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>> No. 17344

Just a kick to the forehead.
>> No. 17345
File 129869322084.jpg - (53.68KB , 600x419 , One_Piece_250_18_19.jpg )
Well it was a downward kick to the forehead...
>> No. 17346
File 129869328028.jpg - (139.66KB , 609x989 , One_Piece_251_05.jpg )
... though it would be kind of weird to pull out the old cartoon head bumps for someone dying.
>> No. 17357
Since this is One Piece it probably isn't really safe to assume, but doesn't being exiled to the desert cloud more or less mean death for the three priests? IRCC, isn't it akin to setting someone adrift at sea in a row boat without any oars or supplies?
>> No. 17358
FWIW, I'm pretty sure the official English version doesn't have his brothers saying he's dead. (I can't check right now because my nephew's borrowing that volume.)

Yeaaaah, Conis did say it was a death sentence, didn't she? Unless they bumped into something (or jumped off, like one fanfic had Shura do) they're screwed.

...On that note, the whole thing with the priests getting put on a desert cloud has been bothering me lately. So it's bad when they do that to trespassers in Upperyard, but somehow it's ok when the good guys do it to them? Maybe it's just because I like the priests, but it still seems like a double standard.
>> No. 17360
Not to mention it was spoken of as if it was being lenient because they weren't considered that much of a threat. Unless it was suppose to be somehow different than the cloud drifting Level 5 criminals got.
>> No. 17362
I doubt its anything like impel down. You know how some people say desert island instead of deserted island? I think its something like that.
>> No. 17366
Sorry, not Level-5, Class 5 (as in what the Strawhats were branded as for opposing the White Berets).
>> No. 18731
Bon Clay died right? Atleast (im terribly sorry and will probably do something to justify my crimes against the world) in the anime, Magellan says "Any last words?", to wich he replies "Success"(or something) similar, and then he is supposedly killed.... Might be that he's gonna come back, but dead for now
>> No. 18732
It wasn't a flashback and he wasn't Ace or Whitebeard.
>> No. 18733
Bon Clay is a joke character half the time. Man, you don't kill the joke characters.
>> No. 18735
So no acctual reason why he should still be alive? Magellan aint a forgiving man you know
>> No. 18738
No rational reasons. Only genre savvy reasons.

Instead of killing him, Magellan probably delivered him to Vegapunk to be turned into a Pacifista so that he could be sent to destroy the friend he had worked so hard to help escape. It will be a tearful battle where they try and repeatedly fail to break through to the now-cyborgized Bon Clay, until finally they break through and Bon Clay turns on the Big Bad of that arc (although obviously he doesn't beat him--that's Luffy's job. Instead he will do something that makes the Big Bad beatable).
>> No. 18740
you say official like it means something.
>> No. 18742

It sucks, yet somehow it totally seems like something the guy who wrote One Piece would do. Stick by your friends even when they do something illegal and stupid. Publically announce you intend to mantain the friendship despite the fact that you might lose fans because you don't want to lie to your fans either. Or I'm just making shit up.

It also sucks because despite the fact that I thought Toriko would be ruined forever for me, I still find myself enjoying it. It's just to damn crazy awesome to hate. And I really liked the anime crossover with One Piece because it explained stuff about the new series while still keeping Luffy and Toriko on the same level of badassery instead of having the new guy be overpowered and saving the day by himself.

But. Um. Oda. He's a pretty cool guy.

Nearly nobody dies in One Piece? Nobody dies in One Piece without a significant reason?
>> No. 18743
See, now I can't help but wonder if that's why Toriko is such a (gourmet) sausage fest.
>> No. 18744
That doesn't make any sense

The scandel wasn't that he was fooling with young boys.
>> No. 18745
(Well, there's Komatsu...)

