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File 137973311796.gif - (108.81KB , 650x450 , 06605.gif )
72963 No. 72963
Because we need a new thread, and it's really her story now.
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>> No. 72966
File 137976889680.gif - (12.78KB , 650x450 , 06710.gif )
Not to be standoffish, but it has in fact gone to the dogs.
>> No. 72967
So what, if anything, is going to stop HIC from mind-controlling Jack and PM? Being NPCs with animal aspects, they should be ridiculously susceptible.
>> No. 72968
She might be distracted. You would think she'd involve herself now that her prime soldier just got taken out
>> No. 72969
Well, she was only able to mind control Jade by using both Summoner and Mindfang powers, by hitting both her human side and her animal side. If Carapacians aren't susceptible to Mindfang powers (which for all we know, they're not--certainly it would've made SGRUB no contest if Vriska could've just mind controlled the Black King), she might not be able to touch them.
>> No. 72970
File 137979429586.gif - (172.75KB , 650x650 , 03059[1].gif )
Vriska did do this. And she couldn't even control humans, just make them fall asleep or wake up.
Maybe the BK was protected by his Glb'Golyb-ness or something.
>> No. 72971
It's just like in RPGs where one hit kill spells will always fail to down a major boss. Without question.
>> No. 72972
Ah, didn't remember that she got him.

One could make the case that Courtyard Droll is notoriously empty-headed, but it does prove that carapacians aren't immune, at least.
>> No. 72973
I love how the internet particularly tumblr is up in arms over Terezi "abusing" poor, sweet, mind-controlled Gamzee and hating on her real hard, but think it's hilarious and badass when Caliborn was doing even worse. Or hating on Aranea for being a callous evil bitch, but cheer on other villains like Bec Noir or DD for being essentially the same. And then cry foul on areas of general sexism. The irony is sweet.
>> No. 72974
I think at least a bit of that double standard comes from how readers "don't expect any better" from characters that have always been bad.
>> No. 72975
>I love how the internet particularly tumblr is up in arms over Terezi "abusing" poor, sweet, mind-controlled Gamzee
Buh? Did they not read the lines where she was talking to him and saying things like "NOW of all times you can't raise your hand to me?" It's pretty clear that, mind controlled or no (which Terezi isn't aware of, by the bye), Gamzee was abusing her when they were together. This is, at worst, vengeance. Not one-sided abuse.
>> No. 72976
>Jade and Calliope being all cute together

>> No. 72977
Fangirls, man. Tumblr fangirls.
>> No. 72978
Oh my god, they're going to reenact things in a cute manner aren't they.
>> No. 72979
I see what you did there
>> No. 72981
But man, we're talking about Terezi Pyrope here.
Terezi "I feed LARPing kids to giant spiders for their crimes" Pyrope. Terezi "Let's kill an entire timeline's worth of people just to see what happens, and then do it again to prove a point" Pyrope. Terezi "Most hated character in the comic before we even knew her name" Pyrope. Terezi "First character to be graphically tortured and killed in fanart" Pyrope.
That Terezi Pyrope.
>> No. 72982
I haven't seen anyone hate on Terezi for this? Everyone I've seen has been cheering for her finally standing up to Gamzee and trying to get back at him for their abusive/weird <3< thing

And I can't stand Aranea, but I think that's partly because I couldn't stand Vriska. Both of them just grate on me for reasons unknown
>> No. 72983
Bec Noir and DD don't have similar motives or methods. We also accept and love them as villains because they were introduced early in the story while doing comically evil things. This also goes for Vriska, but because she does a lot of evil things that *aren't* funny to characters people liked, she has more of a broken base.

Aranea is some annoying manipulative character who first showed up in the endgame and is doing a job that a number of pre-existing characters--particularly Eridan and Vriska--could have done had she not existed. She's not funny and her entire purpose is to add another unnecessarily complicated problem to the pile in the endgame. Why should we cheer her on? Why should we like her and enjoy what she does?
>> No. 72984
>Both of them just grate on me for reasons unknown
It's the cognitive dissonance. The villains that we like, we mostly like because they are card-carrying villains who have fun being villains and don't expect anyone to like them for it. They need no external validation for their behavior, they just like smashing things, and/or (in the case of the Condesce) they just want to accomplish their goals of enslaving the universe. So their fun personalities are enough to make them likable villains.

