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File 132266951086.jpg - (181.11KB , 728x1066 , t001.jpg )
22110 No. 22110

A pat on the back for everybody here who saw the ending coming.
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>> No. 22111
Goddamn look at Wyper's hair.

Anyway, I was going to tell the anti-Jinbes GG, but it really wasn't. Spinning around in arguments circles for months gets old fast. Of course, he doesn't even have to actually say yes for me to be right, but having the good old Shishigoomba on the crew would provide me with infinitely more tears to feast on.
>> No. 22112
This shouldn't be about spite.
We should be happy to accept a new member so dedicated to Straw Hat and the crew. Someone who represents the mending heart of a nation scorned by the actions of a corrupt and paranoid surface.
>> No. 22113
I can't say that I like it, but if Jinbe's really here to stay, I trust Oda to make it work.

If this chapter's end is anything to go by, it may turn out better than I expected.
>> No. 22114
Oh my god the reaction all over the net is HILARIOUS. ODA Y U SUCK NOW??!?!? jinbe more like jinboring lol mirite? LUFFY IS LIKE ROGER
>> No. 22115
But the law...

I'm a pirate.

Damn he's cool.

That said, bawwww the new crewmate's not a woman. I just want another female main character, okay. :(
>> No. 22116
File 132267247937.png - (3.32KB , 75x70 , dealwithit.png )

Deal with it.

Nah, I'm joking. Seriously, though, why do people expect women to join the crew? One Piece isn't really feminist in any way, so it isn't that. Oda never said that he wanted more woman, or that women should balance out the men. Hell, on his original crew sketches there was only one woman at all. Why do people want them anyway? All it would really mean would be more fights for them to not have. I doubt Oda is going to change his style any time soon.
>> No. 22117
Oh, Chopper. Not exactly the brightest reindeer in the world, for such a brilliant doctor.
>> No. 22118
Basically this.

It wouldn't be my first choice, and I hope next chapter he refuses, but I'll be OK with it. I trust Oda.
>> No. 22119
Well, I personally want one because I'm a woman, and it's validating to have people of the same gender as you in your favorite stories. People like seeing people like them. Same reason people get upset when, say, Katara and Sokka are cast as white kids or Oracle's legs are retconned to be fixed. Despite being 50% of the population, women somehow end up being treated like a minority in media so you grab what you can.

Guy generally don't understand that feeling due to the whole sausage festival + maybe 1 token chick (2 if you're lucky) that's the norm in so many forms of media.

I know Oda isn't feminist (though he gets points for breaking away from his old sameface samebody ladies and drawing some girls who looks just as weird as the guys), and I'm not demanding he be. But it would be nice to have another female character.

Canonically, however, people expected a women to join due to Oda's SBS distribution of the Strawhats as a family having an empty spot where the grandma's supposed to be. Therefore, the assumption was that it'd be filled.

But hey, maybe Jinbei's up for it.
>> No. 22120

Family structure, man! We needed a grandma, but I guess we're getting an uncle.

And yeah, as cool as Robin and Nami's powerups are, their lack of big two-page splashes shows that they're still not really in the spotlight, which saddens me. I guess one of the good things about a female crew member would be a sign of him becoming more feminist, but that doesn't seem to be happening. (Not that I'd mind another well-characterized and dangerous lady, even if she didn't get the big fight scenes.)

IN OTHER NEWS I guess Caribou dumped the ladies to make room for more treasure?
>> No. 22121
Jimbei will obviously be the best grandma ever.
>> No. 22122

The question is, how will the strawhats lose the treasure they get from beating him up THIS time?
>> No. 22123
Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, if he's gonna join I'm glad that it happened like this. Very dramatic, very significant.
>> No. 22124

It's nice to see that my Jinbe4newkama movement is gaining even more momentum and popularity than Jinbe4nakama ever did.
>> No. 22125
See I wouldn't mind a female crew mate, but no one really had the build up or the same level of skill and they've been needing a merman or maid forever.

But again, no tell if he'll accept.
>> No. 22126
Jinbe is so fucking boring
>> No. 22127
I find it hilarious that whenever anyone shows a connection with Captain Huge Head, any past connection at all, they become a perfect canidate for Newkama.

Fish Gramps might not fit in the crew as an asthetic famly structure sense, but as far as story and world lore go, I can't think of a better choice at this time.
>> No. 22128
In or out, the amount of unnesisary drama is going to be biblical.

Next week is going to be insane.
>> No. 22129
No, he's disciplined, unlike half of the brain damaged or neurotic strawhats.

