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File 133028287297.png - (52.55KB , 370x352 , 648Meloetta.png )
24596 No. 24596
Previous Thread: >>19535

This thread is "Pokémon General". For BW2-specific news, see: >>24543

While everyone is freaking out over BW2, another secret legendary from Generation V has been revealed to the public!


Meloetta (at least its default forme) will be making its debut in the Pikachu short that will air before the fifteenth movie, a la Pikachu's Vacation.
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>> No. 24597
Meloetta the secret legendary that everyone has known about for ages now?
>> No. 24598
Yes, but people aren't supposed to know about all the secret Pokemon on the day of release.
>> No. 24599
GameFreak: terrible at keeping secrets.
>> No. 24601
When have they been good at it? Like back in the days of Mew or maybe Celebi?
>> No. 24602
They were "good" during the brief period between the first games coming out and everyone who plays video games figuring out it's easiest just to use the internet to consult someone who actually hacked the game apart.
>> No. 24603
I think it was Mew that not even people at Nintendo were sure was actually in there or not.
>> No. 24604
Well back then even the "official" guide for Red/Blue said that b-mashing made captures more likely.
>> No. 24605
The moral of the story is: Nintendo are fucking liars.
>> No. 24606
Okay, so Meloetta is a real thing now.
Does that include Pirouette Forme, or are we still waiting for that official reveal too?

Meloetta for best legendary, BTW.
>> No. 24608
Can I discuss Fighting Games, Toku, and Magic:TG here?
>> No. 24628
Nah. You're free to take those to /cog/ and /jam/ though.
>> No. 24633
File 133074972292.jpg - (57.98KB , 500x281 , 1330597698579.jpg )
>> No. 24634
my waifu ;_;
>> No. 24637
What's wrong with her face?
>> No. 24638
It's either Cilan dressed as Elesa, or someone imagining her with his face.
>> No. 24646
File 133084037172.jpg - (574.16KB , 1280x1678 , 13306606000081.jpg )
>> No. 24648
>new internet provider
>DS actually compatible with new modem
>can finally connect to Dream World and make use of all other internet-related features in the past few games
>> No. 24659
File 133120412778.jpg - (168.58KB , 504x864 , genesect_by_goldenpika-d3g5dtx.jpg )
>> No. 24660
I've had similar problems, one which frustrates me immensely.

My DSi is compatible with WPA wi-fi, but the games themselves are only compatible with WEP apparently. How does that even make any sense?
>> No. 24661
I'm not sure if earlier ones were, but Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Black/White are WPA-compatible when used with a 3DS but not a DS (lite).
>> No. 24662
Because old DS games weren't programmed to access the DSi's higher capabilities.
Black and White can, though.
>> No. 24685
Hello there.
I've been planning to do a LP of a bit curious Emerald hack I've found.
Are you guys interested for the usual audience participation (like naming)?
>> No. 24686
My timing is terrible(notice the name) but I'm down for it on the off-chance that I see a thread in time.
>> No. 24687
Is this board always so tranquil?
Oh well, slow and steady will it be then.
I'll start when I get home from work, that would be in around 7 hours.
>> No. 24695
We're a pretty small site as it is, the number of people who check /pkmn/ every day is even lower.
>> No. 24814
File 133280256244.png - (2.43MB , 1920x1080 , 13327183860036.png )
Pokemon Smash is going to compete in this year's worlds.
They even hired some small children to compete in their name.
>> No. 24825
Would you like a Suede/Linkara/JewWario team up review series?
Well here it is: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/suede/animenia/34756-animenia-pokemon-the-first-movie
Still can belive they to skipped Pikachu's Vacation too...
>> No. 24826
File 133325303136.jpg - (341.61KB , 1280x720 , remastery.jpg )
the 15th anime anniversary episode of Pokemon Smash was pretty awesome.
Not only did they have pokemon mascots out the wazoo, but Rica was there and she did live songs.
She has so much energy in her singing.
Also they didn't just re-air the first episode, they re-aired a remastered version!
>> No. 24827
File 13332530937.png - (1.15MB , 1280x720 , I choose you.png )
Ash kind of has Goku hair
>> No. 24832
Good news everyone!
>> No. 24833
Pokémon Conquest - US Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 25197
So I booted up Black again for the first time in a long time yesterday.
My Drilbur is named The Cage.
I can remember why I named all my other Pokemon the ridiculous names I named them.
I cannot remember why I named my Drilbur The Cage.
I really want to know why I named my Drilbur The Cage. It is bothering me deeply.
>> No. 25201
The new ending has a dance!
>> No. 25202
File 133886261663.png - (156.57KB , 731x590 , 432b18e584762cabe5ff63650f9b4d54.png )
Help me, I'm breeding a team for B&W2 and I'm now up to my asshole in Joltiks. It's the most adorable infestation
>> No. 25204
Godamn it... the only solution is to make a sweater out of them.
Reminds me that I have an entire box full of Abras in Yellow.
>> No. 25219
>>realizing that besides the promo Legendary Beasts, I've never come across a single Shiny Pokemon in any of the games