Vriska and Aranea are different because they want to be heroes, and want other people to recognize them as such--in fact, their entire motivation appears to be extrinsic. They only want to be heroes because they want everyone else to recognize them as heroes, most likely meaning they're full of self-loathing at their cores (this is the classic dissonance of narcissism--while narcissists build themselves up with their behavior and conversation, they ultimately do this because they are overcompensating for their assumption that they don't deserve love). They are trying to be loved by us, and that makes them inherently less lovable. It can make them sympathetic, and I think there are a lot of people who sympathize with both of them. But it doesn't make them lovable.
>> No. 72985
omgcat :D <3
>> No. 72986
Aranea isn't doing it for glory, though; she's doing it because she believes she can save evryone everywhere forever and was tired of just sitting in the afterlife.
>> No. 72987
Yeah hit the nail on the head about the Serkets. Mindfang seems like the only Serket that didn't give a shit what others thought of her, though we only have her journal to go by. The sad pathetic thing about Vriska and Aranea is that they have no idea what they're doing wrong nor why nobody seems to care about them, and this only drives them to try harder and be even worse. There are few who genuinely care about them but they don't realize it despite being mind readers.

I think what makes me really sad about Aranea is that she went from an empath who understood others on an emotional level, to someone who sees everyone as an obtacle or disposable pawn whose lives she can play with. There's signs she sees herself this way too, more like a story character instead of a person.
>> No. 72988
Great point. It's hard to feel any sort of empathy for a character that showed up so close to the end and is apparently super powerful/all knowing/holy shit amazing. Seems forced to me, I suppose
>> No. 72989
I for one welcome our new spider overlord. Seriously, I'm enjoying Aranea's intrusion into the game. I've always enjoyed her character, and seeing her take on such a drastic role was a huge surprise, which I love. Also, she's getting things done in a big way. In this series where it can take weeks for us to get anything more than witty dialog, she's basically stormed in and flipped over a number of tables. I can respect that.
>> No. 72990
>I think what makes me really sad about Aranea is that she went from an empath who understood others on an emotional level, to someone who sees everyone as an obtacle or disposable pawn whose lives she can play with. There's signs she sees herself this way too, more like a story character instead of a person.
That fits with how Vriska sees herself as a powerplaying video game character first and foremost based on her experience FLARPing, and expects everyone else to live up to her standards of achievement. Not sure if it's an issue of self image, or if she just seriously thinks that's the only practical way to do things.
Personally, I've usually found Vriska fairly lovable because she handles video games much like I do, and tries to share her knowledge only to be frustrated by a lack of interest from listeners, but she does go too far in terms of pushing others to accomplish things.

I'm thinking there's a possibility that Jake could end up turning on Aranea, or at least her plans, by hoping for something other than what he wants her to hope for. We haven't seen the mind control symbol on him, so she might not be considering the possibility due to her precaution of making sure he thinks she's super hot, which admittedly might have worked easily if Jake was Equius, but as it is he's already shown some ability to resist her.

Also, I like how the cuts Dirk made on Aranea made the nose and mouth of a face, with part of the blue design on her shirt forming the eyes.
>> No. 72991
I'm just glad to see a character that's not utterly clueless or apathetic about what's going on. With an acual plan and not just "I feel that's what I'm supposed to do."
>> No. 72992
>We haven't seen the mind control symbol on him

That's because she can't control humans, only put them to sleep.

Which is why I'm so curious about what she's gonna try to pull off. Sure she was able to 'heal' him against his will, but now he's more or less omnipotent. Seduction didn't work, she can't directly control him and his subconciousness just manifested a Dirk to battle her for him. Just what does she have up her sleeve if she's planning on using that power to her own ends?
>> No. 72993
Maybe she actually thinks her cause is so great that any sufficiently informed good character would side with her.
>> No. 72994
RIP Dave/Jade
>> No. 72995
File 137999249440.gif - (484.25KB , 499x375 , teeheehee.gif )
>my face when Hot mom?

