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File 12856952893.jpg - (91.78KB , 400x500 , 005.jpg )
13792 No. 13792
Guys, I'm having a problem...
My Charmeleon's flame has been diminishing every day for the past week, but it hasn't been raining and I haven't been changing it's feeding.
I don't understand. It was fine a week before, but now it's disobedient and angry and keeps getting weaker and weaker every day... I'm really scared... I don't know if it's serious enough to take it to the Pokemon Central...or if they'll take him away from me. He's my best friend.

What do I do?
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>> No. 24376
File 132635438531.jpg - (94.81KB , 900x720 , creepachu_by_omegaus-d32mx9h.jpg )
It's been close to 14 years since I first got my Pikachu. He hasn't been looking so good these days. Do you think I should evolve him?
>> No. 24381

strength, health and lifespan is overrated
>> No. 24435
Outside of the game; would it be safe to cross-breed pokemon?

And, can you have more than 1 pokemon in a ball? Not like having seven Miltank in one ball; more like having 5 unknown in a ball that have sort of clumped together and pooled their powers together to be like... stronger or something along the lines of that.
>> No. 24437
Depends on the species. Some pokémon are strangely cross-compatible, others aren't.

Good luck getting anything at all to breed with Slugma, for one thing.

Also no, you can't spoof the storage system. A pokéball isn't a terminal, it has a limited memory capacity.
>> No. 24440
My issues have been solved. Young kid wanted to raise a Murkrow, so I let him keep it after helping the two bond. My Snorlax is his usual self and no longer ravenous for eggs, and I now own a young Bouffalant. Braviary was a little upset at giving away his young so early but he's chipper lately. Probably the warming air.

My question now is: is it...normal for Feraligatrs and Krookodiles to swim in winter waters? Because it's just above freezing out and I'm still having to drag them away from the water.
>> No. 24460
Most Krookodiles I've ever seen would rather bury themselves in the sand than swim around in a river. I'm stumped on that one, buddy.

As for feraligatr, it's one big beast. If winter has any effect on him at all it'll be eating more. He can maintain his own body temperature pretty well besides. Just be careful about him hiding under the ice and surprising people.
>> No. 24468
So for a class project we were given a choice between rearing a Kricketot or a Caterpie. I chose the Kricketot because all the Caterpie would do is sit there and eat, and I don't regret my decision.

The only this is that he keeps chiming off-tune, believe it or not. I admit I'm not a very musical person, but is there any way for me to teach him how to play better? He's starting to keep us up at night. My roommate keeps threatening to feed him to his Charmander.
>> No. 24471
Play cello at him.
>> No. 24488
Does Hidden Power always have to be little glowing enrgy balls or can it be something else to; like a secret move or ability that your pokemon knows for one reason or another. (Like a Tympole with a Hidden Power move that deals with sound or vibrations instead of glowing balls of energy?)
>> No. 24520
Me again - I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and let Electabuzz decide whether or not to evolve. He seemed to grasp the importance of the decision, and pushed the Electrizer back to me. I'll hang onto it until he's ready - likely once Graveler starts winning their sparring matches.

Thanks for the help, folks!
>> No. 24525
This brings up an odd question; what about old-young pokemon? Like that treeco that was the leader of the group, it was old, but was still in the first stage. If it evolved would it still be old, or would it be younger?
>> No. 24529
Holy shit this thread is still here.
>> No. 24700
Age is still age. He'd be invigorated a bit, sure, but he'll still be old.
>> No. 24815
File 133281491817.png - (2.40KB , 99x56 , poke_breeder_by_Sakura_Yuki_Darkwulf.png )
Hey guys, seasoned breeder here.
I never really went out on my own as a kid. My family has been very supportive of all my life choices, so it was never an issue. I love breeding, I have a real passion for it, but lately I've been thinking about going out to see a bit of the world. Maybe try to get all the badges in my region if it goes well (I'm located in Sinnoh near Hearthome).
In any case, I was just wondering what you guys think. I'm 20 now so I feel like I'm a bit too old for it...

