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File 131815286579.jpg - (13.03KB , 170x252 , TheWalkingDeadPoster.jpg )
29789 No. 29789
1 more week until season 2 of The Walking Dead!
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>> No. 29790
Hopefully it deviates even further from the comics. Because I'd honestly like to enjoy the show.
>> No. 29791
The comics were alright until they left the prison, but it's been going in circles since then.

That said, some of the changes from the comic do irritate me- most notably Andrea being a good decade older.
>> No. 29792
I agree. Not because I don't like the comic, but it's better to see something without spoilers. If it followed the comics, each episode wouldn't end with a cliffhanger. Still, it's been leaked that they'll reach that farmhouse in the comics.

That said:
I've been dying to find out what that doc whispered into his ear!!!!!
>> No. 29798

That's actually exactly where I decided I didn't like the comics. And, in retrospect, I hated the entire prison bit as well.

At some point the story became a grimderp and dumb version of a Romero film, only 10 times more nihilistic (in the sense that almost no character had any sort of moral principles, and were behaving like blood-thirsty savages rather than actual human beings), and I just couldn't deal. And then, yeah, it started going in circles where they arrive at some place, something horrible happens, they leave, rinse, repeat.

I'm excited to see if it ends up like an improved version of the books, but now we're starting to get to the parts of the books that rubbed me the wrong way, so it's time for it to show and prove.
>> No. 29805
The whisper takes 6 seconds, the camera changes angles a bit, but from what we can see, lip readers have puzzled together:

Blood... Lori... Child... Sake. It's anyone's guess, but from those words he could have said something like "I know Lori is pregnant. I saw it in the blood samples."
>> No. 29825
See, I don't mind them changing things from in the comics. Obviously there are going to be variations due to it being a different medium, and whatnot.

But I think deviating TOO much might be a bad idea, and kind of fucks up the possibility of using some of the better moments from the comic.
Like, I'll be honest, I'm upset that they didn't go through with Carl shooting Shane. Not only was that part fucking tense, but it's really the starting point for Carl's development as a character.

Well yeah, there's even a shot of the prison in the trailer, so it's likely they'll be there already before the end of the season.
>> No. 29828
File 131836043760.jpg - (797.08KB , 2560x1973 , TWD_83_Legion_CPS_020-021.jpg )
Yeah, piss on the comics, the show is a lot better thus far anyway, I hope it does continue deviating and we never get THIS horse shit.
>> No. 29833
>piss on the comics
...Game of Thrones reference or am I imagining things?
>> No. 29836
The way I see it, zombie stories only have 3 endings:
1.They all die
2.They all reach a permanent safe zone
3.They resolve the problem

The thing is, unlike other stories, zombie stories don't do well in terms of "The adventures of ... in zombie land - Episode 289". There's just one main plot, too many sub-plots or (like in the comics) dragging on and on, tends to get boring fast.
>> No. 29838

Aren't those the only possible resolutions for ANY plot?

1. The heroes lose
2. The heroes sorta win (but the battle goes on...)
3. The heroes win
>> No. 29839
For most plots. If the protagonists win, they go onto another adventure, fight another villain etc.

Doesn't work so well in zombie land cause you got a single goal: Get outta there. You either die trying, or you make it there. If you make it, there's no reason to leave.
>> No. 29843
The problem isn't really the fact that it's zombie media, it's really the fact that it's a post apocalyptic story that has been dragged out with very little difference between story arcs. Go to point A, something tragic happens, set out for point B.

To see some halfway decent ongoing zombie stories, watch the three Evil Dead movies, then read the comics. Granted, it's much more of a pulpy adventure series at this point, but it's not the zombies in question here, it is most assuredly the writing that is to blame.

Another way to look at it is George Romero never really continued any of the stories within the "of the Dead" series, each film is its own self-contained story set within the same universe. In this way it doesn't seem to get stale or tired, because you have a resolution to the story each time, rather than watching the same set of characters go through the same movie 20 times. If Vol. 1 of Walking Dead had ended with Rick or Carl killing Shane, or even Shane killing one of them, and then they left well enough alone, taking us to a different band of survivors, maybe to revisit these ones again later? Everything would have been better for it.

Kirkman, bless his heart, tried to write a zombie story in a super hero format, and that's how the disconnect occurs.

Of course, that's just the way I see it.
>> No. 29844
Do the comics continue to be not good even if you attempt to conceptualize them as an extended character study rather than a terminal plot?

How does each villain/new location compare to those before it?
>> No. 29846
Exactly. The only thing connecting Romero's stories is the zompocalypse. Each movie tells a different tale from different perspectives.
If it's the same characters wandering aimlessly, it get's boring and ridiculous in the long run, even if you include character development.

Evil dead though doesn't really count. 2 was more of a sequel to 1, and 3 took place back in time. That's what made them work.

Yes they do. As can be seen from this thread, most, including me, went along till the prison bit. The theme of "Oh noes, we've been over run... let's move somewhere else where we'll get over run again and move on and on and on." is lame.

>How does each villain/new location compare to those before it?
The only villains are the zombies. Unless the group keeps encountering new types of zombies (Starrrrs...). What's the point of finding a different location if everybody knows it's gonna be breached eventually?

Thankfully it's highly likely that the TV series will go on for a few seasons and come to an end.
>> No. 29851

Dynamite published a very long Army of Darkness series (it might still be going, idk, I suck at keeping up with comics) in which he crossed over with Freddy, Jason, Herbert West: Re-Animator, Xena and Obama. Along with his own stories. You should probably check them out.
>> No. 29852
>Do the comics continue to be not good even if you attempt to conceptualize them as an extended character study rather than a terminal plot?

See, this is how I've always viewed the comic from issue one.
It seems a lot of people have some misconceptions about the book and think it's just a story about zombies, when really, the zombies are little more than a set piece. It's not about zombies, it's about people, and their actions in an environment WITH zombies.

I know a lot of people say it gets shitty after the prison, and I'll admit that it has gotten repetitive, but the way I look at it is "what the fuck else are they supposed to do?"
I LIKE that there's no real endgame or goal that the characters are trying to achieve. It's just them trying to live, and It's all a very morbid look at the lengths people would go. Frankly I think Kirkman has done and continues to do a good job at that.
And again, yes it seems to be following a formula at this point, but again, what can they do but move on? The only other option seems to be blowing their fucking brains out and that wouldn't make for very compelling adventures.
>> No. 29859

There also lies within a huge problem with the writing involving those "lengths to which people would go." It's my main point of contention with the writing itself. There are a TINY handful of trustworthy people, and a PLETHORA of awful people who want to kill or exploit everyone around them. It's a very juvenile take on the zombie genre, where they were originally designed to reflect outwardly man's inhumanity to man. The problem being, starting at the prison, Walking Dead became an over the top 90's grimderp version of a Romero film with nothing but cardboard cutout evil antagonists. It becomes even worse when you're forced to confront this... over... and over... again.