He's just not WHACKY HI-JINKS and comedic reactions all over the place and even then if he does end up going with them he'll probably turn out to have some quirks.
>> No. 22130
Just imagine Jinbe telling the Strawhats....

You rack disciprineyoutube thumb
>> No. 22131
He already does. They're just subtle. "A name for the plan...!"

So, how do you all think the anime is going to voice the sea kings?
>> No. 22132
He's probably still in the palace, in Shirahoshi's room.
>> No. 22133
All of them will be Norio Wakamoto.
>> No. 22134

Being in the same general area as someone who can randomly change your gender on a whim and refuse to turn you back is suffering.


I know right. The denouement is always my favorite part of every arc because of stuff like this. Also, the obligatory shift to other characters like the world powers.
>> No. 22135
Thats what Jinbe's role in the crew would be

The Captain's emergancy bloodbank
>> No. 22136
File 132267774452.jpg - (571.58KB , 800x1150 , 1d50b8fcb10ab897da3f61b867c5486a.jpg )
Aw lawrdy
>> No. 22137
>> No. 22138
Are the people saying that Robin and Nano, possibly the two smartest strawhats, that happen to be women are not enough and somehow adding another woman would "balance" the crew out. It isn't sexist to not add another female, adding a new crew member based solely on gender is sexist.

That said, I fucking love Jinbei/Jimbe/ Jim Bean. If he does join the monster trio will be thrown out of whack for sure, it doesn't really seem to exist due to the fact everyone seems to be a monster in their own right now.
>> No. 22140

Obviously meant Nami, stupid phone.
>> No. 22141
Oh here we go.
>> No. 22142

This made me laugh tremendously.
>> No. 22143
File 13226825984.png - (933.96KB , 1575x1150 , wynot.png )
Oh boy am I too late to be butthurt about people joining/not joining? And hey, look at that, perfect shoop material on the cover of this chapter!
>> No. 22144

I think none of those are their official animals. What's the matter, sword shark too complicated?
>> No. 22145

Another translation! It's probably worse, but the ending speech about blood/prejudice makes more sense here, and it seems the Urashina...Urashima...the Urashindig Casket got stolen by Caribou.
>> No. 22146
I was dreading Jinbe joining but now that it's finally here, I guess I have no choice but to get used to it. Which I'm sure I will.

I'm looking forward to whatever the next arc is, and I swear to god if someone quotes me talking about a moon arc..
>> No. 22147

Woops, looks like this time the asshole is me. I didn't notice that the mangastream mistranslated that part and so I didn't mention it. Sorry if any dudes didn't know until now because of that!
>> No. 22148
Question: Does the original state that the mermaids can identify their kidnapper, or can't? The translations state totally opposite things there.
>> No. 22149
Robin is plenty disciplined but she is not boring. Jinbe does nothing for me, never has.
>If he does join the monster trio will be thrown out of whack for sure
Remember when Franky could fight evenly with Luffy
>> No. 22150

It's probably because you don't get the subtle humor in his "false straight man" act, which he slips into whenever he's not actively involved in a battle to the death. It's understandable, because A: most FI translations have been pretty shit, and B: the last 2 crewmembers are so outrageous that you'd have to be literally braindead to not notice their humor.


Sorry guy but I don't think that particular page has come out as a raw scan. Personally I don't think them being able to identify Caribou would make sense, or matter.
>> No. 22151
File 132268990462.jpg - (9.31KB , 220x171 , vomit.jpg )
>Jinbe as nakama
>> No. 22152
File 132269014127.gif - (76.62KB , 234x277 , jumdance.gif )

Deal with it.
>> No. 22153
At least he's entertaining in that gif. GG.
>> No. 22154
Wait, what the fuck is an F-blood type?

Is the Japanese blood type system different than ours?
>> No. 22155
F Type = Fish Type

didn't you pay attention in fantasy biology 101?
>> No. 22156

I'm going to use this on /a/... because they are easy as hell to troll.
>> No. 22157
File 132269187392.png - (470.93KB , 375x536 , bigmamashouse.png )
next arc
>mfw Big Mam is the next female nakama
>> No. 22158
next arc
>mfw Big Mam is the next female nakama
>> No. 22159
Except that person on the picture is Big Mom, not Kaidou.
>> No. 22160
Then why does Luffy have it?
>> No. 22161
Because Oda jumped the whaleshark and Jinbe sucks.
>> No. 22162

I bet you think Sabo is dead.
>> No. 22163
File 132269456389.jpg - (356.60KB , 754x1024 , Dick Smith.jpg )
Please continue, this is beautiful.
>> No. 22164

I bet you think Oda is dead.
I bet you think Tiki is dead.

