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File 12951487596.jpg - (2.53MB , 3569x2969 , g5english.jpg )
17923 No. 17923
Most of these Pokemon are sprite edits of Pokemon that already exist.
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>> No. 17924
That'd best be a joke, son.
>> No. 17925
>> No. 17927
I'm way beyond being okay with this.
>> No. 17928

Nintendo of America, I love you forever.
>> No. 17930
Yes, I approve.
>> No. 17931
Nintendo of America doesn't do the translations. Used to be Pokemon company USA, but that doesn't exist anymore. Merged with Pokemon Company Europe to form The Pokemon Company International. They fired all the old translators and got new ones. Also, they keep changing shit. They were responsible for name changes and Voltorb flip in HGSS.

They named these guys.

I mad
>> No. 17932
Oh come on, Woobat is an adorable name. And it fits with the whole heart nose deal.

You know I think most of these names inspire any negative feelings because were older now and aware of what their names are and mean before being localized thanks to the internet. And at the same time our tolerance for silly silly puns has dropped considerably.

There seems to be a pun to age ratio. Dragon Quest games seem to circumvent this rule however, we all fucking find that shit hilarious.
>> No. 17933
Nah, we're just fickle assholes.
>> No. 17934
I enjoy these.
>> No. 17935

I am educated.

And enraged.
>> No. 17937
>Klink, Klang, Klinkang

aw hell no
>> No. 17938
File 12952189122.png - (220.94KB , 500x336 , 405.png )
>> No. 17939

>> No. 17940
>> No. 17941
File 12952442896.jpg - (34.17KB , 468x468 , Crocodile smirk.jpg )
>> No. 17942
Aw man, I liked Chillarmy.
>> No. 17945
It's not like everyone wasn't naming that thing Mr. Zero to begin with...
>> No. 17948

Cripes, look at all those name puns. There were a few in the past, but now it's like they've got a surplus of them they're trying to unload. Not that I'm bothered by it, it's just rather glaring.
>> No. 17951
I just laugh at the fact that Wargle is now Braviary.
>> No. 17952
A few? Literally every Pokemon name that isn't a legendary is a pun. Hell, half the legendaries are puns too.
>> No. 17953

I'm just disappointed his evo isn't Panfry.
>> No. 17955
Hmn. That makes me want to make a list... Seeing as how I made a shit ton of Pokedex post however I'm not.

I know Pikachu is gonna be on the list because his name is a blend of Japanese onomatopoeia
>> No. 17956

Then just post it in this thread.

I'm sure no one will mind.
>> No. 17958
so i've been wondering this for a while, are they going to change the national dex to the international dex to accommodate isshu being a different country and all?
>> No. 17962
At the risk of sounding like a raging nostalgiafag, these are some of the worst names I've seen in the entire series. Which is a shame, because so far these are some of my favorite pokemon.

There a some good ones, even some brilliant ones, but the majority are puns so glaring and obvious it seems like a bad joke. And yes, they've done this before, but they were never THIS terrible.
Sawk? Throh? Gurdurr? Timburr? Boldore?

I think the main problem is that some of them just don't roll off the tongue as well as some past names (Like Cofagrigus).
I'm sure we'll all get used to them in times, but goddamn. At least we can always nickname.

Also, Samurott and Krookodile should have been Shoalgun and Crocovile.
>> No. 17963

>but they were never THIS terrible.

See. It's that kind of thinking that inspires the idea of nostalgia faggotry.

It's saying "YEA THINGS WERE BAD! BUT NOWADAYS THEY'RE WORSE!" which is hard to defend or objectively quantify in either way. You're basically saying that the only reason you like the old names is because the bad old puns inspired some sense of nostalgia in you while the new bad puns just seem like bad puns.

You gotta think about things objectively when describing things objectively. Don't cut it half way of defending the old puns for "Not being so bad!" or try to point our some of the ones that rub you the wrong way solely because ultimately, what can we say about those?

