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File 129944699057.jpg - (118.81KB , 500x768 , pokemon-movedeleter.jpg )
19159 No. 19159
So on this day of the fifth generation of Pokemon, with 15 years under the series' belt, I thought it would be nice to do a thread about changes we'd like to see done to Pokemon.

Surely I can't be the only one with 0 interest in Black/White, since it follows the exact same formula since Gen II with minor tweaks (now you can do three x three, oh boy!). The move from 2D to 3D (2.5D?) doesn't interest me at all, and adding another 150, half of which look like clones of previous gens, doesn't help the cause.

So what do you want to see changed about the series? What would make you buy Gray when it inevitably comes out? Or Pokemon Sky/Ground, cause they're running out of colors.
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>> No. 19160
HMs don't take up a move slot is all i can think of
>> No. 19161
First, I'd like to see a "quick battle" system, where a fight you'll win for sure (i.e. Lv. 30 Pikachu vs. Lv. 10 Magikarp) just happens automatically. Each Pokemon would have one of their moves assigned as "Quick Battle", so that when the battle begins you just hold the Fight! button that move is automatically used, without all the usual "begin battle" animations/text, and you get a real quick report on the battle and move on.

In the same vein, I'd like to see a "Quick Flee", where instead of holding "Fight" you hold "Run" as the battle begins so you don't waste so much damn time.

Maybe the game should move in a less linear fashion. You get to choose which town you want to start in and, since we now have five sets of starter Pokemon (and the inevitable sixth when this comes into play), the starter Pokemon you get to choose from varies based on the town. Also add in a rival from every other town that you only meet once or twice, and when you beat them for good near the end you can go to that town and take the third Pokemon that was left after the Town Rival (and his own town rival) chose theirs.

Gyms would have tiers to be beaten (I'm thinking 15, 25, and 40 for general levels), and higher ones could automatically open up depending on your team's level or other accomplishments (this would be a great system for a Pokemon MMO, too). The main paths between towns would become much smaller, and part of that would force the major exploration outside into areas you can reach only after doing so many badges or completing a whole tier.

The game has always seemed to lack in side-quests. There's never been an optional Team Du Jour scheme to tackle, or optional escort missions (that I recall, all the ones I've been on were required), or anything interesting along those lines. You have a few "deliver this letter/pokemon to this person!" or "keep this pokemon safe!", but they're few and far between with no real big outcomes to look forward to.
>> No. 19162
>>19161 Continued
Evolutions could be more involved/varied. For instance, take Magnemite->Magneton. You have three Magnemites stuck together. So why not make it that to make a Magneton, you have to have three Magnemites of same gender and level in your party (and then some third thing happens)? The vast majority of evolutions now are stones, by level, by level with Stat X as Y, or by Level in location Z. More like Shedinja, plz.

Speaking of stats, do away with any of this "hidden" bullshit. EVs are well and good, but if I have to search the web to use some guide to tell me how to change them or what Pokemon to hunt down to enhance them (or just to figure out what the fuck they are), it's bullshit. Anything within a game should be described to a moderate degree in that game, even if that means traveling to some far corner and waiting for a specific moment to talk to an NPC (so long as that moment is alluded to by another NPC). Maybe it's great for power players who do competitions everywhere, but if I want to just mess with a few EVs to get a better team before the next gym I don't want to have to go through fifteen guides to do it.

Interesting. Pokemon already have abilities; maybe have a "skill" slot that only works outside battle? I know I absolutely hate having to take away a move for something like Rock Smash or Flash. Maybe move Dig and Teleport to HMs, too. The flip side to making a "Skill" slot is that you would be limited in how many HMs would be available to use at any given time, but I think it's a worthwhile trade-off.
>> No. 19163
I just so happen to have found two links on this topic. I think these raise some good points.