Does the nakama discussion seem eerily similar to the shipping discussions in more piglike fandoms? You have your canon nakama, your "they totally should have joined!" nakama, random never-spoken-to-the-crew nakama, crack nakama like zombie Ace, nakama fanboys that throw shitfits whenever someone does/doesn't/almost does join...
>> No. 22165
Nope. Sabo is alive. Jinbe sucks. Problem?
>> No. 22166

I bet you think Jinbe is dead.
>> No. 22167
Yeah, fuck off.
>> No. 22169
well time to watch a bunch of idiots dance around the monkey cage and act like this is the end of OP as we know it.

Ahhh good times~
>> No. 22170
I really don't understand WHY though.

It doesn't make any sense why this is such a problem.

Further more, doesn't Oda deserve some trust?
>> No. 22171
What color is Jinbe gonna have?
We already have two people with variations of blue .. no more.

WOOPS, look at that. Looks like there aren't any colors available for Jinbe; he can't join. So sad.
>> No. 22172
File 132270087070.jpg - (99.29KB , 677x800 , 385229_302529869767630_261162920570992_1017929_174.jpg )
>> No. 22173
File 132270087824.png - (25.58KB , 471x492 , thisiswhy.png )
guys how can jimbei join the crew if he can't fit through the door?
>> No. 22174
File 132270111750.jpg - (112.41KB , 732x519 , nami-swan.jpg )

Franky is FUCKED I take it.
>> No. 22175
Jinbe can't fit through doors, can't join. So sad.
>> No. 22176
File 132270145628.png - (87.92KB , 1346x700 , thisiswhypart2.png )

Franky's already on and is a robot, he can probably make his way through a door.

Jimbei though.
>> No. 22177
Franky is at least double his size.
>> No. 22178

Jimbei is almost 10 feet tall
>> No. 22179
>I really don't understand WHY though.

People are just upset that they don't have what they think would be a better addition. They want a character that's "wacky enough" for the crew. The last two people that joined in had very unusual attitudes, and that set an expectation in what sort of person hops aboard. People find him "boring" because he isn't as crazy or mysterious as the others, like a Robin or Zoro without a mysterious past. Honestly, I think Zoro is a more 'boring' character than Jinbei.

Same way Franky does. Considering Jin's smaller.
>> No. 22181
oh you make me somad etc.
>> No. 22183
File 132270241378.png - (24.23KB , 705x376 , ruined.png )

This is now officially a half piece thread.
>> No. 22184
File 132270242929.png - (47.73KB , 1066x631 , SIMPLE.png )
all you guys are idiots
>> No. 22185
Feel free.
Lucky, such nonsense will only be valid for a week.
>> No. 22186
Franky's transformations do not work that way.
Good night.

This, I support.
>> No. 22188
File 132270311244.png - (101.47KB , 1065x1001 , jimbeiisthewors.png )
>> No. 22189
File 132270318978.png - (22.88KB , 700x376 , op.png )
>mfw this thread
>> No. 22190
Either way dude.

In or not, there will be drama and trolling, then it will subside and people will accept it.

Just like Robin(Doesn't act like a Strawhat, just leaching on), Franky (He mugged Usopp, He's not Paulie or Kaku), and Brook (too weird (I know), Not a woman).
>> No. 22191
>He's not Paulie or Kaku

>> No. 22192
I'm pretty ok with Jinbei joining, he can stand and stare with the women.
>> No. 22193
>Doesn't act like a Strawhat, just leaching on
>leaching on

How fucking dare you? Is this what Jinbe is doing to you plebeians? Making you turn on original, core members? You should be flogged for you insolence!

>or Kaku
No one ever expected Kaku to join. And if they did, they're bigger idiots than these Jinbe fanboys.
>> No. 22194
>Reaction on Robin something
That was the reaction from many people (not me) regarding her a while before W7.

A pattern has formed.

I hope you're entertained by all this. You seem to be making the most of it.
>> No. 22195

Oda, truly is the greatest. The gap between the question and answer is creating exponentially more hurt feelings than Jinbe joining or not joining would have alone. This is the greatest OP bitchfest I have ever seen in real time, easily demolishing Perona/Hancock not joining, Ace's death, and frantic Pauly supporters helplessly flailing chapter after chapter, slowly losing hope. I wish today would never end <3
>> No. 22196
You're a monster.
>> No. 22197
What if it's the haoshoku haki that lets let them talk to sea kings?
>> No. 22198
I say Jimbei is gonna decline the offer but Princess Shirahoshi will become the new nakama instead: she's a girl, she's a mermaid, she communicates with seakings and is gigantic. Her job will be to pull the Sunny around so they don't have to depend on the wind or Coups de Burst. Since she can live in the water they won't have to invite her into the Sunny.