I was also looking to get opinions about cherry-picking genes. If I do decide to do this should I use my breeding knowledge to the max? Or should I try and start like most trainers with mostly wild-caught pokemon?
>> No. 24816
I know they say gym battles are a young teens sport, but you tend to see quite a few older trainers in the league fights so there's no need to feel embarrassed or anything. and heck, it gives you a chance to travel the routes, that's a pretty great opportunity. And I don't see why you shouldn't play into your strengths as a breeder. Just because everyone else goes around catching mangy Rattatta doesn't mean you have to.
>> No. 24817
Hey now, a lot of the competitors in the leagues are in their twenties, or even older. Some people get into that stuff for life, even make a career out of it. Just because you start late doesn't mean you won't get anywhere.
>> No. 24820
I would suggest though that you try your hand at batteling small-time trainers first though to get a feel for batteling and your pokemon.
>> No. 24821
Thanks for the input guys!
I've decided to go for it! I've got a Growlithe who's been my buddy since I was little and he'll be my 'starter' as it were. My dad also let me borrow his Octillary Lefty for breeding purposes (I'm so thrilled!!), so I've got a little school of remoraid in the pond out back. I'm trying to get to know them a bit so I can pick the one with the best personality.
In what I think may be an effort to get me to put off leaving a bit longer my parents have asked me to go through the storage boxes and release or find homes for any excess pokemon. They've also got me toting around a bag full of eggs (they're mostly feebas with a few random eggs that got lost in storage). I'm making pretty good headway with the boxes, it's always rewarding to see a pokemon who's happy to be set free or who's found a good home with a trainer.
In any case with luck I should be able to set out by the end of the week!
>> No. 24823
Hey guys, I'm having some problems that I think may actually get me in legal issues.

So I was walking around fine, and a kid saw me and challenged me to a battle. Normal stuff. I got out my Smeargle, and he got out his Shedinja.

He then proceeded to become pale and collapse on the spot.

I'm with him now on my Hidden Base, he still breathes, but I can't reanimate him in anyway. Help?
>> No. 24824
Fuckin' kids these days, always trying to use Pokemon they think are sooo cool!!! without knowing the risks or anything.

Yeah I got no clue on how to resuscitate someone who's had their soul ganked, but I don't think it'd get you into any trouble. G'luck bro.
>> No. 24828

You see, the problem is I kinda already have a record for shit like this. One time I had to run away from a mob because when fighting some little shit with a Rattata I used a Hypno. Apparently to the eyes of the public you can only use Hypno when fighting opponents 18 and up :/

I decided to leave the kid near his Shedinja and bail. Way I figure, someone finds him and he's safe, or a Gulpin finds him and he becomes goop. It's not as if kids being killed in the wilderness by some random pack of Mightyenas or something is rare.

>> No. 24829
File 133334336425.png - (148.50KB , 616x522 , scolipede_by_suguro-d3cznbr.png )
Sounds good. As long as you left him on/near a path he should be fine.
I feel sorry for you man. I've gotten a lot of shit for my pokemon too.
I swear the only reason my scolipede flipped out was because some little shit had an insect flute. Bad day all around.
He's really quite docile. For a scolipede.
>> No. 24830
You raise a good point, how do you keep larger and more aggressive pokemon from going wild? I know that someone in my town has a Nidoqueen but I've never heard anything bad about her. I think the worst thing she's done is she ate all the flowers in the park's gardens when she was younger, that's it.

On the other hand, my neighbor has this cute little murkrow that steals EVERYTHING, and has been known to sneak in to houses to take stuff.
>> No. 24831
It's like saying "how do you keep pitbulls from tearing into the neighbor's kid?" Proper fuckin' raising, that's how.
Got a friend with a Haxorus, sweetest giant bladed death machine ever, wouldn't hurt a fly unless she asked it to.
>> No. 24836
What the hell is a pitbull? Are you talking about a snubbull?
>> No. 24837
Pokemon raised by careless owners tend to be more feral. All they really need is enough attention to be imprinted on. They're like children in that sense.
>> No. 24838

is this a regional thing?

Do you guys not have...?

y'know what, sure, I am talking about an exceptionally aggressive snubbull. Or Poochyena would probably work better, if they have those wherever you are.
>> No. 24955
I'm curious about this "pitbull" you speak of.
>> No. 24962

Fuckin weird looking Normal/Fighting type, walks on all fours like a mightyena but has a really short coat like a snubbull. They also have varying colors and patterns to them like a spinda. Supposedly bred specifically as attack pokemon? Don't believe a word of it, even if they learn Crunch at level 15, theyre sweet as can be if raised from birth (their parents dont lay eggs? Not even sure if they are pokemon, like Indian Elephants.)
>> No. 24976
So me and my Gardevoir, Aranea, were going for a walk when we happened upon this… I /guess/ it was a Missingno.??? Now she's weird-looking, with jet-black skin, a purple dress, orange hair, and empty white eyes. What is this I do not even.
>> No. 24977
So me and my Gardevoir, Aranea, were going for a walk when we happened upon this… I /guess/ it was a Missingno.??? Now she's weird-looking, with jet-black skin, a purple dress, orange hair, and empty white eyes. What is this I do not even.
>> No. 24983
Hey guys, I think my Pichu learned about lust. And now she has lust, or her understanding of it, towards my Togetic.