I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, the only difference is aesthetic, right?
>> No. 25220
Same, and yes, it's strictly aesthetic in the newer gens. Back in gens I and 2, I think, I'm pretty sure the cause of shiny Pokemon was a perfect IV spread, which lead to the rumor that shiny Pokemon were inherently more powerful, but nowadays, that's not true.
>> No. 25221

Shininess was determined by iv spread in Gen II but Shiny pokemon were usually only slightly above average ev-wise at best

>>If a Pokémon's Speed, Defense, and Special IVs are 10, and its Attack IV is 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 or 15, it will be Shiny.
>> No. 25230
Okay guys, I need some help: I'm breeding a UU or lower team for BW2 that will be the est ever but I can't decide on which Pokemon to include. Here are the Pokemon I'm definitely going to include:

Octillery (Because he's a baller)
Mismagius (Because she's also a baller)
Galvantula (Because I spent weeks breeding the perfect one and I'll be damned if it goes to waste!)
Shedinja (To Baton Pass speed boosts to Octillery)

So that leaves me with two slots left to fill and too many potential pokemon to fill it. Pokemon I'm thinking of using to fill the remaining 2 slots:


Help me finish my team!
>> No. 25233
Ludicolo's a fucking boss.
Rain Dish + Leftovers + Leech Seed = laffo
I've switched Ludicolo into a Suicune, seeded it, and then immediately gotten frozen by an Ice Beam or Blizzard or w/e.
He stayed frozen the entire time Suicune was on the field.
Suicune was KO'd by Leech Seed long before he could KO Ludicolo.
Also Xatu's fun with Mirror Bounce.
>> No. 25234
File 13398470753.png - (807.48KB , 500x666 , tumblr_m5osguVU6m1qam24no1_500.png )
>terrible design general.
>> No. 25235
Maybe for you captain bring down.
>> No. 25498
Is there a good chart somewhere I can print off that lists Pokemon, their (pre)evos, and what it takes to get from one to the next?

I'm trying to load B/W with as many Pokemon as I can from HG, Pearl, Sapphire, and LG so I can just have *one* Pokemon game in case I actually decide to fight someone. Having a checklist that I can mark off to see if I need to do anything in Gen IV or Gen III before moving them (like a trade/held-item evolution or something) would be quite useful.
>> No. 25504

Doesn't have evolutions on the page (but it does have base stats?), but it's a start.
>> No. 25508
I think I'll just roll my own. I need to group disjointed relationships (Eeveelutions, babbys) as well as what is necessary to evolve or get eggs (in some cases).

Is there a good place to get Pokemon sprites? Preferably one that won't cry about using them, because I'd like to stick this on the internet for others to use once it's complete.
>> No. 25516
Pokemon Emerald - Naming Nitpi…youtube thumb

>Hating on Ludicolo
Well fuck you too, JonTron. I'm with Egoraptor on this.
>> No. 25517
JonTron I used to think you were cool
>> No. 25542
So I'm running through HG to get a bunch of Pokemon to transfer to Black

Somehow I beat all 16 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four twice, and got to the top of Mount Silver all without setting foot on Route 3. WTF.
>> No. 25549
Holy crap what will it take to catch this damn Suicune. 25 Ultra balls and a smattering of other balls, 1 HP, sleeping, and at best it rocks twice.
>> No. 25552
A+B and down, bro.
>> No. 25553

At 1HP and asleep, your average legendary takes 30+ ultra balls to capture. That is the best odds you can get.

Seriously, I get that they're rare and all, but legendaries having a catch rate of fucking THREE is just utterly retarded. Most of them aren't even difficult to get down to optimal capture, and then it's just mindlessly spamming pokeballs by the dozens.
>> No. 25557
Fun fact: Dialga and Palkia have catch rates of 30 each. Mantyke and Mantine's catch rates are 25 each. The primordial beasts of time and space are easier to catch than manta rays.
>> No. 25558
And then there's this bullshit. I don't get this.
>> No. 25559
File 134456791226.png - (469.79KB , 1280x1059 , 550Basculin.png )
By Legendary standards, Dialga and Palkia are fairly easy catches.

