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29247 No. 29247
Guess what's already being made
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>> No. 30268
I love how G8 is the "pinnacle of a PERFECT FILLER ARC".. when in fact it was a slightly above average.. thing.
It's just that compared to the rest of the god awful filler stuff, it's more tolerable.
>> No. 30269
it had everything you could want in a filler arc; character interaction, a neat location and parts of the story lead into other things

plus it had glorious inspector robin
>> No. 30270
It had Usopp being a fucking troll in prison.
>> No. 30271
File 136351765316.png - (367.37KB , 574x384 , 3661223722161.png )
well thats one way to start a trailer and get people's attention
>> No. 30471
An original story would be pretty neat, just playing out the plot of the anime in these spinoffs is getting a little old.
>> No. 30586
well played a few hours worth of it by now, and here's what's to report

everyone has some revamped moves as promised

story mode is sort of a fanfiction retelling, since you go from Skypiea to Punk Hazard, where the crew gets brainwashed and Luffy teams up with Smoker to go hunt down allies and free the crew

story mode is co-op after level 2. so far only unlocked Smoker, Nami, and Franky

playable characters apparently include Garp, Marco, Perona, Aokiji, and a shitload more

everyone has a "Haki" mode as well as their super attack. it's basically like the Gear 2 and Sogeking specials from the first game, where you enter a constant buffer that changes some of your combos for the better.

they added what I call a sidekick or buddy system. you can choose any other available character to be your tag-in partner, like the first game in story mode when you could select a teammate and then enter a special combo to summon them. this time around, whenever you're in Haki mode, you build up a meter with the ally's face. if you kill enough bad guys their icon lights up, and executing your special summons them to replace your character
>> No. 30587
Well, you definitely got mine.
>> No. 30676
If I haven't bought the first one would you say its worth skipping it and moving straight onto the sequel?
>> No. 30679
File 136627305839.png - (218.33KB , 545x398 , King & Queen.png )
The brand new 'fanfiction retelling' as you put it story mode does sound quite amusing. Including all the strawhats apart from Luffy and Nami being brainwashed and turned into enemies for awhile

I was surprised to hear Moria being such a big villain in it though.
>> No. 30701
not missing too much, really
>> No. 30702
This is still coming stateside, yes?
>> No. 30703
Same as last time, available on the PSN store for download. English subtitles only.
>> No. 30706
well general example of the first few levels...

Lvl 1. post-timeskip crew. suddenly hit by a geyser and land in Skypiea and beat up Ener
Lvl 2. Punk Hazard, find crazy gas that turns everyone evil but Luffy, Nami, and Smoker. Smoker teams up to get both the marines and Strawhats back to normal
3. crew escapes, I guess, because your next battle is on Don Kreig's ship. For some reason, he's formed an alliance with Verpo and evil Franky. When you beat all of them, Aokiji shows up and fights you too
>> No. 30707
I know the fact that only Luffy and Nami are unaffected doesn't ACTUALLY mean anything, but I'm just gonna say it does mean something because that's how I roll.
>> No. 30710
Haha well... its just always Nami isn't it, when Luffy is going about with only one strawhat to accompany him. Thats just how it tends to turn out.

Like say during Skypiea, or Water-7.
>> No. 30906
Is there any other good One Piece games available?
>> No. 30913
Unlimited Adventure, while difficult to find, is a pretty good adventure game. If you live in Europe you can get your hands on Unlimited Cruise, which is even better.
>> No. 30926
Those are for the Wii right?
>> No. 30927
Yep. Other than that, you're looking at a few mediocre fighting games with gutted content and 4Kids dubbing.
>> No. 30948
File 136714805198.png - (13.66KB , 240x160 , 1960.png )
There's always One-Piece: Going Baseball for the GBA.
>> No. 30949
You could also try importing Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin, and Franky in the second one, are all playable characters with Ussop and Chopper as support elements.
>> No. 30956
If you download a rom of Jump Ultimate Stars you can find a translation patch people have made....
>> No. 31039
File 136820716889.png - (143.24KB , 696x704 , 1366543751962.png )
>Dat feel Whitebeard telling you to destroy everyone beginning with YARODEMOOOO- (Everyone/You Guys)
>> No. 31182
>> No. 31349
That's a good question.
>> No. 31366

Why did I even buy a Vita.

At least we're still getting the PS3 version.
>> No. 31373
... Persona 4 Golden?
>> No. 31376
isnt that why everyone bought a vita
>> No. 31380
Actually I initially bought it because I was under the misconception BBS was on the PSN.

Seriously though why
why isn't BBS on the PSN? I mean WTF M8. TISNF. GD.
>> No. 31439
Man I am so burned out on console gaming, I've thought about a Wii U but only a little
>> No. 31645
so is this out yet or what.
>> No. 31745
>> No. 31746
How much is it going to be in pounds? I might need to top up my store credit
>> No. 31759
Game is out in Europe and North America, $50 on PSN store at least for me in NA. I've only played the prologue but so far I'm enjoying it, too early too judge how difficulties and leveling with pan out but we'll see.

