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File 128660115234.jpg - (63.48KB , 1024x768 , deleteme.jpg )
2270 No. 2270
General Android thread.

Got me a Droid 2 over last weekend; aside the fact that it took me fucking forever to figure out how to add contacts to groups, I <3 it.

What are good apps to download? Free is (obviously) preferable, but apps that cost a little $$ are fine too.
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>> No. 2272
I have the HTC Hero. I also love it very much.

Here are 3 free apps i like.

Advanced Task Killer Free, or at least I think that's what it's called. Applications don't actually turn off when you close them, so this does that and helps prolong battery life.

AndroidIRC if your looking for IRC, that's a good one.

Footprints but you might already have that. It came with my phone, but my cousins' phones didn't have it. When you open it, you take a picture and it takes your GPS location and puts them together, you can also add extra info. So it's cool, if you find a good restaurant or something and want to find your way back there someday, you just click on that picture and ask for directions.
>> No. 2276
No good 10 inch android tablets. Soon the archos 101 will be out though
>> No. 2322
I picked up an HTC Incredible over the summer, and love it to death in spite of its goofy name. The IMDB app is fairly useful if you're a movie going type, and is free if recall correctly. I tend to use it covertly in social situations to make myself appear more knowledgeable than I really am. Another app I use for similar purposes, Soundhound is an app that can identify a song just by letting it hear a brief snatch of it, and I've been amazed so far by it's accuracy and apparently infinite database. I think there's a trial free version, but the full one is definitely worth it. Also on the subject of music, Pandora is just as fucking great as you'd expect, though I wish it had more station editing options.

You might also find yourself wanting a file manager app, and I've found AndExplorer to be very useful, though I didn't really hunt around too much to see if there was a better one. Definitely also get Advanced Task Killer as mentioned above. It's astonishing how many apps don't have a proper quit function.

I also use MobileMetronome and Cleartune, which were both free and useful, but I don't know if that's your kind of thing or not. I wish there were better games, nearly all the ones I've seen so far are absolute shit. There is, however, a serviceable Nethack app (though the save function appears to be broken) if you do not value your time or sanity. I think ScummVM is in the process of being ported to the Android system too. I can't imagine how that will turn out, but I have high hopes.
>> No. 2323
Bluh. Typos everywhere. That's what I get for posting half asleep with my Droid.
>> No. 2327
I have a Motorola Milestone, which I just rooted a couple weekends ago. I'm enjoying the physical keyboard, but part of me wishes I could've imported a Droid 2. I want more GHZ without having to overclock, damnit!
>> No. 2332
I have a Droid Incredible, and I'm loving it. But for the of god if you own one and don't have a case, get a fucking case. A three or four foot drop on the corner cracked the glass (thankfully I had insurance).

Things I recommend:
DELETE AUTOMATED TASK KILLERS. They are useless and destroy your battery life.
Tasker. http://tasker.dinglisch.net/ It runs scripts. If you can think of something you want your phone to do, it can probably do it. Do you want to turn off wireless connection for a certain period every night? Do you want to make it turn off sound and wireless connections if you turn the phone face down? What about have custom settings for volume and screen brightness for each person in your contact list? Or make a widget to send an SMS if someone calls you while you're driving? You can do all that easily.
Flashlight apps are cool too.
>> No. 2340
File 128774946763.jpg - (67.54KB , 316x500 , htc_desire_2.jpg )
This is the first time I have ever loved a phone.

Even surfing Plus4chan on this Desire is perfect.
>> No. 2344
I got a Droid X last night, and yeah it's pretty awesome. :D Slowly getting everything set up awesome.

However, I tried rooting it and I couldn't get it to work -- nothing broken, though, which is nice, so until I learn more about Android I might just leave it be.
>> No. 2345
lol disregard that
I got it working, just had to actually reboot the thing a couple times when the patcher said "waiting for device"
>> No. 2377
0. Root it so you can block ads, share your data connection with your laptop for free, install custom versions of Android, etc

1. AppBrain and Fast Web Installer to install shit from your browser

2. TikL and enjoy having free PTT over 3G. WALKIE TALKIES!

3. Tango for cool free video calling

4. Remote Notifier + app for your computer so you don't need to look at your phone to check texts

>> No. 2383
PDAnet is free and lets you share your connection unrooted.
>> No. 2390
Anyone recommend a good tumblr app?

I tried the official one, and it seriously fucked up my Droid 2. (Constant slows and freezes outside of the program. Uninstalled it and everything went back to normal.)
>> No. 2391
I got a HTC Wildfire a few weeks ago, loving it so far though the short battery life shits me to tears.
>> No. 4197
The Samsung Galaxy Player seems like a sensible choice for a iPod touch alternative. The only thing that bothers me is that there doesn't seem to be any difference between the 4 inch and the 5 inch versions aside from the screen size.
>> No. 4202
File 13337868648.jpg - (23.26KB , 320x320 , tylerofwgkta.jpg )
>Desperately awaiting HTC One S
>> No. 4211
If you guys hear anything about the Samsung Galaxy S3, hollaaaaaaaaaaaa~
>> No. 4220
Mrs Shrike and I bought one for her little sister. It's fucking amazing. Her boyfriend and I were all "welp, we'd better get it next phone." Then we realized it's too big to fit in pockets and neither of us are habitual manbag carriers. :'(
>> No. 4247
Went to the ATT store today and put one in my pants (much to the confusion of the workers) and it FIT.

So. Definitely need a CDMA version so I can use it on Sprint.
>> No. 4281
I just got an HTC One S. It's my first non-hand-me-down phone, and pretty much the first time I've had a modern phone.
>> No. 4282
File 133627109143.jpg - (6.23KB , 170x131 , rxn (172).jpg )

>HTC One S
>not waiting for Galaxy S3 in June
>> No. 4283
>Expensive flagship phone with pentile display.
>Ugly as fuck.
>90% plastic casing
>Screen too big to actually use, wider than an average thumb.

>Koreans in charge of design.

PHone fanboyism is fun!

But seriously, I figure with the money I'll save switching to T-Mobile and using a One S instead of a One X/GS3, I can buy a PS Vita AND some food.
>> No. 4284

but the GS3 has more cores and pixels for the gigaherts
>> No. 4289
>screen too big to actually use

I don't see how that can be a thing
>> No. 4290
won't fit in your pants

for tablets, a primary concern is that you can't hold it single-handed while laying down; Ipads are too big to treat as a good ebook reader, as are most of the 10' screens.
>> No. 4291

Hold your hand still but waggle your thumb around.

The screen is about 60% bigger than your maximum waggle distance.

I'm ok with it though.
>> No. 4292
I've got pretty sizable mitts. Hence why I want a Note so bad.
>> No. 4293

Ditto. Don't care bout no babby hands problems no more, want something my hand won't accidentally swallow.

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