I honestly think, if you want to make a decent zombie comic that lasts more than two volumes, you're going to need to part ways with the original party relatively quickly and tell the story a bit more like Stephen King wrote the second book in The Stand, following groups of survivors, rather than one party of survivors. It would probably help if you set it up with a group of writers with one writer overseeing it all, so that you don't end up with one man's nihilism destroying any semblance of believability. Like, I realise we're already stretching the boundaries of what is believable, bringing the walking dead into the equation, but it really starts to hammer its point into your head when every single character outside of the party is essentially a sociopath barring maybe the prisoners (except in this instance, the party themselves behave like savages). Maybe past Volume 4 the group meets somebody who doesn't want to kill, rape or eat them, but from what I've been told... they don't...
>> No. 29860
File 13184816768.jpg - (10.63KB , 250x225 , sixstring-05.jpg )
Well... you could follow the adventures of a badass zombie hunter who goes from survivor group to survivor group and helps them out. Like Mad Max or the Fallout games, except in a zombie scenario.
>> No. 29924
It sucked!
>> No. 29925
well i'm glad you didn't post any non-hidden spoilers
>> No. 29926
I really, really dislike Andrea on the show. Which is really unfortunate, because she's one of the characters I like better in the comics.
>> No. 29928
Wow, that's amazing! You should really consider a career as a critic.
>> No. 29929
I was pretty underwhelmed with the season two premiere. It didn't really go anywhere and the 90 minutes running time didn't help at all. I'll keep watching, but I can't help but feel this season will be a let down--and this is coming from someone who liked the first season.
>> No. 29930
For me, the premiere took a sharp nosedive after the herd passed by. After that, it just became non-stop commercial interruptions and Andrea being a bitch.

Also, part of me keeps thinking that Carol's going to snap and pull a gun on Rick "FOR NOT LOOKIN' FOR MAH BABY YOU HORRIBLE BASTARD."
>> No. 29931
Also, did anyone else feel like the episode just completely ignored T-Dog?

I mean, the guy really cut up his arm and then had a leaking walker shoved on top of him. Five seconds later, they show him more or less fine hanging out by the RV.
>> No. 29932
i'm just happy he didn't get killed in this episode. honestly.

i'm with >>29926 in that Andrea is clearly one of the best characters in the series. i hope they develop her like they do in the comics because it would be a shame to let her go down this path for very long.
>> No. 29933

My friends and I were laughing our asses off at all the POINTLESS DRAMA, actually.

PS: Spoilers.

>oh man he's losing like whole liters of blood
>about to pass out
>next scene: large bandaid/tshirt, walking around like it was a scratch

>autopsy out of nowhere for no reason

>"guys, check out all the storage space in this Hyundai!"

>ganging up at the tent instead of just calling out

>random zombies in church attire sitting on benches at church


>> No. 29936
Because it's in the horror genre.
>> No. 29944

>Last night’s premiere of The Walking Dead scored record-high numbers, not just in lines of dialogue that were almost entirely comprised of bitter sniping, but also in viewers. With 7.3 million total viewers (11 million if you factor in the encore)—and 4.8 million of those in the 18-49 demographic, a.k.a the only people who are not lurching zombies themselves—the show easily bested its first-season premiere ratings of 5.3 million, and shattered the previous record set for a basic cable drama, the 2002 premiere of USA’s The Dead Zone. People like dead things.
>> No. 29951

In anycase... the fort huh? I hope it ends there, not too soon though. Don't make them say "This place sucks, let's keep wandering on aimlessly".

>"He told me something before we left... He told me... Nevermind, it doesn't matter..."

FFS, just tell us already!
>> No. 29952
I really loved the premier, though I agree it has its flaws. My love for the show only deepens due to the fact that AMC is showing how really TERRIBLE modern Zombie movies are with "Surival of the Dead" and the like. At least in this show I feel tension. At least when characters are douchebags its because of a reason I can somewhat understand. At least the show doesn't resort to "jump scares." The show avoids the things that really bug me about modern horror, so for that I'm thankful and glad its doing well.

I'm also kind of stoked for their western show, Hell on Wheels.
>> No. 29958
>I'm also kind of stoked for their western show, Hell on Wheels.

As someone who first heard about watching the Walking Dead, I was sold when I saw Calm Meaney as railroad tycoon.
>> No. 30005
File 131941931534.jpg - (20.28KB , 400x273 , theyre coming to get you barbara.jpg )
I dunno, I liked what I saw from Diary of the Dead... but nothing can beat the original.

Also, I really hope that the zombies are in the barn because that was the best part of the farmhouse arc in the comics.
>> No. 30006
As much as I'm with you (because that bit was kind of hilarious) I don't think that Otis OR Hershel are being written quite as dumb as they were in the comics.
>> No. 30023
Episode 2:

I thought they picked up the pace again, but lost it towards the end again. Is this how the second season is gonna be? Up and down?

For a vet, and given the limited supplies: That is one fucking good doctor.
>> No. 30172
Episode 3:

More zombie action than the last episode but Shane, WTF!? Also, this is seems to be the first episode in the entire series that doesn't end with a cliffhanger..
>> No. 30173
File 132006726152.png - (525.85KB , 826x738 , Justice reads a book.png )
jesus christ shane
>> No. 30187
File 132013293384.jpg - (74.59KB , 661x415 , walking+dead.jpg )
Exactly. Sometimes he's totally heroic, other times he's downright psychotic. This guy's got issues.

Who is your favorite character? (The show, not the comic)
>> No. 30189
Shane using Otis as Zombie bait in order to bring back the medical tools that will save Rick's son was a great moral dilemma. We need more scenes that question human morality during a Zombie Apocalypse. It also justified the producer's decision to keep Shane around longer, instead of kill him off the bat like the comic book did. Now we will see Shane break down over this decision and possibly go deeper off the edge.

Now I am finally excited about season two. Let's just hope they don't milk the missing girl storyline any more than it needs to be.
>> No. 30191
I am fully prepared for Shane to give the Governor a run for his money in terms of "Oh God, What?!" once they get to Woodbury.