Seriously if you want a One Piece game than this is the one you should support, the sales for it in NA will probably be pretty damn low especially with barely any advertising
>> No. 31760
Only negative thing I've seen so far is that the translation is kinda spotty. Feels exactly like reading Mangapanda's work. It's decent enough, but there are more typos and grammatical issues than there really should be. I don't think FUNimation handled the translation for this game, since all the unique laughs are spelled out and FUNi doesn't do that.
>> No. 31765
also they say Baoshoku Haki and whatever else instead of the official translation names. But that's a small gripe in an otherwise really great game.
>> No. 31768
I'm enjoying myself but after a couple chapters I'm having some issues with changes from the original aside from the shotty translation.

First of all its incredibly easy, now I haven't tried hard mode yet but with supposed "underleveled" characters I've never been in the slightest sense of danger in the few levels I've played on normal. Maybe theres a jump but so far I'm wondering how far it can go, I'm not even really using the massive fuck ton of items all over the levels.

Second, and its something that pisses me off in general with gaming, is handheld bullshit held the game back on the ps3. I can tell it was also made for the Vita because of all the pop ins, short ass draw distance and the weird jaggy animations of enemies in the distance. I guarantee if this was a console exclusive like the original these problems wouldn't exist.
>> No. 31769
I should follow up on this, I noted that I hadn't tried hard out and I just found out that apparently there is a "super hard" difficulty as well so I have to reserve judgement for now. All I can say is so far normal is easy and easy is probably meant for little kids.

I only found out about "super hard" by joining a co-op session and seeing it selected as a difficulty, apparently you have to unlock that difficulty cause I can't choose it yet
>> No. 31770
Crew Logs are fun and quick, though you usually have to run around a bunch and capture extra territories to get enough kills for the S rank.
>> No. 31811
File 137924042778.jpg - (31.60KB , 292x362 , 1355752440231.jpg )
>playing through the first chapter
>having fun, story so far seems like just a non canon version of post timeskip
>suddenly a new pirate shows up to surprise the crew
>it's Acehe's asking about having the crew meet up with whitebeard
>saying this all while luffy stands there in his normal post time skip outfit with the god damn SCAR on his CHEST from Akainu at marineford

I haven't started that mission yet but I guess instead of just being a guest character they kinda threw the whole story out the window
>> No. 31812
That's good, I'm so sick of DW-spinoffs that ape the same plotlines we've experienced a hundred times before
>> No. 31819
DLC bundle was released yesterday, I didn't look at it too closely but I saw a long list of costumes

I hope the few of you browsing this board consider getting this game, it has a shit ton of characters and great online
>> No. 31906
I'm having trouble navigating at times even with the full map in screen.

Also annoyed whenever I aim a super in the wrong direction.
>> No. 31907
The maps have a surprisingly large amount of area varieties once you're getting in the post main campaign logs, you just have to be very aware of where you are and memorize area types which isn't that big of a deal.

Also you can fix where you aim a super once you have a character at lvl 24 or higher since holding the button causes a freezing animation where you decide which super you want to use based on how long you hold the button. If you are unsure of the angle you have, hold the super button and adjust before it reaches the lvl 2 super.
>> No. 32069
>download the free challenges
>try one called "treasure quiz"
>the game asks you a question and then you have to defeat the corresponding people who are the answer
>fairly easy as expected so far
>suddenly "which two of these are the same age" out of crocodile, jimbei and kuma

how the shit would anyone but hardcore wiki browsers know this offhand

also its apparently jimbei and crocodile
>> No. 32070
Pfft, you are clearly not THE BIG ONE PIECE FAN!
>> No. 32071
>dat feel when I actually know all this trivial information off-hand

I'm not proud of myself, if it makes you feel good..
>> No. 32658
File 13884632514.jpg - (341.29KB , 1280x720 , One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-47.jpg )
Did anyone grab this thing while this half off a week or two ago? I'm not sure if its still on sale but its definitely worth it

>tfw using shishi sonson with pre timeskip zoro to finish a boss off
>tfw using trackable lasers and lightspeed kicks as kizaru
>tfw covering the entire field with magma traps as akainu
>tfw grabbing crotches as robin
>tfw leveling a group of enemies with a quake fist as whitebeard
>tfw trapping enemies in law's rooms and spinning them around
>tfw suplexing the shit out of someone as garp
>tfw watching Ivankov run around with his hilarious animations
>> No. 32659
still gets me psyched with just about every combo Garp does. especially when he just turns into a cartoon dust cloud of fists and destroys all he touches
>> No. 32662
Oh man, dropping an Ursa Shock and having it take out not only 100+ goons but the boss?

Beyond satisfying.
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