My gosh you guys. These updates have just been pure gold.
>> No. 72996
Dave confirmed for breaking Jane's tiara's grip on her through the power of love
>> No. 72997
Look at that timing.

RIP Rose.
>> No. 72998
D'aw, look at Jane blush. Cute.
>> No. 72999

Jane/the robot is supposed to go crazy or something any moment now. Is is because of this?
>> No. 73000
Dave is going to be covered in Crockley bitches.
>> No. 73002

From the look of things, Rose's gonna meet her mama in the Void any second now
>> No. 73003
I hope Rose does the seer thing, sees the horseshit Aranea's trying to pull and figures out how to stop her
>> No. 73004
yeah, except Aranea probably realizes that Rose as a fellow Light player likely is the biggest threat to her plans
which is why she'll have Dirk stab the shit outta her in just a few seconds when she goes to check on Roxy
>> No. 73005
If that happens I will oficially flip my shit
>> No. 73006
I hope Hussie makes another Charlie Brown reference with Aranea psyching the football from Dirk's way in order to stab Rose.

wait...could that mean...Dirk=Meenah??
>> No. 73007
Again, though, Aranea can only manipulate luck, not rewrite causality. Jade was a special case because while they were long shots, there were legitimate interpretations that could have made her death Just, meaning Aranea was able to use luck to nudge it in the direction she needed it to go. Ganking Rose in the back while she's distracted by talking to her mom, and having not made any effort to attack anyone, doesn't really have ANY good interpretations as Heroic or Just.

So I think it's really unlikely that Rose ends up perma-dead here. But I'd say it's fairly likely that she's going to be taking a nap like Roxy before she gets to do anything to get in Aranea's way. Which might actually be a good thing because she might be able to join Roxy in whatever dream bubble Roxy's ended up in for the time being.
>> No. 73008
Maybe it could count as heroic becuse it'd be an attempt to save Roxy from the evil, evil spiderpirate?
>> No. 73009
Why didn't Aranea just put Jade to sleep then?
>> No. 73010
HIC already did that. The "dog" side of Jade they probably can only mind control and not put to sleep.
>> No. 73012
The more I reread, the more I can't tell if something's an intentional callback or random coincidence.

Homosuck: Alternia Edition

Karkat Can't Fly
>> No. 73013
I would just brush it off as continuity but at this point it might as well be foreshadowing.
>> No. 73014
I would just brush it off as continuity but at this point it might as well be foreshadowing.
>> No. 73015
Soul Taker
>> No. 73016
Mad that someone almost kissed your not-boyfriend? RIP THEIR SOUL OUT
>> No. 73018
Dirk has the most metal powers of anyone in the comic
>> No. 73021
Dirk is Shang Tsung now.
>> No. 73025
I prefer Palpadirk
>> No. 73036
Woah I remembered something. This isn't actually Aranea vs. Dirk. It's Aranea remade by herself based on her views of Mindfang, vs. Dirk remade by Jake based on his views of real Dirk. It's basically an imaginary ego pissing contest.

Guys sometimes it's like Hussie gets really super complex but you can't tell if a real point is being made.
>> No. 73037
...right? It's like is it coincidence or is he is he deliberately hiding the literary qualities beneath fifteen layers of silliness?
>> No. 73039
>Guys sometimes it's like Hussie gets really super complex but you can't tell if a real point is being made.
Has it occurred to you this whole thing might just be a massive waste of time?
>> No. 73040
It's not on purpose. He just has too many characters and ideas and has absolutely no filter on them. The more things are added, more patterns will emerge unintentionally, and the more things readers will be able to find if they squint. This is why Homestuck got so popular in the first place, with so many fans pumping out art and stories of it. But it's not complex, there's just this illusion of complexity that you're creating in your head. Whether or not authorial intent matters is up to you, but the authorial intent in this case was to make two characters fight and one would literally rip the soul out of another's body. That's it, that's all, no symbolism here. He's not a genius, but he is good at pretending to be one.
>> No. 73042
I've read his Formsprings and stuff, and based on those I don't think he intentionally tries to pretend to be a genius, either. Usually when people give him too much credit for stuff he laughs and says they're overthinking things.

