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File 12856952893.jpg - (91.78KB , 400x500 , 005.jpg )
13792 No. 13792
Guys, I'm having a problem...
My Charmeleon's flame has been diminishing every day for the past week, but it hasn't been raining and I haven't been changing it's feeding.
I don't understand. It was fine a week before, but now it's disobedient and angry and keeps getting weaker and weaker every day... I'm really scared... I don't know if it's serious enough to take it to the Pokemon Central...or if they'll take him away from me. He's my best friend.

What do I do?
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>> No. 13793
How old is he?
>> No. 13798
File 128572007047.jpg - (67.34KB , 500x321 , halolz-dot-com-pokemon-heartgold-soulsilver-haunte.jpg )
>> No. 13810
You need to take him on a nice walk through Viridian Forest. Make sure he feasts liberally on the many Bug Pokemon (there's other things, but mostly bugs) that run loose there.

Once the orgy of bloody and gluttony is complete, he shall be strong enough to take on Onyx with his bare claws.

Unless it's traded or something, in which case I would not suggest doing that, as it might grow too strong and kill you.
>> No. 14021
Hello Jazz. Don't worry, I think the answer is a simple one, but let's cover some basics first before I hit on my theory.

First, how recently evolved is your Charmeleon? Charmeleon are far more hot-headed and irritable than Charmander are. Anger and disobedience are normal in a recently-evolved Charmeleon due to a new, intense interest in territory capture and defense, securing a mate (both males and females with fight their respective genders over mating rights), and asserting dominance. Charmeleon emotions tend to settle down a bit after some time is spent in their new form, though aggression and anger are simply an aspect of the species.

Second, what exactly is your Charmeleon being fed? Charmeleon are strictly carnivorous, and cannot digest non-meats well. This includes berries and berry-based poffin. Though some in moderation are fine, a full diet of berries and berry-poffin is not appropriate for a Charmeleon. This can cause indigestion, moodiness, and malnutrition. While the diet may seem to work for awhile, it will eventually take its toll. If you would like to feed poffin to your Charmeleon as a staple, be sure to include copious amounts of ground meat in the cooking to ease digestion and provide nutrients.

With these things in mind, allow me to offer my theory. Your Charmeleon is probably simply bored and frustrated from not enough or a complete lack of fighting. Charmeleon require combat for their mental and physical well-being. You may have noticed that your Charmeleon's flame blazes blue when excited for a fight. This is because the concept or act of fighting forces serotonin and epinephrine through the Charmeleon's system, both of which stimulate the flame. Serotonin is the "feel good" neurotransmitter, promoting a sense of well-being. (Epinephrine triggers "fight or flight," through Charmeleon will always choose "fight") Serotonin also facilitates digestion, allowing Charmeleon to get the most out of what they eat. To Charmeleon, fighting can be equated to play in its necessity, albeit somewhat viscous and risky play. Though one can live without play (combat for Charmeleon), it would be a dismal and drab existence. The absence of fighting for a Charmeleon can lead to weakened flame as well as physical weakness due to being unable to optimally digest their food optimally, both from the lack of serotonin.

This is just my take on what may be wrong with your Charmeleon, but I cannot claim that this undoubtedly the cause. It is impossible to know anything for sure without an examination. I recommend that you do take your Charmeleon to a Pokemon Center, because when it comes to best friends, better safe than sorry.

Good luck, hope you get this resolved!
>> No. 14112
Oh goodness, so many ghost pokemon. I have no silph scope. Help?
>> No. 14122

Silph Scopes are still technically in beta, so you're not gonna get one for anything less than a king's ransom.

I recommend just keeping away, though there are certain moves that can I.D. ghosts and allow them to be hit without use of a Scope. These are sorta rare, though, and can only be learned naturally.

Look for Foresight, Odor Sleuth, and Miracle Eye.
>> No. 14123

Alternatively, do what I did: pokedolls. There's a Marowak's spirit inside of Lavender Town's tower that seems to collect them like they're her children. She came at me once and I managed to calm her down using it.
>> No. 14133
Guys, I've got a serious problem. My Kadabra has bent every spoon I own, to the point that I can't even eat a bowl of soup anymore. And I can't use chopsticks because I'm not a communist!

