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File 135746688082.gif - (414.38KB , 650x450 , 05694_2.gif )
70979 No. 70979
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>> No. 70983
So I guess we are now on the road to Jane finally flipping the fuck out and fucking shit up?

These recent updates have been mostly a downer.
>> No. 70984
Yeah this is pretty obviously leading somewhere. Can't say I know where though.
Right now I mostly hope Hussie manages to keep the narrative in one place long enough for us to see what Jane's brewing in that alchemiter.
>> No. 70985
Yeah, I'm seriously lost as to where all this is going. So there's going to be a battle tomorrow, the same day the rest of the Kids and Trolls show up. None of the B2 kids have tier'd yet, but Calliope has more or less confirmed fo sho that they will and Caliborn stated that Jake wouldn't fight him until after he was a god tier. Meanwhile, the Condesce wants to strike a deal with Roxy to help her deal with English, which Callie seems to think is a good idea. She has also given her the means to escape, which leads me to believe that she won't be the one they'll fight either.

Jack's no threat anymore, what with 4-8 god tiers, trolls and PM. So what exactly is happening? Is Yaldabaoth up to something? Will Gamzee reunite Lil' Cal with Callie's juju, thus fucking shit up?
>> No. 70986
That's bladekindeyewear's theory. He is wrong. That isn't gonna happen.
>> No. 70987
What is suddenly happening to the artstyle since a few updates? The lines looks thicker, but it looks really better than usal.
>> No. 70988
It seemed something like that could easily happen up until she thew off the tiaratop, but I think at this point she's at least as likely to find a way to direct all her frustrations toward her actual enemies.
>> No. 70989
Yeah. While s/he has got a point with the whole Rose-Jade role switch thing, I feel that s/he's grasping for straws with the whole Jane = Bard of Doom thing.
>> No. 70990
No, he does not have a point. Rose consorted with horror terrors and Jade did not. If she had she would have been grimdark as well. Nobody else is ever going grimdark because they know better than to talk to horror terrors.
>> No. 70991
Fefeta confirmed for grimdark.
>> No. 70992
...the point was that, for most of their session (and earlier, I guess), both Rose and Jade were behaving directly opposite of their roles. While Rose's grimdarkness and talking to the Horrorterrors was the logical conclusion of her taking the wrong path, it wasn't the single cause of her switching her role. If they hadn't been around to assist with her corruption, she would simply have turned to someone else (like, say, Scratch) and gone through a very similar process.

Jade spent a lot of time watching the clouds of Skaia, gaining knowledge of the future and using that information to, among other things, set in motion the whole timey wimey ball that was Liv Tyler's journey. She used her Vision (which is a Seer thing) to see the future (also a Seer thing) and used that to mess with Time (which is a Time thing). Therefore one could say that her role, at the time, was very much that of a Seer of Time. After losing her dreamself and entering the game, she quickly lost patience with the non-linear chats with the trolls, tried (and rejected) a pair of goggles which allowed her to see (yeah, Seer thing again) the whole Incinisphere, and picked up frog breeding. After ascending she became a fully realized Witch of Space.

Rose, on the other hand, should have been acting like a Seer of Light, using her vision, insight and knowledge to guide others toward a fortuitous future. Instead she picked up magic (which caused several characters to call her a witch) and went around destroying stuff. Since the source of this magic was the Horrorterrors and they have a relationship with the aspect of Void, she was causing destruction/change/whatever Witches do through Void. She was later tricked into abusing the vision of the Cueball (basically getting the answers handed to you, which is like the most un-Seer-like thing possible), stared right into the Void and went grimdark because of it. Jade is a Witch, and so far she's shrunk objects, teleported, run through a wall and increased the velocity of the battleship; basically, she is able to manipulate all aspects of Space. Likewise, Rose was able to manipulate the power of the Void freely, including levitation and flight, picking large objects apart, creating rain and thunder, releasing great energy blasts and setting things on fire (since Void can be anything, her wands basically allowed her to do, well, anything). So for most of the game, her role was that of a Witch of Void. Upon ascending, she became a fully realized Seer of Light.
>> No. 70993
Eh, it's not as simple as "is they grimdark y/n."

If you were around back before Act 5, you'd know that most of the fandom at the time was /shocked/ when they learned that the eccentric girl who saw the future in her sleep was the "witch" and the kickass goth with the magic wands was the "seer."

And in the conversation between Calliope and Roxy where Roxy noted that both herself (Void) and her mother (Light) caused screens and cameras to black out, Calliope's explanation suggested that Mom-Rose causing blackouts - and by extention, grimdark rose's weird elderitch shit in general - had more to do with Rose's class and aspect /specifically/ being perverted somehow, rather than grimdarkness just being a generic status effect being conferred onto anyone who gets too personal with calamari demons. This is pretty much the main reason I think Boot's aspect inversion theory isn't /complete/ bullshit, although I think he's too enthusiastic about trying to apply it to characters who aren't Rose.

Regardless, I still think Boot's theory that Jane's gonna go evil is pretty much bullshit. Condy is definitely trying to manipulate her, but it seems that Condy wants to work WITH the other kids to achieve her goals, not against them.
>> No. 70994
Stop talking about it. Just stop. That guy is a frothing lunatic. His theory is wrong. You are wrong. Nobody likes that theory. Stop.
>> No. 70995
Say what you will. I've said that exact thing about Rose since forever, and Jade underwent a similar process, albeit not as severe and broken when her sole way of viewing the Skaian clouds died horribly.

But yeah. Jane's not gonna go evil anytime soon. That's just stupid, and it doesn't even make sense (I mean why the hell would she become a Bard?)
>> No. 70996
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. How do YOU interpret Calliope's statements about how and when heroes with very different titles can have the same abilities?
>> No. 70997
Titles are easily justified to mean ANYTHING, how is it not clear by now? Even behavior that seems the complete opposite of a hero's role is explainable by Hussie as being part of the character's struggle to mature and realize their true role. It is way more organic a process than just "oh here is a simple pattern so by baby level logics this must mean this will occur to this character".

And for story's sake I hope Jane is alchemizing the juju or at least a clean, Condy-free device.