Cause when you think about it, the old ones weren't really much better (Voltorb. GET IT? Cause it's electric and an ORB? VOLT-ORB?). And when you start arguing over the validity of one bad pun in comparison to another, and when the one you're defending is clearly from your childhood? Well it's hard to not assume you're just incredibly biased about all of this and how your envisioning and imagination isn't aligning with the people who had to translate it.

But really. This is a dead issue that doesn't need to be argued over anymore than it has. For now let's just say: Don't get angry over a game franchise about catching magic creatures intended for children. Cause believe me, it's not worth it. Not at all.
>> No. 17964
Oh I'm not angry, believe me.

I mean hell, Gyarados could have been Skullkraken, and that's loads worse than any of these.

I get what you're saying, but like I said, I might just need some time to get used to them. And some just really don't sound as good on a basic level. Not for being puns or anything, but just pronunciation-wise many are a nightmare.

It's really not a childhood thing either. I didn't have a problem with any of the names in previous generations. Whether it was 1, 2, 3, or 4. Sure they all had a few stinkers between them, but this just felt like a whole wave of bad.
>> No. 17966
File 129533896152.jpg - (10.34KB , 298x298 , 151418_res1_Nathan.jpg )
Shoalgun is fucking brilliant.

Good name for a song.
>> No. 17967

hurf durf
>> No. 17972
File 129536834241.jpg - (37.19KB , 512x600 , 1295367292241.jpg )
>> No. 17976
You didn't have a problem with "Squirtle"? Or "Gastly"? Or "Torchic"? A lot of the names in the past 4 gens were just as punbelievably awful as most of these.

Why are you even complaining? It's not like the canon names of Pokemon species matter since everyone nicknames theirs anyway.
>> No. 17977
Some names were punny, but not all were godawful. In every gen it was like 4 or 5 with meh names. In this it's a little under 50, and that's being generous.

But yeah, nicknaming renders alot of it irrelevant.

>Why are you even complaining?
What? I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the new names? I just wanted to state my opinion and that was it. I'm not angry or pissed, I just felt the names this gen were really weak compared to the past four.
>> No. 17983
Hey, in gen IV some translator spilled coffee on the electric squirrel on their to-do list and it went untranslated at release and we got a japanese name that means absolutely nothing to us. At least this time they changed a letter.
>> No. 17984
File 129544438429.jpg - (10.90KB , 350x434 , jugon.jpg )
Anyway, nothing on that list beats the profound laziness of Seel and Dewgong.
>> No. 17991
So this is official, right?
>> No. 17992

As of a few days ago...

Pretty much, yeah.
>> No. 17993
Well there's some flops but nothing I absolutely hate.
>> No. 18090
Scraggy and Scrafty... you'd think two cool-lookin pokemon would have cooler names.

I'd pitch Repscalion (mix of Reptile, Rapscallion, and Scale) for Scrafty.. but I think it's too late.
>> No. 18091
Time travel.

My problem with these names is they sound like something I'd come up with. So yeah.
>> No. 18092
I'd tone it down, either Repscallion or Rapscalion, but that's really good.
>> No. 18097

I'd go with the second one, ONLY because it JUST makes the 10-letter-rule.

Also, I figured out last night what was up with Sawsbuck's name. It hit me: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. S A W S.... HUUUURRR DUURRRRRHUURRRHUUUURRRRR!!!!
>> No. 18098

Apparently, I can no long DELETE MY OWN POSTS!!!

Very well... I though my name for Scrafty was cool, then I read this guy's (wiimaster) name for the two funky reptilians...

Repteen for "Scraggy", and Vandalisk for "Scrafty".

Repscalion passes down the anme o' awesome to Vandalisk.

wiimasters other names are found here.


It's the 9th post.
>> No. 18293
>> No. 26662
Why the hell does this thread keep popping up?
>> No. 26663
For some reason spam bots target it: for instance, this just bumped up top because a post was made this morning, but since all fields were filled out and the post was the word "maths", it was deleted as probably spambot testing. However, deleting said post doesn't make it go back to its original spot (I assume there's a "thread last updated" field that gets updated when a post is added, but not when it's removed.)
>> No. 26724
this is perfect
we have the same thread to talk about the new designs with the last thread that did is

it is fate
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