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26125 No. 26125
Lets talk about the One Piece movies, shall we?

I just watched the 6th movie again for the first time in a long while. I must say, it's just as good as I remember it.
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>> No. 30971
File 13672560733.jpg - (63.63KB , 700x395 , HoneyQueen2.jpg )
My favorite film is 2, and I realize I am pretty much the only person who feels this way. Mostly due to the villains, the island full of traps, and Sanji and Ussop getting moments to shine (tho' Sanji gets the hell beaten out of him, the conclusion to the fight is worth it). I also like the art style, where the colors are more muddied (current anime tends to be a little to brightly colored for my tastes, as I grew up with 80s and early 90s animation).

The 6th movie is actually pretty low on the list for me because I can't get over the CG in it and the loose art style. Petty, I know, but there it is.
>> No. 30974
So... was she a Logia (that hadn't trained her powers very hard)?

I mean the way she was defeated was awful similar to the way Swamp-dude got captured by Franky using the barrel.
>> No. 30975

I found Movie 2 the most One Piece-ish. Everyone got their own moment. It's definitely the best of the first 3.

I also liked HARDCOAR USOPP.


>5 is pretty good

>> No. 30976
I found 5 to be the worst of what I saw(1-6 & 10), just a "eh" feeling throughout the whole thing and the pacing seemed awkward to me. It did have some fun moments but overall I would not watch it again.
>> No. 30977
Or a coward
>> No. 30978
5 was my favorite and ive seen all except z
>> No. 30979
Wasn't 5 the one with the evil magic sword that made people evil and the villain was a sephiroth? Awful.
>> No. 30980
The villain was nothing like Sephiroth.

It was interesting that the movie gave more focus to Zoro than usual, though of course Luffy had to get the big fight while Zoro finished him off afterwards.
>> No. 30981

It'd be nice if Sanji got his own movie too.

But not if it's like 5. No random childhood friends plz (Kuina wasn't even mentioned for some reason).
>> No. 30982
Its possible to have more than one friend in your life.
>> No. 30983

Yes, but they were at the dojo together. Where, you know, Kuina was dead.
>> No. 30984
So if you had a friend that died, would you just constantly bring them up when you're talking to your other friends?
>> No. 30985
File 136751151836.png - (1.56MB , 753x1200 , Volume_35.png )
Why not Franky? He was basically the top crime boss in an important city for years. If anybody has interesting friends/enemies outside of what we seen in the story it's him.

He's also the best (unlike Sanji, who is the worst).
>> No. 30986

So if you had a second friend "die" who couldn't full their end of a mutual promise you made, you wouldn't be reminded of the first?
>> No. 30987
I always found it funny how Franky's criminal past seems to have been completely forgotten.
>> No. 30988
His crew mostly just attacked pirates. That really puts him on Zoro level.
>> No. 30989
Well, technically, he's still a criminal.
>> No. 30990
Well, yes and no. I don't think Zoro generally robbed the bounties he took in. Unless they had some good quality booze.
>> No. 30992
Taking criminals stuff when you bust them isn't theft, its a perk.
>> No. 30993

Well it's not like the Strawhats are heros or anything.
>> No. 30994

Yeah, it's more like his criminal past has been completely overshadowed by his criminal present. Like, remember when he accidentally nuked a pretty decent bit of an island? Compared to that, a construction dock's worth of collateral damage is nothing.
>> No. 31000
File 136777471318.jpg - (211.60KB , 804x609 , fuck_you_askal.jpg )
>Why not Franky?
>He's also the best (unlike Sanji, who is the worst).

Ussop and Sanji deserve their own movies, being the most entertaining of the crew. Franky and Brooke deserve to be left behind on the ship and forgotten, as they suck and are terrible.
>> No. 31001
File 13677818776.png - (98.73KB , 500x500 , 1328862801646.png )
All of them are great and "deserve" films. Franky, Brook, Usopp, Sanji, the whole crew is lovable, entertaining and capable of pathos. The best films though, aren't just about a single character, but the whole Strawhat cast. That's one of the reasons 6 is considered the best before Strong World/Z, EVERYBODY has a part to play. They're strongest as a whole.
>> No. 31002

No it's still the best.