There's a theory floating around that the U/u jujus make the wishing amulet from Neverending Story when out together. It looks like an actual ouroboros, so if this doesn't happen, Hussie will miss out on a real sweet reference-callback-symbol 2x combo.
>> No. 70998
But a wishing amulet would be magic, and we all know magic is fake as shit.
>> No. 70999
What does the Condesce want with poor sweet Fefeta?
>> No. 71000
Well, Feferi was the heir to the Condesce's throne. Depending how dying then being resurrected as an amalgam kernelsprite affects the laws, she might still be the person who's going to succeed the Condesce as troll empress.
>> No. 71001
I think the Condesce is talking about Jane here. She apparently refers to her as the heiress.
>> No. 71002
Condesce won't stand for other tyrian bloods. Meenah had to force down her immediate instinct to fight Feferi in the bubbles, and the Condesce is basically an unchecked adult Meenah. Fefetasprite is doomed.
>> No. 71003
Also true, as Jane is heir to the Betty Crocker corporation. So there are two heirs to the Condesce at that little Birthday Party.
>> No. 71018
alchemy going down!
. . . aaaaand what the dandy fuck
>> No. 71019
File 135768981383.jpg - (24.35KB , 649x448 , even the clown can't believe this bullcrap.jpg )
>> No. 71020
how why what bwuh
>> No. 71021
Is hussie celebrating April Fool's day early or

I don't want this to be canon

this isn't the reality I wanted
>> No. 71022
Well ain't that disturbing
>> No. 71023
I think we can agree this is at least as bad as going grimdark.
>> No. 71024
That reaction shot was the very best part of this whole ordeal. Gamzee being flabbergasted by events at hand means even though it all seems ridiculous, shit is going down.

Admittedly, it might be that the shit that's going down is horseshit, but it is still going down.
>> No. 71025
Trickster Jane has cherub swirls on her cheeks.

And I have no idea what the fuck is going to happen next.

Wait, yes I do. We'll cut away to something else.
>> No. 71027
remember the drawing callie made of trickster roxy licking the pop?
>> No. 71028
Gamzee what the hell are you doing here?
>> No. 71029
can this not be what happens
>> No. 71030
And for that matter, her color choices for Dirk's picture were pretty Trickster-mode-y, too.
>> No. 71031
going grimdark wasn't bad. it wasn't good. it was just fucking nothing. grimdarkness was of no point or consequence whatsoever.
>> No. 71032
File 135770072465.gif - (1.12MB , 330x248 , bill o reily watching a movie.gif )
>tumblr having conniptions because trickster Jane looks like a white girl
>> No. 71033
This was pretty much doomed to happen, yea.
>> No. 71035
This is nothing like going grimdark, she is probably just more powerful or this is fake
>> No. 71036
shouldn't they be celebrating? i mean, trickster mode colours are all messed up. that's the entire point. if she has light skin in trickster mode, doesn't that mean she probably doesn't have that skin colour normally?
>> No. 71037
did you not see that expression on her motherfucking face

that is not the face of someone who has received a completely harmless power upgrade
>> No. 71039
File 135770258854.jpg - (35.80KB , 595x218 , wishingamulet.jpg )
Well well well
>> No. 71040
but Trickster John has had peach skin this entire time... :3c
>> No. 71041
So the Juju when combined becomes a sucker of Zoloft?
>> No. 71042
Yea, but he wasn't really canon, per se; just a fanmade sprite that got added as an easter egg on a whim. It was easier for people to ignore.
>> No. 71044
I have a feeling this will turn out very badly. As in much, much worse than grimdarkness.
>> No. 71045
To be fair, Rose's grimdark phase wasn't actually all that...grimdark. She had basically the same personality as she did before getting pumped full of horrorterror juice.

Kind of a letdown, really.
>> No. 71046
This is not what I expected to see when I saw there was an update this morning.

But hey, if Jane's in glitch mode now, maybe that's how to kill LE? He can only be killed by glitches
>> No. 71047
does this mean there's a possibility that the alt timeline dominant calliope is trickster as well?
>> No. 71048
But she couldn't control her anger. Despite being extremely powerful, it led to her death. It also blacked out the view of everything in her proximity.

Now we've got trickster Jane, who is so incredibly hyper and happy and silly and hysterical as one can get. She could cause some real trouble. And she's still got the sucker, which presumably hasn't lost it magic.
>> No. 71049
The animations in this flash felt very smooth.
Also wat.
>> No. 71050
All right guys, opening the books--what are the odds that the next page is going to be "THIS IS STUPID?"
>> No. 71051
Yeah, this was probably the most fluid character animation in all of Homestuck.
>> No. 71052
But trickster mode in general was clearly based on that original sprite.
>> No. 71053

Outside of that, I'm not sure why people are complaining about trickster mode becoming canon [if it's not Hussie just messing around]. It's not like they were a total fandom creation.
>> No. 71060
they were, actually. hussie had absolutely no hand in creating trickster mode. the sprite that started it all was a john sprite edited by a fan, and put into a flash as an easter egg by the fan coding the game. then fans took the concept of that design and made trickster versions of every other character in homestuck. and then hussie put it in the actual comic. he didn't create it or even help in developing it.

also trickster mode is fucking stupid so i figure that's why people are mad about its canonity
>> No. 71061
So, this is all part of some ruse by Caliborn to send her fake jujus? How did Calliope know to send Jane a gift anyways since the session was supposed to have been blacked out otherwise.
>> No. 71062
She may not be able to see their session, but she knows how things will turn out anyway because of Rose's book.

