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File 134984898314.jpg - (71.17KB , 250x370 , Walking_Dead_Season_3_Official_Poster.jpg )
35493 No. 35493
Are you ready for round 3?
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>> No. 35494
Yes, I AM ready for "sitting in a prison arguing over the same things for 15 episodes"

Honestly, I don't know I'm going to be able to get back into it after the glacial pace of the second season, and the repetitiveness that the comic eventually collapsed into.
>> No. 35497
On the plus side, that one douche is finally dead.

On the shit side, that one cool dude is dead too. :/
>> No. 35501
So it kind of balances out? Also, I'm really hoping Lori dies this season. She needs to be put out of our misery.
>> No. 35544
o good hershel's the new dale.
>> No. 35548
Bestest episode in the entire series!
Looks like the long wait really paid off. Highest zombie kill count with best special effects.

A little thing I noticed was that unlike the previous two seasons they had no trigger discipline and guns didn't recoil/cycle. I just pay attention to this every time I watch something.
>> No. 35551
I just hope he doesn't go the way of Allan.
>> No. 35569
you would think these motherfuckers would be double tapping every dead person they found at this point

also just wearing the torso armour and not the pads? what the fuck did they think they were going to find, zombies with guns
>> No. 35570
To be fair for the body armor stuff, they just might not have found any clean enough to use. Those guards had been decaying for over a year inside their gear.
Also, Lori is still annoying (but at least everyone hates her) and redneck is still the best.
>> No. 35572
When Herschel appeared at the beginning of the episode, he was Santa.
Now he will become a pirate.
>> No. 35619
2 days later and no coment. the episode was that good, huh?
>> No. 35621
File 135108323769.jpg - (107.48KB , 380x540 , 1342374115458.jpg )
This is what I thought of when Rick locked that guy outside with the zombies. I'm too lazy to do a shitty edit of it, though.
>> No. 35624
Anon mostly posts critiques. The first two episodes were flawless. A higher kill count than the first two seasons combined, and less idiotic characters. Thus, anon has nothing to rage about.
>> No. 35626
>> No. 35755
well that certainly made up for some of the worse episodes

i'm glad we finnaly got a "you follow me?"
>> No. 35756
File 135211342971.jpg?spoiler - (151.37KB , 960x540 , 1352112207886.jpg?spoiler )
i hope they keep the babby getting shot later in the series
>> No. 35759
>> No. 35760
Because I've read the comics I was expecting Carl to tell him to man the fuck up when he started blubbing. This was good for a laugh, though.
>> No. 35762
I would not be opposed to Axel not dying this time around, even if they have switched him from a bag man to a meth? dealer.
>> No. 35763
>Stop watching last season
>Read spoilers for last nights episode

Well, maybe I'll start watching again. Has Andrea gotten badass yet? She was my favorite in the comics.
>> No. 35765
We watched this scene like 4 times just for that "ohh noooo" line, holy fuck that delivery was hilarious.
>> No. 35766
Well, some people will be happy i guess.
>> No. 35767
No, she's too busy being easily suckered in by a known asshole redneck white supremacist and a guy she just met who is making Michonne's spider senses tingle.
>> No. 35768
Every time Andrea shows up, I can never avoid thinking "she is the worst character on this show".

Which really fucking hurts becasue like >>35763, I loved comics Andrea.
>> No. 35772
File 135227298591.jpg - (95.93KB , 620x390 , shuddup bitch.jpg )
Whenever you want to complain, take a look at the previous seasons. So far I have little to complain about.
I especially enjoy more zombie action over drama llamas bitching. The killcount so far is higher than the first two seasons combined and the special effects team really did a good job this time.
>> No. 35777
if they transform her into comics andrea, i will be at peace.
good lori death. better than in comics.
>> No. 35780
Yeah, they really are doing a great job at making shit actually happen. There's been at least one big action scene in ever episode so far. Hell, some of the cast have even died; didn't feel bad about Lori, but T-Dog actually got to me. He really went out like a champ and he was taken before he ever really got a chance to shine. I mean, it's not a fucking amazing show, but it's at least stopped being the bore it was last season.
>> No. 35841
File 135275109186.png - (321.10KB , 522x930 , 1352713406650.png )
everyone knows who was phone in the comics, but im thinking that they're going to pull the old switcheroo on us.

its probably going to be Carol on the internal line trying to get help because she's holed up in an office on the other side of the prison
>> No. 35848
Yo, is it just me, or is the Governor being evil just not nearly as effective as it was in the comics? Rick's group is so severely morally compromised at this point, so ready to kill everyone they run into, that the Governor's actions aren't really that much worse than what Rick's been pulling. The Governor also seems more competent at running a group, period. Even if he's still a necrophiliac pedophile, he doesn't have his entire community at each other's throats. Hell, even Merle, the psycho, racist hillbilly who was introduced trying to attract zombies, seems to be working well with others.