Is there a way to get him to stop ruining every piece of silverware I own?
>> No. 14134
No. Enjoy your sandwiches.
>> No. 14135
Wow, okay, Bones don't know shit 'bout Psychic Pokemon.
Evolve it, and it will start making its own spoons instead of bending yours. It needs experience with someone else to evolve though, so lend it to a bud for a mock-battle?
>> No. 14147
Hey guys. I just got back from the Pokemon Center with Spitfire (my Charmeleon), well... they told me the same you guys did. He's just bored and aggravated from not being able to fight competitively, they suggested I put up a daily schedule where he gets his needed exercise and combat training. I had no clue! He just recently evolved, so that might've been why I didn't really notice.
Anyway. I am taking all your tips and am feeding him more meat now, (he did get it before, but not enough compared to the berries) and he does seem a little happier, though still annoyed.
I guess I'll just have to shape up my training then! I'll tell you how it's going later.

Thanks for all the helpful advice guys!
>> No. 14162
Come over, kill my ghosts. Use so much fire.
>> No. 14172
How much honey should a Teddiursa have in its diet?
>> No. 14174
All the honey.

But, uh...obviously there isn't much nutritional value in it, so make sure you balance it out. Standard food blocks should cover it. If you want to go the extra mile, look up a few poffin recipes; particularly dry berries should do well to keeping your Teddiursa...uh...'regular', which is important with all the sugar it will be taking in.
>> No. 14177
File 128606353146.jpg - (14.20KB , 220x220 , 401.jpg )
These little shits are all over my lawn and keeping me up all night with their constant chirping. It gets worse when they evolve because the chirping gets louder and they get sharp claws.
I'd use repels, but I have a Growlithe and a Poochyena that use the yard and I don't want it to bother them.
>> No. 14183
Invite Jazz over, kill two birds with one stone.
>> No. 14185

Instead of Repel, you could try tying a Cleanse Tag to the collar of your stronger Pokemon, assuming it is stronger than the majority Kricketot and Kricketune in the area. It will not bother domestic Pokemon, but wild Pokemon will find it annoying. Or, if you are willing to put up with bad smells, the presence of a Grimer or Muk will do the trick. However, this might be a poor choice, as those two Pokemon are both extremely toxic and would undoubtedly destroy any grass or plants in the yard in addition to causing nose bleeds, fainting, fevers if touched, ect. Another Pokemon solution are Stunky and Skuntank, both of which produce vile-smelling fluids that may be applied to plants to drive Pokemon away, and plants and Pokemon will not be harmed by it in small, unconcentrated quantities. The smell will spread up to a mile and a half away, and may cause nausea in some, so this probably will make you unpopular with the neighbors. So, if you can get your hands on one, I recommend the Cleanse Tag.
>> No. 14186

Teddiursa and Munchlax families LOVE larval pokemon, especially Combees. So save some honey for attracting a few bug pokemon, maybe bring them to a nearby forest to forage. Berries and most river water pokemon tend to be good for them during the fall, so be sure to balance their diet before winter. Munchlax tend to evolve during November, and Teddiursa and Ursaring both hibernate.
>> No. 14202
Hey all! I've been battling an awful lot with my Poliwhirl lately, and think it's time for it to evolve. The question is: what's that going to do to his personality?
A close friend of mine is willing to let me use her Water Stone; would Poliwhirl's demeanor change for the worse? Right now, Poliwhirl's more of a jovial and upbeat type.
>> No. 14206
Poliwrath do tend to be a bit aggressive, and sometimes get too willing to pick fights and battles. If you train it right and let it ease into life with its new power, it might be easier, but if you're really worried it might just be best to hold out for a King's Rock. Politoeds may need a trade to come out, but with your friend helping you out, I'm sure it'll be no problem!
>> No. 14277
Thanks for the advice! I read the previous posts in here about Lady Jazz's Charmeleon; last thing I'd want is to turn my Poliwhirl into something as mean-tempered as THAT. :)

So it looks like the two of us are going to venture forth in search of a King's Rock. Where'd be a good place to find one?
>> No. 14278
Okay, uh, guys...my Duskull has gone missing for a few days now, but I keep finding headless puppets around the house. I don't even know where the dolls are from. He hasn't removed the heads from the dolls I actually own yet. Uhh...what should I make of this?
>> No. 14294
Thanks for the advice. I think he's taken a liking to dipping his poffins in honey and not just going all Winnie the Pooh on it.