Strong World was fucking terribhle.
>> No. 31003
Personally I liked Strong World more than Film Z. I dunno, maybe it's because I watched Film Z BEFORE I decided to get caught up in the manga, but i didn't feel terribly connected to anything going on. None of it made me feel particularly sympathetic to ... anyone, not even Luffy after both of his ass kickings. I mean i was still "aw no" but it wasn't Movie 6, where toward the ass end of that I needed to take a fucking break. The movie expected me to feel bad for Z at the end i guess but he just spent the whole movie being an asshole of the highest order and not even a very endearing or entertaining asshole. He was just kind of there, he was a douchebag, and everyone in the marines used to love him. Ok cool I guess. There just wasn't very much tension. I never felt like Z or his buddies were any real sort of threat. I mean, the movie TOLD US they were a threat but I never personally felt it.

I mean, we all knew the Strawhats would survive Movie 6 but the build up to the final action was really amazing. The whole movie is really, really tightly scripted and plotted. What happens in it is not huge, Save-the-world stuff. It's about survival and getting off a fucked up island before it tears them apart and kills them one by one. It's a great little story that fits comfortably in the hour and thirty minutes it's given. I personally think that's the drawback of 10 and Z. The stories there are cool and interesting and the concepts and world building behind them are sturdy as hell because that's what Oda does best but they're almost TOO BIG for a movie. They need to be in the manga or the tv series or as a multi-part OVA or something to give the plot a chance to really grow and expand into the huge stakes the story lays out. A lot of things in Z were unexplained (like the Dyna Stones) or quickly glossed over (backstory stuff) and with more time (and honestly being actually canon) I feel like I could have felt more invested in what was going on knowing that the stuff happening would have consequences down the road.

They're not BAD MOVIES, by any stretch of the imagination. They're fun as shit and beautiful and when they do things right, they nail it (the last twenty-ish minutes of Strong World come to mind). It's just that 6 continues to be leaps and bounds better than pretty much any other movie in the franchise.
>> No. 31004
Looking back on it, Film Z felt a LOT like the Brotherhood movie, where it seemed more like an adventure that starred characters from One Piece, rather than a film set IN the One Piece world. I mean, I guess Movie 6 was kind of the same thing, but that's clearly what it was GOING for. Film Z used so many characters that it felt like it was trying really really hard to be canon.

If I had to say one bad thing about Movie 6, it was that it just sort of... ended. There wasn't any aftermath of the big final fight. It was just "YAY" credits.
>> No. 31005

Strong World sucks? No, the FIRST One Piece movie sucks, (and so does the one with Chopper as king of the animals) Strong World is pretty darn entertaining.


I agree, I probably like Strong World more than Film Z overall. Film Z had a lot more action and fighting, but I'd still say Strong World was better. I'm like you in that I didn't feel much for Z.

Personally, I'd rank the top three movies as Strong World, then Film Z then the 6th movie. The 6th movie was really good, don't get me wrong, and the ending was really dark and powerful, but there's a lot of annoying parts to the movie also. The boat race where it's Usopp, Nami, Zoro and Sanji has got to be one of the most boring parts of the movie. It drags on way too long, and frankly wasn't very funny or entertaining. I understand they wanted to give all the straw hats something to do, but some parts just felt completely unnecessary.
>> No. 31006
6 > Z > Strong World

Anyone who says otherwise is entitled to their opinion.
>> No. 31035

They both suck.
>> No. 31181
File 137003121945.jpg - (221.68KB , 551x640 , Cover_Once_Piece_Movie_4.jpg )
I think Film Z is probably my favorite, the story was really good and the ending felt very haunting to me. I got some Miyazaki vibes from it, like it wasn't the typical black and white strawhats beat up the bad guy the end story.
Strong World is my second favorite because it was the typical One Piece adventure, and it was the best typical One Piece adventure, it had everything a One Piece movie should have.

My third favorites either 4 or 6, 4 is a little underrated, it's a lot of fun and had the feel of the early arcs that I really enjoy, 6 was atmospheric and creepy.