I think there is some complexity to Hussie's style, though less by planning and more by who Hussie is. The complexity mostly comes down to the fact that he's able to keep things both silly and serious at the same time, without having to have "drama sections" and "comedy sections." It's a balancing act that a lot of people doing dramedy have a lot of trouble with, and I think it does take a special skill that Hussie is very versed in.

But yeah, it's not like he sits down and has this immense plan to throw the entire world of symbolism into a story. He probably has knowledge of a lot of that stuff and when he spots a thread that he can exploit for those purposes, uses it, but he's not some sort of grand Chessmaster author, planning moves years in advance. He's more of an Indiana Jones sort, going with the flow and just dealing with the problem that's in front of him--and yeah, sometimes his ways of dealing with those problems are quite clever, but that doesn't take genius.
>> No. 73043
Is there a feminine counterpart to "bromance"? Because I need to term this thing that I see and love.
>> No. 73053
its fuckign friendship you moron
>> No. 73054
No. Bromances between women are pretty normal, so everyone just calls it friendship :( I think youcan just call it a bromance though, I mean really who cares?

sororomance? womance?
>> No. 73055
i don't care what this is,

>> No. 73056
I mean they are both not-that-great people but I'm glad they've found each other in this way? I mean sure Meenah had Aranea and Vriska used to have Terezi, but they never really *got* each other like these two
>> No. 73057
bout time homestucks BEST CHARACTER got some spotlight.
talkin bout aradia of course
>> No. 73058
A blossoming <> relationship?
>> No. 73059
Seems more <3 to me. Not enough pacification for a <>.
>> No. 73061
So does that mean that Meenah<3Karkat is old n busted, and Vriska<3Meenah is new hottness?
>> No. 73062
Dang, that's an even bigger age gap right there.
>> No. 73064
or just, y'know friendship outside quadrants. like karkat and kanaya.
>> No. 73065
does that even really matter honestly? I mean if we're going by years rather than physical maturity I'm pretty sure Vriska's been along for longer, since she had already spent quite some time in the bubbles before Meenah showed up
>> No. 73066
>been along for longer
derp sleepyhead
>> No. 73067
A possibility, but that "I would've never met you" line was pretty cheesy in at least a "Burgeoning BFFsies" way.
>> No. 73069
Nooooo my otp

>> No. 73070
File 138067972897.gif - (561.96KB , 500x500 , 1362816874649.gif )
Whow were you expecting, eintein, the TOOTH FAIRY?

'nuff said.
>> No. 73071
Man, Vriska is my favorite and all but even I want to smack her upside the head right now.
>> No. 73072
What, really? I was thinking that this is the first update that has given me any real hope that she might be able to be redeemed into a Heroic character before Homestuck is over.
>> No. 73073
Except she's pulled this introspective and repentant bs before, and she threw Aranea under the bus a lot, not giving any thought to each's unique situation and how they lead each Serket to do what they've done. Remember, despite Aranea's few hangups early on, she was still incredibly lucid about herself. Moreso than Vriska right now. The problem with Serkets though is once their plans are in motion, they get severe tunnel vision.

Meenah though continues to be pretty glubbin perfect.
>> No. 73074
Yeah, but this is the first time she's really seemed to get what the problem with her has been. All those other times, she's dissembled and honed in on something that was never really why she was disliked. This time she's hit the nail on the head. Plus, she's becoming close friends with Meenah now, and she hasn't really had any close friends during the course of the story--though it's likely she was close with Terezi before the Charge/Scourge debacle.
>> No. 73075
That's a good point, it's like Vriska has these increasing moments of clarity followed by fucking up yet again, until finally reaching the goal of enlightenment. ::::)

It's sad though. She always had people who cared about her, she just didn't see it or refused to see it. That also is what makes Aranea leaving them so heartbreaking for me, because after seeing them make fun of her behind her back, she continued from that point onward believing they didn't give a shit about her. The two people in the entire world she cared about. Because of that, she gave no fucks about abandoning them.