Something to do with Shuppet or Banette in or around your house, methinks.
>> No. 14300
A wild Electrode got into my basement last night and every time I even look at it it starts glowing like it's going to self destruct. Worst part is it's lying right next to a support beam and shows no signs of wanting to move. Help!
>> No. 14302
Do you have a Gastly, or maybe a Haunter?
Maybe you could get it to sneak up on it and put it to sleep if so, allowing you to move it, or even catch it before it does any real harm.

If not, they're fairly common around churches, perhaps you could find one there.
>> No. 14303

>> No. 14304
Get a grass type like Oddish or Bellsprout and hide it in the garden. Have it learn sleep powder or stun spore, along with leech seed, and megadrain so that it can heal itself from potential attacks. They won't stick out too much and they'll be able to ward of diglett with no problem, just make sure to keep them fed and give them some berries to restore their PP. After about a month or so the problem should go away and if it ever comes back, you'll be ready!
>> No. 14306
Are you in the Greater Vermilion Area? I know an excellent pest removal service around there - they use a team of Parasects to blanket the area with Spore, putting any pesky Pokemon to sleep for easy relocation.
>> No. 14309
If you could hook me up with a number that would be awesome.
>> No. 14314
Those guys are total rip-off artists. Just take a mallet and do some gardening the old fashioned way.
>> No. 14315
File 128623018519.png - (48.54KB , 260x240 , Ponyta.png )
If Ponyta are herbivores, how is that herd in the old mansion on Cinnabar getting by? There's no vegetation in there that I know of. Did they go carnivorous?
>> No. 14316
Look, it's an old, burned-out mansion. Plants are resilient and persistent. They were growing up out of the cracks within the first few weeks.
>> No. 14317
Ponytas would be nightmare fuel if they were carnivorous. Just imagine a Rapidash blazing out of nowhere and mauling your neck while burning everything around you. Holy shit.
>> No. 14318
Even if they HAD been omnivorous, that still means the only thing to eat are the Rattata and Raticate. Everything else is either metallic, pure poison, or on fire.
>> No. 14321
File 128624073836.jpg - (10.80KB , 180x194 , RETURN_of_coolface_by_wulfsige107.jpg )
>Rival picks grass starter
>Pick fire starter

Bitch won't know what hit 'em.
>> No. 14374

>> No. 14375
Pikachu refuses to use a Pokeball.
What do?
>> No. 14376
Maybe go more traditional with a collar and leash?
>> No. 14384
>third guy chooses Water starter
>teaches it Ice Beam/Fang/Punch
>wrecks the shit out of both of you
Yeah good luck with that, buddy.
>> No. 14398
Make sure whatever you do, you get an insulated leash or wear some damn good gloves. Neighbor kid was taking his Pikachu for a walk and the little thing put him in a coma. He got out, but he just hasn't been the same since.
>> No. 14418
So I climbed one of the great mountains in Bergen today and I kinda got sidetracked into a forest...
...and oh my god.
Gibles everywhere.

I didn't know there were Gibles in Norway.
>> No. 14420
File 128647727219.png - (149.82KB , 282x199 , bulbasaur.png )
Guys, for those of you who don't know: My Venusaur passed on a few years back. It wasn't through anyone's fault, really. Just old age, you know. And I was thinking I might finally be ready for a new Bulbasaur. An old friend of mine has offered a few times, but I usually turn him down. This time I'm really debating it, though.

