. 3955
File 132167118567.jpg - (47.72KB , 1440x900 , ikari.jpg )
Humbly requesting 3ds Max, Maya, and Motionbuilder tutorials for the complete newbie.

Emphasis on "complete newbie."

oh god there are so many buttons
>> No. 3956
>order just over $1000 in parts, equipment, and software for a new computer (and $7 for an anti-static wrist-strap)
>look over list
>forgot speakers

Any suggestions? Preferably something low-end; I'm not exactly an audiophile, but don't want some brand/model even crappier than the price suggests.
>> No. 3957
That goes double for me. I can buy headphones with my eyes closed, but I'm lost on decent speakers.
>> No. 3958
Skip down to the links section. Might not help you a lot, but it's a start.
>> No. 3959

I've heard good things (and am satisfied thus far) with JBL.



Thanks! I am a bit surprised at the lack of high-quality free community-made resources, but I do suppose that comes with the territory.
>> No. 3962
I have these, and they're decent. I have a good headset for anything requiring surround sound and stuff.
>> No. 3963
So, I need headphones.

Not earbuds. My inner ear swells up occasionally and it irritates it something fierce.

I don't actually know what to look for. I've always just used whatever came with my products, which has apparently been not awful because I picked up some 12 dollar headphones the other day and they were horrid.

What do I look for as far as the specs go for quality? Also I am not an audiophile, I just want something that isn't a shrieking madness in my ears.
>> No. 3964
File 132208615192.jpg - (82.00KB , 640x480 , rxn (197).jpg )
>The KMPlayer

oh my god everything looks and sounds so much better
>> No. 3967
What use are you looking for? Listening at home, out on the bus, at work?

If you're going to be in a setting where you don't want other people to hear your music or you want to block out sound, you want something with closed speakers. If you don't care or you want really good sound, go for open.

Next, choose a price-range. Very generally, you get what you pay for, but there's a couple different classes of headphones you can get. There's sub-$40, $40-~100/120, and $120-above (there's further categories up above $120 but that's audiophile territory).

Once you know what you want, you can get on CNET or headphone forums like Head-Fi and start looking. Sorry I can't make any recommendations (It's been quite a while since I shopped for headphones), but in my experience just narrowing down the field helps a lot.

Here's a couple year old buying guide. http://www.head-fi.org/t/271258/headphone-buyers-guide

I hear PortaPros are nice for cheap, if that helps.
>> No. 3968
Thanks! One of the ones I was looking at at the mall is actually on the list there.
>> No. 3971
So what's a great desktop mic guys?

I already know the headphones I'm ordering for Christmas, but I'm looking for a mic too. It needs to be $30 or less, and it can't be a clip-on.
>> No. 3972
File 132254277926.gif - (239.24KB , 215x113 , Wall banging.gif )
>about to get all my new computer parts
>forgot the fucking mounting bracket for the SSD I need because mine didn't come with any

Why would they ever not come with those things?
>> No. 3974
File 132278094513.png - (413.24KB , 848x480 , FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.png )
>YouTube redesigns yet again

FUCKING STOP THIS SHIT. Every single design is uglier and less functional than the last! Just...just stop!
>> No. 3977
Those speakers are working pretty well.
>> No. 3981
who the fuck ever thought this would work?

i liked that it only showed me videos form my subscriptions, but now i have to wad through some wanna-be facebbok wall and find the ones i havent seen for myself
>> No. 3982
Speaking of Youtube, what's the best way to download videos these days? The old tricks don't work anymore

(Or just tell me where I can find the old X-Men cartoon theme song)
>> No. 3984
I use this things, but haven't tried for a while:

>> No. 4016
>a smaller iPad
>> No. 4017
>obtain Radeon HD 6850
>and sweet new processor/mobo
>throw parts together
>reformat, just cause I've been meaning to, and why not now
>go to reinstall games
>Steam is essentially being DDoS'd by people who got new PCs/games for Christmas
>download speeds are atrocious
>leave PC on to download overnight
>2/7 games done, the rest have several hours remaining
>> No. 4019
File 13250475003.jpg - (57.18KB , 750x600 , Waaahhh.jpg )

I could kill you so happily right now.
>> No. 4020
I paid for the games, just not most of the PC parts. :(
>> No. 4021
oh no you guys my boot disk is suddenly not booting oh nooooo guys noooo

I don't have enough money to upgrade my platform and I really don't want to sink more money into this aging lga775 system

>> No. 4023
Oh it's cool guys, just my overclock caused my southbridge to go balls crazy on me and stop recognizing my boot hdd. So remember kids, overclock errors can sneak up on you ages after you set and stress test it.

