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File 137536365127.gif - (2.27MB , 314x159 , 1375178274267.gif )
38293 No. 38293
the other thread is autosaging and i really just wanted to post this gif
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>> No. 38888
File 137922394193.jpg - (83.32KB , 850x792 , 1379199685165.jpg )
>> No. 38901
oh i forgot about this thread
I told you guys! I TOLD you guys the first kaiju were the dinosaurs, and you were all "weh no that's not what newt meant at all even though it's what he said weh"

Also re: the slur, from what I've been told, the engine was named after a bug which was named after the slur
so defending it is kinda like going "nooo, Wetback Hostel isn't offensive, it was named after what some dude called his car in the 80s!" if that info is right
Not trying to restart the argument just saying it pretty much is named after the slur, if accidentally, so
>> No. 38903
> the slur

Shut up
>> No. 38904
That's what it is though. Like someone earlier in the thread said, it was even considered so back when Thinner came out, nearly 20 years ago.
You don't get to plug your ears and pretend that words aren't ethnicity-based insults when it's easy for you to, sorry m8.
>> No. 38906
File 137944735254.gif - (900.10KB , 400x200 , 1379192442331.gif )
I cannot wait for the DVD
>> No. 38907
Same, I think it'll be the first Blu-Ray I ever buy. I'm pretty excited to get to see it again, I only saw it once in theaters.
>> No. 38908
File 137944930482.jpg - (69.88KB , 500x500 , 1148_2_1312195499.jpg )
Just because somebody in the internet says it so, doesn't make it true. I looked at various dictionaries, and only one of them mentioned that "Gyspsy" can be used as a derogatory depending of the context, but the word itself wasn't a slur. Even the etymology of the word has a dignified meaning.

You know, I actually asked once a Gitano in Spain (funnily enough, he thought the Gipsy Kings suck) if the word was offensive for him, and he told me that no, "Gypsy" in itself wasn't a slur (at least for him) but it could be offensive if instead of simply reffering to people of Romani descent, it was used as a generic insult for "dirty ignorant homeless thieves" and such. So yes, it depends of the context, and it really isn't on the same level as calling somebody a wetback or a nigger.

And seriously, shut up.
>> No. 38909
>Just because somebody in the internet says it so, doesn't make it true.
Funny how you think your experience with one person means you're right and that I should believe you, then!
>> No. 38910
I've never said I was "right". Fact is, a simple search on the internet shows that there is a lot of debate on the matter, with lots of opinions ranging from "it's a legit word" to "it's a racial slur", it is nowhere near as definitve as my make it appear.

Try this, look up at a dictonary, different dictionaries even, for the words "nigger, "wetback" and "gypsy", and see if there is no difference of how they are defined.
>> No. 38911
File 137945133693.png - (515.43KB , 599x732 , 1378043021613.png )
I wish I could see it on bluray. Still using a regular DVD player.

I still remember one little bit that still impresses me. Those plates on Cherno' s torso that constantly move. I have no idea what purpose they served but it was cool
>> No. 38912
You could download a good 1080p rip and still buy the DVD to support the movie.
>> No. 38913
Don't have a computer anymore. I use my phone. Don't know how that would react. My friend has a bluray though.
>> No. 38914
>Fact is, a simple search on the internet shows that there is a lot of debate on the matter, with lots of opinions ranging from "it's a legit word" to "it's a racial slur", it is nowhere near as definitve as my make it appear.
You could say the same thing about the word "mulatto." I still wouldn't recommend using it just because there are some biracial people who are fine with it.
>> No. 38921
well congratulations you did so fuck you
>> No. 38922
Pacific Rim 'Before & Afters'youtube thumb