That said, the sucker was her birthday present for Jane. She had no idea that Caliborn would give his away just as freely, but she seemed to believe that trickster mode could become useful in the future.
>> No. 71063
>also trickster mode is fucking stupid so i figure that's why people are mad about its canonity
Don't they know that their anger only makes Hussie's bone bulge harder?
>> No. 71064
>also trickster mode is fucking stupid
This has never ever stopped Hussie before. He does not give a single withering shit what people think about what people think his comic should or should not have.
>> No. 71065
just because he meant to do it and doesn't care about fan reaction doesn't mean the idea is any less objectively bad, or that people reading it are somehow not allowed to hate the development for being bad.

i mean you can shoot yourself in the foot on purpose--partially to show up everybody who thinks you wouldn't really do it or are telling you not to, and partially because you think it would be a fun thing to do--but you still ultimately shot yourself in the foot.
>> No. 71066
Perhaps it's because I don't keep up with fandom business, but I'm having a hard time understanding why some are up in arms about trickster mode.
>> No. 71067
well basically half the fandom believes that it's fucking stupid because it was just a sillly fanmade easter egg, despite it appearing in the comic proper since that flash where it first appeared
the other half basically doesn't give a shit because it's fucking homestuck
and then we've got the angry social justice tumblrers who are mad because trickster Jane has light skin and it breaks their non-racial immersion

i for one don't give a shit as long as something actually comes off of this. like, if hussie decides to deconstruct the whole notion of trickster mode, showing the severe consequences and/or the great advantages of a playerw ho is basically permanently stuck in a state of extreme sugar rush and forced happy silliness, but if it's just a gag i'll be a bit irritated
>> No. 71068
You think their racial immersion would've been broken by the fact that every human character has been referred to as little pink monkey, pale, uncool white puppet rapper, a blonde mother and daughter, etc

People still think the aracial thing is anything but lip service?
>> No. 71069
woah that's awesome
From the neverending story wikipedia page:
"Two mythological serpents, symmetrical, bite at the other's tail. In the book, they form an oval, and are not intertwined. One serpent is white and one is black. Each has an eye to correspond to the color of the book's print, red and green. It may be noted that the film version has the two snakes in an "Infinity Knot", a kind of grief knot which looks like a more intricate variation of the figure "8" infinity symbol and another sign of ouroboros. The two snakes represent the dual nature of the two worlds, Fantasia (German: Phantásien) and Reality, but also the twin nature of their mutual creation and destruction. On the back of AURYN are the words 'Do What You Will'."
>> No. 71070
File 13577675806.png - (555.31KB , 1666x878 , Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 4_37_17 PM.png )
added a picture to the set

AURYN is a mystical talisman in The Neverending Story. In the novel, AURYN is always spelled in capital letters and is referred to as "The Gem" and "The Glory". It is a symbol of its mistress, the Childlike Empress.

A common misconception is that AURYN is a simple magical object that grants wishes. The truth is that AURYN's power flows from the Childlike Empress and that it can only be used with her permission. The powerful amulet cannot be used against her and if she does not grant the use of it to someone they are unable to influence AURYN.

Bastian comes to Fantastica and meets the Empress; she asks him to help re-build Fantastica with his imagination, and he subsequently has many adventures of his own in his new world. With the help of AURYN, a medallion that links him to the Empress, that gives him power over all the inhabitants of Fantastica and grants all of the boy's wishes, Bastian explores the Desert of Colors, battles the evil witch Xayide, and meets the three Deep Thinkers.
Bastian and Atreyu become friends. However, due to Bastian's continuous wishing with the The Gem - which costs a memory each time - he begins to lose his true self, to wit, Atreyu becomes increasingly more worried about him. Xayide exploits the growing tension between the two, driving Bastian to a lust for power and eventually having himself crowned as Childlike Emperor. Atreyu leads a rebellion against Bastian, but narrowly escapes with his life. Upon pursuing Atreyu, Bastian stumbled on a colony of humans who were trapped in Fantastica - having lost all their memories as they had recklessly indulged in the power of Auryn - and realizes what has nearly become of himself.

Calliope as the childlike empress and Caliborn as the childlike emperor? or will one of the kids take the role of Bastian? To save the empress from a sickness, bastian had to give her a new name (he chose "moonchild"). Since names play a role in cherub magic, I wonder if this will be somehow be important?

I've never read The Neverending story but I am psyched at the prospect of more references to it
>> No. 71071
forgot to mention, everything above the "........" is just lifted from the neverending story wikipedia article
>> No. 71072
Here is a fun Neverending Story fact:
The original hardcover version of the book is printed in two colors, one for each of the worlds it's set in.
Those colors are red and green.
>> No. 71073
>objectively bad

sshhhhh. it's okay. everything is going to be all right. it's okay to not like things.

i'm constantly surprised when anyone actually thinks "aracial" was an intentional thing from the beginning.
>> No. 71074
author intent isn't always perfectly executed and there's good evidence that people's brains are conditioned to forget things like "this character isn't white" if it's not made obvious. then again that might just be me trying to cut the author of a thing I like some slack.

speaking of the author, I think there's about a 75% chance that the [S] in question is just him razzing us.
>> No. 71075
So is the sucker anything like the mask from the mask?
>> No. 71076
So she's off her planet. wonder what comes next. maybe she's the second coming of dirk and rounds everyone up for tomorrows battle.
>> No. 71077
And yet people will still be reading the comic like they have been sense every other bizarre and dumb thing he's added or removed. He simply does not care and it being "objectively" bad does not influence him in the least.
>> No. 71078
Almighty sugar on high.
>> No. 71079
And there...she...GOES! And that trickster-mode is an almighty hax power that seems to make the user go into a happy-filled berserker mode.

It seems that we are close to the final stretch of the end of this comic. Does anyone else feels like this comic has been rushed? I mean I hope he isn't planning on actually ENDING this comic on April 13. It feels like there are still some plot threads that needs to be resolved that + the final battle that would take longer than 4 months(with the rate of Hussie updates nowadays) that would provide a satisfying conclusion.
>> No. 71080
He could just end it on 4/13 then end part 7 the epilogue on 6/12.
>> No. 71081
Did the whole "Ending on 4/13" thing actually come from Hussie, or was it just a fan theory that got so pervasive we've lost track of it?
>> No. 71082
anyone who TRULY understands homestuck knows that there is no such thing as an end
>> No. 71083
She just beat her planet quest without even realizing it, didn't she.
Makes me wonder if this whole clusterfuck did anything to her Denizen.
>> No. 71084
Pretty sure it's just something the fandom has expected for a long time.

Speaking of the numbers, they don't seem anywhere as prevalent as they used to. They used to be all over the place, and they felt really significant and like they were leading up to something huge. Now they seem to have almost faded from the collective fandom consciousness. Hopefully Hussie did this on purpose to make their eventual significance come as a bigger surprise. I don't want all that foreshadowy build up to not have proper pay off.

