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File 137536365127.gif - (2.27MB , 314x159 , 1375178274267.gif )
38293 No. 38293
the other thread is autosaging and i really just wanted to post this gif
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>> No. 38295
Aww, that's cute as hell. Who is the little girl in front?
>> No. 38296
Pretty sure that's loli Mako
>> No. 38297
Dude Knifehead is a boy not a girl!
>> No. 38298
So, its earned 9 mil on its opening weekend in China and Japan, alongside Brazil are also expected to make a killing....
>> No. 38302
File 13753898097.png - (431.65KB , 500x598 , 1375374752499.png )
>kaiju attacks Sydney
>"Oi, let's go watch the cunt get his teeth kicked in"
>> No. 38303
>all kaiju are clones
>one of them was pregnant

do the math
>> No. 38305
My immediate assumption would be that they're all hermaphrodites, assuming it's not a parthenogenic all-female species. Otherwise how would the pregnant one have gotten pregnant in the first place?
>> No. 38306
In the novelization Newt says mentions Kaiju do possess reproductive organs.

And my assumption is that Leatherback went apeshit on Otachi, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 38307
Man, the Russians Rangers are really, really liiked by the fandom, lots of fanart of them (and Cherno).
>> No. 38308
Thursday's been strong for PR in China as well. Cumulatively, it's done over a hundred million yuan (around $17 million), and is expected to make about 250 million yuan (just under $45 million) by the end of the weekend. Sure, it's a 5-day instead of a 3-day, but that's still bigger bank than PR got in the States on its opening weekend.

I had a feeling ever since I heard about this movie that this had the potential to be a surprise breakout in China. It just chimes so well with the kind of stuff Chinese audiences want to see (the Transformers trilogy made insane amounts of cash in the People's Republic, and bloody Battleship did disproportionately well there), and nothing else Hollywood was dumping on the market seemed to "get" what the Chinese wanted. Hopefully Hollywood will take notice and realise that shoveling superhero fare across the Pacific and chucking in non-sequitur scenes with random local actors is not a sufficient strategy for keeping your foot in the world's second-largest movie market.

Now all the authorities need to do is stop hoarding the studios' box office take, and we're golden.
>> No. 38309
maybe it was less pregnant and more engineered with a trojan mini kaiju in it?
>> No. 38310
I take it $9M is good for a Chinese movie opening? I'm sure they probably pay less than average and don't have theaters all over the country, but I'm not familiar with Chinese box-office numbers. Granted, opening in the states was, what, $22M?

That was my take on the whole thing, as well. A "Plan B", if you will.
>> No. 38311
> I take it $9M is good for a Chinese movie opening?

It was the biggest opening ever in China.

As to how big the Chinese market is, Ironman 3 made 800 million bucks outside the US, and 120 million were on China.
>> No. 38312
37M was for the weekend opening (Grown Ups 2 pulled about 6M more on a 2:8 screen showing margin). Up to 87M Domestic now. Not bad considering how many theaters scrapped it a week or so later or barely showed it from the start due to the industry news showing poor interest.
>> No. 38313
File 137540442928.jpg - (9.74KB , 799x129 , 1375375135591.jpg )
They're awesome honestly. Cherno had s cool design too. I do wish there was a little more of Typhoon and the Weis.

Some anon on /co/ came up with a brilliant idea. In the sequel they dust off Matador Fury and bring back its two old Mexican convict pilots played by Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin
>> No. 38314
This, Pacific Rim opened at $14 milion on the US
>> No. 38320
>It was the biggest opening ever in China.
For Warner Bros. Let's not get too carried away.

I've been following the growth of the Chinese box office for the last few years, since I'm a massive nerd and I find it fascinating how a market that practically didn't exist ten years has suddenly exploded into this massive game-changing behemoth. China's market is still about a third the size of the US, and Hollywood movies are facing more severe domestic competition than they've done so in the past, so for PR to make nearly 2/3rds of its American opening day in China is damn near spectacular.
>> No. 38321
File 137544419953.jpg - (62.14KB , 680x680 , 1358868851499.jpg )
>going to buy a PacRim toy
>decide to buy Typhoon because she's just more cool looking than Gypsy, dealwithit
>on the same day she arrives, China single-handedly redeems Del Taco's career

Fuck yeah China. Your gov't is deluded but your people are now officially bros. Well played.
>> No. 38322
I wouldn't say the Chinese goverment is deluded, they know exactly what are they doing.