How do you guys know when you're finally ready? (Keep in mind this Venusaur was my starter, and as such holds a very special place in my heart)

I...uh...I don't think their are. Or at least they shouldn't be there. Are you sure they were Gible?
>> No. 14424
It's a pokemon, not a girlfriend. But, whatever, when you can want another one, you're probably ready. Just so long as you don't want it to be your starter.
>> No. 14427
If it's not too dangerous, can you catch one for me? There aren't any around here at all, and I've been wanting one.
>> No. 14430
I am pretty sure they were Gibles. I mean, what other Pokemon looks like a Gible other than a Gible?

I'm going back up again tomorrow, so I'll bring my Pokemon and Pokeballs (hurrr, I forgot today) this time, I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 14456
Guys, I think my Tsutaja is mocking me. What should I do?
>> No. 14457
It does take time to overcome the loss of a dear partner; are you sure that you aren't trying to subconsciously replace your Venusaur with this new Bulbasaur, or think of them as the same Pokemon?

I haven't lost a Pokemon yet - heaven knows I'd be a weepy mess if my Poliwhirl or Victreebel died - but if I were you, I'd consider using a different Grass Pokemon. Maybe a Turtwig?

When it mocks you, it's because it wants your attention; that's why Tsutajas given as starters are more well-mannered than ones caught later. Try spending an hour a day having fun with it; it'll stop being such a Smugleaf.
>> No. 14461
So I've a bit of a conundrum..

...My own Poliwrath has heard of P1, hell my buddy showed him an old tape I had lying around...

Now I catch him these days attempting to learn Sumo by training with Hariyama...

...Is P-1 sanctioned by the league or no?
>> No. 14467
It's not actually sanctioned, but the League doesn't discourage participation. Hell some officials even encourage it as a way of getting competition experience. If you think he can make it then see if he can qualify and get a registration form.
>> No. 14468
What Pokemon do Kangaskhan prefer to mate with?
>> No. 14469
>> No. 14470
Wow, you need the answer to that question too? What an odd coincidence.
>> No. 14471
Alright, thanks for clarifying. I found a website that had a registration form and everything.

Next thing I know, my Poliwrath now fashions himself as the next Yokozuna of the P-1 Circuit. If anything this will do WONDERS for physical training...

Now for an in ring name....Rikishi Joe sound good?
>> No. 14472

All Pokemon prefer to mate with others that have similar body types as their own, though they can often mate with Pokemon with body types that are drastically different. Obviously, there are more in Kangaskhan's egg group then this, but these are the ones it will find most attractive. For Kangaskan, the Pokemon it is most attracted to are the following:

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Nidoking, Slowbro, Cubone, Marowak, Lickitung, Rhydon, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Ampharos, Slowking, Larvitar, Tyranitar, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Marshtomp, Swampert, Aggron, Cranidos, Rampardos, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Snover, Abomasnow, and Ryperior.
>> No. 14477
Whoa whoa whoa, hold up. That's a hell of a lot of babies you've suggested. Let's try to have a shred of goddamn decency here, shall we? Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
>> No. 14482
He doesn't mean you should breed your Kangaskhan with ALL of those Pokemon (good heavens, it's not a Ditto!), just that it has the choice of all of those.
>> No. 14484

Not if the breeder cares about their welfare. Many of the ones listed aren't of proper breeding age. Technically they could help produce offspring, yes, but it would be psychologically damaging (unless their evolution had simply been stunted by an everstone, of course), not to mention potentially dangerous regardless of any such unusual circumstances.
>> No. 14485
Yeah, that works well, though if you've already nicknamed him you may want to refer to him by his usual nickname.
>> No. 14488
A friend of mine double-dog-dared me to get my Jigglypuff to hold an Everstone, then tap it with a Moon Stone.

...Will my Jigglypuff explode?
>> No. 14489
everstones only negate naturally occurring evolutions i think

so the jigglypuff should be fine

as a random stranger on the internet you should definitely take my word on this
>> No. 14490
oh yeah and by fine i mean a wigglytuff

whoops oh well
>> No. 14514
Gibles have disappeared...
I might just have been subjected to an illusion instead.
Gay :(
>> No. 14524
Don't blame illusions so quickly.
I keep hearing about this thing on TV and the radio. Have you heard about these weird swarm things? I guess sometimes certain Pokemon move from one place to another, like a mass migration or something, and it causes them to show up in an area for about a day in crazy numbers.

