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File 137419593479.jpg - (240.54KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mq5nwiRg2Z1r1h1o2o1_1280.jpg )
72489 No. 72489
Soooo... Hussie has been hired to do a Namco highschool dating sim game

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>> No. 73244
4? You seem to have forgotten about leprechauns.
>> No. 73245
I'm thinking Terezi, PM, and an alligator.

Also, it looks like we aren't seeing past version of characters, so no >tfw Toby Masuyo finds out how her relationship with Taizo Hori is going to turn out.
>> No. 73248
Nobody cares about those other races though. It will be the three most popular characters, or rather the two most popular guys plus Terezi, because the fandom is overwhelmingly male-character-hungry. Terezi just happens to be the most popular female troll.
>> No. 73250
Meenah is the most popular female troll.
>> No. 73251
As much as I wish that was true because I would love to digitally romance my favorite punky fish alien, I have to disagree. More fans know Terezi because more fans haven't even met Meenah yet. Terezi even beats out Vriska in terms of popularity despite the former's controversy.
>> No. 73252
I dunno. The way they phrased it was "weird exchange students" and there's already a few other humans on cast so I don't think that'd count as "weird".

I'm almost hoping for one of the characters to be Jack Noir because romancing a demon dog with space powers would be hilarious
>> No. 73253
File 138489939666.png - (481.50KB , 576x768 , 1362820113612.png )
I want the other 2 Homestuck characters to be Vriska and Meenah. Who needs HS male options any way?
>> No. 73254
I can't wait for the rage that'll ensue when one of the Homestuck characters is revealed to be Gamzee.
>> No. 73257
More like easy mode. One word, snausages
>> No. 73267
Dave's gonna be one of them for certain. "Coolkid Pack" is a dead giveaway.
>> No. 73268
So third is either Meenah or Dirk? Who else is a popular cool kid?
>> No. 73269
While Dave is a pretty safe bet, come now, "coolkid" has been a general school term for decades, especially as a cliche when associated with letterman jackets. Remember, this is still a Namco game foremost. The Homestuck stuff is just a bonus.
>> No. 73270
No, I will continue to project my fantasies of dating a virtual Meenah until the inevitable moment when my hopes are dashed utterly and painfully.
>> No. 73271
>Mention Hiromi and Mr. Driller's mom.
>Mr. Driller and Hiromi both appear as students.
>Feel as though I might be inadvertently responsible just by having said anything about them.
I'm just gonna say it's times like these I'm glad I haven't publicly described a speculative end to Homestuck I once thought of.
>> No. 73274
Ohhh shit Tyson Hesse's in on this project. Maximum hype.
>> No. 73275
File 138606457897.jpg - (91.21KB , 1000x560 , img_students_16.jpg )
Second Homestuck guest, Jane Crocker.
>> No. 73276
File 138606509574.png - (147.74KB , 300x368 , equius muscles.png )
Am I the only one hoping Equius is an option?
>> No. 73278
Yes, its just you
>> No. 73279
Actually pretty surprised by this! That's a human and a troll down.
Next is either gonna be a felt member, a cherub, or a member of the midnight crew

(but I almost hope it's one of the consorts and its entire story line is just it going NAK NAK NAK NAK NAK)
>> No. 73280
The Mayor! Or as we know him in game, the class president
>> No. 73283
File 138611055317.png - (49.71KB , 880x810 , equius arthour.png )
Or instead, how about we get the ultimate butler as our romantic interest
>> No. 73284
oh my god yes please.
All he does is scurry around and is an amateur architect. He doesn't say a single word, but everyone adores him
>> No. 73285
He is a man of few words....but he was the first freshman to ever win as Student Council President, and did so in a landslide--and hasn't lost an election since. They simply call him W.V., for "Winner of Votes."
>> No. 73322
File 138617731161.png - (293.48KB , 966x516 , tumblr_mx7y8cy0og1roq0iuo1_1280.png )
As much as I like Equius and WV, I'm sensing a JUSTICE-based theme on these picks so I have a feeling the last might be...well pic related. I would be okay with this.