Because as much as things may have changed from the comics, there's no way that they won't do Woodbury. I mean, the Governor even got a prose spin off explaining his origin.
>> No. 30199
Why shoot him in the leg to waste time struggling stuff from him and leave him to be eaten alive when a headshot would have been more efficient?
>> No. 30200
i still buy the distraction part, but he could at least have got him to hand over the gear under the guise of helping hte fat man out

oh the joys of discussing an adaptation of something with people who have clearly read the source material.
>> No. 30201
File 132023038370.jpg - (34.23KB , 480x400 , dalejeffrey-demunn.jpg )
As far as I know, the walkers feast on both living people as well as fresh corpses.

Nobody answered the poll so I'll start.
It's Dale. Yes I said it. He disguises himself as an introvert, but subtlely breaks up tension. He's the one who keeps the group together.
Least favorite character/s: The kids. Yeah that's right. In a situation like this, little bastards are a liability. Fuck 'em.

"Got bit.
Fever hit.
World gone to shit.
Might as well quit."
>> No. 30203
Speaking of the children, I disappointed in the lack of interaction between Carl and Sophia, as their conversations were one of the best things about the comic.
>> No. 30224
I like the redneck best because he's the least retarded.
>> No. 30253
Love the poem. Can't believe they actually wasted an arrow.
>> No. 30259
Why doesn't he just pull it back out?
>> No. 30260
because it was stuck up in the tree?
>> No. 30267
He couldn't cut the corpse down?
>> No. 30270
he'd have to climb the tree.

i guess theres no reason he couldn't get it back
>> No. 30272
>> No. 30275
Are they ever going to resolve this lost girl thing? I thought they only get like 6 episodes a season.
>> No. 30277

That was just the first season, Season II gets 12 episodes.

Also, yeah, just tell us whether the girl's dead or not or whether I'm right in thinking that Merle found her.
>> No. 30278
She's not. Kids don't die on shows like these. Unless you count that little girl at the very beginning of the show. But she was already dead anyway.
>> No. 30279
File 132075375080.jpg - (73.28KB , 1116x630 , bscap0079.jpg )
Episode 4:

"I'll have sex with you."
The good side of living in a post apocalyptic world!
>> No. 30300
last weeks dramatic climax: shane being making the king of dick moves
this weeks dramatic climax: lori taking a piss in a field

yeah no apart from the drug-store-shenanigans this weeks episode was shit
>> No. 30306
I thought the bloat zombie was pretty good, effects wise.
>> No. 30308
And why'd she even go out to the field? Surely that was even MORE suspicious than just doing her thing in the bathroom or outhouse or whatever they have.
>> No. 30309
I lol'd hard when it split.
>So what do we do about... *thud* Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it.
>> No. 30315
"Hey Lori, what are doing out here in an open field?"
"Err... I was just taking a piss?"
"Uhm... why don't you do it in a toilet for more privacy?"
"I'm trying to be inconspicuous."
"... You do know the doc's watching you through his binoculars and jerking off right? Say, what's that in your hand?"
"A thermometer?"
*Inserts wet thing into her mouth*
*End of episode*
>> No. 30360

I only saw half this episode but it was pretty decent. Best of the season so far in my opinion
>> No. 30386
Why doesn't that surprise me?

I can't believe they STILL HAVEN'T FOUND THAT SHITTY GIRL! What, are they gonna find her in episode 13 or something?
>> No. 30393
Redneck is still the best character. Show's going to be a lot worse if he's killed off.
>> No. 30397
I like Darryl, especially in the last three episodes, but overall I dig his character because I grew up around so many guys like him (I grew up in what I lovingly refer to as Whitey McHickville). He doesn't give up easily, and he just knows he's going to find Sophia, and find her alive.

I liked the scene where he finds the abandoned house with the sleeping space in the pantry and the empty can of sardines. You can tell by the expression on his face he's thinking "Good girl, keeping yourself fed and hidden at night". Also, the tenacity he exhibited to get back to camp with her doll was great.

Finally, totally diggin' the interactions between Darryl and Carol (that Cherokee Rose thing was fantastic, as was the bit where Carol kissed him on the temple in a totally caring/mothering gesture once he was patched up after bringing back Sophia's doll). I don't ship it, but I like that they're sweet to each other.

>> No. 30405

I think he's popular mainly cause he's a HARDCORE MUTHAFUCKA.
>> No. 30406
File 132142486067.jpg - (105.92KB , 627x351 , 1288515862183.jpg )
>mfw i realised that stupid bitch was going to shoot him
>> No. 30408
Yeah, Show Andrea is a terrible character.
>> No. 30410
>> No. 30423
Dale should have left her in the fucking CDC
>> No. 30424
Just read a big ass spoiler for the next few episodes on /tv/... not exactly thrilled with where they're going with it.
>> No. 30426
File 13215574275.jpg - (476.82KB , 1079x743 , 1321555521323.jpg )
>> No. 30428
Fucking agreed.
>> No. 30432
when will they turn her into comic book andrea?

although anyone currently caught up with the comics will know that shit's getting fucking weird with andrea
>> No. 30434
if its the image i saw on /co/ then i am most definalty mad
>> No. 30438
This is what the guy who leaked the screenshot (the one being posted all over 4chan) said when he originally posted it on/b/:

>"I worked for FX, we get given the episodes in advance so I watched them. I got laid off, so I thought I'd leak this. Part of the production team, well I was anyway. I had a hand in with making the trailers, marketing and boring shit like that. I was able to read potential and finished scripts and the episodes so that I could pre-decide what to include in the trailer etc.

>At the moment I've been laid off, and will find out my fate soon. My position is still being reviewed since there's about a dozen+ jobs being scratched, but hopefully i can stay.

She's dead. >The next two episodes get rather intersting, and then it's the break. They've already polished off several of the post-break episode, but unfortunately it starts off slow. The scripts afterwards seem good though.

