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22110 No. 22110

A pat on the back for everybody here who saw the ending coming.
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>> No. 22292
I'm far from being up to date with this series yet (just started Davy Back), but I like the sounds of this.

I'm another woman that would've liked to see another female strawhat (one that has good fights) - my fantasy crew member was a female martial artist. But Oda's just not one to put women in fighting roles, and that's fine.

Anyways, it seems like I'm still getting a martial artist, so all of my YESSS.
>> No. 22293
Look all I'm saying is that it is literally impossible to love a fat man.
>> No. 22294

>> No. 22296
Sadly, I pretty much know all the major things that happens from my point until the present. There will be no real surprises for me. I started the series... years ago, but shit would happen, I'd lose interest, stop watching for a few months, but still wander into OP threads on /a/.

I think my problem is that I'm watching the anime, I love the voice acting, but it goes so freaking slow at times and I have the attention span of a goldfish. I've already switched over to the manga. It's a shame, I like Robin and "I WANT TO LIVE!" would be 100x more glorious if it was new to me.

Now I want to just get up to date so I can join the fandom in discussing new chapters. It will still be fun to go through the next few arcs, it's only the major stuff I know.
>> No. 22297


Well anyway time to cleave a path through this bullshit (even though part of it is me...) and answer a very important non-Jinbe question. Yes, Ishilly (big boob freckles mermaid who nosebled Sanji into a coma and opened the barrel) and the other mermaids are able to remember Caribou's face, and it's implied that he (or someone...) was waiting for everyone to leave the castle to make their move. Coincidentally, this would be at around the time Zoro, Usopp, and Brook got broken out of their cage offscreen. How convenient! Maybe shenanigans were involved?
>> No. 22298
File 132280618388.png - (7.75KB , 750x300 , Whale Shark the fish man.png )
>> No. 22301
Can I leave my shelter or are people still throwing shit because they don't want Jinbe to join?
>> No. 22302
Jinbe will ruin One Piece.
>> No. 22303
Jimbone Haters are the Helen Kellers of the world. You just need to run your hands under the water and you'll see how wrong you were.
>> No. 22304
One Piece
>> No. 22305
I think about 80% of the rage is facetious exaggeration by now.
>> No. 22312

Overreaction is fun
>> No. 22313
File 132285422782.jpg - (115.26KB , 728x1066 , ladyjinob.jpg )
>> No. 22318
Guys, guys, Jinbei isn't going to join because the moon rises up at night and the twelve zodiac signs point to Sun's house and everyone knows that if you send fish to the sun they dehydrate.

His next nakama will be a Crab Fishwoman because crabs have protective shells and they don't get fried by the Sun's fire so easily.
>> No. 22319
>> No. 22320
Phew, I was getting scared for a day there. I thought this board was going to become really active. HORRIFYING
>> No. 22321
Well I've heard BUZZWORD is a BUZZWORD!
>> No. 22323
I'm still going to lay my bet on Shirahoshi being the new nakama

I'm so totally gonna lose but five billion alternate dimensions from here my double is raking in the BIG BUX
>> No. 22325
I'm betting on Manboshi. I think he's got a good chance; the crew needs him.
>> No. 22326

Too bad he's fat.
>> No. 22327
Jinbe is fatter.
And has half the personality.

Manboshi for nakama.
>> No. 22329
Look all I'm saying is that it is literally impossible to love a fat man.
>> No. 22331
Hey man.. I agree.
>> No. 22332
What about Santa?
>> No. 22334
He's not a Strawhat.

Like Jinbe
>> No. 22335

A wise(?) man once said:

This is true of all fat men as well, no matter how funny or kindly or willing to give you free shit they are. Never forget to forget about fat men.
>> No. 22336
Jinbei will refuse and Momotaro will be the next nakama. Quote me on this shit.
>> No. 22337
So.. Sentomaru for nakama?
>> No. 22342
File 132311654933.png - (18.42KB , 393x382 , blech.png )

Looks like we're running in circles again.
>> No. 22344
Yeah, Sentomaru.
Just you wait and see.
I can feel it. In my bones.
I've never been wrong.
>> No. 22345
File 132312301292.png - (35.93KB , 393x382 , 132311654933.png )
Fixed that for you.
>> No. 22348

Fuck! Why didn't I make that from the start?
It would have been really easy...
>> No. 22361
Am I the only one somewhat nervous about this new chapter coming out? We're almost there.
No matter if you're a Jinbe supporter or Jinbe hater, things might change a lot. If he does join, it'll be a historic chapter. Last person that joined seems like such a long time ago. My body is ready for whatever, Oda.
>> No. 22362
I don't know what's gonna be worse.

