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25676 No. 25676
been playing a few weeks on this bad boy, and shocked there hasn't been a thread to reactions. managed to beat everyone's story modes this week.

may be my love of One Piece and musou games combined, or my immunity to frustrations from farming for coins/collectables, but the game's been great. always fun leveling up the entire crew and finding out what new combos I've picked up

even though Fishman Island was a long shot, was at least hoping we'd get to play Thriller Bark (hordes of zombies! it's begging for it!)
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>> No. 25686
I was surprised too, but apparently we're looking at November release. Also really, no Thriller Bark? That arc was MADE for this type of game. I can understand Skypeia, but skipping the story with so many mooks (even named ones who have space for cool new moves!) is baffling to me.
>> No. 25687

They obviously realized rule #43 of gaming.

All Zombies introduced into games must be done so via DLC.
>> No. 25688
Well, it apparently sold over 650,000 copies on the first day. I guess they figure if it sells nearly as well over here then they'll at least make their money back.

The game looks awesome, I'll be buying it for sure.
>> No. 25689
File 133645415326.jpg - (52.15KB , 409x284 , freakazoidwat.jpg )
Six hundred fif-
>> No. 25690
Japan enjoys One Piece.
>> No. 25691

America's fanbase isn't slouching either and it's steadily getting more popular.

Problem is the Bleach anime is the only one that's still airing on TV. But considering that show's days are numbered (lol cancelled) we might see OP or Naruto come back to the spotlight.
>> No. 25692
Isn't Naruto nearing its eventual burning end, too?

Thing is, it doesn't really matter; if adult swim just keeps replaying reruns (which is what 99% of their daily schedules consist of), Bleach will still be moderately popular. And I say moderately because, like it or not, adult swim is the only window to the mainstream audiences anime has here.
It'll never ever take up playing the One Piece dub by Funimation cause they don't have the balls, money or will for it. And regular Cartoon Network is more and more in the shitter with each passing day -- no anime there.

One Piece had a good shot at making an impact and it was ruined thanks to 4kids. Not sure it'll ever be as popular in the US as it should be.
>> No. 25693

Only through word of mouth. People still associate it with 4kids.

Plus it's too cartooney and kiddish to work on Adult Swim, but it's too violent and bloody to work anywhere else. It's stuck.
>> No. 25694
>Plus it's too cartooney and kiddish to work on Adult Swim, but it's too violent and bloody to work anywhere else. It's stuck.
They played Lupin the 3rd and Shin-Chan for 3 years each.
It would do fine. Especially in the possible Toonami block.
>> No. 25695

Lupin III is seinen, though?
>> No. 25696
Does it matter?
It's a cartoony wacky series.
>> No. 25697
Does it matter?
It's a pretty cartooney wacky series.
>> No. 25698
Lupin and Shin-chan are really not the same deal. Especially after their dubbing differences.
>> No. 25699
File 133649857226.jpg - (35.76KB , 601x398 , Herpa-Derp.jpg )
>Especially in the possible Toonami block.
>> No. 25700

It's fun to speculate, even if speculation might not lead anywhere.
>> No. 25707
Bitch don't even start.

I said possible which is even less than what Adult Swim implied.
>> No. 25708
The point is Toonami hosts a wide range of Anime and One Piece fits just fine.
>> No. 25709
So, how about that vidya game?

One Piece - Pirate Warriors - …youtube thumb

This battle against Akainu looks really awesome. I hope there's a lot more of these fights that weren't actually in the show.
>> No. 25710

What the shit? Does Luffy, like, hallucinate that he's a totally beating up Akainu and that Ace is dead but gives him ghost powers? And then he wakes up and finds out that Ace is actually alive but then he dies for real? Huh?

I don't know why this bugs me when I saw a vid of Jinbe beating up Arlong in Arlong Park by summoning a whaleshark at him.
>> No. 25711
It's a videogame ya numpties,
also since it's a musou game there's likely going to be a 'free' mode or a 'dream' mode, just look at the 'Fist of the North Star' musou game.
>> No. 25763
yea, would have liked to see Fishman Island ideally too. also only Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro have timeskip costumes, which is understandable I guess. Franky would have taken a lot of work to remodel (despite being one of my favorites to play)

there's a mode that lets you play anybody on any level. so Jinbei can be there when the crew fought Buggy, or Boa can fight against Crocodile, and so on. everyone has a story mode they can go through, though ones like Brook and Boa who show up quite late only have one level to theirs...
>> No. 25764

>> No. 28004
Bump because this came out a couple days ago. $50 for a download-only game is pretty steep but I'm having a blast so far.