Although, we probably shouldn't rule out illusions, I guess.
>> No. 14526
I..I think there's something wrong with my Quagsire.

I'll be taking for a stroll (me on the shore, him in the lake), and he'll hit a rock and just...stop.
Not because there's a rock in the way. But because no matter how hard he kicks he can't get through it.

Is there something wrong with him? Is he sick? Is his vision going? I've had him for about 10 years, if that helps...

:( I hope he's okay, Wooper was my first real capture. I never got as attached to Cyndaquil, but I'm really worried there's something seriously wrong. I don't wanna lose Filmy!
>> No. 14528
Sometimes small Pokemon like Paras will gather up objects dropped by humans and stash them under a rock. Quagsires have a rather powerful sense of smell; wanting to get at the items he is attempting to destroy the rock to get to the "treasure" underneath, most likely because the human scent attached to them reminds him of you and he wants to give you the items. If you have the Rock Smash HM I suggest teaching him the move and seeing that happens next time you go for a walk.
>> No. 14548
File 128690787446.jpg - (72.16KB , 350x516 , 12b98bedaf0dd972ad568cef8175d686.jpg )
Guys, my Meowth trained himself to sing and play the guitar.
>> No. 14551
Get him some nice boots and a feather cap.
>> No. 14554
Then rename him Puss. And tell him you want to marry a princess and live in a dead ogre's castle.
>> No. 14555
File 128691841927.png - (204.83KB , 320x240 , Tyson_Meowth.png )
Or at the very least win you the Hoenn League.
>> No. 14556
Is it okay if I give him an old wool jacket instead. He just seems to want to be the meowth Nick Drake, minus the mental problems.
>> No. 14563
I'm trying to teach my Meowth some Fighting moves.
It's really hard work, since it doesn't learn it naturally at alll.
>> No. 14588
Just keep at it. If I can teach a Haunter to steal a car, you can do this.
>> No. 14591
I want to get a Gastly, but this asshole I know says I need to buy this incredibly expensive doohickey to bond with him at all, otherwise he'll just look like a black blob and tell me to go away.

Is he just being a douche or do I really have to do that?
>> No. 14593
It only matters if you're from Kanto. Those Pokemon Tower specimens are pretty oddly hardcore.
>> No. 14653
Well, I am in some serious trouble. My dumb-as-a-brick Elekid just punted a tree full of Kakunas over, and my house is now being swarmed by about eleventy billion very angry Beedrills. I can't send Poliwhirl or Victreebel out there without getting Poison Stung to death.

Anyone in the Greater Vermilion Area willing to give me a hand? Preferably someone with a Flying or Psychic Pokemon? (No Fire-types please; I'd rather not burn my house down)
>> No. 14684
You could always just have a fire type use smoke screen until the house is full of smoke. The Beedrill will get fed up with not being able to see anything and leave.
>> No. 14688
We could always just throw rocks. How much do you value your windows?
>> No. 14707
Teaching Haunters to steal is easy. Try teaching them not to.
>> No. 14711
True - I still own a gas mask from that time when my Koffing wouldn't stop using Smog inside the house. Boxing it might have been the smartest thing I've done in weeks.

If you've got one, get here as fast as you can - I don't think dem bees giving up anytime soon.

If they're Pokemon-throwing rocks, they'll break more than my windows.
>> No. 14712
File 128716692383.jpg - (12.66KB , 347x193 , Togekisssugimori.jpg )

I'll give it a shot. I live over at Celadon, and I just got my Togetic to evolve. He needs to practice with his new body.

