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File 135460507619.jpg - (495.22KB , 1607x2178 , 162896.jpg )
130546 No. 130546
ITT: NSFW drawing tutorials

Boobs, genitals, and sex positioning. All for the sake of improving promotions! And fapping to.

I know /draw/ has a sticky for all tutorials but I was thinking a specific one for this board would be useful as well.
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>> No. 131188
File 135542074775.jpg - (374.16KB , 1000x1500 , 1342670032676.jpg )

you know what's the problem with your post?

that isn't a tutorial, it's a reference. it's not supposed to help you any more than what you can help yourself with it.
>> No. 131232
I imagine the idea is to have believable looking man and lady parts should they decide to draw porn for like commissions and such.

I know some people that draw like 5 year olds and attempt to draw porn. One has a Pixiv for that exact reason.

You have to consider that tutorials and firm-handed references will use extremes to get their point across. You don't have to do ONLY what the example tells you but they do encourage budding illustrators not to fall back on a safety net that ends up cheapening up the potential of their work.

Some people draw horribly proportioned/positioned boobs, some draw stubby feet, some draw man-hands on delicate female bodies, some fail to have the right female proportions/body shape and just tack on boobs to a blocky male figure.

Yes, it is better to just draw and move on but some artists don't pick up cues as they go along that could improve their work drastically. Drawing for the sake of drawing may be a repetitive action but being complacent with your skill level is a horrible deathtrap.
>> No. 131233

Then you're missing the key to art in any medium:

You have to know the rules, so you can break them.
>> No. 131243

No, you learn them to know *when and why* you should break them. Time and a place, and all that. That still doesn't preclude you from ignoring them because you feel like it.
>> No. 131244

No, you learn them to know *when and why* you should break them. Time and a place, and all that. That still doesn't preclude you from ignoring them because you feel like it. That's why so much fanart sucks, they think they don't need to bother learning in the first place.
>> No. 131246
Art isn't about following rules.

Art is about using techniques to create what you want.
>> No. 131276



Only when we're talking about true expression. /34/ doesn't actually fit that. Still, it's to every artist's benefit to know as much about anatomy as possible.
>> No. 131304
File 135552954156.jpg - (21.36KB , 600x338 , csi_miami_cancelled1.jpg )

That's what I said. Adding more words is being asinine.

Leave to a porn board...
>> No. 131306
File 135552957610.jpg - (25.49KB , 430x300 , horatio-caine.jpg )

To be totally anal.
>> No. 131320

...y-yeeeeeeaaahh ah?
>> No. 131853
>a tutorial about shameless tracing, Bioware style

Greg land would be proud.
>> No. 131854
the guy who made it did not even bother to change the boobs...
>> No. 138828

considering how balak drew for the last 2 years until recently this is ironic
>> No. 138849
>>Art isn't about following rules.
>>Art is about using techniques to create what you want.

Go read some Clement Greenberg or Charles Baudelaire or Rosalind Krauss, come back then.
>> No. 138852
Is this sarcasm?
>> No. 138876
File 136955103784.jpg - (281.57KB , 640x786 , anatomy_loli.jpg )
>> No. 138897
never was a big fan of those mapped CGI models, they seems to miss the point of muscles, that is giving volume under the skin. I hope modern CGI delivers us a model that actually does that soon.
>> No. 144377
File 137828709852.png - (794.41KB , 854x1280 , tumblr_logb14QMp31qap1xk.png )
>> No. 144400
File 137832904961.jpg - (445.66KB , 740x4868 , YrI5Mt4.jpg )
>> No. 144401
File 137833256669.png - (40.06KB , 383x147 , how2ass.png )
>> No. 144402
File 137833262491.jpg - (293.15KB , 900x1312 , 1376804494992.jpg )
>> No. 144404

isn't that a way to detect breast cancer
>> No. 144416
any loli related stuff? doesn't have to be sexual.
>> No. 144418
That's the weird thing about getting reference for kid anatomy. It is hard to look for something useful without feeling like you're gonna get van'd.
>> No. 144419
anyone know where to get more of ovens tutorials? she has like three on her diviant page and thats it. but i see more floating around and i dont see them on the tumblr.
>> No. 144421
kid swimsuits/leotard pics aren't that hard to come by. Gymnastic is a good source since the girls are fit and you can see the few muscle they have well. Beach or pool picture will give you a more diverse panel of body types which is important. naked chest can be found rather easily, and you can use boys as models anyway. The only hard detail will be genitalia. But well, I guess that's what hentai is for.
>> No. 145624
File 137999853910.png - (151.59KB , 785x1920 , vags1.png )
Saw this on tumblr and thought I'd share. Not enough Vagina tutorials out there.

>> No. 145626
File 137999863756.png - (254.52KB , 985x1920 , vags2.png )
>> No. 151079
File 138838928313.jpg - (476.45KB , 1500x868 , 1388148036680.jpg )
>> No. 151107
File 138848990747.jpg?spoiler - (262.12KB , 1226x1545 , 247234[1].jpg?spoiler )
New one by Rina Yun.

Spoiled because it's all man butt.
>> No. 151141
anyone know the sourse for these?
>> No. 151597
File 138912061798.png - (642.47KB , 2000x992 , lip_sync___mouth_reference_by_darkmanethewerewolf-.png )
>> No. 152656
>CIS vagina
dear mother of god
>> No. 152810
You don't want to offend the wrong person. Shit becomes harassment central if you get THAT ONE PERSON pissed off.
>> No. 157385

I think the funniest part is the artist barely made a passing mention of it and you guys react like they shoved it in your face for the whole tutorial.
>> No. 157390
Why does it need to be mentioned at all, really?

does a CIS vagina look different from a non-cis vagina?
>> No. 157392
Who cares in the first place?
They're only a problem if you respond and feed their delusions.
>> No. 157401
Like a man-gyna?
>> No. 160145
File 139852066190.jpg - (1.14MB , 880x2000 , BOOBIES.jpg )
>> No. 160146
File 139852092756.jpg - (1.21MB , 1000x3932 , cw30_breast_study_by_justiraziel-d6h1fjo.jpg )
>> No. 160147
File 139852104598.jpg - (2.80MB , 1000x4500 , cw31_breast_study_2_by_justiraziel-d6lrjp4.jpg )
>> No. 160148
File 139852112132.jpg - (1.56MB , 1000x4696 , cw_29_perfect_lady_curves_study_by_justiraziel-d6e.jpg )
>> No. 160151
File 139852204197.png - (2.92MB , 1215x6652 , breasts___understanding_the_dynamics_2_by_nsio-d68.png )
>> No. 160152
File 139852219130.png - (550.85KB , 2121x772 , breasts___understanding_the_dynamics_1_by_nsio-d67.png )
>> No. 160153
File 139852228474.png - (677.92KB , 1200x4290 , How_to_Draw_Boobs_by_ragingtofu.png )
>> No. 160155
if only stick body parts in a different positions that count as a drawing?

sob, i cant draw...
>> No. 160592
File 139883314392.jpg - (216.94KB , 1536x1868 , stick figure.jpg )
This isn't really helpful if you don't provide a basic description or at the very least some tag words for each image.
>> No. 161416
>> No. 161458
most people don't consider this a stick figure though.
>> No. 163367
File 140295957329.jpg - (340.38KB , 872x3525 , doxyvajayjaytut.jpg )

With all the detailed dick and boob tutorials, It's nice to see something about vags.
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