Calling it now, Shirahoshi will be the next nakama.
>> No. 22199
So she'll become their mule? Seems legit.
No one from this arc should join.
>> No. 22200

Dumb. If you're going to root for 0% chances at least do it half the arc ago when it was popular.
>> No. 22201

Well that's good! Because Jinbei has been in SEVERAL Arcs leading up to this!
>> No. 22202
And that's another reason he doesn't fit in. No one else has spent that many arcs without joining.
>> No. 22203

What if Jinbe was a 20-something kawaii fishwoman with giant titties. Would you be cheering right now? Answer honestly.
>> No. 22204
Nope. Preferably the last crew member should be a man.

Someone already put it best earlier: a female would just be more wasted space who'd never get any interesting battles.
>> No. 22205
And if we're going by xth's
Robin again
>> No. 22206
Well hey now, Nami and Robin aren't wasted space.
>> No. 22208
None of those were introduced about 4 arcs (not to mention two years) before joining the crew.

Honestly, yes. I wanted the last member to be a fishwoman; though I don't see what the big boobs or age have to do with it. I just wanted variety. And variety that stood out.

On an unrelated topic, anyone else having problems loading pictures on here? I keep getting that "Failed to write disk" whatever message.
>> No. 22209
How long did it take for Robin to really join the strawhats?
>> No. 22210
>Jin, a fishman Shares his blood with a luffy, a human.
>This has never been done, at least as far as we know.
>Jinbei has defied the law, reaffirmed his piracy, and has given his very lifeblood to Luffy.
>While doing so, he poetically reflects on the nature of overcoming prejudices.
>His dream would likely be to build a bridge between cultures to act as a sort of representative to the human world.

I would honestly be surprised if he didn't join at this point, but we'll see. I'm not one to predict Oda.
>> No. 22211
Oh, and that little narration thing after Luffy asks Jimbei to join.
>> No. 22213
She was introduced at the end of Whiskey Peak. Drum and Little Garden (both diminutive arcs), and then Arabasta. That's it.

Jinbe: Impel Down, Marineford, Post-War arc, (TWO YEARS), Return to Sabaody, Fishman Island.
I wouldn't be so peeved about all this if it wasn't for the fact he was hamfisted through that timeskip. It was supposed to be a clean slate; next member someone brand new from the New World. No, let's just add this old background dude because lolfish and karate.
I've always seen Jinbe on the same level as Rayleigh, Hancock and Ivankov. It's like any one of those joining the crew full time -- equally as ridiculous in my book.
>> No. 22214
If Jinbe doesn't join, it'll be because he needs to protect fishman island. I doubt this, however, and I'm sure he will join.

I won't be happy at first because I wanted another femal crewmate for variety, but I'll get used to it like I got used to the new designs. Oda has a way of making me love everything he sets his mind to.
>> No. 22215
So just being on the ship means it's official then. Luffy may have accepted her but to her it was just another means to her continued research until Water 7.

Regardless, why should it matter? So we've known about his existence longer, why does that change anything?

And why would he need to? They have a princess that can summon sea kings.
>> No. 22216
Can we talk about others things in this arc?

How the fuck do seakings work? Is each one unique or do they belong to a species? Do each species communicate together if they're big enough? Why do we see this particular group time and time again? They're obviously capable of coherent thought and a shared duty. They also acknowledge that they have a king, a mermaid king. Are they the ones with the power to destroy the world, or is it Shirahoshi's ability? What's the ship for? What family's power is needed to restore the ship? Can the citizens of fishman island fix the ship? and what the fuck is the promise? A lot of information was unloaded here dudes, and its not all about jinbe.
>> No. 22217
I like to think of it this way: these specific Seakings we saw now (the giant cowzebra, labrabird, etc.), are actually ancient themselves and travel the world wherever they see fit. Like the rare Pokemon of old. They're at the top of the food chain, so nothing gets in their way.

