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19535 No. 19535
Old thread is autosaging:

I honestly don't have anything to say in the opening post.
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>> No. 23845
>Check up on Ruby version after a very, very long time
>Internal battery is dead, clock no longer works
That's bad.
>But my Pokémon are all infected with PokéRus
That's good!
>> No. 23846
isn't there a bug in ruby/saphir that made the clock fail after a while with no more berry growth and such, and after something like a year it starts working again? it did happen to my copy at least.
>> No. 23847
Yeah, there is a glitch like that.
There are lots of sources for the vaccine, though.
Even just linking up to Emerald will give it the antidote I think.
>> No. 23929
Pokemon Red by The Amazing BrandOyoutube thumb
>> No. 23937
>> No. 23940
Enjoy climbing Mt Silver.
>> No. 24125

Wow it's fucking nothing.
>> No. 24126
Well, at least it's not Mudkip.
>> No. 24131
Will I be able to get this in the UK? Because that's pretty much my only chance of ever obtaining Arceus, since I missed the last event it was released in and it was never actually put in the game.
>> No. 24205
Would anyone happen to have Hale's Hard Mode Emerald page 14 and 16? The page is broken on his site and the Nuzlocke forum.
>> No. 24206
14 and 21, sorry.
>> No. 24238
I finally got around to finishing Black Version main game (I was right before the Elite Four, and stopped because I got tired of level grinding).

Jesus, people weren't kidding about that Hydreigon. I only beat the thing by having my Gigalith with Sturdy use Stone Edge, max reviving it, and doing it again. How did everyone else get it?
>> No. 24239
Swords Dance Haxorus.
>> No. 24240
File 132491343438.jpg - (66.06KB , 1154x865 , 1270868916991.jpg )

Samurott's Megahorn. OHKO.
>> No. 24241
My Scolipede probably could have done the same, but he was already unconscious and I didn't want to risk him being slower.
>> No. 24242
FEAR Archeops.
>> No. 24243
I always pack my bag full of stat uppers. By that point, my Serperior was an untouchable wall of stats.
>> No. 24339
File 132537465877.jpg - (235.31KB , 633x800 , 15894536_big_p11.jpg )
I got White Version for Christmas. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I didn't think I'd love so many of the new species, but a ton of them have grown on me. The fact that TM's are now reusable already had me delighted, then when I found that Driftveil Drawbridge basically dispenses free stat-boosters, I was grinning like an idiot for a good three minutes.

Plus Bianca is pure HNNNNG, and makes me smile.
>> No. 24340
I'm still holding out for Grey. They ARE making one, right? D:
>> No. 24341
Bianca just makes me facepalm. She's just a walking catastrophe.
>> No. 24342
File 132542848199.gif - (1.20MB , 500x281 , 68750b41bfd7cc02bfc00c2d72a7b162.gif )
That's the same reason I find her adorable.
And it occurs to me I should get caught up on the show.
>> No. 24343
I like her because Hips That Don't Quit.
>> No. 24345
File 132552931535.jpg - (280.97KB , 1231x1010 , 1297131178073.jpg )
I just came to say Bianca was great and I want to see more of her in Gray.

And less of Cheren.
>> No. 24347
This is a problem me and Sigma are having.

Our copies of Black and White were registered to access Wifi through our old DS system. We're trying to get them to play nice with their new 3DS homes, how is this accomplished?
>> No. 24348
I believe Nintendo's official policy is "fuck you, you're trying to cheat"
>> No. 24349
File 132562198373.jpg - (13.76KB , 299x334 , 1297812248106.jpg )

You're trying to transfer your friend codes to your 3DS, right?

1. On your old DS, access the Wi-Fi menu. This can be done on old the DS/DS Lite by selecting a main menu option on most Wi-Fi games. On the DSi, the Wi-Fi menu can be found on the system's settings.
2. Go to options, and select "Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration".
3. On your 3DS, select Download Play. When it boots, select "Nintendo DS". Finally select the program coming from your old DS.
>> No. 24351
File 132563296655.jpg - (60.72KB , 500x680 , e5ea120ab6e4853996fa983fe663dbd79616b23c.jpg )
That part's nice too...

I'd find both of those changes to be so very welcome.
>> No. 24354
I swear, that woman wears a corset or something.
>> No. 24355
Finally got my shit back from our old house after six months.

I have no idea what to do with my White file. Like I have no idea where I am or where the story is or what my Pokemon are.

I only have two badges so I'm thinking of restarting it altogether.
>> No. 24356
>> No. 24366
File 132608778654.jpg - (683.52KB , 1280x720 , Here there be Dragons.jpg )
>> No. 24367
It's sad when Druddigon is the most immediately powerful thing you could obtain, and yet would easily be the most disappointing to actually receive.
>> No. 24368
File 132617282082.jpg - (37.63KB , 276x268 , bitchiwillendyou.jpg )

>>Dragon Event Giveaway!
>> . . .
>> No Dratini
>> No. 24369
No Axew either. I really liked him!
>> No. 24377
File 132640587163.jpg - (343.21KB , 1748x1181 , 24297786.jpg )
>> No. 24382
Why would you want a Dragonite when they've got awesome Altaria! You know. The one that ISN'T A FUCKING DRAGON.
>> No. 24383
...Why are they all radioactive green?
>> No. 24384
Because shinies. Though Swablu is yellow and Horsea is more of a turquoise.
>> No. 24390
It's a very common shiny colour.
Especially for things that were blue.
>> No. 24459
File 132781694388.png - (115.39KB , 497x270 , slowpokeandsmugness.png )
>with Rest
>and Shed Skin
u mad, everyone except Conkeldurr?
>> No. 24463
Apparently yes, yes they are mad.
I'm getting more rageforfeits than I ever have before.
>> No. 24465
Is this as bad or worse than Trolltales?
>> No. 24467
Mm, less trolly, but more effective. It's less obnoxious, but more irritating, cause just when they think they've finally taken him out, he's at 10 HP, Leech Seeded, and Toxic'd, lol no, he Rests and wakes up on the same damn turn.

Not every time obviously, since it only has a 30% chance of working, but considering you only sleep for 2 turns anyway, and Scrafty is just so damn bulky, it works pretty well regardless.
>> No. 24470
File 132799141121.png - (409.97KB , 520x1060 , askneziki.png )
Yes good
>> No. 24472
File 132810074310.png - (11.29KB , 256x192 , 1328099167280.png )
Arceus live at 13:00 today

>> No. 24474

Arceus everywhere.
>> No. 24504
I heard someone mention that Pikachu's love of ketchup in the dub was changed from soy sauce in the original Japanese.

If it's true, this may be one of the rare times I like the dub changes better- I can't imagine anyone/thing walking around chugging soy sauce.
>> No. 24542
File 133011614980.jpg - (171.37KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110912163818.jpg )
ポケモンスマッシュ!youtube thumb
Nothing about any of the promotional material for this week's Smash says anything about Masuda (as opposed to every other time he's been on the show) and yet, Masuda says he's going to be on and he has BIG NEWS.
I wonder what's so exciting about this time? Time will tell!
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