>> No. 38923
File 137962227654.png - (232.89KB , 500x700 , 1379610847273.png )
>> No. 38924
i wonder why there were two Horizon Braves

maybe its time to ask Travis something
>> No. 38925
Maybe they thought it was a good design. Perhaps the other one goes by a different name?
>> No. 38926
>Attached to a US Military Tank division assigned to assist with the evacuation of Vancouver.
>See the Kaiju designated as Karloff lumbering towards the last active evacuation zone in the city
>Our CO orders a barrage of fire on it to distract the bastard.
>It works and it comes lumbering towards us
>Our CO orders to "Hold to the last, give those civvies as much time as we can give them"
>No matter what we hit it with and how much we hit it with, it just won't die.
>The Radio comes to life. Its Command telling us that reinforcements are on the way.
>I ask them what good would reinforcements do.
>He says that its something special.
>CO Expects the worst. Orders everyone to prepare for a nuclear strike. >Suddenly Karloff turns away from us. It is distracted by several helicopters carrying what looks like a robot from one of those Japanese Cartoons my son is always watching
>It drops from the copters and starts walking towards the beast.
>Whats left of the division can only stand, speechless at what is happening
>I don't know how long it lasted, but I do know that at the end, you can hear a chorus of cheers from everyone.
>> No. 38927
> economic turmoil, we barely make enouigh to eat and little else
> shit's not helping my sex life
> and by not helping I mean chilly willy (yes, that's how I call him, shut up) is deader than San Francisco , poor wife hasn't had any in months
> not even Viagra helps, desperately looking at any sort of alternative medicine
> even had some quack doctor injecting my dick with black widow venom, the less I recall of that one, the better
> contemplating suicide in front of my PC, suddently an email pops
> no subject, empty message field, only an attached pdf file
> against any good judgment I open the attachment, it's a digital version of a promotional brochure... advertising medicine made with Kaiju organs? what?
> the cartoon representation of a thuggish yet oddly attractive man wearing garish clothing strangely compels me to read.
> long story made short, I end up in a empty parking lot late at night, trading with a supicious looking man an entire month's pay for a small bottle of alleged pills made out of alleged Kaiju bones
> driving home I take a glance at the label "100% made with femur from the first Kaiju downed by an all-american Jaeger", whatever, I take a pill
> as I enter home in the dark, I definitely feel something funny down there
> unzip the pants to se what's going on
> the Kaiju bone literally gave a kaiju-sized boner
> and that's why my dick is now called Karloff
>> No. 38932
File 137969448874.jpg - (120.71KB , 720x540 , Mi-26_CH-47_Afghanistan_Recovery.jpg )
yeah fuck that shit

this is the Mi26, holder of the current record for heaviest load lifted by helicopter (a mammoth in an ice cube of all things) at 25 ton

Gypsy Danger wheighs in at 1980 tons according to the wiki.

it would take EIGHTY of these fucking things to lift a jaeger

so lifting a jaeger with 8 chinooks? yeah fuck that
>> No. 38933
Square Cube Law makes everything in this movie impossible anyways.

Besides, its cool. Do you need a better reason
>> No. 38934
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, till my friend pointed out, "They have the tech to build Gundams now, they MIGHT have improved their helicopter tech too."
>> No. 38936
P. much. I didn't pay close attention to the helicopters in the movie, but if they can build giant, analog, nuclear mechs in that universe, there's a fair chance their helicopters are more impressive, too.

Also, IIRC, they were usually used to move a Jaeger over the water. Was the Jaeger touching the water at all? If it was, they might have used some sort of pontoon system to shift the weight so that the Jaeger was at least partially floating, and the helicopters moved it/lifted the rest.
>> No. 38937
This game should have happened, as something like a Rampage clone. Pacific Rim Main Theme 8bit Arrangeyoutube thumb
>> No. 38938
they straight up lifted Crimson out of the shatterdome