>Does anyone else feels like this comic has been rushed?

Well, that's one critique of Homestuck that you don't see too often.

Honestly, I'm expecting Homestuck to end on April 13 of NEXT year. MAYBE October 25 of this year. There's still tons of questions that need to be answered, and more questions will come up on the way to answering ones already here. Add to that all the different characters with different issues they need to reach resolutions to, and it will take quite a while for Homestuck to end if it does so in a satisfactory way.

I may seem like I'm expecting it too take way too long, but Hussie takes longer to get through stuff that anyone ever thinks it will take. I mean, back in Act 5 Act 1 most people thought Homestuck would be over by 4/13/11. There was just a lot more in the story than we could ever have seen coming, and the same is very possible now.
>> No. 71085
File 135782052948.jpg - (36.29KB , 551x551 , Lollipop.jpg )
I think I've got it.
The Juju is the invincibility candy.
>> No. 71086
So I'm guessing that trickster mode basically super amplifies you power. Jane will spread Life wherever she goes.
>> No. 71087
what's this, i don't even...
Hooooo! OK.
I get it now.
>> No. 71088
So it's safe to say inversion theory is disproven once in for all.
>> No. 71089
no but dont you SEE
when jane went trickster her role was inverted
she is now the bard of doom, allowing the destruction of death by creating life, and soon she'll invite destruction THROUGH death
better go send this to that theory guy so he can rewrite it
>> No. 71090
The sad thing is that this isn't far off from what he's actually saying.

Oh, boots. When will you learn to admit that you're not always right.
>> No. 71091
I'm thinking if Roxy doesn't kill her to sober her up, it's going to be Dad that calms down eventually. Who else would be able to handle a candy-crazed Crocker?
>> No. 71092
so it's end of act now yes?

I'm hoping we get a Spades Slick intermission.
>> No. 71093
There's really not much for him to do other than run from WV, unless the journey to the Alpha is finally coming to an end, and he, WV, and the travellers on the meteor are going to arrive at the same place.

If that happens, I wonder what's going to happen. Will the kids finally fight Jack, will WV run him off (or maybe even kill him), or will all of them get roped into an Enemy Mine situation by realizing that Lord English is too big a threat to waste time fighting one another?
>> No. 71094
*PM, you mean
>> No. 71095
Sorry, yeah. My bad.
>> No. 71097
I think that anon was referring to, well, Spades Slick. Not the murderdog but the murdercyborg.

What's up with him anyway? When was the last time we saw him? I think I remember a panel of him climbing back up to Hussie's balcony, but I don't know when that was.
>> No. 71098
...wow. Shit, man. So....does this mean Lil' Cal is a Trickster Mode cherub? We always knew there had to be a link, but I didn't think it'd be that direct. And the Squiddlies appear to be Trickster Mode horrorterrors rather than just humans interpreting horrorterrors they encounter in their dreams into cartoon characters.

Also, Gamzee appears to have gone from dumbstruck to completely fucking irritated by this turn of events. Which pleases me even more than anything else here. Gamzee was getting too smug with his "Clown who can do anything and knows more than everyone else" routine--glad to see that things can still go awry for him.

And Caliborn looks....almost in awe or respect of Jane? Has he decided on a NEW rival, in place of Jake?
>> No. 71099
what is even going on
>> No. 71101

Hussie, this is really silly. Stop that.



>> No. 71103
File 135790889643.gif - (1.09MB , 300x169 , -crazyeyes-.gif )
My mind is going. I can feel it.
>> No. 71104
Welcome to Candy Kingdom!
>> No. 71105
Is this what the Horrorterrors meant when they said someone was killing them?
>> No. 71107
pretty sure that was referring to lord english
there was quite some horrorterror collateral when he blew up that dream bubble

also i dont know how literal this update is to be taken
>> No. 71112
huss pls stop drug
>> No. 71113
Oh god Hussie is not even trying anymore
>> No. 71117
Click the black bar of moving sweets at the top of the new page.
>> No. 71118
Guys listen.
You need to stop giving Hussie money.
Look at the fucking shit he's getting away with.
I want this guy's life. I want to needlessly pad out my story and add whatever the FUCK I want to it, any sort of reality and fan expectations be damned, and still rake in the dosh.
>> No. 71119
You saying the audience is getting played for s u c k e r s
>> No. 71121
How is this any less weird than when the Problem Sleuth crew turned in to candy-based creatures of the night? Feels pretty par for course to me.
>> No. 71122
>>I want to....add whatever the FUCK I want to [my story], any sort of reality and fan expectations be damned, and still rake in the dosh.
That's pretty much the entire definition of a successful writer.
>> No. 71123
Jane going to LOMAX will end badly for someone, and all I can do is hope it won't be us.
>> No. 71124
File 13579490174.gif - (100.75KB , 400x277 , Eye_roll_John.gif )

>guys you need to hate this because I don't like it

We'll get right on that, sport.

I find it rather hilarious that "Tricksters" is the straw that broke the camel's back here for some people.
>> No. 71125
Yeah, it's weird. It doesn't really seem that much more crazy/ridiculous than anything else in the Hussie canon.
>> No. 71126
>> No. 71127
Am I the only one absolutely loving this turn of events? The background is even one big Zillyhoo!
>> No. 71128
I don't mind these developments at the moment, but I get the feeling Hussie will just use this as an opportunity to shove various plot devices into right spots and then never mention it again. Maybe use it to get some of the r-kids god tier.
>> No. 71129
in before Jake/YandereCandyBitch Jane
>> No. 71130
She has him cornered at the edge of a cliff. This can't end well.
>> No. 71131
If she kills Jake though that's not Yandere. That's Yangire... However, if she kills Dirk because he is a threat to her wonderful relationship and potential baby-making with Jake, that would be Yandere.
>> No. 71132
kill him jane do it
>> No. 71133
I for one find all of this very entertaining.