Ungh I'm spilling my Serket feelings all over the place.
>> No. 73078
I wonder why Aradia's hanging around
>> No. 73079
it's basically her job, remember? observing and making sure shit goes as intended
>> No. 73080
She's probably waiting for Lord English who will show up just in time to ruin this nice moment. Arcadia has become the black cat sign of impending doom.
>> No. 73083
Okay that was a LOT easier than expected.
>> No. 73084
Really though. Rose has once again been distracted from her seering duties. First by the horrorterrors, Scratch and her magic, then by being tricked into going grimdark, then by her excessive drinking and dreambubble shenanigans and now by the Rogue of Void. Funny when you think about it.

This is nowhere near as bad, of course. It's just that the aspect of Light is probably the one who has the most say in the outcome of events, but Rose has always been more drawn towards the Void... and I think it's fair to say it's due to her somewhat tragic relationship with Mom, trying to emulate and distance herself from her at the same time. I wish Roxy would wake up so they could talk shit out and she could get over her guilt for Mom's death and how she treated her. Rose hasn't been doing her job since way back when she ascended, and she needs to, right now, more than ever.
>> No. 73085
I love Rose's face in the last panel. You can almost hear the quiet freakout over "oh my god I'm holding my mother"
>> No. 73086
Okay that was a LOT easier than expected.
>> No. 73087
Actually, I think she's spent more hours doing her job than not doing it. She spent like two years researching important information on the asteroid. Compare that to the one day she spent messing around her own session from Acts 1-5 and the maybe one year she spent drinking and dating Kanaya.
>> No. 73090
And while collecting all that info for Callie was important and all they are currently in kind of an emergency situation. The alpha timeline, the new universe and the lives of her friends are all at stake, and that's entirely ignoring English. Yeah sure Rose and Roxy have both been completely dumbstruck upon meeting each other in the bubbles and such, but they gotta snap out of it right now as they are both completely worthless in the presence of the other. Just look at how Rose acted. Rather than trying to assess the situation or using her Seer powers or going after Dave (who is her best match) she just instantly went for Roxy. She's supposed to be a strategist and a conductor, but instead she acts like a complete derp.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if the Condesce catches them, just cuz.
>> No. 73091
I'm thinking Dirk's unbelievable soul stunts could be contributing to his increase in fakeness. They're just too unreal.

While light and time are a powerful combination, I don't see how it wouldn't currently help to have Rose advise Roxy on what things to steal the nothingness from, and how to do it. A Rose/Dave teamup can wait until it's time to face LE, or at least until the time to start training for it.
>> No. 73092
From a human and realistic standpoint nothing you said made any sense.

Perhaps because it's not Dirk? Jake thinks this is what a Prince of Heart's powers do. He is probably right but not-Dirk is directly powered by Jake right now.
>> No. 73093
Brain Ghost Dirk has always had a weird existence. He claims that he's just Jake's mental image of Dirk, but at the same time he's also kind of an aspect of Real Dirk? I don't know. But I don't think it's wrong to assume that his powers are the same as Real Dirk. It's only his existence that depends on Jake's belief.
>> No. 73094
If this Ghost Brain Dirk came from Jake then maybe Jake is sucking the soul out of Aranea to get Roxy away from him to keep her safe?

Or I'm over thinking this?
>> No. 73095
Watch Jake absorb Aranea's soul, then Cal!Jack crashes into them forming the actual Lord English.

Gamzee admires it fondly. His work is done and it is glorious.
>> No. 73096
gj jane, g o o d j o b

what i'm saying is, she needs to get her shit fixed and do her goddamn job
>> No. 73097
Can I just say that no one has had their shit together in a long time and it's starting to get old?
>> No. 73098
Kind of the point when one of the main themes is growing up.
>> No. 73099
there is no theme in homestuck anymore
>> No. 73100
God. Finally, somebody shut him up. But now we don't get to see what would have happened with the spider soul.
>> No. 73101
what if it just continues to dangle by ger feet
>> No. 73102
wacky waving inflatable arm-waving tube troll
>> No. 73103
Why the shit did Jane do that
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