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File 133028287297.png - (52.55KB , 370x352 , 648Meloetta.png )
24596 No. 24596
Previous Thread: >>19535

This thread is "Pokémon General". For BW2-specific news, see: >>24543

While everyone is freaking out over BW2, another secret legendary from Generation V has been revealed to the public!


Meloetta (at least its default forme) will be making its debut in the Pikachu short that will air before the fifteenth movie, a la Pikachu's Vacation.
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>> No. 26420
File 137616249346.jpg - (188.18KB , 800x533 , vg2.jpg )
They have both cards and video game at worlds, silly.
>> No. 26424
So I really want some of that delicious Pikachu swag... shame it's all exclusive.
>> No. 26427
File 137617823551.jpg - (382.95KB , 800x533 , worlds10.jpg )
Indeed. Every world has it's own Pikachu doll and they never sell it again after that.
>> No. 26428
It begins.
>> No. 26430
File 137618230768.jpg - (280.59KB , 955x536 , Masters top cut.jpg )
Wow, Ray Rizzo didn't make it.
No 4th year championship for him.
>> No. 26431
File 137618896647.jpg - (254.32KB , 958x538 , zheng v kosuge.jpg )
>confused and paralysed
>getting through and landing low accuracy moves.
Geez, he's become the god of RNG.
>> No. 26434
>One brother in Masters
>One brother in Juniors
>Both made it to top 4 in their divisions
>Junior grand finals
>Little girl kicking ass
>She's using Pokemon generally unseen in top level play
Ok... so this game IS interesting to watch after all...
>> No. 26435
File 137623990959.png - (91.29KB , 357x315 , Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 12_38_15 PM.png )
>kicking ass
lol nope
>> No. 26437
File 137625171716.jpg - (135.32KB , 452x635 , 123-hypnotoxic-laser.jpg )
laser too strong.
>> No. 26439
Of course it is. I could have told you that.
It's ridiculous and should have only ever been a supporter and even then it would still be stupid strong.
>> No. 26440
How about an Ace Spec.
>> No. 26442
Making it an Ace Spec... eh; I'd say it's not quite at that level. The opponent could simply retreat or switch out to nullify the effect anyway.
Ace-Spec level would have to auto sleep it then make you flip a coin for poison and/or maybe one for burn too.
>> No. 26443
File 137632417078.png - (820.88KB , 1319x639 , 1376270469437.png )
lasers and spores.
A lot of status from both our card and game champions.
>> No. 26444
>> No. 26450
Want one?
>> No. 26497
Pokemon Rumble U Unboxingyoutube thumb
>> No. 26498
Pokémon: The Eevee EP, An OC …youtube thumb

Well, this is neat.
>> No. 26502
File 13781546511.jpg - (129.83KB , 970x588 , Rumble U Figures.jpg )
I want one.
>> No. 26503
File 137819787282.jpg - (311.11KB , 1522x1600 , Shiny Eevee U.jpg )
They have shinies, too(!)
>> No. 26515
File 137833896326.jpg - (49.88KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m70mxagJAI1rqnjfio10_1280.jpg )
> 649 Pokémon
> 28 Unown
> 4 Deoxys
> 3 Wormadon
> 2 Giratina
> 2 Unfezant
> 2 Basculin
> 2 Frillish
> 2 Jellycent
> Grand total: Six hundred and fucking eighty-six Pokémon
Suck my dick, Gamefreak.
>> No. 26516
You forgot Gastrodon.
>> No. 26517
File 137835810938.png - (7.99KB , 220x176 , tumblr_ma1t3u1fV81qeuj47.png )
>Make that 288
>> No. 26518
>> No. 26524
What about Ratom?
>> No. 26525
What about Ratom and Deerling?
>> No. 26526
Fuck, I keep forgetting to math in Rotom.

Deerling and Sawsbuck don't count, they change with the seasons. It'd be like having two Shaymin and having to flower one of them every morning.
>> No. 26554
What thats new.If you have not watch Digimon Frontier...
Also got too love a manga that start out with a kid in a shouting match with god and winning.
>> No. 26555
Oh yeah. That bizarre thing.
>24 pages before you even see a hint of a pokemon.
>> No. 26558
File 13792572896.png - (64.89KB , 169x225 , 1356972276311.png )
>look up Action Replay code for Shiny Charm
>all I get is "Lol why don't you just make every encounter shiny?" and "Why don't you just capture all the Pokémon"
>> No. 26560
File 137936151823.jpg - (37.04KB , 667x397 , Img_3173.jpg )
Wow, actually looking at a real one the low polycount doesn't bug me at all
It's all tiny and cute.
I wish it didn't cost so much to import one.
>> No. 26565
File 137959948068.jpg - (100.99KB , 600x675 , 1379593222764.jpg )
>Anime Serena knew Ash as a child.