While I'm bitching though, man this mobo is a disappointment. I was only OC'd to 3.8GHz on an E8400 E0 stepping in the first place because the chipsets kept producing errors before the CPU or memory. I know I oughtn't expect anything over stock but it's a burn I got a CPU I know can do more and the bottleneck part is the one that's hardest to replace and depreciates in value most.

I'm p much the Charlie Brown of computers.
>> No. 4024
I just fully unlocked my iPhone (for international calling, silly~) and now I have no idea what to do with it. All this technical prowess I managed to stoop around and now I have this lil magic super phone.

Guess I just uh

>> No. 4026
call your past and future selves
>> No. 4029

you should call god
>> No. 4039
Downloaded Firefox 9.
Massive mistake.
How do I go back.
>> No. 4040
Not taking any calls right now. Playing Jet Set Radio Future because I'm cool like that.
God out.
>> No. 4041
>> No. 4044
File 132691862458.jpg - (191.36KB , 425x425 , kamen dubs.jpg )
Something I wrote for a friend looking for a prebuilt computer. Guidelines on what to look for at the moment for a game playing computer (won't run on ultra settings but will do well).

[12:25:31 PM] Askal: Intel CPU tiers go i7 > i5 > i3 but i3 should be plenty as it has more processing power than any last generation dual core and I've been running a last gen dual core - skyrim on high settings included.

It's best if you don't buy planning to upgrade. Look for one with a video card with at least 1GB memory, Radeon HD 5xxx or higher or GeForce 450 or higher (higher is generally better but if the last digits are higher it's probably better than low last digits on the next series - i.e. HD 5770 > HD 6450, GeForce GTX460 > GTS520). For GeForce, GTX > GTS.

RAM should be at least 4GB.

[12:26:21 PM] Askal: I don't think there's many prebuilts with AMD's latest generation of CPUs yet, they were late releasing them.
>> No. 4045

>> No. 4046
File 132702956184.png - (16.26KB , 291x300 , Rage1-291x300.png )
I will never say a bad thing about my computer illiterate family members, friends and coworkers again. At least they'd take the time to read WHY a site participated in yesterday's blackout. Fuck all of these selfish assholes.
>> No. 4048
hey /tek/nodromes, I have a question that I think might not be entirely too suited for this thread, but here it goes

Are files created in pirated copies of software (i.e. illustrator and Photoshop) any different than those made in official ones?

I ask because I'm currently taking a class that requires me to buy those programs, but I've reached the last of my few savings til work comes around and my teacher seems pretty extreme on piracy.
>> No. 4049
I am a sucker for ironic marketing.

X-RANGERS: Defenders of Gamingyoutube thumb

>> No. 4052
I am now in possession of the most comfortable headphones in the universe.
>> No. 4057
Ordered me an SSD and a new keyboard (steel series 6Gv2). I am moderately excited.

Reveal your secrets, wizard.
>> No. 4058
Guys, got a question here.

I have recently installed a HD 6870 cardon my comp, and noticed that even at full load while playing, the fan never goes beyond 30%. Perhaps this is a stupid question, but is this normal? Shouldn't it spin faster as the card works?
>> No. 4061
Most fans on GPUs are locked at around 30%. You can put it higher manually but past 50% is banshee territory. 30% is enough to keep it within its thermal spec on a full load.
>> No. 4064
I know this Windows 7 Administrator crap makes it harder to compromise my system, but it enervates the fuck out of me.
>> No. 4065
File 132832838110.png - (7.61KB , 492x402 , meh.png )
Oh yeah, I forgot how painful pirated Photoshop/Illustrator is to install.
>> No. 4066
The worst thing? The non-pirated Student Edition is even more of a hassle.
>> No. 4071
I just did that the other day. The keygen wasn't working so I just googled "Photoshop serial key" or something like that and a bunch of youtube videos came up with number in them. I used one of those and it works great.
>> No. 4072
Using my tax refund windfall, I've purchased a Performance MX Laser mouse. My MX1000, which I've had since it was first released (five...six years?) finally became too much of a hassle--the middle thumb button (which I use for push-to-talk) only responded half the time, the wheel was loose as hell, and I was starting to get response issues. Still works great for generic-use mouse, though.

Only thing I don't like about the MX is the scroll wheel. No horizontal scroll, and the wheel is intentionally loose. Though oddly, the continual spin is somewhat satisfying.

Gotta get used to these different button positions. Also what to use the extra buttons for in TF2...
>> No. 4081
File 132975356381.jpg - (31.23KB , 470x400 , el presidente.jpg )
>that moment when you realise you will never ever have to worry about hard drive space again
>install whatever the fuck i want and never bother uninstalling things i dont use
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