And guess who else has a lower catch rate than those two.
>> No. 25561
They're Legendaries you HAVE to fight, so of course they make things a bit easier.
>> No. 25562
You had to fight Groudon and Kyogre too, and they're both a bitch-and-a-half to catch.
>> No. 25563
Everything in Gen III is fucking stupid.
>> No. 25564
Platinum and Emerald both kept the raised capture rates, but in neither game are you at any point forced to capture those.
>> No. 25567
The only game where you have to catch a legendary is B/W, you can faint anything else to my knowledge. But who in their right mind wouldn't reset until they caught it?
>> No. 25569
File 134492559818.png - (212.11KB , 512x512 , 131921624963.png )
>> No. 25571
Heck, you can run away from most of them and they'll be all well okay, I'm done destroying the world now.
>> No. 25572
I'm honestly pretty surprised that they haven't made an antagonist similar to the villain in the second Pokemon movie yet.
IE: hunting down and catching legendary Pokemon ultimately (and unintentionally) resulting in a cataclysmic event that you have to fix
>> No. 25573
Because that would clash with the deeply-rooted sentiment of "FUCK IT, CATCH THOSE MOFOIN LEGENDS" permeating the games. As opposed to the way the anime tends to treat legendaries as being generally more important than warrants fucking about by a nine year old dumbass.

Anime: see this Pokémon here? If you caught this Pokémon, it would END THE WORLD.
Game: catch everything you see, give no fucks as to the consequences.
>> No. 25574
File 134517783979.png - (793.95KB , 1280x720 , Tobias.png )
And then there's this asshole.
>> No. 25576
Oh hey, I always wondered if Agatha ever made an anime appearance
>> No. 25577
Don't forget Nurse Joy's freaking Latias. What the hell.
>> No. 25579
Latios and Latias don't really seem to fall under the same category of legendaries as a lot of the others. They seem to canonically be a species with multiple members (as evidenced by having sexes despite not being breedable), and presumably there's a breeding population somewhere. And I don't think any of the games have really given them a mystical backstory or anything.

All the other legendaries seem to be one-of-a-kind gods and spirits and genetic experiments, and Latios and Latias just seem to be a powerful species of dragon that's either endangered or usually live far away. Their base totals mean that they're never going to be something we find in the wild in a game, but theoretically they live in the wild somewhere.

Come to think of it, I guess technically there would be multiple Deoxys running around somewhere, too, right?
>> No. 25580
Deoxys is a mystery. It's a freaking alien, so there's no telling how many they are, where they're from, or even what it's made of.
>> No. 25581
So in the process of capturing as many Pokemon as possible in Gen III/IV and transferring them to Black, I have created a site page (which I will post here when done) that lists all the Pokemon by National Pokédex number, except for babbys/new evos, which I put with the originals.

Going through each one individually, getting the names, placing the pictures, and marking up which III/IV games they appear in (and if they appear in B/W at all!) takes a long damn time. Been working on it for two or three weeks and just now have I completed everything up to Gen III. Gen IV should be done by the end of the week, in part because about a quarter of those are babby/evos of previous ones.
>> No. 25585
My brother and I are convinced that Galavantula sounds like a good name for a metal band.
>> No. 25604
From serebii:
"For those of you in America,the Keldeo event is now running in Gamestop stores across the country, or EB Games if you're in Canada. This event gives a Level 15 Keldeo with a PP Max to Pokémon Black & White games. In Black & White, you can teach it Secret Sword if you take Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion with it to the Moors of Icirrus, but if you wait until Black 2 & White 2 are out and trade it over, you can activate its Resolute Form by teaching this move. The event lasts until October 6th so be sure to get it while you can
As a reminder, this event runs in Europe from September 1st to October 11th, in various stores such as GAME in the UK and various other stores depending on the country. Be sure to check your local store to see if they're participating. In Australia, it runs from September 15th to October 10th in EBGames stores."

"For those of you in the UK, the stores GAME & Gamestation have announced all the stores in the country will be participating, not select ones as per previous events. These stores will all be giving away Keldeo for Black & White players from this Saturday, September 1st, until October 11th...the day before Pokémon Black 2 & White 2's release."
>> No. 25609
>doing an exclusive promo event with a company who are in the process of going out of business and/or have shut down hundreds of stores nationwide

Thanks, GameFreak.
>> No. 25635
File 13468495961.jpg - (200.68KB , 735x544 , 1346836071056.jpg )
Found this on /cgl/
>> No. 25636
It should be a cape!

