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File 136736392352.png - (532.88KB , 760x960 , 2010-04-28Pit.png )
137453 No. 137453
Are there any good webcomics out there that feature nudity and sex? Surprisingly, I can't think of many.

Also, what do you think would be the best sex webcomic? Should it be like a Spartacus kind of comic with a big story and action and gratuitous nudity/sex? Should it be a bit more simple and focused on people fucking? Maybe a fanwebcomic detailing the sex lives of popular characters? Or maybe it should just all be cheesecake and softcore lovemaking?

Gonna start this with Chipperwhale.com. RIP in peace.
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>> No. 142177
Would you consider doing something full frontal for /pco/?

Ash would be idea for me.
>> No. 142227
Yeah, we've made some headway into it. We've got plenty of stories planned out, its all a matter of us taking some time off so we could both work on it!
Well... there was a bit of a setback though. Most of our files are lost, so.... sigh.
>> No. 142263
(Sigh) I meant IDEAL.
>> No. 142568
Would NOT mind seeing more naked Blaster Nation characters. Can you show us some Rinnie? Maybe Ash as well?
>> No. 142638
File 137555611583.png - (269.09KB , 500x750 , 1138524 - Johnny_Wander Lucky_Penny Penny_Brighton.png )
Some Anon edited these pages from Johnny Wander/Lucky Penny.
>> No. 142639
File 137555617953.png - (240.19KB , 500x750 , 1138525 - Johnny_Wander Lucky_Penny Penny_Brighton.png )
>> No. 142640
File 137555630540.png - (250.32KB , 500x750 , 1139010 - Johnny_Wander Lucky_Penny Penny_Brighton.png )
>> No. 142655
Oh my god those look awful
>> No. 142660

Plus shouldn't they be in the nude edit thread?
>> No. 142674
File 137563104718.png - (350.38KB , 1000x1140 , Tor-Alex-Anais-BIG.png )
True, but there are so many threads with subjects that intersect it's hard to keep track.
Here's a pic from the author of Curvy of the Anais, her little brother, and the girl from this: http://www.c.urvy.org/?date=20130309
>> No. 142760
So is there a demand for this kind of thing? Was thinking of starting one.
>> No. 142764
Its quite a popular thing, yeah.
>> No. 142768
I can't imagine why there wouldn't be a demand. What do you have in mind?
>> No. 142786
don't want to go into details, but the basic concept is a serial sci fi comic with an overarching plot (and action, drama, jokes depending on the circumstances), but mostly involving humans traveling around on their space ship, having sex with different aliens, exploring different fetishes, sexual attitudes, mores, cultures, etc.
>> No. 142787
File 137592687595.jpg - (20.66KB , 430x349 , GregWeisman.jpg )
>come up with comic idea
>think of a reason something doesn't work
>figure a way around it
>suddenly you have another idea
>expand upon that idea and create pages of story and dialog
>suddenly world building
>for a sex comic

>> No. 142817
Do it. Porn doesn't really do anything for me sexually, I just like looking at it anyways, and world-building in any story is always appreciated.
>> No. 142822
Hey, that's actually a good thing. Proves the artist actually gives a damn about their comic beyond "lol, look at my titty drawinz."
>> No. 142885
File 137609769216.png - (82.94KB , 752x831 , Kim Ash showering copy.png )
Sorry about the delay, guys. Got pretty busy in-between porn and comics and work. Leslie drew some things for you guys based on your requests, so here ya go!
>> No. 142886
File 137609785328.png - (161.27KB , 825x993 , ash rinnie suria.png )
I dunno if it's just me but it seems plus4chan does not take kindly to our png thumbnails
>> No. 142995
File 137627481412.png - (94.28KB , 1096x1018 , Cover-001-sneek-peek.png )
I was planning on making a cover for the first chapter with this but I'm not too keen on it... might just skip and start with page one of the comic instead.
>> No. 142996
Cute! Thanks for the pic!

This the superhero one?
>> No. 143001
File 137628042142.jpg - (97.95KB , 828x646 , thumbs-0000---0003.jpg )

Oh, that second person narrative thing? Nah. Although, if there ever is any interest for it, I might start it back up again...

Here's the story that I'm hoping to stick with.

>Jameson Harris is an 18 year old incubus that has been sent to live on Reos Beach, known for it's overly attractive population, mass parties, and rampant sex.

