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File 130881996486.jpg - (126.59KB , 860x679 , serenity.jpg )
96818 No. 96818

A Fundie Christian Manga from circa 2006 about a rebellious teenage girl being brainwashed into becoming Christian.
Best known for the phrase quoted in this thread's subject.

The comic lasted for 10 issues.
But during a recent storytime on /co/, someone suggested that we, with the help of our trusty draw- and writefriends, create Serenity #11:

>there should have been a volume 11 about everyone's ascension to full on bad girl slut.

Let's do it!

Cast list and ideas to follow.
Feel free to join, brothers and sisters!

Vol 1-6
Vol 7-10
Real ending
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>> No. 97070

Since it's not like we're doing this for anything besides smut value, how about an anthology-style edition of whatever stories people want to add instead of only continuing the storyline? Some parts can stick close to the canon if the creator(s) want, others can go off and do whatever. Sort of how anthology porn comics in Japan are done? Just riffing off a common theme, in this case it being Serenity.

Then put it up on lulu and send Buzz a link :3
>> No. 97090
MUCH better.
This. Let's get with the smut-producing!
>> No. 97100
Why not just enjoy whatever free smut you get instead of trying to browbeat the issue?
>> No. 97102

Because I draw/write and these projects nine times out of ten go off the rails with no direction, so I want some concrete guidelines to go by. Sorry if I come off as brusque.
>> No. 97107
Needs more anal...
>> No. 97112
Good idea! :D
>> No. 97175
I just started reading this to familiarize myself with the setting/cast.

...30 pages in and......I think it gave me brain cancer.

Why you give me brain cancer /pco/? What did I ever do to you?
>> No. 97179
Because they want you to suffer like them?
>> No. 97188
I don't care if they eventually find they can't get enough cock and are just gurgling sperm for weeks on end-- there needs to be an intense scissor-fest first.

It's true that the ratio of women who are actually lesbian/bisexual/bi-curious doesn't nearly match what porn would have you believe, but these are impressionable teenagers with raging hormones. Perhaps we could give them some sort of catalyst-- I haven't read the actual manga yet (not sure I want brain cancer :P), but I get the impression one of the characters is a "new" Christian? Like, she used to be a dirty heathen but is getting used to this new wholesome life? If that's the case, maybe she invites her new friends over to smoke some pot, eventually twists their arm enough for them to try it, one thing leads to another and in the morning they wake up in each other's crotches?

Replace pot with alcohol if you think that's more believable. Just saying these girls should get inebriated and fuck each other like rabbits. Who's with me?
>> No. 97190
>they can't get enough cock and are just gurgling sperm for weeks on end--

And as long as we get to see this part, I don't card if it starts with an intense scissor-fest.
>> No. 97191
That's what I'm talking about. True unity in the pervert community, lol.
>> No. 97203
You should keep reading, Serenity is actually a somewhat likeable character( especially compared to the religious drones who "befriend" her) makes it even more depressing when she....well read on to the end and see for yourself. Also repressed lesbian girl is cute.
>> No. 97238
To heck with scissoring, lesbian oral is the only true answer
>> No. 97240
>implying it wouldn't be both
>> No. 97278
so does the download of volume 1-6 stop at 10% for anyone else? This is driving me crazy.
>> No. 97326
File 130943304387.jpg - (285.92KB , 864x799 , 2011JUN30_serenity_sketch.jpg )
>> No. 97676
File 130988502397.jpg - (65.61KB , 707x1000 , 2011JUL05_serenity_tim.jpg )
>> No. 97680
That's fucking hot, man! Love the look on her face in this pic, great work!
>> No. 97701
Good stuff dude.
>> No. 105842
File 131951009310.jpg - (666.61KB , 1280x1965 , Strange_#004_008.jpg )
Bumping. Can we have Serenity seducing Dr. Strange?
>> No. 116791
File 133421288933.png - (46.33KB , 1120x600 , magi 133258086586.png )
I'm bumping this thread, BECAUSE.

hey you, that thing you wanted, something LIKE that is being drawn now by magi.

There's more Serenity porn over in /coc/ than there is here.
>> No. 116792
File 133421493381.jpg - (90.46KB , 602x850 , 2012APR11_badgirl_instructors_model_study.jpg )
You know, I haven't done much on that front lately, mainly because I have started too many projects. Recently I am mostly working on PULP. In the meantime here is a study of some side characters... for, well, something. lol
>> No. 116829
can someone please reupp 1-6?
>> No. 116830

Yeah, that really seems like it's taking off.
>> No. 116857
thanks anon.
>> No. 123450
File 13448274481.png - (198.52KB , 1120x600 , 2012AUG12_serenity_hottube2.png )
Here is the hot tub pic colored.
>> No. 123480
Good job guys. Porn is cool, christianity is boring.
>> No. 123577
What about Christian-Porn?

Along the lines of Christian Rock and Christian Rap, the modern faith now moves into a new area of popular culture for thier worshippers to enjoy.

A pair of newlyweds having sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation with the lights off while reciting bible verses, that's my fetish!
>> No. 123589
I love your work
>> No. 123760
File 134518295423.png - (234.39KB , 853x1200 , 2012AUG16_hentai_study.png )
Hey thanks, I am glad you like it.
>> No. 123766
I really like that bottom right piece.
>> No. 123773
File 134524102236.png - (281.68KB , 853x1200 , 2012AUG17_hentai_study.png )
Here have some more.
>> No. 123781
so, so good!
thank you.
>> No. 123789
Different guy, but loving the expressions, especially the ones at the top. And the creampie, obviously. Call me crazy, but it's nice to actually see pubic hair for a change. Bald is getting old.
>> No. 123883
File 134547198696.png - (84.53KB , 846x1195 , 2012AUG20_warmup_2.png )
Hey you are welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it.

hey thanks. hmm, I think having the pubs sort of helps it along in terms of getting that rugged edge that connects it to reality. Its less "plastic" if you get what I mean. To some people it might be a bit gross, but I think it helps it along because one can imagine how it feels.
>> No. 123887
I always enjoy your work.
>> No. 123889
You forgot to color Lori's nosebleed. Seriously, dude
>> No. 128629
File 135183628672.jpg - (60.25KB , 577x774 , 2012NOV01_bad_girl_キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━”.jpg )
Eh, from what I am seeing, its not a nose bleed, its drooling.
>> No. 128708
nice work
>> No. 132680
File 135867908458.jpg - (64.57KB , 637x900 , 2013JAN19_serenity_wip2.jpg )
>> No. 132702
I like the armpit hair
>> No. 134574
File 136340656329.png - (27.90KB , 579x484 , 2013MAR15_serenity_doodle.png )
>> No. 134715
god bless you, magi.
>> No. 134807
File 136368782349.png - (120.44KB , 846x425 , 2013MAR19_serenity_wip.png )
Thanks man.
>> No. 143035
File 137636456253.jpg - (51.96KB , 904x1200 , fanart_serenity_lori_doodle_2013AUG12.jpg )
>> No. 147876
based magi
>> No. 147961
very very nice
>> No. 159955
>> No. 161901
Giving this a nostalgia bump
>> No. 163744
I never knew this existed. Now I plan to hate it as much as possible. Fucking Godbotherers.
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