Good job on the crazy rufflecollar though.
>> No. 25696
File 134965289154.jpg - (274.82KB , 859x390 , Smashing Cast.jpg )
They did a cast shuffle.
While I imagined Lucario coming back, I never imagined he'd replace Zoroark.
>> No. 25702
What bonus features are available for people who own B2/W2 for the 3DS?
>> No. 25703
File 134975183736.jpg - (145.24KB , 640x450 , AR_searcher_kami_trio.jpg )
If you buy Dream Radar, you can use that to get Pokemon that can be transferred to B2W2.
>> No. 25721
File 13502764556.jpg - (44.20KB , 300x300 , tumblr_mbvbewJf9B1qkbe1g.jpg )
I'm having a lot of trouble getting my 3DS to work with BW2. It keeps crashing every time I try to connect wirelessly with anything. C-Gear, synch thing and just trying to connect it to BW results in it turning blue and saying "Communication error. Please turn off the machine and try again."
>> No. 25722
Call Nintendo or something. They do have a helpline.
>> No. 25725
File 135040375464.png - (308.68KB , 500x357 , mbztcziI8A1r6w3pi.png )
>Sweep an entire Unova Leaders Tournament with my in-game Cinccino.
>> No. 25726
So, are there any..... ROMS anywhere?
>> No. 25728
So I hear BW2 is what BW should have been. One thing I want to know though is challenge mode: new game+ or regular new game only?
>> No. 25733
Challenge Mode is a Hard Difficulty.

To unlock it, you must finish the game in Black2. In White2, you have to trade keys with Black2 to get it.

y u do dis gamefreak
>> No. 25735
They do? holdon
>> No. 25737
>Challenge Mode is a Hard Difficulty.
Heh. Then I've got the rest of the year scheduled.
....If I could find a ROM.
>> No. 25739
so Pokemon actually has difficulty modes now? About godamn time.
Oh I have to fritter away a few days bored to unlock it first. Meh.
>> No. 25740
It has unlockable difficulties that you have to trade to unlock.
>> No. 25772
The Timer Ball received a massive buff this generation and I didn't even realize.
>> No. 25774
>maxes on turn 11 instead of turn fucking 40
Thank you Game Freak.

I still won't use them but I appreciate the effort.
>> No. 25829
【公式】『ポケモン不…youtube thumb
Round things become dungeons.
>> No. 25836
Oh hey, Pokédex 3D Pro is out, lets check it ou
Whaaaaa... Really?!
Fuck that!
>> No. 25840
Only 43 cents per Pokemon!
>> No. 25841
So, how much better is Black/White 2 compared to the originals? I'm asking because I really ended up liking the sequels, so I'm thinking about getting one of the first ones too.
>> No. 25842
The sequels don't solve many of the core issues the first two games had. They're incredibly hand-holdy, the plot is repeatedly forced down your throat with gratuitous cutscenes full of awkwardly-translated dialog, and so on...

On the other hand, at least now there's decent post-game content. And the world is MUCH bigger, there's a lot more to do..

I'm calling them an improvement, but many of the things Black/White broke still haven't been fixed.
>> No. 25844
I thought all you ever wanted from Pokemon was a more sweeping plot that mixes up the badge quest by intimately intertwining it with the fate of the planet.
>> No. 25845
I don't know about anyone else in this thread, but personally I'd like to see a Pokémon game that has a grand, compelling plot I'm not forced to pay attention to. But then, I like choice.

Honestly, I still think Platinum is the best plot-driven main series game so far, because god damn that was well-integrated. And actually interesting. To ME. And I'm the kind who doesn't even remember Pokémon games HAVE a plot.
>> No. 25846
File 135301847593.jpg - (87.38KB , 612x816 , Img_1708.jpg )
>> No. 25847
>> No. 25848
Gee, I thought you could have figured it out by the two mono-type team medals I won at the same time.
>> No. 25849
Up until Platinum I only ever used the starter to battle. The others in my team were there for looks and to soak up experience. Beating the Elite 4 with my Charizard in Red version was pretty satisfying.
>> No. 25850
File 135341214489.jpg - (176.80KB , 480x853 , Lucario Centre.jpg )
(It was Lucario)
>> No. 25858
So what's the fastest way to move 637 Pokemon from black to white 2.