>Incubuses/Succubi are a kind of deviant, an offshoot of normal humans with special powers. Each kind of deviant has myths, or stereotypes, attached to them, still believed by normal humans to be true but are slowly being debunked.

>As an incubus, Jameson is able to pick up, intensify, and ultimately soothe the libidos of those he is sexually attracted to. Being a heterosexual incubus, he has this relationship with women. An incubus/succubus plays a specific role alleviating sexual tension among the populace. They can see people naked when they want with a special x-ray vision, they can make people horny just by being nearby, and they "feed" off the sexual release of their partners (rather than their life essence, a myth). They are also incapable of catching or spreading disease and can only impregnate someone that they fall in love with.

All that stuff just clears away any constraints I might happen upon. If there's no sex, Jameson will just make all the girls naked for his amusement. There's no questions about STDs or unwanted pregnancies. This also allows for other people of great sexual prowess to be nearby and why many situations involve sex. It'll also provide a good reason for him to sleep around.

As I said before, I found problems in the logic of what most sex comics would just pretend is normal. I just can't wave my hands and pretend something doesn't exist. I started reasoning and ended up world building. I'm not sure to what extent but it won't bog the meat of the story that much. Exposition would be brief, interwoven with nudity and sex. I also want to make it as organic as possible. And Jameson has to be likeable. Too many protags in sex comics either bore or annoy me.
>> No. 143005
The main reason why protags in Harem or Erotic anime are nice guys/asshats is so the main demo can relate to them

I'll definitely check out your comic.
>> No. 143009
Are you gonna draw it?
>> No. 143010

No, the Queen of Sheba is going to
>> No. 143013

Jameson is confident and definitely is up for laying as many girls as he can. And he will. Thing is, he usually is caught off guard by things or they don't play out like he planned. He's young and and hasn't dealt with the full variety of women that there are in the world.

At one point Jameson was going to be a somewhat passive nice guy who attracted girls but I just didn't like it when I was writing the script.


Yes, keep your expectations low.


Be nice.
>> No. 143027
Dude, you and your girlfriend (wife?) are gods among men. Thank you so much for the fanservice! Would you be willing to do more later on?
>> No. 143260
File 137665156195.jpg - (179.30KB , 1600x1100 , Page-0001.jpg )
I won't be dumping sketches of every page but here's the first one to show what it will look like. If you've seen my vector pics, you will have a good idea of the line work, coloring, and shading.

I'm also planning on doing cameos as well. It's not really them but they can be in your heart of hearts if you want. Also thinking of constant nude vision. Initially, it's just something the protagonist, Jameson, does whenever he feels like.

Narration for the page:
>They say Reos Beach is the hottest place in America… but it’s not because of the sun. Nearly everyone is considered a 9 or a 10, as if it’s a requirement just to be here. All these beautiful women around me, just waiting to be pleasured. I hope I don’t get diabetes because I’m like a kid in a candy store.
>> No. 143295
Will there be a MILF presence in the story?
>> No. 143302
File 13766587711.jpg - (80.91KB , 472x1800 , Teresa.jpg )

Milfs, legal age lolis, goths, nerds, twins, reverse traps, etc.

We're talking a wide variety. It's all about fitting them into the story accordingly. I will also be doing pinups and scenes of random girls.

Now, I should really get to finishing this stuff.
>> No. 143379
File 137678542695.jpg - (111.28KB , 1134x1356 , Jameson---Giving-Rides.jpg )
I have some questions and I hope as much people as possible give me their answers:

>Do you like seeing full on penetration or does omitting the view of genitals seem better?

>How frequent would you like background characters being cameos of popular characters (Korra, Raven, X-23, Heloise, etc.)? Every once in a while? As often as possible?

>I'm shooting for two pages a week. What two days would be best?

>Are you okay seeing male nudity outside of sex? Like if a guy is just walking around naked? Nothing homosexual or anything.
>> No. 143381
I'm liking these ideas.

I don't mind the loli thing if it's legal-but-go-for-the-underaged-look (heck, I know girls like that in real life-- some play it up, some loathe the idea and dress as business-like as possible), and I don't mind MILFs if they're fucking people other than their kids.
>> No. 143382
1. Go for full penetration. You have no reason to hold back.

2. I dunno if the cameos are super necessary, they might confuse people, but if you really wanna use them, go for it.

3. Whichever days make it easier on you to put out good work. Saturdays are kinda nice since I associate webcomics that update then with cartoons.