It's just that what are they doing is not in the best interest of the Chinese population.
>> No. 38323
Up another Million Domestic since yesterday. Maybe reach 90 by end of weekend. Think we'd already hit 120-50 had it not hit that bump.
>> No. 38326
It was okay.
Its like the best part of Independence Day and Transformers in a mixer set on awesome.
BUT, it lack that little hard to point out extra.
Charisma or something, I dont fucking know.
Got me hyped for the new Godzilla doh.
And the comics!
>> No. 38328

I can dig this explanation.

I just figured it was an homage to the "11th Hour Superpower"/"pull just the right thing out of your ass right when you need it" plot device in many mecha anime series. Interpreting it that way, I thought it was hilarious.
>> No. 38331
Yeah, I hadn't realized that Raleigh didn't know about the sword, I just thought that they were holding it back for some unexplained reason. Some unexplained reason that never made sense to me since it was clearly the most effective weapon from that point on, and didn't seem to have any sort of energy requirement or limited use scenario.
>> No. 38332
Now that I think about it, he hadn't seen Gipsy Danger for 5-ish years, right? Maybe it was added retroactively. After he stopped piloting her, but before he got her back.
>> No. 38333
usually the case with the mid season upgrade trope stuff
>> No. 38334
It's mentioned in the movie that they put new stuff on Gypsy to make her an unique Jaeger
>> No. 38335
I guess I was the only one who never gave it a second thought as to why Raleigh didn't know about the sword, because FUCK YEAH MECHSWORD.
>> No. 38337
File 137550583132.jpg - (119.90KB , 400x399 , fruto.jpg )
Why doesn't Mazinger Z use the Brest Fire right off the bat
Why doesn't Voltron just slice his enemies with the Blazing Sword
Why doesn't the Gurren Lagann use the Giga Drill Breaker first
Why doesn't any Megazord use it's finisher attack right at the start of the fight
Why didn't Gypsy Danger use the SWORD against the Leatherback and only used it at the last moment against Otachi
Why didn't the eagles fly the nuke into the Breach
>> No. 38338
Gurren Lagann doesn't do it first because they have to build up their Spiral Energy high enough to power it. It's not like you can do an attack like that immediately upon entering battle.
>> No. 38341
why didn't the whatstheirnames just send in a dozen class 10s straight away
>> No. 38343
File 137556739778.jpg - (124.57KB , 850x570 , tumblr_mqz0d2W3qW1rnovaho1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 38344
File 137557058268.gif - (277.96KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mqxv5j7Oyq1rtvb79o1_500.gif )
>> No. 38351
PSA - Attack on Titan/Pacific Rim Parodyyoutube thumb
>> No. 38355
why didn't heimdall call on his buddy thor to beat the giant monsters

The Iron Giant was nowhere near big enough to go toe-to-to with a Kaiju. Doesn't really matter since it's internal weapons would be more than enough to do the trick
>> No. 38360
File 137564506521.png - (3.55KB , 251x90 , Resist.png )

If Domestic can hold it might break 100 by the end of this week.
>> No. 38365
What was the costs of the movie again?
>> No. 38366
about 190 reported though I don't know if that included the cash Del Toro saved since he brought the film in under budget.
>> No. 38369
how does the newest jaeger have twice the kills of the longest serving one?
>> No. 38371
That's an easy one. Not every engagement against Kaiju was a 1vs1 fight, it was mentioned that Raleigh met Herc Hansen before during a three-Jaeger deployment. It's perfecty possible that a Jaegaer may had several deployments buy only achieved the killshot in a few. It's also canon that the Sydney Shatterdome was the one that saw most action, since it was the Shatterdome with the biggest area of operation.
>> No. 38372
i'll accept those terms
>> No. 38386
I require a list, /mtv/. A "List of Things You'll Probably Like if You Liked Pacific Rim".
>> No. 38389
Ice Cream
Good things in general.
>> No. 38390
But seriously, if you liked Pacific Rim you should watch anything Patlabor, since it's the mecha anime that inspired uncle Del Taco the most. Just bear in mind that the show and the movies have a VERY different tone.

Also, for oldschool mecha goodness, you can't go wrong with Mazinger and his friends. Since the original series is a bit dated, you should go for Mazinkaiser and Shin Mazinger.

Giant Robo is another great recomendation. And I guess Gurren Lagann for a modern take on the Super Robots genere.

As for the Kaiju, DUH, the Godzilla films. ALL of them, yes even the shitty ones. And mah nigga Gamera. Also, try finding the Godzilla animated series, which was like 100 times better than the American flick it spun offs from.
>> No. 38391
I like how the mexican media are really keeping track of PRim's box office numbers worldwide.
It made like, 40mil in china the whole weekend and stuff.
>> No. 38428
File 137583932040.jpg - (37.56KB , 577x324 , tumblr_mr3vnr08e31qbjpavo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 38429
File 137583971422.jpg - (51.65KB , 500x549 , tumblr_mr3vnr08e31qbjpavo2_500.jpg )
>> No. 38430
Honestly that just sounds kind of creepy.
>> No. 38431
Been thinking of watching Macross Plus recently.