Movie 8 fucking sucks and is a horrible bastardization of one of the best One Piece arcs.
7 is cool, the rest of the One Piece movies I'm kinda indifferent to.
>> No. 31185
so i was thinking if any storyline in one piece got the movie 9 treatment (an old arc with all the current characters condensed into an hour and a half-ish) that would honestly BENEFIT from it, i think Skypiea would be it. especially after seeing a few people on my tumblr dashboard discussing how slowly that arc moves. youd lose a lot of jaya (like ok all of jaya) but the only good thing in jaya was bellamy getting beatdown and doflamingo so its all good. everything after that would probably condense really well and Enel's very... movie villain-ish I guess, in that he's not very connected to the "politics" of one piece the way most of the other major villains in the series are?
>> No. 31186
You have to make sure that the story of the Norland family is still there though. That might clutter a film format telling of Skypeia.
>> No. 31187
Not really. Throw it in the beginning as a prologue, but cut out the Strawhats meeting Cricket. Treat it as, like, a history of Skypiea or something.
>> No. 31190
you could still have cricket just as the one to tell them about skypiea or some shit ??? im not sure, im no writer, but the idea that they have to learn about it still needs to be in place so yeah there easy i guess. You wouldnt have to devote much time to it at all before off to beat the hell out of a god in a sky island woo hoo adventure
>> No. 31194
Okay. Open the movie with the Strawhats already on an island, in the middle of talking to Cricket. The scene before the opening title is Cricket narrating the story of Liar Norland as history remembers it. Every so often, cut to the Saruyama Alliance in the background, upgrading Merry (or Sunny even) to flight mode.

Blast up the Knock-Up Stream and then from there just abridged version of Skypiea.
>> No. 31203

Would just hope the significance of the bell sounding is carried properly is all.
>> No. 31345
Just watched Z, and it was all right. It wasn't nearly as good as the 6th or 10th movies despite having a lot that could've put it on their level if not above it. Part of it is due to pacing as various individuals in the beginning, middle and end keep reiterating Z's motivation, backstory and master plan over and over again (sometimes reusing those same images showing his progression into arguable insanity) that really causes the movie to drag.

Also, despite making an admirable attempt to more elegantly splice in traditional animation and CG, the technology or techniques just aren't there yet leading to scenes of arguable import and ferocity seem a lot less impressive.

Lastly, the movie itself is rather drab and mundane despite its higher stakes (which includes a bunch of humongous explosions and volcanic eruptions) though one could argue that this was done to better adhere to the much more dark and intimate story it was trying to tell. That and going from hordes of exotic killer animals to a bunch of recolored Marines and Pacifistas as the movie's main minions probably didn't help the film's WOW factor, not to mention the far more simpler aesthetics that pervaded the production.

Surprisingly, I kind of liked that creepy, smiling kid due to his final conversation with Luffy that allowed this simple but poignant line to be said:

"Pirates aren't heroes."
>> No. 31350
Z has lots of action, so it's already better than Strong World.

Deliiiiiiiiiiiicios animation, but the story's pretty dumb and there's fan pandering and fanservice everywhere. Turn off your brain if you're gonna watch it.

When're we gonna get another movie with a good story that makes sense? We haven't had that since 6.
>> No. 31351
when they let Mamoru Hosoda direct another goddamn one piece movie
>> No. 31352
>> No. 31353
While I liked movie 6, it felt a little more like a generic shonen anime movie than anything else. That is to say, it didn't feel all that One Piece-y to me. The plot was extremely simple, (as most One Piece movies are to be fair) an I think the only reason that it's not largely forgotten is because of the dark ending the movie has.

I also disliked how movie 6 added in... well, whatever the Baron could do. Magic, I guess. That's also a reason I don't like a lot of the filler from the One Piece anime, and also why I sort of didn't like Film Z. They add in something ridiculous that will never be referenced again for the rest of the series.