Speaking of which, are there any tricks to help him master Aura Sphere? Whenever my Togekiss tries to use it, the sphere drops straight down, and not across, where the target would be.
>> No. 14713
If you personally murder a Pokemon, can you control which ghost Pokemon it turns into?
>> No. 14714
No, and I don't think "ghost-types" are actually ghost of other Pokemon (though that's a topic for another thread).
>> No. 14715
Just use that to your advantage. Use it like an air strike.
>> No. 14720
Thanks for stopping by and letting me out! That was a scary 24 hours, to say the least. Any ideas on how I should educate/punish my Elekid so this kind of stupidity doesn't happen again?
>> No. 14724
Evolve it?
>> No. 14725
So, there's been a rash of domestic pokemon disappearances around my neighborhood. When I checked my Trapinch's pits this morning, I found a dead Growlithe.

What do I do? Do I come clean to my neighbors? Do I try to hide it? What do I do to keep her from doing this again?
>> No. 14726
In order:
>>14724, yes, no, >>14724
Vibrava's not as into the sand pits as Trapinch is, and I'm sure if you come clean to the neighbors, they'll be a hell of a lot more lenient than though would be if they saw their beloved Persian in a pit in your yard for themselves.
>> No. 14730
So, in /pkmn/'s opinion...

...do Legendaries exist? Because I watched that TV special last night, and was VERY surprised when Professor Oak himself came on at the end and made the call that the overwhelming body of evidence suggests they do exist. I've always been a skeptic, myself. And while I can see things like that bird those mountain accident survivors keep seeing just being an undiscovered species of animal, when that hot chick who was Sinnoh champ a while back came on and said she had indisputable proof those three dragon's from Sinnoh's creation myth were real, I just cocked my head and went "guh?"
>> No. 14731
I think they do, kind of. I mean, there probably are reclusive pokemon that resemble ones from myth, but I don't think they're as powerful as people like to say they are.
>> No. 14732
Some of them are more likely to be real than others. There've been lots of Kyogre by fishermen, and there's so much we don't know about the ocean that there's no reason to believe Kyogre couldn't exist.

But I don't think anyone has any serious reason to believe in silly legends like Mew. May as well believe in fairies if you're going to believe in Mew.
>> No. 14734
Anyone know the edibility of unfertilized Honchkrow eggs? I got one of the rarer birds that lay eggs once a month regardless of fertilization, and I figured they'd be an awesome source of protein for when I'm on those weeks-long hikes between regions.
>> No. 14735
File 128726146712.png - (150.96KB , 481x483 , 035Clefairy.png )
And who would be dumb enough to believe in fairies, right?
>> No. 14736
Guys I'm really worried about my Starmie.
Ever since i caught it as a Staryu I've been able to tell how it feels and what it wants by its gem shine and quality, and when evolved, we even formed something like an empathetic link (I guess because it became a psychic type, but I'm still not really sure why). But lately the link has broken, and I can't even read its gem. Its like its completely closed itself off from me.
I've been to the Pokemon Center and they say its not sick, and I live in Olivine (commute to Canalave, that's where I caught it so I take it with me all the time, for work-related purposes) so it gets plenty of time in the sea.
What should I do? I don't want to lose the Pokemon that took me through all the gyms in Johto.
>> No. 14737
>Implying that Clefairy is an actual fairy.

Everyone knows that Clefairy's are aliens from the Moon, that's why Moon stones evolve it.
>> No. 14738
It could be lonely. Trainer-pokemon closeness is good, but sometimes your pokemon needs a little time with its own kind. Do you have any other water types that it could play with?

I hope it feels better!!
>> No. 14739
Well, when I take it to Canalave it goes and sees all of its old friends and family. But maybe since they're still Staryus its feeling out of place. Should i take it too see other Starmie's maybe? Or should i just visit a water type expert, I don't really want to go all the way to Cerulean, but if it will help, I'll do it.
>> No. 14740
Well, if you know any trainers with a Starmie, you might as well give it a shot.
>> No. 14742
I don't know. A friend of mine swore he saw a Mew hiding under his dad's truck when he was younger.
>> No. 14744
Oh god. I finally got rid of the ghosts via a friend with a psychic type, now there are eggs. Why do ghost pokemon lay eggs?
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