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72963 No. 72963
Because we need a new thread, and it's really her story now.
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>> No. 73151
The worst part is the slapstick allows for an excuse to laugh off Gamzee's actions here like gratuitous violence and abuse is a joke.

....SOCIAL COMMENTARY???? no probably not actually
>> No. 73152
>but he still wants to act like he is above the "anime" fightscene drama stuff
Above the what now? I apparently don't watch enough anime because I didn't think to project this sort of thought onto it.
>> No. 73153
You realize of course that that's pretty much been what the comic has been from the beginning. Juxtaposition of drama and utter silliness that deflates the "dignity" that most stories would derive from said drama. If this is a problem for you, I'm surprised you've made it as far as you have into Homestuck.
>> No. 73154
I didn't see it as him trying to be "above" dramatic anime fights. Dramatic events are happening in the story and Hussie is playing it off as a joke. He's been doing this the entire comic, and I'd be surprised if you really only find it awkward now.

Hussie can't always mix comedy and drama well, I've found certain moments in Homestuck that didn't do it well, but I don't have a problem with this scene.
>> No. 73155
Jake, I've never particularly liked you, but I swear, if you just stand idly by while Terezi falls into lava, you are going to the top of the freaking list. The list is not a good place to be, Jake. You don't want to be on the list.
>> No. 73156
>The worst part is the slapstick allows for an excuse to laugh off Gamzee's actions here like gratuitous violence and abuse is a joke.

Indeed. Serial murder and genocide are one thing to joke about, but ABUSE?! TOO FAR.

Yeah, he's pretty much the only one in a position where he can save her. I don't dislike Terezi at all but I don't particularly care for her either, so I'm kind of indifferent about what happens next.
>> No. 73157
Not always the case. Some things have been handled with a lot of poignancy and without an ounce if humor. I mean, look at what comic we're talking about. Homestuck is all about kids and fun, right?
>> No. 73158
I'm so sorry for your pathological inability to tell when something is objectively bad.
>> No. 73159
When did I discount serial killing and genocide
>> No. 73161
Gamzee is a serial killer, and Lord English has committed not just genocide, but omnicide in several universes, as well as double killing a lot of ghosts. The fact that you're only complaining about the abuse rather than about those other things is what makes people say you're discounting those things as though they are somehow less bad than the fact that Gamzee's also abusive, in addition to being a serial killer and having several times in the past aided and abetted in a known genocidist.
>> No. 73162
Those things are also terrible. Should I list every example atrocity known to mankind shown in Homestuck? We'd be here forever.
>> No. 73163
No, we are questioning why after all this time you haven't started questioning the validity / social responsibility of black comedy until now.
>> No. 73164
I don't hate it because because it's black comedy, I hate it because it's black comedy done badly.

There are also reasons why jokes about death are not on the same level as jokes about abuse or rape, and you shouldn't hide behind "but it's black comedy! You should just get a sense of humour!" when you get called out on it, but I'm not going to go into that because Gamzee curbstomping Terezi isn't actually the joke. It's a legitimately brutal and horrifying beatdown interspersed with stupid things in an attempt to keep the situation from getting too dark. But he didn't pull it off very well.
>> No. 73165
You sure like to insult an alien's way of life. What the fuck is wrong with you?
>> No. 73166
well that went terrible
>> No. 73167
I think you're talking to two different people here.

This doesn't seem appropriate to Alternian standards either, considering Karkat and Kanaya's reactions.
>> No. 73168
>I don't hate it because because it's black comedy, I hate it because it's black comedy done badly.
Just like Family Guy.
>> No. 73169
You know, the last time I heard Family Guy brought up in relation to Homestuck was actually complimenting the latter: way back when some people were still hanging on to the old interpretation of Equuis being abusive to his lusus it was pointed out that it didn't really make sense, since the subverted expectation that it really WAS an accident is a joke with an actual punchline while "oh he hit him so hard he got a bruise!...and that's it" isn't.
>> No. 73170

No, that it's a dark and horrible beatdown set in contrast with these silly things is the joke. The jokes aren't there to distract from the beatdown. The beatdown is part of the joke.

I can't believe I even had to just explain that to you.
>> No. 73172
It's not the butt of the joke.

