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23931 No. 23931
So, since Pokemon tabletop sucks, can someone recommend a system to use?
I'm caught between heavily modified PF and gurps.
>> No. 23933
Learn all the damage formulas by heart
Play the game traditionally on graph paper
All the game mechanics, manually
>> No. 23935
That shouldn't be TOO difficult to adapt. It's really just a case of compressing the massive range of numbers (stats going from 1-10 up to several hundreds) down to something more manageable that still gives proportional representation.

Also, ask /tg/ they're good at that shit.
>> No. 23942
There was a project back then at /tg/ that used dnd 4e.
It worked really really well, but I don't know if there are any remains of it on the net.
>> No. 23943
Is it this?
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