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File 129925576320.png - (34.25KB , 700x550 , 129124844152.png )
19018 No. 19018
Also Bones and whoever else feels like helping out will help you with your team, if you feel like asking!
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>> No. 21907
Unaware ignores Guts and Facade.
>> No. 21908
And it had Quick Feet besides, otherwise I would've used a Flame Orb. So no Guts boost.
>> No. 21909
File 130809393388.jpg - (91.88KB , 504x299 , 130402936655.jpg )
>Arcanine vs. Blaziken

>Arcanine used Agility!
>Blaziken used Swords Dance!
>"Uh-oh, this could be trouble."
>Blaziken used Protect!
>Arcanine used Close Combat! It failed!
>"Shit if he uses Baton Pass I'm ragequitting."
>Arcanine used Close Combat! Critical hit! Blaziken fainted!
>Your opponent forfeit the match.
>"...Well then."
>> No. 21910
File 130809918877.png - (148.75KB , 1000x500 , 130201460460.png )
>Opponent's team is Heatran, Ferrothorn, Gliscor, Jellicent, Blissey, and Cofagrigus
>> No. 21912
File 130810307439.png - (28.54KB , 620x440 , teammarley.png )
Lately I've been trying to make teams based around the five Stat Trainers. So far I only have Marley, Riley, and Mira made up; Cheryl and Buck could prove to be harder. Riley's team kicks the most ass, and Marley attracts the most creepers looking for Internet Poon, and I'm shockingly not surprised at either.
>> No. 21914
>> No. 21916
>Yes, Volcarona. I don't see them often, but every time I do it rips through me. Makes me wonder why so few people use one.
It rhymes with "wealth cock".

>315 + 394 = 709
>adding the attack stat to the power of the move
That's not how damage works at all.


>quadruple that = 2836
Two uses of sword dance is triple attack (two +2 modifiers, meaning +4), not quadruple.


Also, this might be wrong, but I think stats cap at 999, which for 394 attack is between a +3 and +4 boost.
>> No. 21917
There was never a cap for stat boosts. What USED to happen is if you raised your attack too high, it would loop back around to 0. So a Marowak with 4 Attack boosts back in GSC had an Attack total of 77.

Or somesuch. The point is, that's not a thing that happens anymore.
>> No. 21920
Tried making a Buck team today. It didn't go over well. I have no talent for stall anymore. Torkoal worked out beautifully though, it turns into an amazing mixed sweeper with Shell Smash.

A pastebin of the team as it is, in case someone feels like helping: http://pastebin.com/Z2Z5iV8G
>> No. 21921
File 130828940699.png - (30.80KB , 580x470 , teamriley.png )
I enjoy making these more than I ought.
>> No. 21934
Hey Bones, I have a small question.

What are the stats for a Docile Throh, with 30 IV's (holy shit) all around, with 96 hp, 64 atk, 216 def and 132 spd?
>> No. 21935
404 HP, 251 ATK, 259 DEF, 95 SATK, 205 SDEF, 158 SPD
>> No. 21937
What if I was level 61?
>> No. 21938
250 HP, 155 ATK, 159 DEF, 59 SATK, 127 SDEF, 98 SPD.
>> No. 21979
File 130870728934.png - (213.23KB , 405x442 , 1290225448949.png )
>MFW everyone complains about weather controlling the metagame
>MFW only ever one or two guys under the Clear Skies tier options
>> No. 21990
>Make Little Cup team
>Only two other guys in tier, battling each other
>Look in on their battle out of curiosity
>Level 5 Donphan, Arcanine, Shelgon, Lugia, and a Voltorb with Sonicboom
>Leave Little Cup
>> No. 21991
>battling someone
>he's 5-1ing me
>my last Pokemon is Scarfed Moxie Heracross
>take out three of his remaining Pokemon before he can KO me
>we spend like 10 minutes after the battle talking about how awesome Heracross is and how weird it is that he isn't used more often
Feels good, man.
>> No. 21992
>> No. 21993
that is at least 10 kinda of bullshit.
what the shit.