I'm also expecting Jane to take out that lollipop and slam it in Jake's mouth, making him go Trickster mode too.
>> No. 71134
Maybe kissing a trickster turns you trickster too, like a sort of disease.
>> No. 71135
Maybe it's cooties.
>> No. 71136
File 135797899395.gif - (39.77KB , 536x93 , CAUCASIAN.gif )
That is all.
>> No. 71137
File 135798012495.jpg - (40.37KB , 300x201 , doge.jpg )
So that's why tricksters are always so happy.
>> No. 71138
Oh god. Move aside Meenah, turns out Hussie is the best troll.
>> No. 71139
was that ever, ever in doubt
>> No. 71140
Sometimes I forget.
>> No. 71141
so this is what its like to have white privilege
>> No. 71142


>> No. 71143
Oh shit is Jake about to go trickster too
>> No. 71144
Oh shit is Jake about to go trickster too
>> No. 71145
Not-so-subtle jab at white entitlement? Or not-so-subtle jab at white entitlement?
>> No. 71146
Blatant jab at the people who were bawling that their headcanon of Jane as an obese hispanic man was ruined because of Trickster Jane
>> No. 71147
Operating at one level of irony is not nearly enough to understand Homestuck nor this beautiful update.
>> No. 71148
Is Hussie sacrificing his story for temporary gags and shitstorms?
How the fuck would some guy who begins reading homestuck in say, a year, understand any of this shit.
Up until now he's been SOMEWHAT subtle about the meta and it could still make sense, but now it's full blown ''what the fuck am i reading'' for future readers.
>> No. 71150
> Is Hussie sacrificing his story for temporary gags and shitstorms?

That has pretty much been his modus operandi from the beginning
>> No. 71151
No, that was Jane going ohyeeeessss at the end of Jakes no.
>> No. 71152
>How the fuck would some guy who begins reading homestuck in say, a year, understand any of this shit.

As someone who started reading Homestuck near the middle of Act 5 Part 2, trust me, this is pretty par for the course for this comic. Remember the blow-up about Troll romance?

I laughed pretty hard at the wind-up to "I FEEL SO..." next page, close-up of Jane's maniac face "CAUCASIAN!" Timing is one of the more difficult aspects of comedy, particularly in a comic format, but this was an excellent job of that. If Jane had said "I FEEL SO CAUCASIAN!" just in one line, I don't think I would have found it that funny.
>> No. 71153
This is awesome.
Hussie is the best troll ever.
I can't stop clicking on that candy banner.

That is all.
>> No. 71155
He's got 2 million something readers, does he really need to court more?
>> No. 71156
what about that glowy shit around jake tho

that doesn't bode well
>> No. 71157
Yeah, I'm expecting Jake to go Trickster. And if he does, then that means Trickster mode can be spread with only a touch.

Also, how is Tumblr reacting to this update? Are they getting the joke and calming down about Jane being white, or are they going into a fervent rage even more than they were before?
>> No. 71158
This entire act is a goddamn fiasco of stupid and Hussie is out of control.
On the other hand, this fucker's got the balls to be the king of trolls. I respect him more than I ever did when he was just ''passive-agressive lips man'' to me.
>> No. 71159
It's split evenly between people who get that hussie's taking the piss and angry white girls threatening to quit reading the comic FOR REAL THIS TIME
>> No. 71160
I personally like to think that trickster mode characters are pinkish because they're made of marzipan, and are thus in fact pretty much solid candy, being thus vulnerable to anything able to avoid turning trickster mode which can also eat sugary things. Not really thinking it's that likely, though.
>> No. 71161
They're exploding like a swarm of angry ants. Well everyone except, funnily enough, the actual brown folks that everyone is supposedly upset about hussie offending. From what I've seen, they are either indifferent or amused.
like me
>> No. 71162
That's usually the case when it comes to "racial issues", isn't it?
>> No. 71163
Let me see if I've got the timeline right on this.

> Hussie uses a Trickster
> Bunch of SJWs start harassing him over their skin color even though Tricksters have been a thing since the dawn of act one and have been used in a lot of fan works and nobody's said boo about them until now
> Hussie proceeds to take the piss out of these people in canon
> SJWs predictably fall all over themselves to express what an outrage it is that he is disrespecting their precious fee-fees
> A few people who missed the joke entirely or at least thought it was directed at totally different people than it actually was have some misguided outrage
> Hussie throws back his head and laughs maniacally. Dance, little ants, dance!

That about right?
>> No. 71164
andrew hussie shouldnt have put a white person in his comic strip and should apologize immediately
>> No. 71165
Wow, didn't even notice that.
>> No. 71166
yet another prime example of mspa's fandom taking things way too seriously.
>> No. 71167
its less about the trickster jane being white and more about the fact that it was an unfunny swipe at people who opinions dont matter over an issue that should have never been addressed in the first place. so we get this idiotic hamfisted artist treatise about Those Fuckers getting mad over Our Shit but with all the grace and guy busting hilarity of an political cartoon.
coupled with the fact that people are getting For Real harassed and spitting out bullshit about ""reverse racism"" just sours the whole thing imo
im personally not offended its just stupid and bad not funny and i cant remember the last time i actually liked homestuck
>> No. 71168
Triggering Jake's latent Page powers that have been hinted at forever now?
>> No. 71169
i mean its just that making fun of social justice ppl is like putting on a funny voice and going "LOOK AT ME IM SO CRAZY" its just the lowest hanging fruit and completely irrelevant to everything else in the narrative ever
ya feel what im sayin
>> No. 71170
Bea it's like having a laser pointer in a room with a kitten. It's really hard to resist making the kitten chase the laser pointer.

Jane still isn't white for the record, Hussie is Caucasian colored and he's orange. The tricksters are fucking marzipan.
>> No. 71171
File 135803997434.gif - (1.67KB , 154x84 , beefagrees.gif )
>> No. 71172
But they're angry over something completely stupid and deserve to get called out.
>> No. 71173
"Deserve" is a silly thing to say in this instance. But I hope this is as far as it goes. The joke's over, he's trolled them hard, now let's move on to bigger and better things.