Also: Rick's just gone through Tyreese's emotional arc. If/when he shows up... they're going to have to do something else with Tyreese (who I'm still kinda amazed wasn't T-Dog.)

I would like that twist. It would work well.
>> No. 35849
i'm sure hoping the governor thing is going to go south in a beautiful and magnificent way that will give credence to everything michonne senses early on, making her even more of a badass than in the comics.

the team will need her. she's too damned good.

also more andrea sniper training. please.
>> No. 35863
Tune in next week to find out... WHO WAS PHONE!!!
>> No. 35866
i bet he's sent a crew out to capture her and bring her back in. thats when it gets back in line with the comics
>> No. 35943
well i was partially right. about her being trapped at least

its a shame they wrapped up the whole phone thing without anyone getting their hopes right up.
>> No. 35947
Rick: I just spoke to Lori on the phone
Hershel: But Lori's dead
Both: ... THEN WHO WAS PHONE!!!?

Oh and Andrea is a slut.
>> No. 35949
Andrea's survival strategy of banging whoever seems to be the Alpha Male is just an element of what makes her the worst character on the show.
>> No. 35981
File 135396864892.jpg - (691.47KB , 1920x1080 , 13539079521.jpg )
>woodbury in charge of defence
>> No. 35982
File 135396902611.jpg - (43.71KB , 446x400 , get a load of this guy.jpg )
>this loser's never curved the bullet
>> No. 35983
FFS why didn't we see Maggie's boobs? I mean they're showing lot's of violence and gore already, what's a few seconds of fan service?
>> No. 35984
FFS why didn't we get to see Maggie's boobs? There's plenty of violence and gore already.
>> No. 36001
Because cable TV is weird and copious amounts of blood is okay but not even the slightest bit of sex or cursing.
>> No. 36002
That isn't cable's fault, it's the advertisers.
People(in America) don't want their product associated with uncovered boobies, because boobies are of the devil and will corrupt the childrens. Or something.
Technically, it's the consumers, because parents throw shitfits at their kids seeing nudity/sexual scenarios on cable TV, even if they're okay with gore and violence. In turn, this makes advertisers not want their product associated with that, so they won't place ads during a show with nudity/sex. That means the network won't get the funding they need to stay on-air, which means the networks say no to shows that display it.
In America.
In Britland that shit is A-OK.
>> No. 36004
Unless you're HBO, in which case the programming philosophy seems to be "But can it have MORE gratuitous nudity?"
>> No. 36058
Mid-season break. NOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!
>> No. 36080
That's because HBO is a ~premium~ channel. It doesn't come in any basic cable/satellite packages, you have to pay extra for it. That extra money goes to HBO, so they don't need ads, so they can show all the boobies they want and not worry about advertiser backlash.
>> No. 39131
Walking Dead General: am i the only one still bothering to watch edition
>> No. 39133
...oh, thats why

meh, as long as Daryl draws breath i'll keep going
>> No. 39134
i'm going to blame the kids even though it's not the kids' fault that people got sick.

at least we don't know for sure yet.

>> No. 39135
I think those kids are gonna replace the twins from the comic, which is good cuz holy fuck were the twins stupid by comparison.
>> No. 39136
Which I hope means Carl will have to off the crazy one.
>> No. 39159

The fuck?
>> No. 39170
An understandable attempt at cutting losses.
>> No. 39171
fuck it, i'm out

...until i can download the whole season at once. this certainly isnt worth chasing up every week anymore
>> No. 39249
File 138487421248.jpg - (109.05KB , 800x800 , cormac[1].jpg )
>that feel when Hobo Governor

Apparently this broke the show for a lot of people. I liked it.

The Guv was always so boring in the comics. Herp derp war crimes, herp derp rape so xtreme. I like to see an angle of him that still retains some measure of humanity.

Plus the scene with him driving the army truck made me laugh out loud.
>> No. 39250
I completely agree, The Governor is an actual character in this and that's great.
>> No. 39253
Punished Governor.
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