My friend taught Thunderbolt to my Pichu, and showed off her breeding duo, a Pikachu and a Jigglypuff. Pichu was invested in the acts they did...

And now she wants my Togetic to breed with her. He explained that she needs to evolve, and she wants to...

I don't want to lose my partner to sex. How do I "fix" her?
>> No. 24987
Just take it to a move deleter and have them delete the move "Lust". Easy as.
>> No. 24989
>a move

>> No. 24990
Dear Goddess, guys, this is serious.
>> No. 24991
Please tell me /x/ doesn't have you believing in that "reality glitch" bullshit.
I don't know what's goin' on with your Gardevoir though. Tried taking her to a PokeCenter, seeing what Joy had to say about her?
>> No. 24992
Joy said it was an alien organism, and then code-switched to medical technobabble. :/
>> No. 24993
File 133517126959.png - (42.92KB , 220x165 , 220px-PIA_Badge.png )
...Maybe you should have a seat.
Stop worrying about this nonsense.
>> No. 24994
Gardevoir palette-swapping? Yeah, mine did that once. It was just a phase she was going through.

Though she did end up keeping the purple glitter lipstick...
>> No. 25000
Are you sure your Gardevoir isn't a Gothitelle?
>> No. 25002

Hmmmm… That might be it.
>> No. 25003
Dudes is it okay for my Machop to play with my sister's makeup and dolls? She seems to love them so much but she keeps scaring my sister's pokemon.
>> No. 25004
I'm more worried about your sis's pokes. What kind are they, and more importantly, what's the makeup? There was a case where powder-based makeup was ingested by a Bellsprout who died as a result.
>> No. 25005
She's got a bunch of these cute pokemon; like she's got a Clefairy, Mareep, and a Skitty. So do most of her friends. The make up is pokemon-safe; just some kiddy-type stuff for little girls.

See, her friends have like this girl's night where they dress up their pokemon and give them makeovers and my Machop wants to join in but she's tough and rowdy and the other pokemon don't seem to like her. And she kinda... breaks things. Like when she was playing with my sister's barbies she accidently broke the doll house and car. I dunno what to do; I don't have any other pokemon that are girls, just her and my bro Slakoth.
>> No. 25033
File 133567912850.png - (200.10KB , 780x560 , grr_im_gruff_grr_by_Zhampy.png )
My Nidorino has been showing signs that he might like to evolve soon. I have a moonstone in my bag but... I hate to say it but I like him how he is. I have nothing against Nidokings, but they're kinda large and typically aggressive. Gino is used to being able to follow me around, and I know if he evolves he'll be too big for a lot of places. There's also the excess aggression to worry about. He's surprisingly sweet for a Nidorino, and I'm worried that the evolution might cause a personality shift.
Basically, what should I do? I want him to be happy, but I really don't want him to change.
>> No. 25036
I faced the same problem with my Electabuzz a few months ago (see >>24210 and >>24520), although there it was less of a temperament issue and more of a property damage one.
Although Nidokings tend to be more powerful Pokemon, Nidorinos are able to use their smaller size and agility to use different techniques in battle.
I've seen a Nidorino take down a Steelix in one hit with its horn. I shit you not.

What I'm getting at is, don't feel obligated to evolve your Nidorino. If you want, you can give it the choice to evolve or not. Pokemon tend to respond well to having that kind of involvement in their own development.

....OH CRAP. Electabuzz just stormed into my room and is wrecking everything. 'Scuse me for a while.
>> No. 25038
File 133615797216.jpg - (1.15MB , 2127x1536 , 1336157113514.jpg )
How do you keep your neighbor's pokemon out of your yard when they're huge and could mot likely squish you without a second thought?
>> No. 25209
Lots of repel. Like, buy out the mart if you can.
>> No. 25210

I have a similar but very different problem: My friend recently traded me his Arceus and I've only now discovered I don't have the proper badges to get it to obey me. Now normally I wouldn't be too concerned with this, but Arceus is basically God and "Disobeying me" in this case means "Playing with the very fabric of space and time".

I guess the short version is: How do I deal with a miniature black hole in my backyard?
>> No. 25232

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