Because it ain't the transfer lab.
>> No. 25859
IR trades are much quicker than compared to wireless trades.
>> No. 25863
ポケモンスマッシュ …youtube thumb
See, this is the kind of stuff I miss because no one caps Smash.
>> No. 25864
File 135391269216.gif - (2.98MB , 320x165 , SarenSuicide.gif )
>Playing BW2 for almost a week straight.
>Doing fuckall in general
>3DS back from repairs
>Nintendo couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, replaced it. Nice people.
>Decide to check back on older games, see if any of them are ready to transfer
>Load up SoulSilver.
>Haven't even hit up Jasmine, team rather underleveled.
>Load up HeartGold
>Oh hey, when did I stop just before the Kanto Eli
>Wait, Magikarps?
>Where the fuck's my team?
>Distinctly remember having a level 80 Typhlosion, the shiny Dog Trio and Celebi in my team for some Godforsaken reason.
>Double check SS, nothing.
>Check Diamond. Nothing.
>Ditto Pearl.
>Open up Platinum.
>Game is missing.
>Obliterate room for two hours
>Gut couch again, find game and two others I didn't know were missing.
>Boot up Platinum
>An hour later, same results.
>My HG team...gone.
>Almost an entire year of work.
>> No. 25867
Jesus fucking Christ.
>> No. 25869
File 135396900181.jpg - (82.88KB , 600x450 , 1353630542840.jpg )
>But wait, there's more!
>Check GBA games
>Two FRs, two Emeralds, and three LG for some reason
>One Emerald and FR dead
>Two LGs missing from Gameboy baggy.
>Check personal FR and LG
>Entire Pokédex is gone
>Remember spending two weeks
>Wait for it
>depositing over three-hundred Pokémon into
>Here it comes
>Thank you and have a good night.
>> No. 25870
Did you send in your games or did they crap out on their own?
>> No. 25871
On their own. I haven't played platinum since 2010, and any of the GBA since around 2009.
>> No. 25872
File 135404184274.jpg - (225.42KB , 546x694 , endling_weezing.jpg )
Guys, what carries over into Conquest's NG+/post-credits, if anything, and is there a penalty to taking time? I was wondering if I should grind now or then.
>> No. 25878
Basically everything; whatever you do to a Warrior/Warlord remains constant, but only while under your care. If they appear as opponents again from plot to plot, they won't gain their own abilities back until you recruit them.
>> No. 25880
File 135525530264.jpg - (120.05KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
The official pokedex up is now available in English.
>> No. 25881
File 135525653354.jpg - (507.73KB , 1354x696 , ios.jpg )
It seems full national dex dlc will net about $26?
>> No. 25882
I kind of want a Pokemon game on the WiiU with multiple save slots and all the 'Mons in order and so on, but if they did it with 3-D graphics, I don't want it done with the 3-D graphics they used in some of the other games, because they look sorta...eeeeh. I'd like it in more of the style of the Pokedex app thingy, the 3DS one.
>> No. 25891
Hey, why doesn't HP get EVs?
>> No. 25892
File 135710913992.png - (2.75KB , 53x90 , Dream_HP_Up_Sprite.png )
It does?
>> No. 25893
...How do you think Blissey works?
>> No. 25895
File 135715184071.jpg - (148.14KB , 500x597 , pikafail16.jpg )
Sorry, meant to type Natures. Not sure what happened there.
>> No. 25896
Ah. HP doesn't really calculate like that.
>> No. 25897
can you imagine if it did, though
i wonder how high HP could get
>> No. 25991
File 135856266577.png - (414.08KB , 480x640 , furret donut.png )
I'm not sure if Touhoumon goes here or /jam/ but I've been playing it lately and I'm really enjoying it. I think it might be because I know next to nothing about Touhou so I haven't the slightest clue what most of them will learn/evolve into (excluding the more popular characters).

It's kind of why I'm excited for Gen VI. Since it's a worldwide release a lot of it might be a surprise for once.
>> No. 25992
File 135857012077.png - (7.13KB , 240x160 , Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced v1_11_2012_09_26_22_02.png )

I played through Touhoumon myself last year. It was a patched version of "Touhoumon v 1.11" that came with an expansion with the Johto pretty much tacked on to it. It was cool, but got too grindy at the end, if you ask me.
>> No. 25993
File 135869582680.jpg - (118.59KB , 400x400 , fossil.jpg )
I'm playing Merry's Version and I have got my ass kicked so many times. I've lost to every gym leader at least twice so far (just beat Lt. Surge). It's fun but challenging
>> No. 26003
So I've been playing blaze black. That's pretty awesome hack especially the part where hidden abilities can naturally be gotten and are replaced with normal abilities. So you don't have to do dream world bullshit for Contrary Snivy (Which is a beast) games pretty hard with it as your starter if you nuzlocke it. Everything is practically super effective against it until after you beat the first gym leader.
>> No. 26017
>See a thread on /vp/ with a guy using this Cute Charm/Trainer ID/Shiny thing and ending up with 30 shinys in 5 hours
>Decide to use Pokecheck to check my SID/ID
>They won't work, whatever
>Upload some favorite Pokemon to see their IVs just because

My poor Leavanny has a 0 in attack while my Chandalure has a 30. I actually lol'd.
>> No. 26059
File 136103866718.gif - (2.12MB , 192x106 , Riolucario.gif )
>> No. 26064
File 136345095886.jpg - (46.37KB , 580x339 , pokemon_rumble_u_01-580x339.jpg )
Pokémon Skylanders!
>> No. 26065
File 136350195167.jpg - (14.81KB , 333x360 , 1349067817834.jpg )
>Pop in level 65 Meloetta, level 55 Keldeo, and level 75 Kyurem.
>0 Attack, 0 Special attack and 3 speed amongst them
>Load up level 72 Sunflora, factor in EVS
>31 Attack, 31 Special Attack, 31 health, 31 Speed.
>Lowest stat is Defence at 27.
>mfw top percentage of Sunflora.
>> No. 26068
I get that they want every poke to be speshul but that's a load of bull.
>> No. 26076
File 136424383689.jpg - (95.13KB , 850x566 , whitebelleprecure.jpg )
Between school and other stuff getting in the way, I never got a chance to finish story mode in Pokemon White. I've beaten it now. I didn't like N at all until the end, but it redeemed him for me.