Although it's going to become double hilarious when Jake goes Trickster Mode and turns out to be black just to mindfuck people
>> No. 71174

i dont think "taking a dig at the artists you pay to make things for you" is really the same thing as "calling someone out on something stupid"
also i disagree that wanting to see more poc in a comic that was, up until this point, agreeably ambiguous wrt race was something "stupid". like come on man, dont be a jerk about stuff like that.
it wasnt hurtin no one to believe what they wanted to believe and the little dig was totally needless and unfunny to boot
>> No. 71175
Have you not seen tumblr? People are flipping out and crying like it's the end of the world that Trickster Jane is white. That's what Hussie is digging at. Not the fact that people want more POC characters, but the fact that something as simple as a character's skin color can apparently so completely ruin their day.

I mean, people are writing entire essays about this shit. Essays I had to spend a full goddamned minute scrolling past on tumblr over the color of a character's skin.

Yes, it sucks when a character winds up being something other than what you envisioned them as, or doing something that flies against your understanding of the character. Yes, there needs to be more POC in media, just the same as minorities of all stripes.

>> No. 71176
I think the dig was meant less at the people who just wanted to see more people of color, and more at the people who are assholes about it--which is a lot of them. Obviously there's no way to be sure since the context is all from outside the comic, but if you look at all the discussion on Tumblr and the like, the complaints about Jane "being white" because her Trickster Mode character had pinkish skin were a bunch of people looking for something to be bitchy about. If Hussie was targetting anyone with his trolling, it seems like it was them, rather than the people who are sane about it.

Hell, he's made fun of SJW's in the past, and even threw regular people who worry about gender politics a bone in the form of Porrim, thus showing there actually are people who care about this stuff with legitimate complaints and who aren't raging assholes. I would take her to represent both the gender politics AND racial politics people who are not assholes about it. Which is why I don't take this as "People who want some of the characters to not be white are stupid!" and more of a "Fuck the haters" thing.
>> No. 71177
I don't understand how her being caucasian here has any bearing on the rest of the comic. She doesn't normally have pink hair, either. She could be any race outside of Trickster mode.
>> No. 71178
Also Trickster Jane is not Jane and Trickster Jane: still not actually white until she turns Hussie Orange.

Bea I think you are reacting to this from a half-engaged position and so going off half-cocked.
>> No. 71179
just to be clear im not really advocating on the side of any one person here i just think the joke was bad and unfunny and pointless and was just my finally kicking point off the homestuck fun train.
sacrificing narrative for the sake of a dig at your readers is just lazy and stupid imo
wheres the plot obama
this isnt the change i voted for
>> No. 71180
'sacrificing narrative' Bea do you have any idea how insubstantial this two page segue is in the overall course of the narrative

to people reading a year from now it will just seem like a kind of weird joke that they will shrug and keep moving past because it is of no import

Also don't lie Bea you've been saying you hit the no fun point every day for at least a year, there's nothing special about this
>> No. 71181
> thus showing there actually are people who care about this stuff with legitimate complaints and who aren't raging assholes.
implying the masses need Hussie's validation to realize such people exist in the first place? It's not necessary but it's nice and affirming to see.
>> No. 71182
It's not that they need his validation, it's that he was taking a huge swipe at the culture as a whole, and Porrim seemed to represent his admission that they're not all as bad as the ones he was making fun of.
>> No. 71183
Get a fucking grip already
>> No. 71184
tbh meenah and vriska and roxy shenanigans are practically my entire reason for sticking with homestuck and i am sure near most everyone agrees
>> No. 71185

There there, you blubbering goddamn pansy. I was pretty much exactly at the point you're at right now a little earlier in the day. In fact I've been pretty much at whatever point of UGH, HOMESTUCK you've been at for the last couple of years. So, knowing that our, let's call it, "homestuck frustration level" is pretty much aligned, I can say with adequate certainty that you'll be able to barely hang on until the next fun thing happens. Then you'll pretty much be back on board, abeit still hounded by a feeling of general malaise and disappointment that current homestuck isn't really what you wanted. Just remember that it's semi-guaranteed to end this year, under threat of potential lawsuit!

Let's face it though, you're much too invested to give up, and have too many fond memories to really want to.

Then again I actually AM starting to laugh a bit at these updates, which I'm not so certain you'll be able to share, seeing as how I have the privilege of being non-white. And in a fandom like homestuck's, that might just be the greatest privilege of them all~♪


I dunno I liked a lot of things recently. Arquis was great. Caliborn is great. Everything Condy does is great. Jane spilling her feelings to Jake and nut-punting him off a cliff wasn't so great, but does feel a bit cathartic. Like, "holy shit fucking finally now can we actually move on" cathartic. In fact if we're lucky Jane will be able to wipe out all of these pesky teenager feeling that have been haunting the comic for so long.
>> No. 71187
Yep. And I'm quickly realizing that seeing fan-anger over things like this is why I frequent tumblr.
Seriously. If I could solidify it and mix it in with my coffee I would. It's...so...TASTY.
>> No. 71189
>> No. 71190
>sacrificing narrative for the sake of a dig at your readers is just lazy and stupid imo
That's nothing new for Hussie though. I think that practice of his lost its charm after the third time he pulled it. I wouldn't know what the count is up to now, since I only ever stick my head through the door if the neighbors are making a ruckus (like now).

Jane: Engage, was magical though.
Okay now, back to the shadows with me.
>> No. 71191
So that's two of the four alpha kids gone Trickster Mode.

Think Dirk and Roxy will be Trickster-ified? I think they'll get to Dirk, but Roxy might be spared since she is invisible.

Anyone else wondering if sprites can enter Trickster Mode? Erisol is nearby and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to this whole thing.
>> No. 71192
I'm thinking Roxy will avoid this due to being both invisible and intangible, and she'll have to strike a deal with the Condesce to get them back to normal.
>> No. 71193
So....is Trickster Mode a power boost comparable to God Tier? Are they skipping God Tier in favor of Trickster Mode?