>Oh, and the finale there will be some unexpected events, and a main character will be killed off... And that will be shocking by who it is and how they were killed."
>> No. 30443
Andrea continues to be the worst character.
>> No. 30455
>Oh, and the finale there will be some unexpected events, and a main character will be killed off... And that will be shocking by who it is and how they were killed."
I'm pretty sure that's going to be Carl killing Shane because I can't see them not including that.
>> No. 30456
I hope he meant series, not season. Killing off the main character in the middle of a series is not a good idea.
>> No. 30458
If that had actually happened, I would have had to initiate the slow clap. Also, I might have actually found Lori to be a character worth giving more than half of a rat's ass about. As it is, she's going to basically be a mopey, angsty dumbass up until the point where she'll have to tell Rick she banged his best friend because she thought she was a widow and free to do so, and oh yeah, she doesn't know who her baby daddy is, whoops on not using protection.
>> No. 30459
Mental note to self: Add condoms to emergency supplies.
>> No. 30468
Shane was dead long before they even got to the farm in the comic, if I remember right.
>> No. 30474
Somewhat spoilery overview of tonight's episode, each line is it's own spoiler (hope I did it right), you have been warned:
We find out how the zombies in the barn are kept fed, and during this scene, if you listen real close, you can hear in the distance PETA starting to write a million angry letters and start to organize protests. Also, Nervous Nellie comes back onto the farm in a run that can only be described as a Haters Gonna Hate for horses.
Everybody can read Glenn's pokerface, and then Glenn mans the fuck up to save Maggie.
Maggie is a rollercoaster of sarcastic-mad-mean-scared-inspirational speaker when involved with Glenn, much to Glenn's confusion.
Daryl only has one good, very short scene...then again, he only GOT one scene, but he made it a good one.
Carol didn't get hardly any screen time, to the point that I had to wonder where the fuck she was until she just sort of wandered in front of the camera before disappearing again.
Dale is omnipotent & omnipresent (the active /tv/ thread while the episode aired was calling him a Sage, and for good reason).
Herschel continues to be a somewhat polite, but increasingly more crazy, asshole.
Andrea magically becomes a crack shot over one morning of practice, and gets incredibly turned on by her own skills, much to Shane's benefit.
Carl wears his daddy's hat like a boss, and also mans the fuck up (to the horror of his mama and pride of his papa).
Shane continues his downward spiral into what might be PTSD, between saying inappropriate shit to Andrea, bangin' Andrea, and then saying REALLY inappropriate shit, this time to Dale.
Lori is a mess (as I predicted in >>30458 ), and she is also a giant hypocrite when she accuses Rick of hiding things from her (no really).
Rick is proud of Carl wanting to man the fuck up, then later finally gets mad at Lori, but then turns out to be the most understanding husband EVER.
>> No. 30476
Yes you're right. They were also several characters that they seemed to have omitted in the real series.
>> No. 30478
just throw Shane in the fucking barn before he does something stupid
>> No. 30480
Too late; he already did Andrea.
>> No. 30482
In short: Glenn and Dale continue to be the best characters to have come from the comic.
>> No. 30483
Really? I find them increasingly annoying in the show. Not to the extent of Andrea yet, but Dale seemingly exists to waggle his eyebrows and be a judgmental fuck (let's provoke the unstable guy for having sex lol), and season 2 years Glenn like he's extremely ignorant/awkward (Maggie's little speech for him was pretty good though, so I'll keep my hopes for liking him again).

So far, all the characters from comic canon are awful and un-entertaining.
>> No. 30490
And that is why I said Dale in >>30201

Episode 6:
Everybody turns into a drama llama. Honestly, the best scene in this episode: Decapitating the walker. Don't even get me started on Sophia... again.

Moral of this episode: In a post apoalyptic world, everybody is horny.
Repeating mental note to self: stockpile even MORE condoms.
>> No. 30580
Valve apparently sponsored the episode last night:
1. Portal reference
2. Hat exchanges
3. According to the active thread on 4chan's /tv/, the shotgun sound from Half-Life 2 was used.

Also, we found out that the AMC leak was right about Sophia. He came into the thread, told us he was fired from AMC and that's why he leaked what he knew. He apparently also knows the bigger plot points for the rest of the season, including what happens in the final episode. Predictably, the rest of the 4channers told him to EABOD and DIAF for leaking in the first place.
>> No. 30581
File 132251688528.jpg - (222.11KB , 655x989 , Carl & Sophia.jpg )
>Killing Sophia
Seriously what is this garbage?
Shane is alive and Sophia is dead.
I understand them not wanting to just make a carbon copy of the comics and shit, and I'm cool with that, but this is just over the fucking line. This completely ruins so much characterization of numerous characters in the future of the series.
They're just making this shit way too bleak way too early. You gotta build up to that shit man, you can't just pour the grim on all willy nilly.
>> No. 30582
On the plus side, because now the TV version is so different from the source comic, I really want to read it.

And if the TV version induces a lot of rage for you, just consider it an AU of the source material. Same premise, different outcomes.
>> No. 30583
I just want to say that this show is shit but Shane's actor is phenomenal.
>> No. 30586
i woke up upset and in a state of dire panic when my brain finally processed that the TV series killed sophia. i hadn't realized how important it was to me that she was alive. i knew she was alive. the comics told me so. she was alive and this was just a little sideshow diversion to evoke all the worst of shane and make it obvious he needs to go. i knew that. but then... i didn't. my understanding of that world was shattered and i hated how betrayed i felt.

that right there for me makes the tv show something powerful. even if i love the development of the characters in the comics, i think they're doing something right in spite of my preferences.

it's a horror zombie show. what the hell were you expecting? most of the time all you do is bitch about "if they were smart they would do x so therefore i can't buy into it." okay. i guess your suspension of disbelief has a bit of a lower threshold than the rest of us.
>> No. 30589
I hate Shane, but his ranting scene, that was BRILLIANT television. I need a gif of him walking past the Walker while he blew her brains out.

But ugh, when I saw the leaked pictures, I tried to justify it to myself, they were going to do like they did with Daryl. She was going to stumble out, pale, shambling, dirty, and right when Daryl/Shane/Rick/Whoever was about to pull the trigger, she'd look up and it'd turn out she was still alive.

And then I had to find out that the episode was out because Tumblr posted a screencap of her. So the entire episode, I knew it was coming. That made it WORSE. The rest of the night, all I could think about were her last moments. Where a Walker would've gotten her, how it happened, what she was going through. I broke my own damn heart.
>> No. 30592
i am really looking forward to rick chewing out hershel. they were looking for a little girl and you HAD A LITTLE GIRL YOU HAD NEVER FUCKING SEEN BEFORE IN YOUR FUCKING ZOMBIE ZOO? AND YOU DIDN'T SEE FIT TO MENTION IT?

actually maybe thats why he wanted them to leave so bad...

amen. god teir rant

i'm sure i've heard that shot gun sound in plenty of things beside HL2. also needs more tank
>> No. 30593
Was that before or after he leaked?

"Oh noes! They killed a kid!". Quit bitching and man up you sissy.

The moment you spot a spoiler, close the browser and wash your eyes with soap!

Overall: Episode 7 was, in my opinion, the best of season 2.
Shane finally goes berserk and no more "looking for Sophia". The final scene was in fact the best scene sofar in the entire TV show.