I don't think I'm going after the Seven Sages just yet. I have a lot of Pokemon I still need to evolve, and I'm gonna look for any of the National Dex ones from other regions first.
>> No. 26086
>> No. 26128
File 136582778517.png - (650.54KB , 733x513 , Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12_37_32 AM.png )
Anyone remember those Team Rocket starter decks featuring Jesse and James?

And how they had Pokemon that neither of them had ever owned? The heay hitters being Dark Tyrannitar and Dark Dragonite Respectively?

How weird would it been if they had managed to snag these two, powerful, hyperviolent pokemon into their roster for an extended period of time?
>> No. 26129
The anime would've ended in Johto. Even they couldn't screw that one up.
>> No. 26144
File 136642675979.gif - (2.29MB , 350x212 , 1352857533543.gif )
>Find AR Codes for rare candies and berries in BW2
>Find Hidden Grotto code that regenerates a hundred percent just as you exit instead of five percent after cocking around for ten minutes.
>Spend the better part of six days running in and out of every Hidden Grotto.
>> No. 26145
I do. Spent almost a year collecting a whole deck to give to a cousin for Christmas. Got two thirds of the way into the fossil deck before I ran out of time. That shit was awesome.
>> No. 26148
Explain this wizardry.
>> No. 26155
You're going to need either the newest Action Replay, or one with a sufficient update.

Max BP (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
10022420 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

Hidden Grotto:
52182564 f8f0f683
12182546 000046c0
1218256a 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

Now, this seems to freeze the game every so often, I'd advise you save every ten or so times.

Master Ball replace first item (Press L+R):
94000130 fcff0000
1221d9e4 00000001
9221d9e6 00000000
1221d9e6 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Rare Candies (Select):
94000130 fffb0000
b2000024 00000000
00019550 03840032
d2000000 00000000

And if you want to be a dick

Shiny Pokemon encounters (Hold R)
5201c534 43084050
0201c538 2000d108
e201c540 00000010
2000900a f027900b
e00afcf1 980b2100
94000130 feff0000
1201c538 000046c0
e201c540 00000010
1c281c01 f000910a
2801fc47 e008d1f5
d2000000 00000000
>> No. 26156
Is it the grotto code or master ball code that might break the game?
>> No. 26157

That reminds me, I saw an Action Replay at Wal-Mart that claimed to be compatible with the 3DS (no 3DS games, however).

Might want to consider an upgrade, since my DS Lite has a tendency of losing connection to its battery if moved in a way it doesn't like.
>> No. 26158
Grotto code. The Master Ball code is more or less a one time thing, if you have enough pokeballs before using it. The Grotto also gives you a hundred percent regen, but it doesn't ignore items. So chances are you'll be there for a while, considering how the goods one (Dittan, Dragonan, etcan) are only one percent.

If it has a yellow cover on it, it works. No installation disc though, so you'll have to install or update your current codelist thing.

>> No. 26159
Ok, thanks for the warning. I'll have to get my important pokemon traded before I try this.
>> No. 26160
Holdon now, it'll just freeze at times, not frag the game itself. You just have to save every so often.
>> No. 26161
File 136716097063.png - (120.89KB , 286x399 , 1361231382844.png )

Nope, all black.
>> No. 26169
>>go on gaming "news" site just to check their fanart/concept art repost collection
>>artist whose work I saw a couple years back who draws mustaches on pokemon
>>"Stoutland is the Ron Swanson of Pokemon"

...I'm okay with this
>> No. 26171
File 136793929697.jpg - (137.21KB , 850x466 , Shokoveon.jpg )
ポケモンスマッシュ!youtube thumb
Wow, I almost never see Shoko doing hijinks.
>> No. 26173
Head's up, Deoxys event started last night, North America. Lasts till the end of the month.

Natures are random, so reload for one that works.
>> No. 26245
>> No. 26255
Fairy type confirmed.
>> No. 26272
Test fire
>> No. 26313
Dream World now has an End of Life date: Jan 14, 2014

Yet another reason I've come to dislike Pokemon, they put on a new version and fuck everyone still using the old. :|
>> No. 26314
That's to be expected, though it happened sooner than anticipated.