The gloating if Jinbe refuses.

Or the immense whining if he accepts.
>> No. 22363
The gloating would be worse, if this thread is taken as an example of how both sides react to the situation.
>> No. 22367
止でクラーケンにより 遠くの海へ。
会いに来るからその時もう一度誘っ てくれと言うジンベエ。

物で、あの謝罪文は当時の人魚 姫宛てのメッセージ。
るそう。その約束の日までノアを見 守るのが彼との約束。


bad news guys, Jinbe declines?
>> No. 22368
>> No. 22370
Human pirates are freed, new fishman pirate remnants ordered by Neptune to live on the island. They'll be doing manual labor.
Fishman district is closed, Decken, Hody, and the officers are imprisoned. Wadatsumi is banned and chased off by the kraken.
Jimbe refuses but says he owes them so to wait. He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.
Party on the island.

Robin leaves the celebrations, alone with Nep.
Asks about Joyboy. He existed during the blank 100 years, and the letter of apology on the poneglyph was towards the then mermaid princess.
According to royal legend someone will come one day to fulfill the promise. Their promise is to watch over Noah until that day.
Robin discovered Poseidon's location on Skypeia. The location is Fishman Island. Shirahoshi IS Poseidon (mermaid princess, not little mermaid. but the little mermaid is mermaid princess in japanese).

Where would Crocodile store his country-annihilating weapon if the weapon was a giant mermaid?
>> No. 22371
>> No. 22373
>He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.

Stuff like this makes me sick. Fuck, the Jinbe argument is prolonged indefinitely. Pro-Jinbes don't get to celebrate because he doesn't join, anti-Jinbes only have a hollow win because he's pretty much just said he'll join eventually. Everyone loses (their shit).
>> No. 22374
>Where would Crocodile store his country-annihilating weapon if the weapon was a giant mermaid?

Pluton is not Poseidon.
"Poseidon" was vaguely mentioned in Skypeia, it's now confirmed to be Shirahoshi (or the mermaid princess in general). Pluton is another weapon (one which apparently IS mechanical, since Franky could build it) somewhere else entirely. That's the one Crocodile wanted.
>> No. 22375
What'd I say guys?

I'm no "I told you so" but I'm just saiyan.
>> No. 22376
File 132324557661.gif - (44.67KB , 595x611 , Mooching.gif )
Ah! Thank you! I mixed them up, and was wondering where Alubasta would have a giant lake or something.
Don't you think its strange how Franky, whose dream ship is the Sunny Go, can only build a ship of Sunny Go's side while the people who handed Pluton's blueprints down to him through Tom are talking about sizes on the scale of Noah?
>> No. 22377
>Jimbe refuses but says he owes them so to wait. He'll come again some time so he says to ask again then.
So...no one "wins"?
>> No. 22380
I'm sure Franky could build whatever he wanted if he put his mind to it. It just seems to be that these ancient weapons were really really advanced, so they can't do much without the blueprint for them.

I can bet you all three and a half of my testicles that we're gonna be learning all about these things (or even seeing them) when we meet Vegapunk. He knows something for sure. These weapons are gonna be the big reveal/problem/enemy near the end of the series.
>> No. 22381
Its not the size its what you do with it.

And WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE GOING TO GET ENOUGH ADAM WOOD FOR A SHIP THE SIZE OF NOAH? Seriously, that would be alot of wood, we're talking about cutting down entire rainforests here, he'd become a captain planet bad guy.
>> No. 22383
File 132326371438.jpg - (4.24KB , 300x225 , screenshot_213536_thumb3001.jpg )
>come to /op/ expecting civil discussion on the last chapter
>see this thread

I think this thread might contain more autism than an OP thread on /a/.

Congrats... I guess.
>> No. 22423
Late as fuck.
>> No. 22519
>> No. 30595
File 136591320249.jpg - (96.13KB , 717x960 , 543800_483999391664291_1716589026_n.jpg )
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