Anyone else playing this?
>> No. 28005
I am. Still in Chapter 1, but it's pretty good so far. Feels like I'm playing through the story, which is exactly what I wanted.
>> No. 28006
Oh wow. I'm looking pretty foolish now, ain't I?
>> No. 28114
combat is really fun, I've never played a beatemup game with a style like this before but it works really well.

QTE are annoying sometimes, nothing surprising there, but I haven't had any trouble with it though I'm not far in. The game caught me off guard in the tutorial chapter, going from really easy QTE button presses that you get advance notice for to an out of the blue random simultaneous analog and button press that gives you very little time.
>> No. 28117
>Play it


>Buggy level


>no animal tamer


>no cyclist


>Just fight Buggy right there

... awww :[

OH WELL! I'm sure we'll get more variety in the Captain Kuro figh-

>Skip Captain Kuro entirely

>> No. 28118
They have also skipped Skypiea and Thriller bark.
>> No. 28119
There's a downloadable content section on the main menu, I know this game has been out a while in japan though so we'd probably have heard about those chapters becoming downloadable at some point but oh well. I still hope they do, its perfect for dlc and it'd be simple enough to implement, just add it as another chapter.

Skypeia would be hilarious, have tons of those sheep guys as regular enemies and Enel be the final boss. There's tons of potential for all the Luffy QTE platforming with clouds, ruins and a jungle. Thriller Bark would probably be the easiest to implement, standard spooky outside and castle setting with zombie hordes and Gekko Moriah as final boss. I think a fight against Moriah would be easier to make though a fight with Oars has lots of potential too.
>> No. 28120
I have been joking around about cut out arcs being DLC, but that's actually reality?
>> No. 28124
they're not, the whole post was about what if they did do it. The only dlc is some extra scenarios and costumes I think.

I'd honestly take story arc dlc if it was reasonably priced and had just as much content as an average chapter. The only dlc I really hate is on disc bullshit and single player dlc that gives you money/experience upgrades like in Sleeping Dogs
>> No. 28154
Fucking faggot Wapol. I'm cruising through the game and the game holds your hand through a fair amount and then the one stupid as fuck gimmick battle against him is of course vague. He does absolute fuck tons of damage so you cant fuck up more than a couple times but I don't knwo what to do. Feeding him shit is apparently the way to go but it doesn't really make him vulnerable and when hes big from eating he hits even fucking harder.

Fucking christ, I'll get it in a try or two but games that hold your hand unnecessarily through easy parts and then put you on your own against shit that can actually kill you piss me off.
>> No. 28221
yea, that got me a lot. trick is to not feed him anything, just kick his ass normally. Lucci can be a bit of a pain too, since he has a lot of area attacks that make it hard as shit to dodge
>> No. 28223
While the game can be a bit tedious at times with platforming, I still think its great and captures OP's combat and world extremely well. I love how varied the combat is with the different crew members and all the crossover attacks and dialogue that goes with it. So many little details are captured perfectly.

However, I'm concerned since I finished Tomb of Kings. That was a horrible way to end the Alabasta arc, imo all that mind numbing platforming should have never existed and instead have made it a multi part boss fight, starting with Zoro fighting Mr 1, Sanji fighting Mr 2 and culminating in Crocodile. Also, the cutscenes they chose after that make no sense, they spend 5 minutes with Mr. 2 but never mention Robin joining the crew or anything else that happened in/after Alabasta besides Vivi saying goodbye and the crew marks. I know this is a game for OP fans but if someone who wasn't too familiar played it they'd think Mr. 2 is a fucking main character or something. I also don't know why they bothered making an entire chapter on Usopp leaving, that should've just been a cutscene. That aside, I'm looking forward to Enies Lobby
>> No. 28225
This game is seriously perfect for future dlc missions and I hope they consider it.

They could obviously make Skypeia and Thriller Bark, which should be in anyways, but there tons of potential for the future. Imagine updates as the series progress, for example getting Punk Hazard around the time its put out in the anime. As far as combat goes, it can't really get any better in this game, you have all of the straw hats with their own unique, true to the story movesets and fantastic looking character models.
>> No. 28237
>beat Saobody for the first time with Luffy, notice impel down is next
>decide to do it with Brooke in Another Log
>whoop Kizuru, good times, some nice coins
>suddenly cutscene showing all the straw hats disappearing again
...weird, but whatever
>after that, cutscene showing Luffy at marineford in the newspaper ringing the bells and all of the straw hats agreeing to meet in two years
...the fuck, I'm not even at impel down and I was using Brook in Another Lo-
>unskippable credits start rolling
>> No. 28256
Each character has their own Another Log which is separate from the Main Log. If features Musou versions of every island in which they were involved. For Brook this means he only gets Sabaody so after you beat that one mission of his you've completed his Another Log.