Of course I could be wrong, because them belonging to a specific race or species is also possible. There's a lot of things still left in secret, don't hurt yourself trying to figure it all now. With OP, we get one answer and that answer always raises about 6 more questions.
>> No. 22218
File 132272832977.gif - (354.20KB , 250x250 , captain compost.gif )
here's a spoiler alert for you: IT WAS JIMBEI WHO IS THE ONE TO LEAD SHIRAHOSHI





>> No. 22219
File 132273226398.png - (327.77KB , 800x524 , halpi.png )
>> No. 22220
File 132273237355.png - (428.20KB , 800x524 , caribobu.png )
>> No. 22221
File 13227325937.png - (434.89KB , 800x524 , hurt.png )
>> No. 22222
That's some really impressive art, but I'm going to have to subtract 2 points from your score because Jinbei wearing green isn't true to his character.

Also, I've always thought Jinbei's design was pretty cool, so I'm happy to see him join.
>> No. 22223
Huh. Remember waaaay back in Chapter 1 when Shanks haki'd the big eel? Maybe he told it to buzz off.

'Course the eel wasn't a sea king, though.
>> No. 22224
I can't tell who's more buthurt anymore.
Can't we just enjoy the series without the trolling? It's why I abandoned regular 4chan for this place, to excape the nonsense.
>> No. 22225
Y'all're forgetting he hasn't said 'Yes' yet.

Chances are good of course, but there's sufficient rebuilding or Fishman District leading to be done that might cause him to stay.
>> No. 22227
File 132275173147.png - (266.93KB , 638x286 , jimboring_jumping_the_whale_shark_set_fail_for_sai.png )

I love Jimbei but I can't say this thread hasn't risen a few smiles.
>> No. 22228
He just broke the law.

Thay wouldn't let him stay or something.
>> No. 22229
The mad is palpable.

Really though, look in your heart of hearts. You knew this was going to happen. From so far back, from the second that the flashbacks showed us that Jinbei has the soft archetype of a yakuza boss, from the moment you heard the rumor that Oda said the next nakama would be a former boss, then you saw Jinbei directly referred to as one.

You knew this was going to be the truth. No matter what section of the fandom you sit in, no matter if you're a pathetic waifu fapper who wants more women, no matter if you're an ADHD 14yo kid who just wants wacky skeletons and silly faces, you knew it all along.

But what you don't know is how to think clearly and see with your mind instead of your heart. Jinbei will not join. He has no dream. He has no youth or spring or want to do anything besides guide and protect. He respects Luffy more than anyone else and it is because of that that he will refuse. He'll do much more for the relationship between humans and fishmen doing practically anything aside from what they (humans) think that Luffy does.

He will decline. It won't be the first time.
>> No. 22230
Well, I enjoy Jinbei, but I don't know if he's enjoyable enough for me with want him to be a crewmate. I'd be totally down for him being a temporary member, though. Like, he decides to go with the crew to bring Otohime's petition to Reverie and gets swept up in whatever arc is brewing there.
>> No. 22232
File 132275594489.png - (798.58KB , 873x600 , 10fielders1goalie.png )
Check it: all of Luffy's nakama. Chapter 1 he said he wanted 10 nakama, not 10 crewmates. Chapter 649, he's got 10 nakama.

Does this make you upset?
>> No. 22233
So the series that's only about halfway over and features the friend valuing main character that has a way of even forming bonds with vile enemies-

is going to go for the last 50% of the entire story without the guy making any more friends.

Yah, okeedo.
>> No. 22234

Did you notice that a vast majority of the Whitebeard fleet wasn't actually Whitebeard's crew? But that they still respected him and saw him as their leader? And that you can be just friends (tomodachi) and still grow a bond of trust strong enough that the two will die for the other?
>> No. 22235
His dream is to mend the tear between cultures. The same dream his queen had. He's the first fishman to give blood to a human. I think he's comitted to the idea.

But we'll see how it plays out next week.
>> No. 22236
Luffy's made way more friends than just his crew. The current cover arc is just showing them all off, even.
>> No. 22237
Jinbe being undecided about his dream was an important part of his character! Stop using that as a basis for arguments!
Chapter 620:
>Queen Otohime tried to endure the painful times, for a better future. Fisher Tiger gave up on the future, and instead took action to free the slaves right now. I cannot judge who was right and who was wrong...
It wouldn't have made sense if he had a concrete dream at the time, since he himself wasn't sure what to do. That's kind of sort of THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS CHAPTER, Jinbe finally finding a way, however narrow, to succeed where the two people most important to him failed. In fact, most of the strawhat pirates' dreams have to do with finding a way to surpass their mentor figure or succeed where they failed.

