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File 137714128029.jpg - (156.69KB , 1920x2836 , 1375377154349.jpg )
38658 No. 38658
Old thread is autosaging.

NINJA : SILENT ASSASSIN * Final Battleyoutube thumb
Am I the only one who loves Godfrey Ho ninja movies? I remember our old video store had them and 8 year old me always checked out a tape a week. Believe it or not that scene is actually subtle compared to what he usually did.
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>> No. 40069
Yea its kinda a change in audience demographics for him. Though that might be part of the idea him bringing those with him.
>> No. 40070
File 139717939232.png - (337.23KB , 603x342 , 1397167461916.png )
I'm already seeing SJW howling for his blood for being a straight white able-bodied cis male who snatched the job out of the hands of more deserving comedians like... who exactly? Late Night is meant for only really experienced and well established comedians. You can't just affirmative action in someone obscure because they tick off a lot of diversity boxes. A lot of the SJW's nominees aren't high profile enough, don't have a consistently solid body of work behind them, or just plain aren't funny enough to get a large audience to tune in. And then when the show inevitably tanks because it's not entertaining the SJW would rather blame bigoted American for boycotting the show rather than, you know, the networks' choice not being particularly well suited for the job. Look at the idiots who seriously suggest Jessica Williams deserves to host The Daily Show over Stewart just because she's black and female.

Now if there were a lot of well established female or minority comedians with the same level of popularity as Colbert in the biz, then yeah I'd get some of the complaints. We are starting to see a change with the rise of folks like Tina Fey and Aziz Ansari. But as it is now the only other person at a serious position to compete with Colbert who belongs to any marginalized groups is Ellen Degeneres, and she seems pretty happy with her own thing. Gah, Colbert may have won the Suey Park battle but leave it to Tumblr to try to turn it into a full-fledged war.
>> No. 40071
Calling it now: on his first episode, about a year from now, he will fuck with us by starting in-character only to break it about twenty seconds in.
>> No. 40072
File 139719407573.jpg - (22.70KB , 543x359 , OReilly-Tides-gun1.jpg )
>Colbert will never rant about Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Cap'n Crunch
>or try to peddle his semen or various other toxic medicines
>or air guitar every time someone mentions sports
>or run around the stage with the camera focused on himself every time a guest comes over
>or pressure famous people to name animals after him
>or warn us about how grass, cake, and bears are destroying America
>or tip his hat and wag his finger at thin air
>or dance with his Chicas white roving tea
>or engage in homosexual relations with his building manager
>or help us to better know a district

Fuck it's time to commit sudoku.
>> No. 40073
I think Tina Fey would make an excellent host. A sexy, excellent host...

He *could* do some of those things; but, just like Conan losing the masturbating bear and other stuff when he went to whatever station he's on now (I forgot), a lot of his schtick is probably tied up with the show, which is likely owned by Viacom.

He'll likely have to leave behind most of his stuff; if we're lucky, he might be able to bring some acts that he hasn't used in some time (like The Threat Board). His character certainly can't go; even before the whole "CancelColbert" bullshit, it was fairly hard-line satire, and that won't sit well with CBS trying to do a super-generic late night talk show.

I will miss him dearly.
>> No. 40074
File 139720362214.png - (154.97KB , 340x348 , shiggydiggy.png )
Never forget Colbert's greatest moment.
>> No. 40075
>Look at the idiots who seriously suggest Jessica Williams deserves to host The Daily Show

Not over Jon but certainly by virtue of being the funniest in the absence of John Oliver.
>> No. 40076
Well I dunno if he's being truthful or just sarky but Arsenio Hall says Letterman wanted him in the running.
>> No. 40077
I don't think any of the current correspondents are that funny, to be honest. I find myself skipping many of their segments these days. The one exception is Jason Jones, because he's done a lot of interesting exposes recently. He certainly has the interviewing chops, but I don't know that he would be able to do the host bit otherwise.

Jon Oliver would have been a shoe-in after his run hosting TDS (and I think he would shine on his own; he was basically "British John Stewart" during the run), but he's with HBO now. Of course, the switch is a year off, so perhaps he would be able to come back?

John Hodgeman would make an excellent replacement for Colbert, character-wise, but I think he's doing other projects right now as well.

All of this assume that CC will do a replacement. Perhaps they'll just fill it in with something else and go back to having only one news show.
>> No. 40078

>> No. 40080
The Colbert/Carell/Helms/Corddry/Bee/Jones days were the best. And Bee and Jones are generally a lot better than most of the new correspondents. I think if they got their own Daily Show spinoff together as cohosts it could be good. And it would help with the diversity thing too, since out of all the non-majority correspondents who are still left Mandvi isn't good enough to host on his own.
>> No. 40083
I doubt it, I read in some articles Letterman actually had some involvement in picking Colbert. And besides a recent survey showed that Hall was the least well-liked late night host, while Colbert was number one. It's not hard to see why they'd gun for him from the getgo.
>> No. 40084
> I think if they got their own Daily Show spinoff together as cohosts it could be good.
Kind of like a "Weekend Update", but a half hour and on weeknights. I would watch it, though the interviews (if any) would be odd: how do you have two people interview one guest at the same time? Maybe do more of the "round table" style setups, where they bring in multiple guests and just kind of moderate the discussion? (But then how do you plug a book/movie?)
>> No. 40137
File 139783941410.jpg - (79.82KB , 1439x712 , Problem Solvers.jpg )
So is it more someone finally stepping up about some of the poison in Hollywood or someone out to make a name for themselves.