Pokémon confirmed for harem anime. It would explain a lot.
>> No. 26577
>Anime Serena knew Ash as a child.
So, like, 21 years ago?
>> No. 26581
> "…with Pokémon Snap I don't think doing the exact same thing on Wii U would be the right way to go. We'd really have to come up with some new ideas to make it surprising and interesting for players. If we were able to do that, the yes, I think we'd have something to announce."
You have a gamepad with six-degree accelerometers, a front AND back camera, and a touch screen. THIS ISN'T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE.
>> No. 26585
But is it team rocket science?
>> No. 26945
Anyone know where I can buy legit copies of the GBA/GBC games? Specifically FRLG and Yellow. I'm kind of wary of eBay since last time I bought a Pokemon game there (Platinum) it ended up being a bootleg.

Also question about link cables since I never really used them: if you have a GBA link cable but GBC games in the GBA can you still link up?
>> No. 26988
Best you're going to be able to do is to find a retro game shop like Play n Trade if you don't want to ebay or amazon it.
As for the cables, I THINK that should work. It's been a long while since I last used one.
>> No. 27061
Pokemon Battle Royale - DEATH …youtube thumb

This happened.
>> No. 27062
File 139745164299.jpg - (663.35KB , 1634x1683 , Blastoise_full_356936.jpg )
Water type über alles!

Albeit, I was betting for Venasaur to win, 'cause sleep powder and recovery. But Blastoise was also a strong contender. Actually learning a weather move is boss in this scenario.
>> No. 27066
>Gen 3 remake has Megas
I think it's time I back away from this series.
>> No. 27067
It's a fun and exciting way to make tired old Pokemon feel new and exciting again!
>> No. 27069
It doesn't help that I found Ruby/Sapphire to be the weakest Gen (well, through Black; I stopped playing after that.)
>> No. 27070
It's overdesigned bullshit made so they wouldn't have to design more new Pokémon.
Oooh! What if we add more spikes to this spikey Pokemon! oh! Let's make this feature bigger! Yes! More exaggerated detail!
No thanks.
>> No. 27073
But but.
What if.
The red orb and blue orb.
We're actually mega stones the whole time?!?!
>> No. 27074
Could potentially mean it's a sequel?
>> No. 27075
I'd rather be a Choice Band.
>> No. 27076
I guess.
But Sycamore studied under Rowan so Diamond and Pearl remakes would make more sense for that.
>> No. 27081
File 140052140631.jpg - (47.12KB , 700x520 , 1392671454848.jpg )
>Impish, De/SD spread
>Harvest, Lum Berry/Sitrus Berry
>Curse/Phantom Force, Leech Seed, Will O' Wisp, Horn Leech
>> No. 27082
File 140054192772.jpg - (56.48KB , 900x900 , photo.jpg )
>Max Attack, most in HP and a smidge left in Speed to outspeed other tanks.
>Even without points in Defence, top at a frosty 479 Def/352 HP
>Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
>Thunder Wave/Toxic, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Drain Punch.

>The Foe's Bisharp used Iron Head!
>It's super Effective! A critical hit!
>Loses two-thirds of health.
>Babel used Drain Punch!
>Right to the red.
>> No. 27083
Ran into one of those once. So glad I had my Gutscross at the time.

Heracross is such a champ. I got a Moxie one but I'm not really sure what to do with it.
>> No. 27084
File 140089243867.png - (553.31KB , 799x459 , tumblr_n26qunGyWB1rftzelo1_1280.png )
>Match against "Brian"
>"Brian" has a Chansey.
>Toxic, Softboiled, Seismic Toss and Minimize.
>Spams Toxic until Trevenant, Slaking and Arcanine are poisoned.
>Manage to seed and burn the little fucker before it starts minimizing.
>Somehow lucky enough to even hit the thing a few times with Horn Leech, much good that does.
>Piece of shit keeps healing to max health just as he gets into the red.
>Faggot fucking disconnects when he runs out of Softboiled.
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