You know, as the games go on, it feels like they're just one game and we're paying for updates.
>> No. 26355
File 137470602676.jpg - (490.41KB , 1920x1200 , WC12_Wallpaper_1920x1200.jpg )
Are you hype for Worlds in Canada.
>> No. 26360
I heard a claim today that most of the Pokémon, even today, actually stem from concept art from Gen 1. So if that's true, when people claim "they were better designed back then", they're comparing two 'mons that were actually designed at the same time...
>> No. 26366
Where did you hear that?
>> No. 26367
I asked the person who told me that, and he said "a video with the original artist," which doesn't...help much.
>> No. 26368
Doubtful. The way Pokemon design works is each member of the team is responsible for like 5-10 pokes and many of the folks from the original team have been replaced by newer ones, such as James Turner.

It would explain why Gen 4 mons sucked especially hard compared to everything else, while Gen 5 was a mix of truly awesome and truly terrible designs. There was a lot of overturn between 3, 4, and 5 so even if most of your designers were crap at least they didn't stick long enough to ruin the next batch.

>> No. 26372
Gens IV and V were my favorites, actually.
>> No. 26378
They're going to be live-streaming worlds on Twitch this year.
I guess they want a slice of that sweet eSport hype.
>> No. 26418
... how can you be hype watching a card game?
>> No. 26420
File 137616249346.jpg - (188.18KB , 800x533 , vg2.jpg )
They have both cards and video game at worlds, silly.
>> No. 26424
So I really want some of that delicious Pikachu swag... shame it's all exclusive.
>> No. 26427
File 137617823551.jpg - (382.95KB , 800x533 , worlds10.jpg )
Indeed. Every world has it's own Pikachu doll and they never sell it again after that.
>> No. 26428
It begins.
>> No. 26430
File 137618230768.jpg - (280.59KB , 955x536 , Masters top cut.jpg )
Wow, Ray Rizzo didn't make it.
No 4th year championship for him.
>> No. 26431
File 137618896647.jpg - (254.32KB , 958x538 , zheng v kosuge.jpg )
>confused and paralysed
>getting through and landing low accuracy moves.
Geez, he's become the god of RNG.
>> No. 26434
>One brother in Masters
>One brother in Juniors
>Both made it to top 4 in their divisions
>Junior grand finals
>Little girl kicking ass
>She's using Pokemon generally unseen in top level play
Ok... so this game IS interesting to watch after all...
>> No. 26435
File 137623990959.png - (91.29KB , 357x315 , Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 12_38_15 PM.png )
>kicking ass
lol nope
>> No. 26437
File 137625171716.jpg - (135.32KB , 452x635 , 123-hypnotoxic-laser.jpg )
laser too strong.
>> No. 26439
Of course it is. I could have told you that.
It's ridiculous and should have only ever been a supporter and even then it would still be stupid strong.
>> No. 26440
How about an Ace Spec.
>> No. 26442
Making it an Ace Spec... eh; I'd say it's not quite at that level. The opponent could simply retreat or switch out to nullify the effect anyway.
Ace-Spec level would have to auto sleep it then make you flip a coin for poison and/or maybe one for burn too.
>> No. 26443
File 137632417078.png - (820.88KB , 1319x639 , 1376270469437.png )
lasers and spores.
A lot of status from both our card and game champions.
>> No. 26444
>> No. 26450
Want one?
>> No. 26497
Pokemon Rumble U Unboxingyoutube thumb
>> No. 26498
Pokémon: The Eevee EP, An OC …youtube thumb

Well, this is neat.
>> No. 26502
File 13781546511.jpg - (129.83KB , 970x588 , Rumble U Figures.jpg )
I want one.
>> No. 26503
File 137819787282.jpg - (311.11KB , 1522x1600 , Shiny Eevee U.jpg )
They have shinies, too(!)
>> No. 26515
File 137833896326.jpg - (49.88KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m70mxagJAI1rqnjfio10_1280.jpg )
> 649 Pokémon
> 28 Unown
> 4 Deoxys
> 3 Wormadon
> 2 Giratina
> 2 Unfezant
> 2 Basculin
> 2 Frillish
> 2 Jellycent
> Grand total: Six hundred and fucking eighty-six Pokémon
Suck my dick, Gamefreak.
>> No. 26516
You forgot Gastrodon.
>> No. 26517
File 137835810938.png - (7.99KB , 220x176 , tumblr_ma1t3u1fV81qeuj47.png )
>Make that 288
>> No. 26518
>> No. 26524
What about Ratom?
>> No. 26525
What about Ratom and Deerling?
>> No. 26526
Fuck, I keep forgetting to math in Rotom.

