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33323 No. 33323

'Mingo, none of that was necessary. I think this song says it best.
Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)youtube thumb
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>> No. 33338
File 139827594128.jpg - (283.04KB , 800x1176 , image.jpg )
Also who else is hoping for a repeat of this?
>> No. 33339
>As for the whens and whys, that's something I'm personally not interested in seeing explained

That's what makes you and I different. And why so many shitty mangas get away with it.

You confirmed for trying very hard.
>> No. 33340

Agreed, plus I think it's time for a unification of forces, I'm expecting Law's crew and the revolutionaries to team up with the straw hats.
>> No. 33341
With his string string power, because shit was going down before the scene even started, and Pica didn't act even slightly surprised by the marionette clone. The where is the only bit not answered, and really he was probably just hanging in a rafter or under the floor with Pica.
>> No. 33342

Jim. Let us be clear. When a decapitated man starts speaking, and then duplicates of him begin appearing, and characters say that they're doubles of him made with his strong powers, when said powers have a puppmaster theme and he regularly uses them to control people's actions, and you are at all confused about the fact that the decapitated version of him was a fake all along? That is a personal problem. Absolutely nobody else had any trouble with this.
>> No. 33343
Pica didn't seem surprised because Pica hasn't said one word yet. His face hasn't even been shown up close.
>> No. 33344
I just realized something: A deck has 2 Jokers
>> No. 33345
I can't believe hie's going to kill an entire island with string. The scale of it, I mean.
>> No. 33346
>> No. 33347
Stop feeding jimbi.
>> No. 33348
I'm not hungry but thank you
>> No. 33349
Finally, a genuine bird themed attack. Sky Road doesn't count because he was more like Spider-Man than anything else.
>> No. 33350
Why would anyone willingly follow this guy?
>> No. 33351
He was a Celestial Dragon and he treats his higher ups really well? Not to mention he's in a huge smuggling ring which means boatloads of money flowing in.
>> No. 33352
>Why would anyone willingly follow this guy?

With the devotion they show him, you could almost say they're like his puppets or something.
>> No. 33353
Not to mention having all of your crimes being forgotten if you work for him.
>> No. 33354
Again with Jet Gatling being useless, god dammit it's one of his best and most defining moves

Like it's not even shown as a remotely good move anymore
>> No. 33355
I'm getting kind of tired of Armament giga-nigga Haki
>> No. 33356
That's the problem I've always had with haki. Pretty much all of Luffy's attacks are nothing against a good haki user now. It's a slippery slope and I saw this coming a mile away.

It's gonna get to a point where the only valid, "strongest" fights will just be two giga-nigga Vergos punching each other DBZ style.
>> No. 33357
Would you prefer Logia domination?
There's not gonna be a Mizu Luffy or non-conductive material situation for all of them. Haki is soon to be/currently kinda is a common thing because it's the next level. With everyone using it it's not going to be an advantage but a necessity and then it'll just allow for all kinds of shenanigans that before were restricted to special abilities/people such as Mantra.
>> No. 33358
Its kind of weird we weren't seeing this stuff more with Whitebeards top guys during the war.
>> No. 33359
I understand what you're saying, but things were better when there were clever little loop holes and weaknesses to exploit like rubber with Enel or Crocodile being weak to water. Haki is fine until you get to a point where everybody has it and is a master of it, like now. Then it's just boring stalemate.

I'm actually curious to see how Luffy's gonna beat Doflamingo. Cause OP string powers aren't enough, he's a master of haki too, apparently.
>> No. 33360
It would be a change if for once someone other than Luffy finished the boss of the arc, especially where there are all this people who have very personal vendettas with Doflamingo, Luffy doesn't have much of a connection.
>> No. 33361
Doflamingo's little haki bit didn't actually do anything though? He blocked punches with it (which he could do anyway) and he punched Luffy with it (which just stops Luffy's rubber from tanking it.) His strings are still the real danger by far.
Crocodile and Eneru are the only big arc villains where a little loophole in their power saved the day, and even then figuring that out was just the halfway point. You're really overestimating Doflamingo punching a guy.