Regarding actors: Does anybody else think the make-up artist put a little too much lipstick on Rick?
>> No. 30595
>quit bitching and man up
Oh my bad, I'll be sure to not look like a "sissy" in front of you mr. internet tough guy.

I'm not upset that they killed off a child, I'm upset because they fucking killed of Sophia for no particular fucking reason other than to grim shit up. And like I said before, grim is fine and dandy as long as they don't over do it, and now it's over fucking done.
>> No. 30598
>Was that before or after he leaked?

The AMC leak did the pictures of Sophia a while ago on /tv/, and at the time people called them fake, because they didn't want to believe that AMC would build up this "searching for Sophia" arc only to have her be a zombie (plus in the comics, she lives).

The Leak came in at the end of the episode thread on Sunday night to gloat about how the pics were real and he was leaking true shit. The rest of the thread consisted of 4channers ripping him a new asshole, and that still didn't keep him from leaking more of the major plot points for the rest of the season. He's even promised to come back in February to /tv/, right before the rest of the season airs, to leak a few more things. That's about the time that he was told to EABOD and DIAF.
>> No. 30604
i don't agree with your opinion of the worth of killing sophia, but i will support you in pointing out how much of a twat "that guy" is.

what a fucking twat.
>> No. 30605
>That's about the time that he was told to EABOD and DIAF.

>> No. 30606
File 132264657430.gif - (3.40MB , 299x169 , Shane.gif )

Despite the other haters, here's your GIF
>> No. 30683
File 132312418858.gif - (730.52KB , 640x360 , 1322081092771.gif )
>dammit wheres my episode
>go to wiki page
>"Pretty Much Dead Already": November 27, 2011
>February 12, 2012
>> No. 30689
Download them.
>> No. 30690
Before I assume your ignant ass isn't just full of shit again, has there been a leak of the unaired second half of the season?
>> No. 30691
got links to them episodes which won't air until next year, smartass?
>> No. 30692
What is the tactical advantage to a mid-season finale? Do they think people don't watch TV over the winter holidays or some such nonsense?
>> No. 30693
File 132317945024.jpg - (41.93KB , 400x328 , smack_in_face_slap_computer.jpg )
Awww fuck, my bad. I thought he was asking were to find episodes in Nebraska.
I wonder if the delay is somehow related to the leak.

Sorry, feel free to slap my face over the internet.
>> No. 30695
Think before you speak. That's all.
>> No. 30696
And then the same reason I stopped reading the comic book crept into the TV series.

That feeling where you know it's never ever going to have a happy ending and they're just belaboring the end. I call it Apocalyptic Fatigue.
>> No. 30705
Nah, I think I should post before popping my pills.
>> No. 30706
i don't even
>> No. 30707
You don't even what?
Acknowledge that I take pills before bed, that impair my judgement but I have nothing better to do than post here for the sake of my own entertainment?
Like I said, I have nothing better to do before I go Zzzz...
>> No. 30708
>blaming pills for being stupid and arrogant
>excusing yourself of intellectual responsibility and common courtesy

o u no
>> No. 30710
please, just stop talking
>> No. 30720
Granted. I make mistakes, like everybody else, I'm just too open for my own good.

Can we get back on topic? Why the delay? Like >>30696 said, it's bad for a TV show, especially during such a cliffhanger. Is it because the leak was so bad they had to correct it? Or did they just want to bring it out on 2-2-12?
>> No. 30723
Delaying the second half of season two was most likely done so AMC can stretch out what they have and not spend any money on producing another season right away. The show did get its budget cut, after all.
>> No. 30724
... and torments it's viewers for 3 months. In which time they are likely to lose interest.
>> No. 30732
this is the walking dead thread, not the that guy has mental problems thread

take it elsewhere
>> No. 30739
File 132341287158.jpg - (8.71KB , 224x225 , 75789.jpg )

>Award winning series
>Budget cut
>> No. 31572

I lol'd at 2.5
>> No. 31661
>> No. 31669
>> No. 31672
>> No. 31675
>> No. 31706
>> No. 31738
>> No. 31783
>> No. 31784
>> No. 31785
>> No. 31788

Also, you should've slowed your roll doing the countdown; you still have two days before the episode.
>> No. 31793
I no longer consider this to be season 2, but 3. At the very least 2.5.
>> No. 31822
So, according to 4chan's /tv/ threads, the new episode sucked for the majority of the time, then was great for the last 5 to 10 minutes. As somebody who has to wait to watch it (no cable TV, only Internet, and the streams were shit tonight), what are the thoughts amongst +4channers? Agree? Disagree?
>> No. 31824
I liked it. It was pretty much just picking up where it left off and having everyone deal with that bomb. The last 10 minutes were tense as fuck, tough.

Also, Lori probably has a lot less baby to worry about after that car accident.
>> No. 31828
Shane 2.0
>> No. 31830
Meh, not even the last scene in the bar helped much. Shane 2.5 is getting awesome though.

The budget hiatus BEST be worth it! There was little zombie action, crowds, CGI, or anything else expensive. And stop wearing pink lipstick Rick!

>> No. 31835
I can't even begin to understand why Lori left camp.
>> No. 31840
Response spoilered for people who haven't seen the episode or followed the 4chan /tv/ threads last night:

Because in Lori's mind, whatever she considers to be the most important thing has to be the most important thing to everybody; she's a narcissist. When Daryl wouldn't put up with her shit, she decided to do what she thought was the most important thing by herself (which is stupid beyond comprehension, but then again, Lori isn't the brightest crayon in the box).

What I consider bullshit is how she flipped that car after hitting that walker; I'm saying right now it was a cheap way to either 1) abort baby through trauma, or 2) give us a bullshit cliffhanger of 'is the baby okay? is Lori gonna live?', or 3) kill Lori, which I'm hoping for because her character is AWFUL.

My suggestion: Have Lori's death make Rick more of a hard-ass, have Shane go even MORE full-on batshit insane because he's convinced the baby was his, let those two have a shoot-out, old-western-movie-style. Or have Shane start threatening Rick and have Carl shoot Shane to protect his dad. I know that 4chan loves Shane for being "alpha as fuck", but dude's supposed to have died a long time ago.

>> No. 31841

>the most important thing

How was what she did important in any way, shape, or form? Even from her own perspective?

I just...don't...understand...why...
>> No. 31854
I understand that Lori doesn't have the common sense afforded to a goose, but considering there were new, rather concerning circumstances at the farm that Herschel, Glenn and Rick didn't know about before they left, it obviously put Lori on edge, not having those three guys back at the farm.