Also, Same Kid?
>> No. 40138
... uh?
>> No. 40147

The most pretentious load of rubbish you'll read this year!
>> No. 40149
That writer sure enjoys talking down to folks for being emotionally immature while his argument is basically "too many people like what I dislike!!"
>> No. 40150
These are the same kinda shitheads that crapped all over Del Toro and Pacific Rim because Del Toro didn't make either some Deep Indie Horror flick or some Mexico piece to bolster his cred with them.
>> No. 40180

The EU is dead. Long live the EU.
>> No. 40181
Welp Mara Jade will be included most likely. Maybe the whole cadre of girls Luke tried to make a go with as well.
>> No. 40182
I doubt it, they'll probably go for a comprehensive clean slate. As sad as I am to see Thrawn be de-canonised, I'll gladly accept any sacrifice that ensures the EU dies in a massive fire.
>> No. 40183

Well, they don't plan on de-canonizing EVERYTHING. The people in charge have said they'll use the EU as a "resource" (which basically means they'll gank stuff from the EU when they feel like it and use it in new canon material).

The EU basically became its own alternate universe thanks to this announcement.
>> No. 40184
So now its all part of infinities.
>> No. 40186
Watched the pilot episode of This Week Tonight. It was basically The Daily Show but on HBO, except I don't usually like TDS but still thought this pilot was pretty funny. I think I'll watch the next few episodes to see if they can keep it up.
>> No. 40190
Thinking it over this direction they are taking is likely because JJ Abrams had his damned fanction script he'd been dreaming up since he was a kid and he wants that regardless of the EU. Thankfully there is Rebels
>> No. 40193
What the Robocop remake should have been: Robocop shooting a bunch of dicks off.

Our Robocop Remake - Scene 27vimeo thumb
>> No. 40196
I hope you are not implying the EU isn't 99% fanfic-quality stuff.
>> No. 40197
No just that Abrams could be worse for it all looking at the utter self referencing mess that the second Star Trek movie turned into.
>> No. 40198

Well, it's official. Fuck you, Fox. Almost Human was really good.
>> No. 40199
John Oliver is an overall much better host than current-day Jon Stewart. Stewart may be pretty intelligent and deft at political debates but he's just not a very good performer.
>> No. 40200
I disagree, I always liked Stewart's earnesty as a performer.

That said I do agree to liking Oliver's new show more, I did not expect his show to be going so straight for the jugular tone, an almost Louis C.K. style played straight as except as a news report.
>> No. 40201

I'll buy that Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't good, but this is just melodramatic.

Amen to that. For what good there was, there was even more crap. Kyle Katarn and KotOR are a small price to pay to wipe Starkiller, Waru, and the Yuuzhan Vong from the record.
>> No. 40202
I have a feeling that in another year the inception horn will be as cringe worthy as 80's jargon.
>> No. 40204
File 139891104757.png - (461.09KB , 500x560 , tumblr_n4upokEWCS1qkyz1oo1_500.png )
Goodbye Bob Hoskins you beautiful man.

This one is fer you buddy, always gonna be one of my favorite movies.

>> No. 40207
What did you expect.
>> No. 40208
File 139897046235.png - (157.49KB , 451x237 , i don't know what i expected.png )
>> No. 40209
File 139898017612.jpg - (64.76KB , 600x691 , carnage_gwen_stacy_super.jpg )
Woah thats heavy...
Also he forgot the Ultimate(comic)verse is the source of things like blue Electro and roboRhino.
Hope that means we get Gwen-Carnage.
>> No. 40210
Anyone seen the casting circle for Star Wars 7. People are predicting Hamill is sitting with other Hero/Jedi The girl between Ford and Fisher will be the Solo daughter.
>> No. 40211
Animorphs Theme Songyoutube thumb

This was a thing that happened.
>> No. 40212
As a kid I absolutely loved the Animorph books (I still have the entire series, except the Alternamorphs), and was quite sad that I didn't get Nickelodeon at the time when they were doing the show. And to this day I haven't seen a single episode. Now... I don't feel quite so unhappy.
>> No. 40214
Tobeyfaceyoutube thumb

Goodnight, sweet prince.
>> No. 40215
Eh its still on youtube.
Also this review of the series was real interesting.
Da behind the scens stuff~
>> No. 40216
I drew your bath, sir...youtube thumb

RIP Alfred http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/efrem-zimbalist-jr-dead-star-700983

This year is being brutal.
>> No. 40221
The Amazing Spiderman 2 OST - …youtube thumb

Unlike the previous movie, Amazing Spider-Man 2 actually has memorable music.
>> No. 40230
File 139931594619.jpg - (258.13KB , 500x497 , tumblr_n4zffqxH3N1qixq1xo1_500.jpg )
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the most entertaining and frustrating movie I've seen in theaters. There were so many great Spidey moments in this film, but all the subplots barely go anywhere or tie up in a satisfying way. There's three plots in ASM2 that would have made fine future films, but for whatever reason, it's all crammed up in one. It's like director Marc Webb thought Sony were going to take Spider-Man away from him and he had to include everything he wanted to do with the franchise in the sequel.

I still recommend seeing it, because there are great scenes and performances here, but I'm not gonna pretend this is a perfect film. It's excessive and convoluted, but damn, I still had fun seeing it.
>> No. 40234
Official Extended Trailer | GO…youtube thumb

I hope you like horn blares.
>> No. 40238
Looks really good.

With TV currently in its golden age, it's probably a good thing the TV division of DC Comics is more focused than its film division.
>> No. 40239
Just wish it was some place other than Fox
>> No. 40251
>put Eurovision Song Contest on Sky+ planner, because I know I'll be home later than usual tonight and I want to watch it
>mfw parents don't want to watch it, cause "it's silly", so we end up watching yet another cop show, just like every other night
I know I sound like an edgy teenager, but my parents are so fucking boring.
>> No. 40272
File 140142513216.jpg - (92.87KB , 492x755 , russians_are_coming_the_russians_are_coming.jpg )
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