Not because of PR specifically, but because I've wanted to get into mecha stuff for awhile, and the only one I've ever seen is G Gundam (and a little of SD Gundam, though it doesn't really count).

Also because I found out it launched Yoko Kanno and Shinchiro Watanabe's fame, and I'll forever have a soft spot for Cowboy Bebop.

Also Bryan Cranston voiced the protag, which is fucking hilarious.
>> No. 38438
Well I'm 14 episodes into Patlabor now, and what to thank you for the recommendation because this is most certainly my cup of tea.
>> No. 38439
Nah. Rinko mentioned that during her training period in preparation for the film, Del Toro sang her the main theme of Totoro for support. He just loves Totoro, it seems.
>> No. 38440
File 137590260322.png - (716.48KB , 1500x1500 , 1375707797413.png )
>> No. 38441
File 13759029719.png - (1.07MB , 750x3910 , 1375376644038.png )
>> No. 38442
File 137590325840.jpg - (69.25KB , 720x1019 , 1375747461206.jpg )
Fun fact, Scunner is old English for scumbag
>> No. 38443
File 137590352051.jpg - (129.80KB , 1024x1448 , 1375747677647.jpg )
>> No. 38444
File 137590384630.jpg - (42.93KB , 500x666 , 1375722781078.jpg )
>> No. 38446
I'm aware. Largely because it's one of the favorite words of the Mac Nac Feegle. Not quite up there with "Crivens!" but up there.
>> No. 38449
It's actually an old scottish word for something repulsive
>> No. 38455
On that note:

>Gypsy Danger: A classified CNO (Chief of Naval Operations project supported by Rewson).

>> No. 38458
My only gripe is that Del Toro didn't go full retard with this movie where it was, for once, clearly justified.

>could have had pilots all been clones for the sci-f dystopia war culture drama
>could have set story further in the future for sci-fi futuristic cool shit
>could have teased a sequel that probably won't happen because emerakaw

that cherno alpha though holy shit they need a movie just for cherno alpha
>> No. 38459
There IS gonna be a sequel because of chingchongwingwong and huehuehuehue
>> No. 38461
> could have had pilots all been clones for the sci-f dystopia war culture drama

Uh, no. This is lighthearted super robots fun, not Evangelion. Leave the attempts of heavy drama out of it.

> could have set story further in the future for sci-fi futuristic cool shit

Disagreed. If there were lots of sci-fi shit around with spaceships and rayguns and all that stuff, that would make the Jaegers lool less cool and awesome. These are unique machines, the very best human technology could achieve by taxing our resources and industrial means to the limit.
>> No. 38463
That reminds me, it opened in Japan today. Were does one find Japanese box office numbers?
>> No. 38464
>could have been an entirely different goddamn movie
do you hate fun

I just saw Elysium and I couldn't stop thinking "man, Pacific Rim was so much more satisfying."
>> No. 38467
File 137609017512.jpg - (1.06MB , 1000x1414 , Jaegar - Aegir Omega (Norway) by theDURRRRIAN.jpg )
Don't mind me, just posting some cool fanart I found.
>> No. 38468
File 137609022986.jpg - (745.19KB , 1600x2263 , jaeger___king_of_sweden_by_thedurrrrian-d6foonj.jpg )
Oh, and source is http://thedurrrrian.deviantart.com/ in case anyone was interested.
>> No. 38470
File 137613343979.jpg - (43.26KB , 500x707 , 1375374625909.jpg )
Is it wrong I want an AU or sequel where the kaiju emerge from the Atlantic?

I'd love a German Jaeger
>> No. 38471
>German J├Ąger

Shit yeah I want me some Atlantic Rim.
>> No. 38472
Wasn't there a country that bordered the Atlantic that had a Jaeger for some reason in the pre-movie hype posters?
>> No. 38474
Why not? Who knows where they would strike.

And more important, there's nothing stopping a Jaeger built in a non-pacific country being ferried over and helping fight the monster attacking all of humanity.
>> No. 38476
The country of procedence of the Jaeger wouldn't really matter, as they would be stationed in the Shatterdomes around the pacific anyways.
>> No. 38477
File 137616456395.jpg - (105.07KB , 500x2000 , 1375376642190.jpg )
You know they'd probably be better off building Jaegers inland. They're vulnerable while under construction and they can be ferried around easy.