Deerling and Sawsbuck don't count, they change with the seasons. It'd be like having two Shaymin and having to flower one of them every morning.
>> No. 26554
What thats new.If you have not watch Digimon Frontier...
Also got too love a manga that start out with a kid in a shouting match with god and winning.
>> No. 26555
Oh yeah. That bizarre thing.
>24 pages before you even see a hint of a pokemon.
>> No. 26558
File 13792572896.png - (64.89KB , 169x225 , 1356972276311.png )
>look up Action Replay code for Shiny Charm
>all I get is "Lol why don't you just make every encounter shiny?" and "Why don't you just capture all the Pokémon"
>> No. 26560
File 137936151823.jpg - (37.04KB , 667x397 , Img_3173.jpg )
Wow, actually looking at a real one the low polycount doesn't bug me at all
It's all tiny and cute.
I wish it didn't cost so much to import one.
>> No. 26565
File 137959948068.jpg - (100.99KB , 600x675 , 1379593222764.jpg )
>Anime Serena knew Ash as a child.

Pokémon confirmed for harem anime. It would explain a lot.
>> No. 26577
>Anime Serena knew Ash as a child.
So, like, 21 years ago?
>> No. 26581
> "…with Pokémon Snap I don't think doing the exact same thing on Wii U would be the right way to go. We'd really have to come up with some new ideas to make it surprising and interesting for players. If we were able to do that, the yes, I think we'd have something to announce."
You have a gamepad with six-degree accelerometers, a front AND back camera, and a touch screen. THIS ISN'T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE.
>> No. 26585
But is it team rocket science?
>> No. 26945
Anyone know where I can buy legit copies of the GBA/GBC games? Specifically FRLG and Yellow. I'm kind of wary of eBay since last time I bought a Pokemon game there (Platinum) it ended up being a bootleg.

Also question about link cables since I never really used them: if you have a GBA link cable but GBC games in the GBA can you still link up?
>> No. 26988
Best you're going to be able to do is to find a retro game shop like Play n Trade if you don't want to ebay or amazon it.
As for the cables, I THINK that should work. It's been a long while since I last used one.
>> No. 27061
Pokemon Battle Royale - DEATH …youtube thumb

This happened.
>> No. 27062
File 139745164299.jpg - (663.35KB , 1634x1683 , Blastoise_full_356936.jpg )
Water type über alles!

Albeit, I was betting for Venasaur to win, 'cause sleep powder and recovery. But Blastoise was also a strong contender. Actually learning a weather move is boss in this scenario.
>> No. 27066
>Gen 3 remake has Megas
I think it's time I back away from this series.
>> No. 27067
It's a fun and exciting way to make tired old Pokemon feel new and exciting again!
>> No. 27069
It doesn't help that I found Ruby/Sapphire to be the weakest Gen (well, through Black; I stopped playing after that.)
>> No. 27070
It's overdesigned bullshit made so they wouldn't have to design more new Pokémon.
Oooh! What if we add more spikes to this spikey Pokemon! oh! Let's make this feature bigger! Yes! More exaggerated detail!
No thanks.
>> No. 27073
But but.
What if.
The red orb and blue orb.
We're actually mega stones the whole time?!?!
>> No. 27074
Could potentially mean it's a sequel?
>> No. 27075
I'd rather be a Choice Band.
>> No. 27076
I guess.
But Sycamore studied under Rowan so Diamond and Pearl remakes would make more sense for that.
>> No. 27081
File 140052140631.jpg - (47.12KB , 700x520 , 1392671454848.jpg )
>Impish, De/SD spread
>Harvest, Lum Berry/Sitrus Berry
>Curse/Phantom Force, Leech Seed, Will O' Wisp, Horn Leech
>> No. 27082
File 140054192772.jpg - (56.48KB , 900x900 , photo.jpg )
>Max Attack, most in HP and a smidge left in Speed to outspeed other tanks.
>Even without points in Defence, top at a frosty 479 Def/352 HP
>Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
>Thunder Wave/Toxic, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Drain Punch.

>The Foe's Bisharp used Iron Head!
>It's super Effective! A critical hit!
>Loses two-thirds of health.
>Babel used Drain Punch!
>Right to the red.
>> No. 27083
Ran into one of those once. So glad I had my Gutscross at the time.

Heracross is such a champ. I got a Moxie one but I'm not really sure what to do with it.
>> No. 27084
File 140089243867.png - (553.31KB , 799x459 , tumblr_n26qunGyWB1rftzelo1_1280.png )
>Match against "Brian"
>"Brian" has a Chansey.
>Toxic, Softboiled, Seismic Toss and Minimize.
>Spams Toxic until Trevenant, Slaking and Arcanine are poisoned.
>Manage to seed and burn the little fucker before it starts minimizing.
>Somehow lucky enough to even hit the thing a few times with Horn Leech, much good that does.
>Piece of shit keeps healing to max health just as he gets into the red.
>Faggot fucking disconnects when he runs out of Softboiled.
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