From how people reacted before we knew what haki was, it seems like people were using it back then and the visual aid just wasn't being drawn in. We're given notice of when it happens now instead of just having to guess like the characters.
>> No. 33362
Haki is like an insta-death spell in a JRPG. Its only useless on random encounter mooks that you could probably kill in one hit anyway. Any and all boss fights will be immune to it somehow, so that you can have a proper epic duel to the death. When the boss uses it, however, it's much more accurate and useful.

This is why whenever the good characters use it it's against someone that doesn't really matter, but when Enel or Doflamingo use it, its suddenly a much bigger deal.
>> No. 33363
Doflamingo knows all three forms of haki, something I think only about 2-3 people in the whole series do. We have to assume he's very formidable at it.
>> No. 33365
I'm not saying Doflamingo has bad haki. I'm saying it doesn't change the situation much. It means Luffy can't just say "I'm rubber so that doesn't work" but otherwise it's just stuff he could already do. He can punch good and he can block good. So could Crocodile.
>> No. 33366
When everyone's Haki, no one is. Hell, Franky's in the Monster Trio and displays none. Situational victories are still achieved, see Usopp!
>> No. 33368

>Franky in the monster trio.
>Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are in the monster trio.
>Monster quadrio???
>> No. 33369
I see that you missed Sani's demotion and Franky's promotion ceremony

There was lots of cola and Sanji had to be carried out on a stretcher because as usual he was being a faggot and nose bleeding everywhere
>> No. 33370
Dude, Quartet.
>> No. 33371
File 139865369670.jpg - (156.13KB , 800x800 , 1386156765666.jpg )
>Implying Franky is a worthwhile character who has done anything interesting
>> No. 33372
Are you actually going to try and say Sanji has been better lately?

Franky has acted as an anchor for the crew and has helped them out a lot

Sanji gets his shins broken and has had his nose bleeding ways completely and utterly consume his character
>> No. 33375

Show me a strawhat who has had a good character moment since the timeskip.

Maybe Usopp. That's all I got.
>> No. 33376
File 139871414590.gif - (703.95KB , 500x300 , tumblr_ml21q1vi7D1s2axdno1_r1_500.gif )
>mfw Sanji fanboys are still a thing
>> No. 33378

>> No. 33379
I like Sanji. He's pretty cool.
>> No. 33380
File 13988000984.jpg - (32.95KB , 584x474 , 58171_324306424362140_2130258577_n.jpg )
He'll be cooler when he comes out the closet.
>> No. 33381
I'm not a faggot but that's pretty fucking hot
>> No. 33382
File 139883424325.jpg - (72.93KB , 500x647 , okama_way_by_shibakaien-d4a8ir4.jpg )
Keep telling yourself that lie, cake boy.
>> No. 33383
Seriously, there is going to be a fight where sanji cannot afford to lose, and he has to break out the dress he's been keeping, just to turn on his incredible okama powers.
>> No. 33384
>sanji becomes okama
>suddenly women are attracted to him
>> No. 33385
This. I want this.
>> No. 33386
File 139889343096.png - (535.62KB , 764x1004 , zorokama.png )
This one's a little bit more tsundere. But only at first. Then she becomes a slutty peach.
>> No. 33387
File 139892398444.png - (0.98MB , 630x1023 , 242bf85082d88cb9899b9019069f7ce9.png )
this thread turned okama in a hurry
>> No. 33388
File 139893033682.jpg - (29.10KB , 600x442 , femk.jpg )
Break weeks make a man do funny things.
>> No. 33393
File 139898853778.png - (271.50KB , 426x600 , tumblr_mgd4vkIpMj1r0antdo1_500.png )
best sanji appreciation thread
>> No. 33395
>> No. 33396
donwload some OP doujins or come watch the weekly stream on friday/saturday
>> No. 33405
we interrupt this program to bring you


some shitty video i made, since i saw a lot of comparisons being made between bird cage and dangan ronpa (as well as battle royale). this video is super shitty and probably shouldnt be released to the light of day but here it is

now by all means, go back to okama sanji, please
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