Like, if this makes sense, I'd have a problem with a One Piece movie if a guy showed up and he was just a wizard. But I wouldn't have a problem if the same guy showed up an he said "I ate the magic-magic fruit and now I'm a magic man!" One just adds a bizarre and forever unexplained phenomenon an one jives with the rest of the series. Once again, I like the 6th movie. I think they should do another movie with dark undertones in fact. But I can't help but wonder "what the fuck was up with the flower that was also a volcano that ate the memories of people I guess? I suppose it was just some parasite thingy or something"
>> No. 31354
i think the arrows were supposed to be a thing the lily could do? im still not entirely sure myself and yeah the movie could have deffo given more explanations, but they were organic and made of vines and shit. And i think the lily was like... bonded to the Baron and his crew or something. Idk.
>> No. 31391

Yeah probably a parasite.

>Shipwreck on island.
>Everyone dead but Baron
>Parasite attaches to him as he explores island.
>Plant stuff happens.
>> No. 31686
I was bored, so I figured I'd list the movies in order of my most to least favorite, with a quick something to say about all of them. I never saw that 3D One Piece film, so I skipped it. Honestly, these were pretty hard to rank near the end, and my opinion on a couple could still be swayed if I watched them again later. But I just watched all the movies twice, and this is what I came up with.

1) One Piece: Film Z - It took me a couple of viewings of both this and Strong World to decide which was on top, but I gotta say in the end that this is the stronger movie. It had the strongest villain out of all of the OP movies, and even though they kinda info dumped his background onto you in one big heap, I think that this movie had the most sympathetic villain as well. Not just that, but this movie also let the other characters do some more stuff as well. That whole scene with Usopp, Nami, Chopper and Robin in the city gathering info was a cool way to show the team doing something other than just beating stuff up, and of course like in Strong World the whole team gets a chance to shine at the end. This being the most recent movie really gets me excited about future films in the series.

2) Strong World - While I do love Film Z, I think that Strong World is a slightly better example of One Piece as a whole. (At least, prior to the New World, which makes sense and all seeing when it takes place but still) What I mean by that is mostly that the tone of the film resonates more with the series prior to the grand line, almost like a love letter to the earlier days of the series. It's certainly more ridiculous than Film Z what with the numerous monsters and crazier villains, but honestly Shiki just didn't do it as much for me as a villain, and I wasn't even sure why he was doing what he was doing in the movie until the very end. I mean, I knew he was gonna destroy East Blue, but I didn't know why exactly. Still, it's got some great fights and banter (the Zoro line from his fight against the clown about "what sort of bone are you?" was fucking awesome) and has that one scene with the whole crew gunning down a bunch of pirates. Just a great experience.

3) Cursed Holy Sword - Like Strong World vs. Film Z, my third and fourth films took a while to decide between. I ended up choosing this one mostly because it really felt like it was trying to do something new while still being true to the series. This is another one of those movies that has filler syndrome, where there's suddenly powers and shit that were never seen before in the universe and will never be seen again, but what it does right is give someone besides Luffy a real chance to have a movie. The villain was one of the more sympathetic, and I was surprised that they straight-up let Zoro kill the enemy, though that works for me because it's Zoro's movie and all. I sometimes feel like Zoro is the person we know least about in the crew, and even though it's not canon, I can totally imagine this being something from Zoro's actual past. Though it's kind of a dark movie in some respects, the movie doesn't feel too bogged down by them. They emotionally resonate without weighing down the movie.
>> No. 31687
4) Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island - This is the One Piece movie that is probably the least One Piece-y out of the lot. It's much darker than the rest of the series, and has a villain that's legitimately scarier than everything on the island with freaking zombies. This both works in favor of the movie and at times a bit against it. Let me just say, this was the first thing One Piece related I ever watched. It was on YouTube in one big file so I watched it to see if I'd like the series. Based on this movie, I seriously wondered why these people were friends at all. I mean everyone makes up in the end (off camera) and I think they explain that the island was making them do that, but everyone kind of comes across as kind of an asshole. Despite that, the movie has some great stuff in it. The battle with Luffy at the end is freaking intense, and a lot of the environments feel really varied and striking. I always remember that huge tube that Chopper knocks around, because the background and mood was something that stuck with you. One reason I put this fourth on the list is something I hinted at earlier, it's not really that One Piece-like to me. I could see this movie being done with something like Bleach or Naruto characters in place of the crew, and I think it would still work. It just doesn't mesh as well with the rest of the series in my mind.