Oh, and according to the plot synopsis on Wikipedia for Episode 12, "Better Angels" "Someone dangerous may be loose near the farm; Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn keep the group safe."
I know it's a long shot, but I want it to be Merle.

Off topic, I had a nightmare that TWD and Left 4 Dead 2 merged, and Merle got bit and turned into a Charger. Then I woke up and all day I've been contemplating what Special Infected from L4D2 the group would turn into if they were bitten. *headdesk* NERD!
>> No. 31855
>I know it's a long shot, but I want it to be Merle.

>> No. 31856
Please don't kill off InShane.
>> No. 31857

What "new circumstances," though?

Rick and Glen left to find Hershel for his own safety and to help cryinggirl. Lori took off to go find them for...?
>> No. 31858
For those of you who haven't seen the episode yet, it's playing with limited commercial interruption on amc's website.

When Glenn & Rick first left, it was because she'd been catatonic and they thought it was just shock. Lori left after Andrea reported the additional symptoms that are not part of shock (while the shaking could be a part of shock, fever/sweating profusely is most definitely not). The girl was getting worse the longer Rick and Glenn were taking to get Herschel.

The one thing that's been irking me, and that I'd like to know is this: the regular police walkie-talkies are crap, as proven in Season One. Why the fuck haven't they raided a Radio Shack or some other electronics store for camping w-ts and batteries? I have a great set of w-ts I use for camping that can be heard for miles clearly, and they take two double-As a piece. Plus, since it's the apocalypse, it's not like there are a lot of radio towers and shit giving off interference; the signal might be able to be heard even farther away. If the landline phone from the farm doesn't work anymore to call the fuckin' bar (and considering that all landline corded phones are hardwired so they work in case of no power, they should still work), then why haven't these stupid survivalist fuckers gotten some decent form of communication?
>> No. 31861
Did anybody else find it absolutely hilarious when Daryl called Lori "Olive Oyl" during his rant? Now I just want to see a pic of Lori in Olive's signature outfit.
>> No. 31873
>Talking about realism in a show with walking corpses.
>> No. 31875
>Implying the presence of walking corpses negates common sense.
>> No. 31884
Let's say we turn a blind eye towards the biological and medical aspects of walking corpses, but use real life common sense for everything else:

Let's see... a small group of people have been dealing and surviving for several months now. Wow, these guys must be way superior to well trained and equiped National Guards, militaries, airforces, and navies (which wouldn't even come in direct contact with wallkers).

Boy, the president must really not give a fuck. He's chillin' aboard the Airforce one and doesn't bother to carpet-bomb, or if need be, nuke infected areas.
As are the crew members of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

Well, let's turn a blind eye to that too:
Hmm... the walkers move relatively slow, come in hordes, and are attracted to stuff like flares, car alarms, the living etc. Well, why don't we hide up on a building, set off an alarm, and rig it with explosives so we can blow a bunch of them up in one go?

Not a good idea? Ok, let's lower ourselves down to the common sense found in the series:
Season one: How are we gonna get past those walkers? I know! Let's cover ourselves with blood and strap walker chunks on us to blend in. Did it work? Yeah, until it started to rain... but I guess it worked a charm.
Wanna try it again to pass through hordes?

>> No. 31920
File 132974612014.png - (1.10MB , 1920x1080 , duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.png )
>come back home after killing zombies
>wife tells me the dude she use to fuck is acting weird
>wants me to kill him based on accusations

"What do you, the audience, think I should do?"
>> No. 31921
Kill her, sounds like she's secret zombie.
>> No. 31924
eh, even with the threat of the living dead, nuclear bombardment is not a viable option. The destructive force would be limited and ambient radiation would likely be more detrimental to living humans than walkers.

Additionally, while the lure bomb is a very good idea, actually setting it up is more difficult. Proper explosives and even improper improvised munitions require not a bit of skill and chemical knowledge, along with correct supplies. You'd need someone experienced enough to not detonate the device while creating it. On short notice and low supplies, it isn't practical.
>> No. 31931
I agree. She's obviously a zombie trying to tear the group from the inside out. Take out the old guy and the blonde chick too, just to be safe.
>> No. 31933
File 132982920088.jpg - (4.80KB , 233x217 , 1.jpg )
Kill, Lori yes. Kill the Dale and Andrea, no.
Inshane and Andrea are starting a lovely relationship. Dale should be there cause I'd miss his constant hurrr??? face. He says morally correct stuff all the time, but never did shit anyway. Besides, I don't think they'll kill off Rick, Inshane or Lori cause the're in in opening titles and both Lincoln and Bernthal signed contracts for 3 seasons.

>"What do you, the audience, think I should do?"
Dammit, you just turned a cliff hanger into an ending of a family comedy sitcom.

Implying well trained, fully equipped, armies with tanks, bombers and gunships or no match against dim-witted, slow moving targets.
Even Daryll and Lori were unconscious when the walkers came, and they survived.
>> No. 31936
>"What do you, the audience, think I should do?"
Dammit, you just turned a cliff hanger into an ending of a family comedy sitcom.

I'd watch a post apocalyptic family comedy. That's some fresh soil.
>> No. 31937
I am getting really tired of this show hitting a lot of the same beats of the comic... but less effectively.

Lori gets mad at Rick for leaving... but not for no clear reason like in the comic (where he left to go permakill Shane) but because Hershel ran off to get drunk alone.

Rick starts killing to protect the group... but just some random guys, not the well armed incarcerated murderer threatening to kill the group or the guy about to tell the location of their safehouse to the guys that cut off his hand and gangraped Michonne.

The Atlanta survivors slaughter the barn zombies, but not because it's a tremendously moronic idea that bites Hershel in the ass, but because Shane is getting crazier and needed to kill something.
>> No. 31946
Watch the Flintstones
>> No. 31947
And/or possibly The Jetsons.
>> No. 31948
Jetsons isn't post apocalyptic. There was a thread about how the Flintstones were living in a post apocalyptic world. Anybody have a snapshot?
>> No. 31965
Agh, I used to have that.

But more specifically, the Flintstones weren't post-apoc, they were just the savages living on the surface of the world while the Jetsons lived up above.
>> No. 31981
File 133012662052.jpg - (25.44KB , 250x300 , 1330125683382.jpg )

>AMC announced today that David Morrissey has been cast in the role of The Governor in the network's critically acclaimed hit series The Walking Dead. The Governor, a character from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel, is the leader of Woodbury, a small settlement of survivors, and becomes the chief antagonist for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group.