And I wonder if this is going to change their alignment to....I don't know, Chaotic Neutral or something.
>> No. 71194
Wow... You know what is impressive to me

You have really understand the mountain of contextual knowledge to understand the argument over this panel, you have to understand the events that prompted hussie to adopt a aracial policy. The issue that plagues itself around tumblr ect ect
its just a mountain of context that will be completely lost in five if not six years time.
>> No. 71195
Then it will be a funny joke about calling out that kids appear colorless
>> No. 71196
When Homestuck is finished, Hussie could probably spend a couple of years creating "The Annotated Homestuck" to make things that didn't make sense the first time make sense this time.
>> No. 71197
Crazy trickster makeouts incoming.
>> No. 71199
Oh God, it does spread.
To what purpose, though?
>> No. 71200
wait, if Jane + Trickster mode = spontaneous life powers, activate in the form of instantly covering half a planet in plant life, what the hell is it going to with Jake's powers?
>> No. 71201
What's the thing to be fixed about his planet anyway?
I mean with LOCAH it was pretty obvious, what with the life clinging to the cracks and the irrigation stuff and all. But I really have no idea what the players' ultimate goals in LOMAX, LOTAK and LOPAN are.
>> No. 71202
File 135808764795.png - (189.79KB , 470x359 , jane and jake engage trickster mode.png )
The beta kids are going to be really fucking confused when they arrive.
>> No. 71203
Dirk's city needs a constant supply of food because the planet-wide city prevents any farmland.
Roxy's planet needs a whole lot of nothing, that's just what happens when you've got a player of void. Or rather, it just needs a bunch of misc. junk from the void.
Jake's planet is a broken Xbox 129,600. I'd call it a "giant broken Xbox 129,600", but it's probably the regular or miniature version.
>> No. 71204
>> No. 71205
Trickster mode seems to be just a cheat mode; employ it, and break skaia. It's like mashing numbers into a Gameshark and always being pleasantly surprised by what it gives you
>> No. 71206
To be honest, I don't understand how any of this "aracial" stuff started. There have been multiple instances where the kids have been described as "paper white" or "pale as a ghost" or "pink".

I mean you can have all the headcanons you want (my personal faves are that Dave is an albino poc and jade/jake are malaysian), but pretending that the kids hadn't been planned to be literally white as snow a la problem sleuth is silly
>> No. 71207
basically someone drew "ethnic" (non-white) kids, fandom raged, hussie decided to [troll the fandom / throw a bone to the fan artists] by saying they could be any race you wanted them to be, fandom raged some more, hussie messed a bit with the mentions of race in the actual comic, fandom raged, he had trickster jane be white, fandom raged more than ever, he made fun of this with the "CAUCASIAN!!!" thing and the raging frothing moronic fandom was so incredibly butthurt it hopefully won't ever recover

and honestly by fandom i do mostly mean tumblr
>> No. 71208
Some people wanted to draw them as other races because an array of white characters was visually boring and there were some unfortunate implications if the last remaining people from Earth, who were supposed to represent the entirety of the human race, were all white. I think the MLP humanisations were a hot new cool thing to do at that point and kind of got the ball rolling for POC depictions of characters in other stories, including Homestuck. Then there was backlash in the Homestuck fandom (not as bad as MLP though) because some people can't take artists taking artistic liberties and also can't stand seeing beloved protagonists as anything but aryan master race. Andrew responded to this as saying the characters were functionally aracial because they were literally white like a colouring book, and he didn't give a fuck what colour you decided to fill that blank space in with, and neither should anybody else.

Now people are angry that he seems to have gone back in his word by confirming characters as white. Even though, I guess, that if she makes a surprised statement about whiteness now that means she wasn't before? idk. I don't care. I don't care about this anymore.
>> No. 71209
Exactly. Because who would take anything in such a silly little comic seriously? Oh...oh, you did. Oh wow.
>> No. 71210
>he last remaining people from Earth, who were supposed to represent the entirety of the human race

Maybe I missed something, but I don't think that's actually a thing with Sburb. Maybe I missed or forgot something, but I really doubt the man behind the curtain in regards to the mechanics of Sburb cares about representation. One of the many inequalities of the game Porrim could be against, after all.
>> No. 71211
But Hussie didn't confirm them as white, if anything he vaguely confirmed Jane and Jake as not white with Jake's NOOOOOOO reaction.
>> No. 71212
So Hussie toned down the Caucasian joke to this:
>> No. 71213
Brats on tumblr are still bitching. "WOW NO WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG I CAN'T ANYMORE I AM SO DONE." Goddamn, we really are the worst fandom.
>> No. 71215
Then why are you posting?
>> No. 71216
Why would Hussie do that? I have never seen Hussie do an edit like this or bend to the will of his fans. Did he explain this on twitter or what?
>> No. 71217
You know what? I didnt really give a shit about the race thing but I DO think this will at least make more "sense" (I use that word incredibly loosely) to future archival readers.
>> No. 71218
At least this joke would actually make sense for an archive reader.
>> No. 71219
Why would Hussie do that? I have never seen Hussie do an edit like this or bend to the will of his fans. Did he explain this on twitter or what?
>> No. 71220
>> No. 71221

He did a post on tumblr. Basically while he doesn't think the joke was a problem in itself, racist shitheads were using it as pretext and justification for being horrible at actual PoCs, and he didn't like giving them that validation.
>> No. 71222
The CAUCASIAN thing was a one-time joke for serial readers. Hussie probably intended the peachy one the whole time. Not the first tine he's done this, just the biggest.
>> No. 71223
I dunno, it could make sense to the archival reader, since it's about the sudden art style change and portraying Jane with actual skin tone instead of #ffffff white. It works even without knowledge of any fandom drama.
>> No. 71224
And here I was about to go around flaunting my magical candy powers, and the fact that children destined to start a game that will likely kill us all look slightly more like me despite being their own ancestors and thus arguably not part of any race in a very literal sense.
>> No. 71225
God, some people are just so fucking ridiculous it's unreal.
>> No. 71227
I want everyone to know, I am absolutely loving every single thing about and surrounding this comic right now.
>> No. 71228
The shitstorms surrounding Homestuck can truly be as entertaining as the comic itself sometimes.
>> No. 71229
Because discussion of any topic should have room for differing opinions. So long as a person provides thoughtful reasoning for their dissenting opinion, and their post does not incite inflammatory side-discussion which derails the thread, then their post is valid.
>> No. 71230
Holy grist I want to high-five-hug-then-buy-a-drink 2x combo Hussie so hard right now.
>> No. 71233

You know, I didn't ship it until this very moment. That's the most romantic dialog I've ever read.
>> No. 71234
So I guess this pretty much confirms that the trickster'd kids are still (to some degree) themselves, they're just HIGH AS BALLS.