5) One Piece (the first movie) - This movie has some pretty good stuff going for it. For one it has a pretty decent antagonist with an interesting Devil Fruit power, and another plus for the movie is that it flows well. I thought the movie was only a half an hour the first time I saw it because the movie managed to keep me interested enough that I hardly noticed the extra time go by. The film runs into some problems in a few areas, two of the bigger ones being that the ending is corny as fuck and obvious, and that it adds some stupid kid to the crew for the movie. Why is is done so much baffles me, because annoying as fuck kids are just annoying, I don't feel a connection to him or anything because he wants to do something. Besides those points, it feels like a decent, if lukewarm, One Piece adventure.

6) Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom - This movie does a good job of taking a story arc recap from the series and still making it fun for fans who have seen it, which is something that Desert Princess kind of failed at. Even so, the movie isn't the best, and I think that Sky Island would have made for a much, much better movie if they had to choose a story arc to redo. It also has a slight pacing issue, like it's trying to run through the story as fast as possible to get to the Chopper stuff.

7) Clockwork Island Adventure - What kills this movie for me is the ending, man, fuck that ending. This kid finds his parents, who are in tears after missing him since he was a baby, and he tells them goodbye offscreen to keep being a thief. Way to go you dick, maybe your parents will see you for another ten minutes in another ten years. Besides all that, the rest of the movie was pretty ok. The bad guy had a pretty neat Devil Fruit power and this feels like one of those movies that could have actually happened in the series. Not much to say beyond that, decent movie.
>> No. 31688
8) The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta - While this movie isn't awful or anything, it does feel completely pointless. I can only imagine that someone knew that fans loved Vivi, so they just tried to make a movie that had Vivi in it so people would go see it hopefully. I mentioned bad pacing in the ninth movie, but this film puts it to shame. The movie feels like it has to sprint along, trying to cram as much plot into the movie as they possibly can, and as a result there's a lot of cool scenes (particularly the non-Luffy Straw Hat fights) that hardly get a chance to be cool before they go right along to the next part as fast as possible. They don't even hint at Robin joining the crew at the end. Well they kinda do, but still. Plus, whoever wrote this movie must have had a real boner for Vivi, because now nobody will shut up about how it doesn't matter how much pain they're feeling, Vivi must be feeling so much more!

9) Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle - This movie feels like the definition of "middle of the road" for One Piece movies. (Even though it's technically three slots below middle of the road) It feels completely bland, to the point where there's hardly much to say about it. None of the villains are very interesting, and the plot at the end just seems kinda silly. Ok, Ratchet, that turtle is gonna take over the world. Sure. Plus he never even seemed that threatening, and I never even got the impression that the Star Hats even thought it was much of a big deal until the end. It's like even they didn't care much about the whole thing.
10) Dead End Adventure - I really wanted to like this movie. I did. I like the villain's Devil Fruit power, and I think he's certainly a better antagonist than the previous movie on the list. The problem with Dead End Adventure is that it's so freaking boring. The movie has that pretty neat race down the waterfall early on, and then after that it just slows down to a crawl. Once again they add some stupid annoying kid to the crew, and man she is annoying as hell. The fight at the end of the movie also makes no sense, because why isn't the rain washing the flour off Luffy? They're fighting in a freaking storm! This movie is just really not that fun to me.

11) Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals - What a stupid waste of time. Adds some stupid kid and also has that whole weird unexplained horns that you can eat and turn into a gorilla thing. Even as boring as Dead End Adventure was for me, it never got completely stupid. Fuck this film.
>> No. 31813
One Piece Film: Strong World -…youtube thumb

>> No. 31814
>> No. 31815
not bad actually
>> No. 31816
Bit short sample of it, but sounds like a good Brook so far.
Keep posting clips if any appear so we may savor the dub Brook.
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