But idk why you're arguing? Your interpretation just makes this sequence even stupider?
>> No. 73173

I don't even know what you're trying to say.
>> No. 73174
Personally, I think Gamzee's behavior could also be a bit confusing due to weird time shit, since a lot of the important moments in his development happen before or after we actually see the effects. I'm not even really sure when some things that happened to him occurred in relation to others, such as whether he fondly regarded events at 0:00:00 before of after being soosh-papped. And we haven't even seen what ends up preparing him to take care of the baby cherubs.
>> No. 73175
whether or not it is a joke making light of abuse it's still shitty writing.
>> No. 73176
um, are you forgetting all the stabs terezi just gave to gamzee
>> No. 73177
are you being retarded on purpose?
>> No. 73178
The whole point of showing her stab him a bunch of times was to show how futile it was. It was intended to be tragic, because even after she got her will to fight back, it didn't mean anything and only served to make her feel weaker.

I can't believe I had to explain that.
>> No. 73179
>even after she got her will to fight back
I take some issue with this line. First, I highly doubt that the Terezi we all know would have just sat there whimpering if Gamzee ever hit her. I think it's much more likely that they've fought in the past. But like, blackrom fighting; where you kinda hope the other guy dies but you also kinda don't. The difference now is that she really does want to kill him so she's going all out.

I do think their relationship was abusive, but more in terms of how Gamzee made her feel about her blindness and not about him beating her. And even then, I'm not sure if what he said was over the line for a quote-unquote healthy black relationship, or if it wasn't and Terezi was just too emotionally vulnerable at the time.
>> No. 73180
How can she fight back if Gamzee was not threatening her at that point? She's did it because she felt like letting Gamzee leave her alone would somehow mean he has won. This is more of an over-the-top "you can't break up with me, I'm breaking up with you!" situation than anything else.
>> No. 73181
He's talking about in the long term. Gamzee <3< Terezi has been an abusive relationship, and Terezi wasn't fighting back until she decided to go "Clown Hunting." This is her fighting back after months of not fighting back. Not "This is her fighting back after this five minutes of them interacting just now."
>> No. 73182
But it is not necessary for her to fight back now. She's just tired to get her revenge on him and is now paying for it dearly.
>> No. 73183
>Terezi wasn't fighting back until she decided to go "Clown Hunting."
How do you know this? I don't remember this ever being said.
>> No. 73184
>> No. 73186
That says he attacked her, not that she didn't fight back.
>> No. 73188
>But like, blackrom fighting; where you kinda hope the other guy dies but you also kinda don't. The difference now is that she really does want to kill him so she's going all out.
I consider this enough of a difference for not going all out to be "not fighting back", just because without that it could easily be confused from a troll perspective as actively pursuing a blackrom relationship. It could be seen as sparring, play fighting, or even venting frustration, but not really fighting back.
>> No. 73192
File 138189202589.jpg - (75.23KB , 650x470 , mspa-homestuck-book03.jpg )
Let's talk about how Hussie dropped the ball by not having this cover lenticular so we could see Dave's arm actually making the head "snkkt" motion instead of looking like he wants you to gtfo.
>> No. 73193
So Rose got the quills of echidna? How? Last time we saw, John had them when he performed the scratch.

that being said, shit's about to go crazy, )-(ic's decided to show up. I guess we're with John in Caliborn's narrative again though, as per standed abondoning on a cliffhanger procedure
>> No. 73194
YES. HOMOSUCK IS BACK. You should be thrilled about this, not bummed.
>> No. 73195
Did anyone notice SBAHJ updated?
>> No. 73196
Maybe she found them on the meteor, or in the bubbles.
>> No. 73197
Sigh. Well, thanks for trying Jake. Granted you didn't try very hard, but you did try.

Also, Skai is apparently being flooded with lava. Good luck on that session, guys!
>> No. 73198
Maybe she found them on the meteor, or in the bubbles.
>> No. 73199
It wouldn't have been too hard for John to just drop them somewhere for Rose to pick up, though we didn't actually see it. Maybe it's something that happened in the time that was skipped over right after they arrived?
>> No. 73200
Nice tease with the red lava engulfing the Skaia ball. I was convinced we were about to see a cheesy sequence of Karkat DBZ powering up to realizing his full blood powers, after seeing Terezi almost bite it. Would have been the worst cliché ever.
>> No. 73201
Or maybe she just made new ones. The stuff you've already made gets added to your Alchemy Excursus, and at this point their Grist supply is more or less limitless.
>> No. 73203
I actually thought he was using his blood powers to affect Gamzee's behaviour or sumthin. But then that didn't.
>> No. 73206
But Rose never made them in the first place. They were with the bunny.
>> No. 73207
I really hate to say it, but I feel like SB&HJ has gotten kinda stale.
>> No. 73228
File 138388817445.jpg - (257.57KB , 800x604 , February-preview.jpg )
I am in love with this years Calendar
>> No. 73229
Roxy's hips are out of control.
>> No. 73239
Awesome drawing aside, I'm more bothered by the lack of fuschia painted on Condy's nails.
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