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File 138714042086.jpg - (571.79KB , 1062x1142 , pokemon_x_box_art.jpg )
26953 No. 26953
How was X and Y?
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>> No. 26954
Check the X and Y thread.

Alternatively just wait for X2/Y2 or Z (whatever they decide to do) since they'll probably do what they usually do and put in all the features the strip out of first game back in.
>> No. 26955
File 138716207843.jpg - (580.89KB , 540x3700 , kuronekotarou_surprise.jpg )
Do we know anything about Gamefreak's work process, like any interviews or anything? I can't imagine why they'd take out features like running all the time or faster battles unless there's different teams working at the same time.
>> No. 26956
Well they only had 3 1/2 years to work on it.
I imagine a lot of the time goes into simply rebuilding the game for the new generation of hardware.
Especially this time around given all the 3D models and animations for all 700+ Pokémon
>> No. 26957
I have heard (but have no source) that there are different teams there working on the different games, and they work concurrently on them. So innovations that came out in a previous game may not have been seen by the other team until after development on the next game is already feature-locked.
>> No. 26958
There is no excuse for Rematches since those where in gen 3 for fucks sake.
No it's done this way so they can make money hand over fist, then release a slightly different version where they add the features that should have been in the first one back in.
They've been doing this shit since Crystal.
>> No. 26959
I only played up to the 3rd gym.

I don't care for most of the new designs. None of the new features really gripped me. The sometimes 3D got on my nerves. They took away a few things I liked from Black and White. The whole "beauty" theme annoyed me way more than I expected.

I just couldn't get into it. It's very possible that I'm bored of Pokemon in general.
>> No. 26960
Also, mega forms are the dumbest things ever. In look, in function, in specification, and in style.
For all its posturing of beauty, so many of those just looked so bad and overdesigned.

I just cant bring myself to keep playing. Maybe next gen.
>> No. 26961
It's the best pokemon I've ever played.
>> No. 26962
File 138741225270.jpg - (470.70KB , 680x587 , pokeXY-scarf.jpg )
So it's your first one?

But seriously, I simply can't justify purchasing every new entry in this series when the changes are so incremental. Other series don't have this immunity (or do, depends on who you ask) and it boggles my mind. I can't think of any reason other than nostalgia or brand loyalty. Or maybe I'm just cheap.
>> No. 26963
I've played everyone of them and honestly was disgusted by a lot of them until this and this is the first one where the changes AREN'T incremental for a VERY long time.
>> No. 26964
You were...disgusted by them? Really?
>> No. 26965
Perhaps a bit harsh, SEVERELY letdown any better?
>> No. 26970
I've played every main pokemon game since they were released except some of the third versions and remakes and I'd say that yeah, these are probably the best pokemon games ever made. At the same time I think I'm pretty much done with pokemon. It's the only time I put one of them down multiple times and I actually still haven't beaten it. There were some things I was disappointed about, but I'm pretty sure it's more me than the games themselves.
>> No. 26976
Got it. I love it.
>> No. 26977
I got the same feeling. It was clearly one of the best Pokemon, but the easy to spot villains, the pacing, it all felt like things that wouldn't bother me as a kid, but now it's just... it's a sign Pokemon's not really my thing anymore.
>> No. 26978
I'm enjoying it, but the gym pacing is kinda wonky. There's that large gap between the first and second gyms and the level growth from the second gym is kinda slow and your team gets really OP. I decided to box my starters and bring them back a little later.

Also, holy shit, Amie is amazing for increasing EXP gain.
>> No. 26979
>There's that large gap between the first and second gyms and the level growth from the second gym is kinda slow and your team gets really OP.

Both of those have been recurring complaints I've heard from practically everyone. Do you use the exp share item? That thing is OP as shit. Some people elect to not use it to add even a tiny bit of challenge.
>> No. 26980
I don't use it at all. I'm pretty sure it gives IV or EV or whatever points out as well which can be counter-intuitive.
I appriciate that they made leveling less painful (seriously fuck the mega grind fest that was Gen 5 so SO hard), but they took i a little too far in the other direction I think.
The AI seems a little better, but it doesn't matter much when I'm one-shoting everything with Shadow Sneak.
>> No. 27044
File 139419268223.jpg - (3.70KB , 225x225 , 1284048300879.jpg )
Comp. play and breeding is better. Some online features are neat, but rushed. Everything else is worse. Graphics, art style, playability, post game, non-battling activities, etc. It actually hurts to play and look at. There are framedrops in battles, even with 3D off. Gamefreak, what the fuck?
>> No. 27045
Personally, I feel they where too ambitious and too eager to get a new game out so soon after B+W2. But a lot of people liked it and where willing to look past its flaws, so what can you do?
>> No. 27046
I walked just out of the 2nd city before semester ended and I had no need for my portable since I wasn't on transit.

And then I sold it for Dark Souls 2 money.

Nothing wrong with it though.
>> No. 27047
Can you turn animations off? Does it make battles faster?
>> No. 27048
File 139470116387.gif - (925.42KB , 500x262 , nextgenpokemongraphics.gif )
>Complicated designs, 3D, low-res screen.

Pick two, never three, or else this is what you'll see.
>> No. 27049
Finally pickup the game again and beat the 3rd gym.
Decided to just say FUCK IT to team building and dumped my entire team except my starter, Farfetched, and my ghost sword. I'll pick up bros along the way.

Also mega evolution was hype as shit. I love the music in this game.
>> No. 27050
Weirdly enough, the game lags the most when the pokes are idling.

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