Wait why am I even arguing at this point. People who don't understand Jinbe's character arc aren't going to suddenly understand it now
>> No. 22238
File 132276167541.png - (15.03KB , 318x472 , paul.png )

>frantic Pauly supporters helplessly flailing chapter after chapter

>> No. 22239
File 132276328431.png - (165.94KB , 800x524 , ynohelp.png )
>> No. 22240
File 132276341055.png - (386.38KB , 800x524 , elohel.png )
>> No. 22241
File 132276357056.png - (427.47KB , 800x524 , jomes.png )
>> No. 22242
Okay this is just getting disturbing.

The family is probably Tom's. They dropped it in the Shipyard Cemetery with his brother, and they did make some of the strongest ships in the world after all. The Sea Kings most likely are the power to destroy the world, since... well, Sea Kings pretty much have always had that sort of power taken as one group. The only way people have ever conquered the Calm Belt is by making ships the Sea Kings IGNORE (and Amazon Island's snakes.)
>> No. 22243
File 132276457783.jpg - (10.70KB , 252x252 , double murder.jpg )
>> No. 22244

Missing doubles is pretty impressive when the board moves at like 3 posts per hour on a really fast day.
>> No. 22245
Personally, I'm betting on the long shot: Jinbe refuses, but joins the crew anyway.
>> No. 22246

Now that Caribou's taken all the treasure I guess we can expect Nami to beat the shit out of him?
>> No. 22247
>> No. 22248
Maybe he'll be aged by the casket.
>> No. 22249
Ten or so.

Everyone assumes that means ten or less. Why not three more including Jinbei?

Four in the East Blue.
Four in the Grand Line.
Four in the New World.
>> No. 22258
Jimjam is an honorary strawhat, like Vivi.
>> No. 22259

Because Oda really fucking loves soccer and its 11 person teams.
>> No. 22262
People need to chill.

If Jinbei joins then I'm confident Oda's gonna give him plenty of personality and character interaction with the crew. We've only seen him in very personal or very serious situations and we don't know what'll happen if he's allowed to loosen up a bit. Either way I'm betting this'll all turn out for the best.
>> No. 22263
File 132277302089.png - (348.86KB , 800x524 , hella.png )
>> No. 22264
File 132277313343.png - (400.48KB , 800x524 , peepee.png )
>> No. 22265

Also this started funny, got dumb then just became mean spirited.
>> No. 22266

Decken is brown, pleasant.
>> No. 22267
His ass is a delicious pink.

>> No. 22268
MAn this is pathetic
>> No. 22269
am i the only who find this funny that nami is pissing off bigger than luffy and caribou combine
>> No. 22271
Well damn. When did everyone go stupid? It's funny because the war that could start mending relationships between two races has broken the friggin' fanbase harder than ever before. Anon at >>22164 is right; nakama has gone from Luffy's friends whether they are crew or not to our equivalent of shipping. My word, I'm afraid that the next nakama's gonna be on the level of the Detective Conan shipping war...

Agreed on the fact that we're unlikely to figure things out, but it is fun to try! I agree with the 'top of the food chain' sentiments, though.

Also, is it just me or when they showed Roger hearing their voices, did his face just not fit what he was saying? I mean I know his middle initial is D, but dude is ALWAYS smiling. He barely seems confused, his face still makes him look like he's smiling.

Ohhh, I thought her crotch was going Super Saiyan 3
>> No. 22273
It's a muscular condition.

He had a stroke.
>> No. 22274

I realized I didn't really explain this one, way back during the flashback dead queen said that there would be someone who would arise to lead Shirahoshi in her newfound power.
>> No. 22275
also i'm glad that this happened, this is the most active i've seen /op/ since I got here.
>> No. 22276
File 132278561581.jpg - (183.28KB , 520x520 , jinbutt.jpg )
Well I'm happy with it. :3c
>> No. 22277
so are we to expect something physical to come from Luffy having Jinbei's blood? not just a metaphorical bond thing, but able to breathe underwater longer, or an affinity for merman karate? illogical, but seems within the realm of anime

I'm cool with Jinbei joining, if he does. presume Oda will develop him to be more than another serious guy like Zoro. have heard murmurs that he's too strong to fit into the crew, but Franky was able to smack Luffy around when they first met too
>> No. 22278
File 132278921786.png - (156.42KB , 606x453 , crocsticksitinabrazilian.png )

There are plenty of rookies who think pasty pink is better than luscious brown just like you, Creepy MSP Dude, here on the On Line...

fuck, the lighting on this scene is really good. croc please stop ruining my anime sucks crusade
>> No. 22279
File 132278950913.gif - (177.32KB , 150x134 , sw50sw8sw578.gif )

So just because someone has fishman blood, that means he's good at fishman karate?
>> No. 22281
Fishmen and humans have the same blood.
>> No. 22282
I have no idea what you're saying to me.
>> No. 22285
Hahaha, oh man, it looks like people are actually, seriously losing money over this. Why would you bet on something like this?