>The Governor will appear in The Walking Dead Season 3, a 16-episode order from AMC, which begins production this spring in Atlanta.

>A BAFTA Award nominee, Morrissey has appeared in many acclaimed British series including State of Play, Meadowlands, The Deal and Blackpool. Along with his celebrated work in television, Morrissey is also known for his leading roles in feature films such as The Reaping, The Other Boleyn Girl, Centurion, The Water Horse, Nowhere Boy and Blitz. He recently wrapped Welcome to the Punch opposite James McAvoy and Mark Strong. Morrissey is represented by The Collective and Troika in the UK.
>> No. 31984
>they were just the savages living on the surface of the world while the Jetsons lived up above

Yeah, that was what I was talking about. Also, the Harvey Birdman episode where they're in the sky because the surface is covered with zombies.
>> No. 31988
In any case, they should make a comedy zom... oh right, Shaun of the Dead...
>> No. 32037
Latest episode: Best... episode... sofar for season 2.
Nuff' said.
>> No. 32038
The HB episode on The Jetsons was because of high water levels, not zombies; that's why they traveled back in time to sue everybody for global warming.
>> No. 32044
Andrea still sucks though.

How do you adapt one of the best characters into one of the worst?
>> No. 32047
The Flintstones were about how genetical engineering went wrong. They created creatures to perform various tasks, which made humans lazy and unaware of the uprising of those creatures. As a result of the Humans vs Creatures apocalypse, the creatures devolved into dinosaur-like beings, but were still capable of performing smaller tasks and had a basic form of intelligence. Humans forgot their old ways, but still remembered some of the technology and tried to implement them using the rubble left behind from the apocalypse, such as cars, drive-ins, phones and dishwashers (often with the aid of dinosaurs). 4'000 BC also stands for 4'000 years after the "Big Catastrophe".

As far as I can remember...
>> No. 32065
File 133070510925.jpg - (123.04KB , 800x401 , 1330702505111.jpg )
I have to agree with Tycho on this one.
>> No. 32098

I can't believe I started shouting at my tv when Dale got tackled. Firstly, because this is a terrible show. Secondly, I should have seen this coming considering he finally got an episode where he did something. Of course he was going to die. And thirdly, I hate TV!Dale. I was not expecting to care. I am going to miss his moral eyebrows, even if he was wandering around alone for no reason :(

And what the fuck, you'd think these people would at least keep an eye on the ONE KID, especially after Sophia. Whatever happened to "yes you can play outside, but stay where I can see you?" I'm kind of hoping he keeps getting more jaded though, but for his actor to be able to pull it off.

Now that comic canon is definitely out the window in regards who gets to live or die, when the hell does Lori get knocked off >:|

>> No. 32101
Somebody needs to cripple his legs.
2 more Episodes left... Dale eybrows.jpeg
Dum... dum... dum... another one bites the dust...
>> No. 32115
>> No. 32116
>> No. 32117
>> No. 32118
>being surprised when the voice of conscientiousness dies in a story about struggling to maintain humanity

Gosh, next thing you know you'll be surprised when the loyal son turns on the weary father.
>> No. 32198
Left 4 Dead OST : Final Nailyoutube thumb


i guess the guy at CDC did say that everyone is infected
>> No. 32200
Not confirmed yet.

Episode 12: Now THAT'S what I'm talkin bout muthafuckas!!! Best Intro, Best climax, and the last few minutes were glorious. But we all knew what would happen looking at the actor contracts.

Did the zombies evolve now or hasn't this scenario been shown before? Please remind me.
>> No. 32205
File 133158373392.jpg - (81.11KB , 800x521 , land_of_the_dead1.jpg )
There are numerous examples, Land of The Dead being a recent one.
>> No. 32207
not confirmed? Shane and randall were both killed on screen and got up again, they basicly slap you in the fucking face with it

[spoiler also is that in the comics, the virus ressurecting everyone?[/spoiler]

oh and yes, mass migrating zombies have been shown before
>> No. 32208
yeah. it was shown later in the comics when the survivors end up staying at a prison where two of the survivors attempt to commit suicide that infection has already occurred in all people and that transformation can occur upon death, even if not brought on by violence by zombies. It's a bizarre virus.
>> No. 32209

Well at least its a polite virus.
>> No. 32210
the implications of such a "polite" infection are very interesting.
are there multiple virus strains that work in tandem, one that can cause death and the other that simply uses the dead?

is the living healthy body able to keep the virus at a critically low level naturally through its various natural means but upon sudden introduction of large quantities through bites or scratches no longer capable of resisting?

both are frightening, but the latter suggests that humans may already have within them a way of suppressing the virus, and this may be a way to mitigate infection if not completely inoculate against it.

... but it's a horror fantasy drama, so let's not go too far with speculation until the writers decide to resolve this thing.

also... fucking shane.
>> No. 32211


The worst part about it, though? Shane looked like he was going to give Rick the gun.

To me, at least.
>> No. 32214
Killing off the most interesting character in the show.
>> No. 32226
for the second week in a row
>> No. 32242
If I knew anything about video editing, I'd take the part where Shane, Andrea, T-Dogg, and Darryl fuck up the zombies and work it into something like Office Space Printer Sceneyoutube thumb because that is literally the only thing I could think of during that scene.

I know nothing about how viruses work, but could it be possible that the virus just lies dormant in a body until it's weak enough to take over? Hell, maybe the virus is what caused Shane to start going insane.
>> No. 32249
File 133178980442.png - (1.75KB , 111x84 , 126052014425.png )
>maybe the virus is what caused Shane to start going insane
>> No. 32253