Though I would also be okay if the last pic was Spades Slick or Calliope/Caliborn combo
>> No. 73323
Why is Jane a ten year old with boobs?

Oh man I want this with every fiber of my being.
>> No. 73325
Jane is 16, not 10
>> No. 73326
They're saying that >>73275 looks ten.
>> No. 73328
Now that I saw who are the rest of the team working of this, I'm slightly optimistic about it.
Even with the HS characters.
>> No. 73332
Finally we get to date Dave...

Davesprite that is.
>> No. 73333
File 138665134616.jpg - (123.45KB , 1000x560 , 1386649592781.jpg )
And here's the art.
>> No. 73334
File 138670885726.gif - (451.75KB , 500x333 , 1349646053665.gif )

caw caw motherfuckers

Could have been worse. Could have been better, but not by much.

Does anybody recall if Terezi has any feelings or even care for Davesprite?
>> No. 73335
She never met him.
>> No. 73336
They did chat once, right after Davesprite entered the alpha session. It was the first time Dave and Terezi really hit it off.

>TG: youre actually a pretty good troll
>TG: as long as you dont bug john i guess thats all there is to say on the matter
>GC: TO B3 F41R
>> No. 73341
So is this the homestuck game
>> No. 73342
No, it's not.
>> No. 73346
This is Dave, but in a way that I can appreciate. Nice move.
>> No. 73355
>> No. 73356
Very, very short game. Each character route takes around 15 minutes (if you're a slow reader like me). 15 bucks for the HS characters and the character art is....odd? The sizes of the sprites aren't the same so Jane looks like a hulking giant compared to most other characters.

Not worth the money imo
>> No. 73357
Namco-fucking-high is not fucking available in Russia.
it's just kokorobreaking
>> No. 73358
the russians dodged a bullet

this game is horrible
>> No. 73359
oh, fuck you with my balalaika
I just wanna date Terezi
>> No. 73360
Eh, I liked the Lolo route.

That's the only one I've played so I can't comment on the rest of the game, but I did like that one.
>> No. 73361
did you enjoy having 0 gameplay?
>> No. 73362
That's called a dating sim. That is how they work. We knew when the title was first announced that there would be zero gameplay This is not a criticism that is likely to illicit any sympathy.
>> No. 73363
I wasn't expecting any more than this, but it's still really poor, just about as barebones as you can possibly get. There are 10 year old joke dating sims on Newgrounds that are better than this. There's no fucking dialogue options, for one. It takes like 15 minutes to finish one route, and the only thing you do to complete it is click the character's name enough times when that menu pops up. When I say there's 0 gameplay, I mean there's 0 gameplay even for visual novel standards. And that's sad.

It's not the fault of the writers or artists either, they did their best with what they were given, but the planning and direction is horrendous.
>> No. 73364
Except not really? Pretty much every other dating sim at least has dialogue options. If you say A you get B and so on. In this case it's just "mash enter forever"

Boh. I guess I was expecting something a bit better than this.
>> No. 73365
File 138757118188.png - (827.83KB , 900x1260 , Iw2gMTS.png )
I was expecting a game that pokes a bit of fun of the dating sim genre like Hatoful Boyfriend but instead I got a boring "game" made by people who didn't really bother doing the research at what mechanics are usually in this type of game.

Also, I find it funny that the game advertises Cousin as your avatar, but it turns out that because of lack of dialogue choices, they have their own (obnoxious) distinct personality--which defeat the point of Cousin being you.

Oh well, I guess Namco is getting some people money who is willing to spend $15 to "woo" a meta & angsty bird boy.
>> No. 73366
Congratulations on the release of your game Hussie.

Now lets get back to Homestuck.
>> No. 73367
It was also advertised that the player character was completely gender neutral but Dave refers to them as male in his route. (:
>> No. 73409
That's because Davebird is privileged cis scum
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