i looked it up and they are called V50 Jumphawks

sure look like chinooks to me
>> No. 38939
In the novelization they describe the V-50 as a tiltorotor VTOL aircraft specially built for Jaeger delpoyments, so the choppers in the movie can't be them. My guess is that theys simply put pre-existing Chinook 3D models to save costs.
>> No. 38940
I wouldn't mind a Super Robot Wars RPG with a stable of Jaegers.
>> No. 38941
File 137982260152.jpg - (33.47KB , 560x560 , 99886768-Aleksis-Kaidanovsky-Pacific-Rim-Kids-Cost.jpg )
>> No. 38942
File 137982305712.jpg - (37.24KB , 560x560 , 99886767-Cherno-Alpha-Pacific-Rim-Kids-Costume-Kid.jpg )
>> No. 38943
Holy shit, so ugly
>> No. 38955
Godzilla VS King Ghidorah (1991) - Best Sceneyoutube thumb

If we can get a scene this good in the new movie I'll be pretty happy.
>> No. 38959
File 137997622477.jpg - (102.04KB , 560x560 , DURR.jpg )
>> No. 39043
File 138091843072.jpg - (741.10KB , 722x1024 , 5356221729_80a1a3d370_b.jpg )

>> No. 39046
>> No. 39047
File 138098557458.gif - (1.14MB , 245x100 , tumblr_mu6npyVkdh1rgwx9zo8_250.gif )
>> No. 39063
Guys I am curious, who owns PR, WB or Legendary?

Also, movie got pirated a couple of days ago.
>> No. 39065
Legendary IIRC
>> No. 39066

Well we know more about another Jaeger and its crew.
>> No. 39067
File 138122308425.gif - (352.03KB , 245x230 , NOW YOU FUCKED UP.gif )
>oh shit he did another one?!?!
>its the old one
>> No. 39069
Well no one bothered posting it.
>> No. 39145
>not picking up the Blu-Ray on day 1

Yall niggas doin it wrong

>> No. 39147
Pre-ordered, already re-watched it.

Man I am glad I watched it in the theaters, it's just not the same on a TV screen.
>> No. 39154
tumblererites dont understand that romani refers to a specific group of gypsy and that there are other nomadic, traveller groups that go by different names. gypsy is a catch-all phrase for these people. by replacing gypsy with romani, you are silencing and commiting erasure of these other ethnicities! Not to mention people of your ethnic ethnicity shouldn't be trying to tell Gypsys how they feel, you are taking something away from them and taking away their right to feel and invading a safe place and tumblr I can do this all day

On Pacific Rim: LOVED IT. Best American anime. It's rare that you see a big summer Hollywood blockbuster made with so much love and that's actually good, and del Toro is a champ at that. Guys what if he had done the Star Trek reboot. Or at the Mountains of Madness guys omg omg
>> No. 39155
You're expecting the SJW to actually research.

Star Trek would have been good but imagine Star Wars by del Toro. Or what if legendary does well with Godzilla and they bring back Gamera?
>> No. 39156
Why is it that "anti-SJW" people are always so much fucking whinier and more insufferable than the people they're supposedly against?
this sums it up
THE ENTIRE FUCKING DEBATE is that this one word wasn't absolutely necessary. That's all. That is literally fucking all. Travis Beacham himself came out and said he wasn't aware that "gypsy" is commonly used as a racial slur. (see here >>38548) No one is calling Del Toro racist. No one is saying that the movie is horrible because of this. The only people I still see talking about it are those awful parody SJWs crying censorship who just start screeching and never stop the second someone suggests that maybe something borderline insensitive didn't NEED to be in a piece of media consumed by millions and millions of people.
>> No. 39165
> The only people I still see talking about it

You just talked about it. Fo such a supposedly small and not really that important issue, you seem a bit too upset about it.
>> No. 39166
You know, for people who supposedly hate SJW-related drama, you sure do argue about SJW topics a goddamned lot.
>> No. 39167
Before someone dismisses this as complete bs, there actually is some anon on some of the other boards posting random insignificant tumblr conversations (<50 notes) with the apparent assumption that people should be super outraged/interested, so that's an actual behavior. For this thread/board though it'd be best to just drop the subject.
>> No. 39859
>Best American anime
Alongside Exo Squad.
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