You can't play any of the Main Log missions with characters besides Luffy but each character can play every Another Log mission (if they've been unlocked).

By the way the credits are only unskippable the first times you beat an Another Log and the Main Log.
>> No. 28364
File 135104869990.png - (1.22MB , 1280x720 , 133700897139.png )
>buy dlc bundle
>play 9999 kills mission with level 50 luffy
>one million elephant guns later I'm at ~8000 kills and suddenly the timer comes up showing there's only 10 minutes left
>start rushing to get kills, ignoring bosses
>eventually get to 9999 with <2 minutes left
>fully expect some annoying boss to spawn that will cause me to time out while fighting him
>boss spawns...
it's buggy
kill him with time to spare
his face when
>> No. 28365
so how is the dlc anyway? much beyond the costumes?
>> No. 28366
Pretty cool. 10 new challenge maps, most of which (of the 5 I've tried so far) are surprisingly challenging! Also as you mentioned you get 10 costumes for the various characters (2 for Nami, 1 for everyone else except Franky, Brook, Jinbe and Whitebeard).

$15 is a bit steep but I'm enjoying the content and the fact that it all came in one bundle rather than a bunch of $3 sets or whatever.
>> No. 28567
File 135177696698.png - (96.28KB , 190x228 , 1330864476846.png )
>beat game
>decide to try a challenge
>first one at marineford
>everything going fairly good
>magellan is a bit annoying, health isn't great but otherwise I'm fine
>literally say to myself "what's next, all 3 admirals at once?" as a joke
>its actually all 3 admirals at once

I just... I don't even...

for example:
>Kizaru lights up screen so I can't see
>at the same time Akainu fires magma projectiles like a touhou game
>also at the same time Aokiji uses his ice freezing slide

I ran like a maniac, time to level Luffy up some more
>> No. 28580
yea, even just Kizaru on his own is a majorly irritating bitch

randomly invisible every few seconds, pretty high chance to just dodge you because "fuck you, light," and a good amount of his attacks just hit you if you're anywhere in his line of sight

and after some grinding last night, managed to unlock a new coin. just can't tell what the fuck it's supposed to be. it appears to be a flag with a blue S on the front (possibly an X behind it), but can't figure it out as far as if I'm able to make any combos out of it
>> No. 28581
The toughest one is in the DLC pack. You're in Impel Down and you get groups of 3-4 bosses and have to kill a specific one first based on a clue such as "the one without a paramecia" or whatever. It ends with Buggy, Crocodile, Aokiji, Lucci and Akainu all at once and you have to defeat them in that order (order in which Luffy met them). Buggy goes down easily enough but after that it is rough trying to pin down Crocodile with the other 3 spamming projectiles.

Sabo's Mark
>> No. 28681
File 13526254247.jpg - (44.07KB , 579x326 , 23orf.jpg )
Huh that is weird. Apparently it should have been out 2 months ago in Europe. Not seen it in the game shops.
>> No. 28685
digital release only, at least in NA
>> No. 28701
Jesus motherfucking christ, the problem with this 3 admiral challenge is that its more luck than any sort of skill. Kizaru is god damn bullshit. After he does a large attack, that should be rewarded with at least a tiny window for you to punish appropriately if you immediately catch him afterwards right? LOL NO he completely randomly absorbs the hits and teleports away. There is no fucking pattern or anything to capitalize on, its completely up to the god damn AI if you'll hit him for a punish or LOL ABSORB AND TELEPORT.

The combat system is fantastic for a beat em up but the first challenge challenges you in the wrong god damn way.
>> No. 28738
I wonder how many sequals this will get.

I mean the Gundam Warriors spinoff has like 4 games I think.

And Fist of the North Star Warriors is geting a sequal soon too.
>> No. 28770
I honestly don't see what they'd do with a sequel, maybe they could do something similar to the Street Fighter series with a large update, a "Super Pirate Warriors" that adds in missing stuff like skypeia and thriller bark, a new playable character or two, costumes, new Another Log levels and new challenges.

The combat and art style is basically as good as it gets and the game traverses the entire OP storyline up to the timeskip.

Maybe down the road they could work on a post timeskip game but even still, the content might be lacking.
>> No. 28771
They could do original stories.
>> No. 28774
File 135317307688.jpg - (1.38MB , 1600x1200 , Hokuto_Musou_Wallpaper.jpg )
Do they not already? The other series Musou games have that in.

FotNS game has a proper story mode that follows the series, then a set of total What-If stories for all the playable characters under DREAM MODE which has all the characters interacting with each other and doing original stuff.
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