I was thinking more along lines of "He's worried people will bring up his sex scandal if he ramps up the fanservice, so he's playing it safe by having fuck all women."
>> No. 18747
Doesn't bother me too much now that I know she was 16. Paying high-schoolers for sex is still megalame, but the way it was phrased (plus because it's [i]Japan/i], let's be honest) you hear "underage girl" and assume the worst.
>> No. 18766

Out of the few main girl characters so far, one was mistaken for a dude, one's an old lady, one's a tiny fat woman who tricks people into thinking she's attractive, and...I guess Rin would count though. And Tina, but she's only a main character in the anime so she probably doesn't count.

None of the guys are really interested in the girls much though, it's mostly bromance. And food fanservice.

Has anyone else seen the One Piece/Toriko crossovers?
>> No. 18768
Yeah, I really liked the anime xover.
>> No. 18771
I'm pretty sure the anime ended up adding more Tina specifically because otherwise there would be no girls for dozens if not hundreds of episodes at a time.
>> No. 18773

Probably. And for exposition. She's still annoying though.


Me too! The characters were balanced in terms of power, Sanji and Komatsu were balanced in cooking skills, we got to see characters who won't be in the anime for a while, and Toriko almost ate Chopper!

...Okay, I'll stop fanderping now. Is there a Toriko thread in /jam? I feel silly talking about it on the /op board.
>> No. 18775
Nope. Feel free to make one, though.
>> No. 18995
File 130637660023.jpg - (58.11KB , 644x414 , 1306367101585.jpg )
some more funny ones
>> No. 18996
File 130637671330.jpg - (82.20KB , 337x357 , 1306366067458.jpg )
lol this cracks me up everytime
>> No. 19129
chapter 69, ok. chapter 626, 2+6=9. fish nami is in chapter 69 hmmm. there might be a pattern here.
>> No. 19130
And 6+2+6 = 14, and 1+4 = 5, so clearly the fact that Oda decided to put out a 626th chapter is a sign to his Discordian fans! Now to figure out what...
>> No. 19131
File 130700789033.jpg - (34.84KB , 449x338 , roflbot-kQuB.jpg )
>> No. 19142
My God, I didn't even notice. That's hilarious.
>> No. 24331
Anymore advice Odas?
>> No. 24349
Does anyone have the blank template? Memegenerator's not working.
>> No. 24355
One Piece for real: Usopp's "K…youtube thumb

good job on the Kabuto, Oda.
>> No. 24358
File 133036010511.png - (888.33KB , 1280x720 , 12859617899.png )
Urk! My own Kabuto has been put to shame by my greatest enemy...wood! My PVC one doesn't (well, didn't) hold a candle to this...
>> No. 24360
File 133036624873.png - (307.40KB , 529x325 , Yessss.png )

All of my dreams~ They're true~
>> No. 24372
>designed to look like a beetle's horns
>called Kabuto

....I feel like such a fucking retard for not noticing this eons ago
>> No. 24449
big burly guy can't shoot the kabuto like ussop.

Ussop confirmed for badass.
>> No. 24453
File 133058831759.png - (96.98KB , 300x300 , PhilKenSebben.png )
Haha! The child doesn't get a name. Seriously though, does anybody know what it is? Not that it's important, it's just that I've had a hard time finding it out via the interwebs.
>> No. 24458

It's probably the same case as the kid of the creators of Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon.

They call him "Petit Ouji" or something when they talk about him in interviews.

They don't want the fact that they're well-known mangaka to affect their child in a negative way as he grows up.
>> No. 28055
what character is this a reference to?
>> No. 28056
what character is this a reference to?
>> No. 28098

>> No. 28099

>> No. 28349
but he's from chapter 19
>> No. 28355

He meant Buggy.
>> No. 28359
but Buggy first appeared in chapter 9
and doesnt appear in chapter 13
>> No. 29467
Anymore of these?
>> No. 30203
youll get the point dont be autistic
>> No. 30204

Haha yeah dude way to give that guy from 4 month ago what for!
High five!
>> No. 30910
File 136709232318.png - (119.03KB , 433x322 , 1337269611118.png )
These things are fun, though this one is more just him reusing an animal design than anything important or noteworthy
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