there are so many out there, but thiis seems like the best quality
>> No. 32258
Wow this show most be huge, now there is even a swedish knock off: Den sista Dokusåpan-Traileryoutube thumb
And its about what would happen if the "big brother" house was attacked by zombies.
But it do get a plus point for calling them Zombies and not "the infected".
And one of the tv spots had a guy standing next to a whiteborde going over the "Zombie Rule" with lines like "sometimes they run" and ofcoure one of the guys lisning is like "yeah right", next clip he is chased by GUESS WHAT, running zombies! That great, but I have alot of V-games that need to be play so, NOPE! won't watch.
>> No. 32284
File 133211276730.jpg - (86.05KB , 609x1028 , 1319410926335.jpg )
>> No. 32288
File 133213232251.png - (17.09KB , 180x200 , 1301154404358.png )
>whatever that was that saved Andrea
>> No. 32292
I fuck yeah'd.
Also, I was certain that Hershel was going down with the farm. I'm surprised he didn't. Honestly, though, that was probably the single best episode of the season. It's nice to see that after last season's was such a letdown.
>> No. 32294
The season finale slowly fell apart after everyone escaped from the farm. Lori being disgusted (or, making a bunch of weird faces behind Rick) by Rick for killing Shane--who was trying to kill Rick the second time, BTW--when she told Rick to kill Shane earlier on hearsay was just unbelievable. While you can say Rick withholding information from the group about everyone being infected would tick 'em off, it didn't come off as outrageous as the scene tried to sell it as. I guess you can blame a lot of this on Shane's overlong presence on the show, as his sins were more criminal than Rick's, but were somehow forgiven or ignored by the rest of the group. Of course, the episode ends with a shot of the prison, ensuring fans they will adapt the famous story arc for next season. However, after everything I've seen from season two, I'm not sure I want to see their take on it.
>> No. 32295
>I was certain that Hershel was going down with the farm.
He was actually going to be killed in the last episode by Randall, until the writers changed their mind.
>> No. 32305
Why the fuck would they kill off Dale and Shane? They were two of the most interesting characters on the show for crying out loud. This entire season has been a big fucking disappointment. This season probably would have been better if Sophia hadn't gotten lost and they made it to that Fort benning.
>> No. 32306
From what I hear, Dale died because the actor playing him was upset about Frank Darabont being fired from the show. Shane died because his death was long overdue and according to Robert Kirkman, was stunting Rick's character development.
>> No. 32309
Eh, I think Shane needed to die, mostly because his confrontation with Rick is what they've been building up all season.

Yeah, I can't disagree that everyone getting pissed at Rick is bullshit. Guy was keeping information that he wasn't certain of. Lori is especially full of it. She spends most of the season being a bitch to Shane and manipulating Rick and when one finally kills the other, she acts like that? Fuck off, already.

I think I'm gonna pick up the first compendium at some point in the near future. I've been dying to give the comic a read for a while now.
>> No. 32311
that "whatever the fuck that was" is from the comics and lord knows how long i've waited.

my body is ready~
>> No. 32316
File 133221785089.png - (144.90KB , 575x225 , CHOOMP.png )
There was something about Lori's face that made me hate her the minute she showed up in the show. Just an inherent sense that she was going to be bitching all the time.
Makes me want to keep watching if only for the true version of this painstakingly despoilered image I edited.
>> No. 32319
>according to Robert Kirkman...
Season 2 was a mess most of the time, and I want to go ahead and blame that guy for most of the direction. That and characters like Lori were horribly inconsistent and unsympathetic every episode, she may as well have been played by a different actress each one, so what is he even on about when he clearly knows nothing about what stops character development.

I accidentally instantly shipped "whatever that was" and Andrea D: I just. I want them to be at least super friends. don't judge me

Since Darabont isn't working on the show though, and knowing how much I mostly hated this season, I can probably just expect more boring episodes (season finale will be arriving at the prison), missed moments of awesome, and lack of spotlight on relationships between the cast that aren't Rick and Lori. Why did Hershel trust Rick so much? Because Reasons is why.
>> No. 32322
File 13322497308.jpg - (182.44KB , 1920x1080 , bscap0009.jpg )
Fuck yes. I've been waiting for her for a long time. As for how awesome the finale was, I'll leave it at that.

Well folks, see ya in the next thread when Season 3 comes out. Th-th-th-that's all folks... for now.
>> No. 32327
>I want them to be at least super friends.

Well, they might both be lawyers.
>> No. 32329
in the walking dead RPG, if you level up a lawyer enough, you can branch into black samurai or white marksman.
>> No. 32336
File 133231354048.jpg - (88.63KB , 640x448 , 622432_20120306_640screen003.jpg )
I don't like it that they're using characters from the show and follow the series story line. It would be better if the game takes place in the same universe but focuses on a different group.
>> No. 32337
whats the point of the pet walkers?

and why arent they trying to eat her
>> No. 32339
File 133232680035.jpg - (866.55KB , 550x5000 , Walking_Dead_Full_Story.jpg )
here's her in-comic background.
>> No. 32340
Zombies can't attack if they don't have arms or lower jaws.

Also, the same basic idea as when they coated themselves in zombie guts in season one- Zombies don't attack zombies. Carrying two around with you confuses most of them enough to keep attacks to a minimum.
>> No. 32342
ITT: i realize how few people have actually read the source material

i keep forgetting the comics aren't really all that popular
>> No. 32353
...but you can still kinda bite with just an upper jaw. and i would have thought they would try and attack even without arms. like headbut her with their theeth or something
>> No. 32354
You can scrape I guess. Maybe smash in the upper teeth?
>> No. 32361
I really don't think they can figure that sorta stuff out. They're just empty shells that run on pure instinct.

Yeah, I'm picking up the first compendium at some point, but probably not until FCBD. If I'm lucky they'll do a second to catch me up to the 100th issue.
>> No. 32459
File 133324490359.jpg - (27.92KB , 700x450 , fuic.jpg )
straight from the mouth of Norman Reedus (Daryl) at my local comicon yesterday
-while he's not allowed to say much, he did day that it looks like season 3 is getting back to the books
-even he noticed Hershel's unlimited shotgun works
-he has stolen the crossbow and vest with wings from work
-he doesn't understand the Lori hate, but agrees that Carl should be kept on a fucking leash
-he'd personally rather have Daryl go out in a blaze of glory than become a walker
-in one take he accidently got the CDC's door to open
-when he was eating the squirrel (dont remember that) it was chicken inside, but he insisted on putting a bit of fur in with it just to make as many viewers as possible dry reach
-when they were filming the barn scene where Daryl tackles Carol he grabbed her boob like 5 times
-so one take she tackled him instead
-at the time of filming the last episode Micchone hadn't been cast, the actor is just a standin
-Daryl is being written into the books
-Willem Defoe is insane

oh and Norman is a fan of our states finest beverage
>> No. 32460
>-in one take he accidently got the CDC's door to open

"I'll take 'Shit they should have written into the show' for 600, Alex"
>> No. 32624
File 133471242911.jpg - (16.83KB , 600x252 , 859235judgedredd1995dvd.jpg )
Wait a minute...

>> No. 39763
...did we make another thread for this or did we just not even talk about S3?
>> No. 39764

Is that Mean Machine?
>> No. 39766
Turns out there was anoher thread.
>> No. 39881
I did not expect to hear Mountain Goats in The Walking dead, I am pleasantly surprised.
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