Back when my friends and I decided to start our own little tournament one of my friends made the perfect killing machine; a Horsea with Dragon Rage. Mind you this was a gen 3. We never actually did that tournament due to the entire group agreeing that that was raep in a box and nigh unbeatable. He also had a Torcoal with Overheat AND Eruption.
>> No. 21994
The real trouble would be Voltorb with Sonicboom, since it's much faster than most Little Cup Pokemon without a Choice Scarf.
>> No. 22004
And nobody respects the Item Clause that's supposed to be a part of it. ONLY ONE OF YOUR POKEMON IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE AN ORAN BERRY.
>> No. 22016
File 130887417250.jpg - (402.75KB , 1040x750 , 1302382156466.jpg )
So yeah this is pretty neat.
Vowel team, hooo.
>> No. 22034
Oh man I loved theme teams.
>> No. 22065
File 130893436954.png - (419.89KB , 878x484 , 1289854237555.png )
>MFW people from Wifi Uber keep issuing challenges to my LC team
>> No. 22072
>Steve Irwin theme

>> No. 22076
>> No. 22077
But wouldn't those be the only ones?

>date rape
>shortbus team
>faces like :3
>> No. 22080
Well someone who actually watched Crocodile Hunter would know more about the kinds of animals he was adept at handling. But you do have a point, a lot of these themes are entirely too vague.

I propose an improved list, which I will take upon myself to complete.
>> No. 22082
>Well someone who actually watched Crocodile Hunter would know more about the kinds of animals he was adept at handling.

I haven't watch the show in a long-ass time, but the only animals I remember him featuring more than usual were (as the name suggest) crocodiles, snakes, and maybe some other large reptiles.
>> No. 22104
>> No. 22127
RANK 4 ON THE WIFI TRAIN. I feel great.
>> No. 22130
Wifi Train Drinking Game: take a shot every time you see a Metagross, Garchomp, or Suicune.
>> No. 22131
>> No. 22223
>Trying to keep the metagame balanced

>> No. 22227
File 131060918794.jpg - (26.64KB , 485x392 , Billsicott.jpg )

>> No. 22228
File 131061115575.jpg - (295.79KB , 850x1083 , sample-f7100c2f88783e86585b234092232027.jpg )

And sand, don't forget sand.
>> No. 22230
The only really overpowered thing in sand is Excadrill. Meanwhile pretty much anything with Swift Swim becomes a terror in the rain, most especially Kingdra, with Huntail and Gorebyss in close second (of all Pokemon).

And at least with sandstorm you're required to think about how the chip damage will affect your team, but anybody can get comfortable on a rain team.
>> No. 22231

Y'all should check this out. Their tier list makes way more sense than Smogon's while still making it fair for people who like to use pokes like luvdisc. Check it out, read their tierlist and join their POL server. Hell of a lot more fun.
>> No. 22233
Oh, cool. I'll be posting my sets here for awhile.
>> No. 22236

Why is excadrill the only one overpowered?
>> No. 22237
Only three Pokemon get Sand Rush - Sandslash, Stoutland, and Excadrill. Sandslash and Stoutland are both good Pokemon, but not exactly great. They need Sand Rush to be any kind of threatening. But Excadrill already has serviceable Speed and amazing Attack and HP, so with Sand Rush he becomes practically invincible unless you've got a strong priority move in reserve. He can start tearing into your opponent with powerful Earthquakes as soon as he hits the field, no setup required.

Whereas Stoutland, the second best Sand Rush user, is best used as a Choice Banded revenge killer.
>> No. 22238
>Two teams of only level one Pokemon facing off
>> No. 22336
>Watching the British VGC 2011 finals on YouTube
Ewww. Unsportmanlike conduct that made him look like a total tool when it backfired, and he STILL won. How depressing.
>> No. 22337
Too lazy to look it up myself. Please explain so I can rage with you.
>> No. 22338
First of all, the winner used three Legendaries. Thundurus, Tornadus, and Terrakion. Not unsportsmanly, but lame.
His opponent gets him down to just his Scrafty and Terrakion, while the opponent just has a half-HP Chandelure left. Winner uses his Terrakion's Earthquake, gets up, and starts bowing like a douche.
Chandelure survived with 1 HP.

It got KO'd the next turn by another Earthquake, but still, what a dick.
>> No. 22364
Geez. I knew VGC was going to be a travesty, but I didn't expect half the rounds to be fucking mirror matches.
>> No. 22640
And then i seriously considered buying an Android phone just because Pokemon Online has made an app of itself for it.
>> No. 22645
Having Zoroark make an Espeon Illusion does not work as often as I might like. The people that actually have status and entry hazard moves on their leads typically forget about Magic Bounce, so it just ends up backfiring on me.
>> No. 23503
File 131830474514.png - (151.58KB , 340x475 , krinzatfirstiwaslike.png )
>Half the Smogon UU tier
Things are gonna be intense this gen.
>> No. 23506
Jesus you're not kidding

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