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File 139766045980.jpg - (176.16KB , 477x750 , tumblr_n44nadybVm1r8xagwo1_500.jpg )
40123 No. 40123
So how bout that Game of Thrones?
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>> No. 40130
File 139768911239.gif - (571.32KB , 500x430 , neil_sanders_04.gif )
So Joffrey is dead.
Joffrey is dead.
Joffrey is dead and no one will miss him.
>> No. 40131
>> No. 40134
But now who will I despise and wish violence upon with an uncompromising righteous fury?
I feel empty inside
>> No. 40136
Cersi who made him like that in the first place.
>> No. 40139
And she's only going to get worse from here on out.
>> No. 40141
Once you start getting her own inner monologue... she is SO dumb.
>> No. 40153
File 13980293975.png - (749.08KB , 1920x1080 , 857461_439194696216349_1544149008827979349_o[1].png )
>> No. 40157
What the fuck was that bullshit with Jaime?
>> No. 40159
File 13981005835.jpg - (19.26KB , 520x222 , tumblr_n4d2ji0B0J1rgzqwno1_1280.jpg )
So literally as soon as Tywin walks out of the room at the funeral, skip to the next scene to avoid some stupid bullshit.
>> No. 40160
What was the person he responding to saying?
>> No. 40161
Reading up: Did they completely switch the active twin in Jaime/Cersei? Because in the books, Jaime would not have done that, we know it, we see his frigging thoughts.

Between this and Strong Belwas not existing, I continue to feel that dropping the show after the first season may have been the right decision.
>> No. 40162
Yo why did you write Jaime raping Cersi.

TLDR The last director Alex Graves is fucking retarded and thinks that a scene he just shoved in was "consensual" as Cersi kept saying "no, not here" and "please no."

So now Alex Graves looks like a huge fucking moron who thinks what is clearly rape is consensual.

Fucking show Jaime wouldn't have done it either, it's jarringly out of place in every single kind of context, it's fucking really incredibly super dumb.
>> No. 40163
The show does have a bad habit of taking consensual scenes and raping them up.

Because, you know, the books don't have enough rape in them as it is.
>> No. 40164
The scene doesn't exist in the books at all, it is there literally just to be a rape, a stupid pointless rape that does nothing but ruin Jaime's character development.
>> No. 40165

I definitely remember a Bad Idea sex scene in a church between them after he got back (although I think it might not have gone to completion); having not seen the episode in question I assumed it was based on that.
>> No. 40166
Yeah, but he didn't rape her literally against the alter her dead son was on because he was long buried by that point.
>> No. 40167
Nah, there was a pretty nasty bit where the two shagged while Cersei was on her period but I think she was the one who prompted it and Jaime kinda went with it even though he didn't really want to.
>> No. 40168

Nah, he was into it too, but for the most part he was in a state of grief for pretty much everything that's happened at this point, and is still trying to convince himself that the Cersei he loves is still the Cersei he fell in love with.
>> No. 40169
Looks like we got our answer. His dad.
>> No. 40170
>they're apparently ruining Jamie who becomes one of the better characters at this point in the book series and it's all over the internet

Goddammit. Well at least I stopped watching the show I guess.

Although, I suppose to be fair in the books Cersei doesn't want it at first but about three seconds later she's like "FUCK ME NOW JAMIE" so it's grey but... the scene was gross enough, what with the incest and the post-death-of-a-child church sex. It didn't need more obvious rape overtones.
>> No. 40171

Going from a grey consent area to an angry rape made that scene about a thousand times worse than it needed to be. It's kinda like what they did with Khal Drogo and Dany's first time, where in the book Drogo actually bothered to get consent and was actually rather gentle, while in the show he takes her dry and roughly from behind.

I guess the show wants to make it more shocking.
>> No. 40187

I had already pretty much guessed that stuff from the ending. But I sure didn't expect to see it in the show before Winds of Winter.

Holy shit.
>> No. 40188
I can't wait till Brienne gets Oblivion and flawlessly dual-wields it with Oathkeeper in the final climactic battle.
>> No. 40189
Which bit?
>> No. 40213
That stuff with the Walkers. As I said, most book readers already pretty much guessed this but it's crazy that confirmation of that info made it into the show FIRST.

Though show watchers probably won't actually understand BOTH the things that scene confirms because I don't think the show has talked about The Night's King but still.
>> No. 40233
Farewell weird, Westerosi Tyler Durden. You were a FOOKING LEGEND, despite the poor choreography in your fight scene.
>> No. 40275
Don't. Start. Monologuing.

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