Brown butts are glorious, pink butts are lame. Your opinion is wrong, and also it smells (like butts).
>> No. 22287
Well you might want to start using some toilet paper.
>> No. 22289

Whatever, enjoy your IRL 2D asses.

still a better topic of conversation
>> No. 22290
Oh god. It's only Thursday. This week is going to be hell with the fanbase. maybe I should just avoid the internet...
>> No. 22292
I'm far from being up to date with this series yet (just started Davy Back), but I like the sounds of this.

I'm another woman that would've liked to see another female strawhat (one that has good fights) - my fantasy crew member was a female martial artist. But Oda's just not one to put women in fighting roles, and that's fine.

Anyways, it seems like I'm still getting a martial artist, so all of my YESSS.
>> No. 22293
Look all I'm saying is that it is literally impossible to love a fat man.
>> No. 22294

>> No. 22296
Sadly, I pretty much know all the major things that happens from my point until the present. There will be no real surprises for me. I started the series... years ago, but shit would happen, I'd lose interest, stop watching for a few months, but still wander into OP threads on /a/.

I think my problem is that I'm watching the anime, I love the voice acting, but it goes so freaking slow at times and I have the attention span of a goldfish. I've already switched over to the manga. It's a shame, I like Robin and "I WANT TO LIVE!" would be 100x more glorious if it was new to me.

Now I want to just get up to date so I can join the fandom in discussing new chapters. It will still be fun to go through the next few arcs, it's only the major stuff I know.
>> No. 22297


Well anyway time to cleave a path through this bullshit (even though part of it is me...) and answer a very important non-Jinbe question. Yes, Ishilly (big boob freckles mermaid who nosebled Sanji into a coma and opened the barrel) and the other mermaids are able to remember Caribou's face, and it's implied that he (or someone...) was waiting for everyone to leave the castle to make their move. Coincidentally, this would be at around the time Zoro, Usopp, and Brook got broken out of their cage offscreen. How convenient! Maybe shenanigans were involved?
>> No. 22298
File 132280618388.png - (7.75KB , 750x300 , Whale Shark the fish man.png )
>> No. 22301
Can I leave my shelter or are people still throwing shit because they don't want Jinbe to join?
>> No. 22302
Jinbe will ruin One Piece.
>> No. 22303
Jimbone Haters are the Helen Kellers of the world. You just need to run your hands under the water and you'll see how wrong you were.
>> No. 22304
One Piece
>> No. 22305
I think about 80% of the rage is facetious exaggeration by now.
>> No. 22312

Overreaction is fun
>> No. 22313
File 132285422782.jpg - (115.26KB , 728x1066 , ladyjinob.jpg )
>> No. 22318
Guys, guys, Jinbei isn't going to join because the moon rises up at night and the twelve zodiac signs point to Sun's house and everyone knows that if you send fish to the sun they dehydrate.

His next nakama will be a Crab Fishwoman because crabs have protective shells and they don't get fried by the Sun's fire so easily.
>> No. 22319
>> No. 22320
Phew, I was getting scared for a day there. I thought this board was going to become really active. HORRIFYING
>> No. 22321
Well I've heard BUZZWORD is a BUZZWORD!
>> No. 22323
I'm still going to lay my bet on Shirahoshi being the new nakama

I'm so totally gonna lose but five billion alternate dimensions from here my double is raking in the BIG BUX
>> No. 22325
I'm betting on Manboshi. I think he's got a good chance; the crew needs him.
>> No. 22326

Too bad he's fat.
>> No. 22327
Jinbe is fatter.
And has half the personality.

Manboshi for nakama.
>> No. 22329
Look all I'm saying is that it is literally impossible to love a fat man.
>> No. 22331
Hey man.. I agree.
>> No. 22332
What about Santa?
>> No. 22334
He's not a Strawhat.