4. Equal opportunity nudity is a good thing, no reason the men can't have everything hanging out too.
>> No. 143384

1: I like seeing full on penetration, but whatever suits you better

2: As little as possible, but whatever suits you better

3: Whatever suits you the best, but I'd like it two days in a row a week (like Monday and Tuesday) or two pages per one weekly update

4: Anyone who says no to this question is secretly unsure of his sexuality

Is a legal age loli a 20/30-something that looks underage? (just wanting to get my facts straight)
>> No. 143385

I was planning on having a wealthy older woman take interest in the protagonist. The daughter comes onto him as well. Something of a competition between mother and daughter.

As for sex with their own children, I was thinking of a drunken threesome where the mother and daughter get caught up in the throws of passion.


I was thinking one of the days being Sunday because that seems to be an often neglected day.


Loli is any girl with a petite body. I don't think obviously old women with petite bodies would count. Pretty much short, flat chested, and young looking.
>> No. 143386
Just wondering Jacob, will your comic be colored or not? (I myself prefer your non-colored work)
>> No. 143387

Colored. I might try some darker colors. They seem to look pretty good for the Timmverse cartoons. Brighter colors don't sit too well with me for some reason.

I might even add an orange tint to give it that beach/ocean vibe.

Honestly, I have little clue how this will all turn out. I'm doing a lot of checking with various vector work to see how they do it. I've even checked out Las Lindas because Chalo's methods can easily be recreated in Flash.

It's all about doing the comic and seeing what works or not. I'm constantly improving and this will help exponentially.
>> No. 143392

I would've preferred it to be non-colored but whatever (maybe you could have non-colored stuff as an extra part of the comic)
>> No. 143569
see those people are attractive.. the people in rock cocks are.. kind of ugly.. and it's disappointing because what I really want is the cast of blaster nation shedding their clothes.
>> No. 143570
I had an idea for a manga where a typical foreveralone prays for a wife and god sends him an angel.. and it's the typical uber devoted magic girlfriend shit that's been around since i dream of jeannie, but what keeps it fresh is how the story takes an active role in her reacting to human culture and utterly rejecting it, insisting that everyone would be much happier without their hangups.. and the guy semi-reluctantly goes along with her as they spread the good word of nudity..
(and then maybe for a timeskip sequel their half-angel daughter is a naked magical girl that fights for justice and body freedom)
>> No. 143574

Cease talking and seize my finances

May I suggest including a Prudish demon villain?
>> No. 143588
that would be a great irony and a huge change-up..

but i don't know if it would really work as prudish, more like a (and i cringe to type the worD) fashionista.. who extols the virtue of clothing
>> No. 143593
File 137713943941.gif - (150.98KB , 510x750 , 20031125.gif )

How about making the fashionista demon have extremely low self esteen when it comes to her body (like pic related)

Also, if you do make this comic, please don't make the angel have Belldandy's personality (I find her horrifically boring)
>> No. 143639
she'd always shapeshift into slutty forms but be sensitive about her natural horns-and-hooves form, reverting to it when she gets too emotional
for the angel's personality I was imagining just perpetually chipper and energetic.. and offbeat.. that's pretty cliche but it can still be done well. I'm not much of a writer though, I just think of ideas.
>> No. 143641
File 137720516827.gif - (161.59KB , 510x750 , 20031126.gif )

some ideas/concepts

-the reason why the demon bothers the protagonist and his angel so much is because she is lonely and is jealous of the relationship they have (and she possibly has a crush on the protagonist)

-the protagonist has a small circle of friends (including female friends who friendzoned him, but he's no longer bitter about it thanks to his angel)

-angels do not wear clothes of any kind (not just the main angel)

I actually have an idea similar to that (only instead with a genie)
>> No. 143647
almost reminding of me My Balls now
>> No. 143649
File 137721345535.gif - (150.79KB , 510x750 , 20031127.gif )

Aside from having sexy angels/devils, I don't see it

Here's a little joke I made up for it

The angel wants to go out for the first time, but the protagonist says that she'll freak people out (with her nakedness) The angel says she understands, then uses some magic to make her wings dissappear (but she is still naked)
>> No. 143668
These are amazing!
>> No. 158308
>> No. 164276

I'm wondering if anyone has those Tissue Box comics.
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