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71004 No. 71004
>> No. 71005
>I have zero professional experience, and I’ve never made a video longer than four minutes. But there are these ideas constantly buzzing around in my head

Certified 100% grade A bullshit. Like, not even kickstarter worthy.
>> No. 71007
they are asking for 84 actors for named characters, not even counting extras like imps and consorts (and they expect these to be played by PEOPLE?). the actors also ought to look the proper age, i.e. like a thirteen year old for all the major roles. they are also asking for at LEAST 53 behind-the-scenes people and think storyboard artists are "not vital." consider that many people, and then consider this is essentially a campaign to make a bunch of youtube videos that retell homestuck's story. this is imbecilic. why did i waste my time reading this tripe. i think this made me feel legitimately disgusted and angry, it was so badly thought through.

> "I’m barely even a film student"
> "I want this project to stay within the fandom. I don’t want outsiders spoiling it."
> "As for myself, my identity will not be revealed to you unless you are a member of the production team"
> no mentions of payment or anything; people who do this are going to do it for free
> no mentions of prop/makeup/costume artists or sets
> no acknowledgement of the $$$ it will take to make this project a reality, even if they pay their cast and crew in dog shit
> general lack of self-awareness
> "To make art, all you have to do is put the pictures in your head onto a visible surface."

pig disgusting
>> No. 71008
yeah, pretty much. this kid has no grasp or experience of the process of making even a tiny tiny movie, and basically doesn't get how reality works. thinking this will somehow work out is delusional at best.
>> No. 71009
and yet certain sects of the fandom will eat this up anyway
>> No. 71010
Eh. Given this fandom I wouldn't be surprised if they made it work. If you have enough enthusiastic people contributing to an effort, it can be made to happen.

But yeah, this is definitely not a sensible way to approach a project like this. Plus, it'd be better animated than live action anyway.
>> No. 71013
based on prior experience I predict that this will get a couple dozen people and then fall apart in preproduction due to drama or lack of competent contributors.

frankly I'm surprised we're even discussing it.
>> No. 71015
i think the homestuck porn movie had a better chance of being made than this
>> No. 71016
Is that still a thing?
>> No. 71017
It hasn't updated in 8 months so I doubt it.
>> No. 71361
That's a damn shame. I wrote some very rough outlines for a SBaHJ scene I was thinking about sending them a while back.
>> No. 71367
i was reading through this tumblr and thought that this was that. i got scared when it said it allowed 13 year old actors
>> No. 71372
The best part is, Homestuck cosplay porn wasn't really a thing until Hussie dared the fandom that nobody would have the balls to do it.
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