Like Jinbe
>> No. 22335

A wise(?) man once said:

This is true of all fat men as well, no matter how funny or kindly or willing to give you free shit they are. Never forget to forget about fat men.
>> No. 22336
Jinbei will refuse and Momotaro will be the next nakama. Quote me on this shit.
>> No. 22337
So.. Sentomaru for nakama?
>> No. 22342
File 132311654933.png - (18.42KB , 393x382 , blech.png )

Looks like we're running in circles again.
>> No. 22344
Yeah, Sentomaru.
Just you wait and see.
I can feel it. In my bones.
I've never been wrong.
>> No. 22345
File 132312301292.png - (35.93KB , 393x382 , 132311654933.png )
Fixed that for you.
>> No. 22348

Fuck! Why didn't I make that from the start?
It would have been really easy...
>> No. 22361
Am I the only one somewhat nervous about this new chapter coming out? We're almost there.
No matter if you're a Jinbe supporter or Jinbe hater, things might change a lot. If he does join, it'll be a historic chapter. Last person that joined seems like such a long time ago. My body is ready for whatever, Oda.
>> No. 22362
I don't know what's gonna be worse.

The gloating if Jinbe refuses.

Or the immense whining if he accepts.
>> No. 22363
The gloating would be worse, if this thread is taken as an example of how both sides react to the situation.
>> No. 22367
止でクラーケンにより 遠くの海へ。
会いに来るからその時もう一度誘っ てくれと言うジンベエ。

物で、あの謝罪文は当時の人魚 姫宛てのメッセージ。
るそう。その約束の日までノアを見 守るのが彼との約束。


bad news guys, Jinbe declines?
>> No. 22368
>> No. 22370
Human pirates are freed, new fishman pirate remnants ordered by Neptune to live on the island. They'll be doing manual labor.
Fishman district is closed, Decken, Hody, and the officers are imprisoned. Wadatsumi is banned and chased off by the kraken.
Jimbe refuses but says he owes them so to wait. He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.
Party on the island.

Robin leaves the celebrations, alone with Nep.
Asks about Joyboy. He existed during the blank 100 years, and the letter of apology on the poneglyph was towards the then mermaid princess.
According to royal legend someone will come one day to fulfill the promise. Their promise is to watch over Noah until that day.
Robin discovered Poseidon's location on Skypeia. The location is Fishman Island. Shirahoshi IS Poseidon (mermaid princess, not little mermaid. but the little mermaid is mermaid princess in japanese).

Where would Crocodile store his country-annihilating weapon if the weapon was a giant mermaid?
>> No. 22371
>> No. 22373
>He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.

Stuff like this makes me sick. Fuck, the Jinbe argument is prolonged indefinitely. Pro-Jinbes don't get to celebrate because he doesn't join, anti-Jinbes only have a hollow win because he's pretty much just said he'll join eventually. Everyone loses (their shit).
>> No. 22374
>Where would Crocodile store his country-annihilating weapon if the weapon was a giant mermaid?

Pluton is not Poseidon.
"Poseidon" was vaguely mentioned in Skypeia, it's now confirmed to be Shirahoshi (or the mermaid princess in general). Pluton is another weapon (one which apparently IS mechanical, since Franky could build it) somewhere else entirely. That's the one Crocodile wanted.
>> No. 22375
What'd I say guys?

I'm no "I told you so" but I'm just saiyan.
>> No. 22376
File 132324557661.gif - (44.67KB , 595x611 , Mooching.gif )
Ah! Thank you! I mixed them up, and was wondering where Alubasta would have a giant lake or something.
Don't you think its strange how Franky, whose dream ship is the Sunny Go, can only build a ship of Sunny Go's side while the people who handed Pluton's blueprints down to him through Tom are talking about sizes on the scale of Noah?
>> No. 22377
>Jimbe refuses but says he owes them so to wait. He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.
So...no one "wins"?
>> No. 22380
I'm sure Franky could build whatever he wanted if he put his mind to it. It just seems to be that these ancient weapons were really really advanced, so they can't do much without the blueprint for them.

I can bet you all three and a half of my testicles that we're gonna be learning all about these things (or even seeing them) when we meet Vegapunk. He knows something for sure. These weapons are gonna be the big reveal/problem/enemy near the end of the series.
>> No. 22381
Its not the size its what you do with it.

And WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE GOING TO GET ENOUGH ADAM WOOD FOR A SHIP THE SIZE OF NOAH? Seriously, that would be alot of wood, we're talking about cutting down entire rainforests here, he'd become a captain planet bad guy.
>> No. 22383
File 132326371438.jpg - (4.24KB , 300x225 , screenshot_213536_thumb3001.jpg )
>come to /op/ expecting civil discussion on the last chapter
>see this thread

I think this thread might contain more autism than an OP thread on /a/.

Congrats... I guess.
>> No. 22423
Late as fuck.
>> No. 22519
>> No. 30595
File 136591320249.jpg - (96.13KB , 717x960 , 543800_483999391664291_1716589026_n.jpg )
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