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File 136600478163.gif - (223.70KB , 500x345 , tumblr_ml88yaedCj1qhcj5zo1_500.gif )
72201 No. 72201
Welcome to our quick descent into madness.

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>> No. 72203
File 136600536465.jpg - (94.39KB , 1165x628 , goggles.jpg )
Oh goggles
>> No. 72204
File 136600541390.jpg - (140.35KB , 1227x631 , goggles2.jpg )
You never let us down
>> No. 72205
So, does anyone here think Homestuck will end this year? Or will it not be until next year sometime?

I really don't want this to end, and I'm one of the guys that complains about homestuck on a weekly basis.
>> No. 72208
File 136600652862.png - (8.95KB , 350x446 , tumblr_inline_ml9vo43mtG1qz4rgp.png )
a bedroom stands in his young man
>> No. 72211
Well, considering that video games take a lot of work and Hussie has zero experience, it'll probably be a while.
>> No. 72212
File 136605920463.gif - (181.50KB , 500x248 , tumblr_mla4hlSl0P1qhcj5zo1_500.gif )
Very quick decent
>> No. 72215
Why now?
We where almost free.
>> No. 72216
File 136608218313.jpg - (67.65KB , 312x445 , 97.jpg )
Nah meng tis cool. Just re-read HS or PS. Or pick up something else to be fanatical aboot like some other webcomic, anime/manga or a long running live action series. You know. Like tumblr deals wit series 'withdraws'.

Or, go banana-nut bread cray. That is fine too, I guess.
>> No. 72218
I have to say, I like how the color of her shirt really brings out her eyes.
>> No. 72219
File 136609640884.png - (13.28KB , 650x450 , tumblr_ml9ygkfrEm1r72qnbo1_1280.png )
>> No. 72220
i know right
>> No. 72221
I keep going to check for updates and then stopping myself at the last second because I remember.
>> No. 72226
File 136626118025.png - (345.52KB , 704x538 , fd36909472b70e4d405216b6aa555cd6.png )
tiny tatoo
>> No. 72244
Has the endless hiatus ended yet?
>> No. 72245
No, no, rephrase.
>How much time until the endless hiatus ends?
>> No. 72253
I imagine it'll last a year.
>> No. 72255
I like how this board just straight-up DIED.
>> No. 72256
Well, the alternative would be talking about offtopic shit 24/7, and really, who would do such a- ooh.
>> No. 72257
There's plenty of other fan ventures to catch up on, so really who has the time?
>> No. 72258
File 136823954281.jpg - (127.76KB , 1434x1399 , tumbleweed.jpg )
If I were less lazy I'd photoshop that store sign to say Homestuck General. Thankfully I am lazier than that and will just post this and wander off.
>> No. 72261
File 136829826056.png - (26.65KB , 656x215 , they're on to us.png )
But this is /mspa/. Homestuck General is getting along as well as HSG ever does.
>> No. 72262
I'm beginning to feel the itch again.

I thought I was beyond this. Maybe I just want it to end.
>> No. 72263
I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
>> No. 72264
An update you silly creature.
I crave story progression. I simply thought I was over it, that I wasn't into it that much anymore, but I was wrong.
>> No. 72266
File 136844844853.png - (27.05KB , 454x488 , tumblr_mli0ycSWRy1r3bmh9o1_500.png )
>> No. 72330
never realize how much you miss the fandom when there's no upd-

>checks out HSG

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