>> No. 19198
Only ones I can think of are:
- This. Either give pokémon some sort of special skill or turn HMs into special items, like a flashlight, pick axe, mountain climbing gear, etc. It's a pain in the ass wasting up one of those precious 4 spaces on something that may not even be useful.
- MORE MOVE SPACES. I really feel like there's no reason they can't have more than just 4 moves.
- No more special event only pokémon. I get it, we need to lure Japanese children into going to see the movies, but what about other countries? Not everyone has Wifi capabilities. Events aren't that great either, because convincing mom and dad to take you to wherever those are happening isn't possible for every kid. So why not just offer the items in game in some way in the non-japan versions of the game? So it'll take a little extra time to port since you've gotta reprogram all that stuff, but I'd be willing to wait an extra month if I knew I could actually get 100% of the stuff in game without having to cheat.
>> No. 19206
Masuda talked about that on his blog when they were thinking about Gen III.
He decided that if it wasn't 4 moves, it just wouldn't feel like Pokemon anymore.
So I'm not sure you can convince him to change that any time soon.
>> No. 19211
-Ditch the small kid, small town formula
-Bigger world map
-"Instant" battling option, no more waiting around for animations to play
-No wild encounters if your lead is at full health AND +10 levels over wild mons
-EVs/IVs easily viewable
-The player can manage his mon's movepool at no cost whenever he's at a centre
-Making breeding less tedious/more rewarding
-"It's the league champion, surely he'll want to battle my party of weedles."
>> No. 19215
I don't get that last one. You want hopeless battles?

I want more bonus bosses.
>> No. 19231


NPC trainers shouldn't initiate battles with you if your party is significantly higher or lower leveled. My gripe is wandering through the early routes just having become league champion and then being challenged by a bug catcher I didn't battle at the start of the game.
>> No. 19271
I want them to bring back secret bases, as well as secret base battles. That was one of the best features of RSE, and with Wifi, you could import all sorts of trainers, etc. Would've been a better use for the Unity tower, imo; you could battle everyone you'd traded with in the past.

More things that they should bring back: Auto-run, Pokemon following, and the versus seeker.

Am I the only person in the world who wouldn't be interested in a Pokemon MMO? It's close enough to an MMO as it is, with all of the Wifi interconnectivity and everything. I think an MMO would kind of ruin it.
>> No. 19278
I would love the fuck out of a Pokemon MMO. It's my number one dream game. With WoW style raid boss fights against Legendaries.

I was just thinking the other day how great it would be if HMs didn't take up a move slot but a Pokemon could only have one HM assigned to it at a time to balance it out.
>> No. 19279
The only thing an MMO could really add would be the benefit of playing with your friends, but a co-op adventure mode sounds better for that.

Dammit, half this article is fairly nice ideas, and the other half is incredibly stupid bullshit.
>> No. 19280
Make events permanent? Like, when Mew rears her head again, you have until the end of the generation to get it.
>> No. 19281
Well then why even make it a traditional event? Make it an in-game event for you to unlock under some special conditions.
>> No. 19283
Better than what we have now.
>> No. 19441
File 130025379736.jpg - (20.58KB , 381x480 , 125088584826.jpg )
>Haxorus, Gigalith, and Scolipede among the top 8 "ugly" pokemon
>Rest of the list is similar bullshit
>The suggestions made here have been far superior to the tripe this moron wrote.
>Not really that surprised.
>> No. 19442
File 130025792176.jpg - (80.76KB , 580x430 , bananas.jpg )
>Both of these articles
>> No. 19444
Yeah, actually read through them completely a little bit after posting them. Not the best take on things, but ehh ya know.
>> No. 19449
Someone around here had a decent idea for the "WE NEED MORE MOVESLOTS" and the "QUIT MAKING US USE HMS" problems: Your Pokemon is stuck with four moveslots, but they never have to forget a move. At any time in the overworld, you can open up a menu and select which four moves you want your Pokemon to have, out of all the ones they've ever learned.
>> No. 19452
Your pokemon can learn one HM

However that single HM can be set to be used in or out of battle in the menu
>> No. 19453
When it comes to field moves, I think the main games should adopt the Pokemon Ranger system. There are certain things every Pokemon can do naturally, and bigger obstacles require more powerful Pokemon.
>> No. 19562
Why would you want my team to be cluttered with useless moves?
>> No. 19598
A historical setting might be nice.
>> No. 19600
File 13005119314.jpg - (548.53KB , 950x800 , 3fc202bcbdf85632cca73e72cbadb692.jpg )
>> No. 19601
Make HMs TMs
>> No. 19604
Oak...and, is that Agatha? That's a great idea! Think of all the older characters that could make an appearance in those games!
>> No. 19610
Damn you. i so want this to be real.
>> No. 19615
How hard could it be to make a pokemon game?
>> No. 19623
Also we desperately need a Pokemon Snap 2.

I like this. You have a moveset and a movepool--between battles you can swap out moves in the moveset in the movepool. Maybe allow it in battle, too, but it costs you a turn and you can only swap one move. It actually adds a lot more strategy, instead of having to bruteforce your way through certain multi-battles like the E4.

Yeah, both articles were pretty shitty.
>> No. 22805
Good bye Heart scales!
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