Imagine all the Detroit factories being converted to build Jaeger parts.

Jaeger Miester deployed.
>> No. 38478
File 137621912381.png - (10.93KB , 350x350 , tumblr_mhcvubMohc1rhg2quo1_400.png )
>> No. 38479
File 137622721492.jpg - (276.18KB , 578x770 , atlantic-rim-poster.jpg )
Did somebody say "Atlantic Rim"?
>> No. 38480
File 137623328619.png - (364.35KB , 424x750 , 1375376040178.png )
>> No. 38482
I would watch the shit out of that show.
>> No. 38483
thats not OK
>> No. 38486
File 137626189280.png - (493.73KB , 640x487 , shamefur dispray.png )

> It opened to just $3 million in Japan, which is very disappointing considering the general appeal of robots vs. monsters in that territory

>> No. 38487
>Opening in its final international territories

Maybe Japan couldn't wait and just downloaded camrips before the movie came out. How did the Japanese critics rate it?
>> No. 38490
File 137627035016.jpg - (24.14KB , 330x250 , 1251954861646.jpg )
They don't think Rei-iMEAN Mako is pretty enough. Also, could be a case of cgi hate.
>> No. 38495
File 137627298438.jpg - (787.03KB , 1500x535 , echo_victory_by_agentscarlet-d6hmtgr.jpg )
>> No. 38497
Well obviously they noticed what an awful Evangelion ripoff it is.
>> No. 38500
If Evangelion ripoffs are a turnoff then I wonder why Japanese industries keep making them.
>> No. 38501
Are you guys being serious? Pacific Rim is nothing like Evangelion in terms of characters or tones or themes or anything important.

The control scheme is one part Eva neural link to two part G Gundam Mobile Trace System, and that's about it.
>> No. 38502
File 137628058985.png - (23.30KB , 116x137 , 346at95_jpg.png )
>Evangelion ripoff
>> No. 38504
The only thing EVA did better was the "controll room" scenes.
But yes, alot of reviews said that if they did Evangelion Evolution it would look like this.
>> No. 38505
At first I was worried this movie would make it impossible to make an Evangelion adaptation (a la Hunger Games:Battle Royale), but the similarities start and stop at the humans piloting robots and neural handshakes.

Not that that's a legitimate concern at this point because even less people would probably go see an Evangelion adaptation.
>> No. 38507
Oddly enough PacRim also opened mildly in Spain and Brazil, two countries that had a history of mech anime and toku stuff on TV years ago. I guess the adults in those countries let their collective inner childs die long ago.
>> No. 38510
Any news on Italy? They love dem giant robots as well.

Goddammit Japan!
>> No. 38512
I actually was sorta expecting PR not not set ablaze the japanese box office. First, the genere is a niche there, Kaiju and Mech fans are just are not really that numerous as you may think. Plus, I sense that no matter what Kojima, Nagai, and Anno may have said in support of the movie, a lot of Japanese fanboys probably do not like the idea of westerners "messing with the turf" so to speak.
>> No. 38513
File 137632223299.jpg - (155.89KB , 1280x720 , Darks-souls-nito-cutscene.jpg )
I personally find that "messing with someone else's turf" often gives the best of both worlds-stuff.
>> No. 38517
We all think so.
But the xenophobic japanese mentality they've got usually... kills any hope of that.
>> No. 38518
So sad that so few think "outside the box" as it were.
>> No. 38519
But... but Kojima told them that he riked it...
>> No. 38520
Guys, seriously.
I don't know how you people got the idea that Geeks in Japan were more prevalent than they are here in the US.
Seriously, they're even more fucking ostricized and fucked with over there than they are here since 'geekchic' started.
>> No. 38521
Dunno, but some cinemas were still in holiday price mode, so that might have hurt the opening a bit.

I watched it today. Great movie, and I think I could actually see some ideas comig from Evangelion, but it's got an entirely different tone. It felt hollywoodian to begin with.
>> No. 38522
strange since things like Blade Runner had such a big effect in the past. Maybe it just takes time.
>> No. 38523
I had heard once that japanese people were not very fond of going to the movies and that's way the OVA / Direct to Video market was so big over there.

They would rather download a movie and stay home than go to the cinema.
>> No. 38524
Kojima is also the biggest wastaboo ever.
>> No. 38528
I'm going to go with "the commonality of middle-age managers reading manga on the train to work." Granted, those types are probably not heavy geeks like Otaku, but it seemed to me as though Japan had a more general tolerance/acceptance of geek things than the U.S. does, so such a disappointing opening was not in my expectations.

At least they didn't earn Grown Ups 2 more... right?
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