There is going to be so much shame and embarrassment when they return to normal.
>> No. 71235
Notice many gay jokes were made earlier and a gay pairing was sunk, and to my knowledge not a word was said beyond 'lol.' Let us all learn from this.
>> No. 71236
nutrigrain commercialyoutube thumb

Pretty much whats happening in the comic
>> No. 71237
the fact that they broke up (unofficially) doesn't make dirk and jake any less gay than they were previously

you don't change sexual orientation when you get dumped
>> No. 71238
True but it does mean the relationship no longer exists. Again, not that it matters (and to be honest Jake doesn't really strike me as gay to begin with).
>> No. 71239
>(and to be honest Jake doesn't really strike me as gay to begin with)
The fact that Dirk and Jake dated together completely destroys that argument. Calling them straight at this point is a sign of denial, or of just not reading the comic.
>> No. 71240
Jake never really seemed like he was that into it. He was falling all over Aranea, but with Dirk he was just like "ok bro sounds fun!!"

Dating a dude does not necessarily make one gay. Questioning, certainly, maybe bi, but not 100% gay.
>> No. 71241
Dirk is absolutely gay though.
>> No. 71242
Being borderline abusive even if you completely lack social skills, does not a relationship make.
>> No. 71243
They dated for like five months though. He only got tired of him "recently." Jake might be slow but he's not THAT slow.
>> No. 71244
I was getting that idea before, but the zillion babies comment pretty much sealed it. Now to see if Roxy gets trickstered or not, and if she does whether her experience with getting absolutely hammered has any effect on it.
>> No. 71245
dirk was not abusive. i don't know where you would even get that. all the instances of "dirk" being malicious or controlling or a general dickweed turned out to be the autoresponder, not dirk himself. it doesn't sound like jake is tired of him because he is abusive, but because he turned out to be kind of high maintenance and his need for attention wore thin after about 5 months.

and it was really clear that they were in an actual relationship and they enjoyed spending time together. at least at one point they did, anyway. they probably kissed sometimes and jake probably liked it. he likes girls obviously, and might be more attracted to girls, but he isn't a kinsey 0. this is actual canon from the canon source, the webcomic homestuck by andrew hussie
>> No. 71246
When you have three people to choose from in your dating pool, and one is a man (and another is your friend who said she wasn't into you), I dunno. Maybe you just deal even if you aren't into dating guys, if you get along well enough you just go for it.

Which... is kind of what it seems like Jake did!
>> No. 71248
Trickster orgy inbound

I bet they jizz rainbows
>> No. 71249
No! Run, Roxy! Don't let them lure you in! There's still hope!
>> No. 71250
That or Jake is bisexual and you can deal.
>> No. 71251
This seems like the strangest time to argue about Jake's sexuality.
>> No. 71252
Only in trickster mode.

Death of the author means anything Anderew Hussie says is not canon.
>> No. 71253
Are you fucking serious.
>> No. 71254
what the fuck
>> No. 71255
. . . but of course, you don't have to buy that particular approach to interpreting literature. In fact, I would venture that most don't. It's pretty out-there.
>> No. 71256
I think we can safely assume, from what we've read in canon, that Jake did not break up with Dirk because he was a dude, but because he was kind of needy and, if I recall correctly, 'wouldn't talk about anything but himself'.
>> No. 71257
It doesn't actually matter whether you buy Death of the Author or not. It's an observation, not a prediction or a law. All fiction is equally fictional.

However, if you're going to argue with other fans about what happened in a particular work, it makes sense to at least treat the words in the original work as canon, whether or not your interpretations differ. So I don't know why he's trying to use Death of the Author to suggest that he gets to ignore explicitly spelled out facts from the story itself. Death of the Author would apply if he were to say that something like "Farenheit 451 is about censorship even if Ray Bradbury doesn't think it is," not if you want to say something like "Charlotte didn't die at the end of Charlotte's Web."
>> No. 71258
I can't help but hear those obnoxious unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn when the tricksters talk

>> No. 71259
>tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering )(er Imperious Condescension
>TG: batterwitch pls help
>TG: my friends are completely insane
>TG: can you throw me back in jail :(
>)(IC: gurl u made your cocoon
>)(IC: DWI
>)(er Imperious Condescension logged the fuck out.

This might very well be the best part of all Homestuck.
>> No. 71260
>> No. 71261
best kid and best troll (both versions) interacting is bound to be amazing
>> No. 71262
>> No. 71263
I fucking love the update, but I wish someone would help out Roxy. She's been ignored and denied left and right, and I feel bad.
>> No. 71264
I fucking love the update, but I wish someone would help out Roxy. She's been ignored and denied left and right, and I feel bad.
>> No. 71265
*cue Dave and Rose to show up and save their mom after three years of being forced to sit on their asses*
>> No. 71267
>Dave is too busy laughing
>rose is stuck in permasmile mode with roxy
I want this comic to end with a fully tricker cast zerg rushing the last boss, whomever it is at the moment
>> No. 71268
You can't escape them, Roxy.

You can't escape the smiles.
>> No. 71269
Oh god. That is both terrible and great. I kind of hate you for it.
>> No. 71270
>tumblr explodes as Homestuck ends with a depiction of filthy crackers saving the day
>> No. 71271
File 135830970473.gif - (841.89KB , 500x346 , MARCOOOOOOOOOOO.gif )
I missed being afraid.
>> No. 71272
File 135831014974.png - (76.10KB , 500x535 , tumblr_m7kwzm2vV31qjudon.png )
While I'd love to take credit for turning that phrase, like all great pieces of art it was stolen from this guy.

>> No. 71273
Which is to say that all great pieces of art are stolen, and not necessarily from that one guy's tumblr feed.
>> No. 71274
Come on Clubs Deuce. Save the dame. Be the hero.
>> No. 71275
File 135831261314.gif - (212.12KB , 390x380 , 1238029600363.gif )
I was listening to this while reading the updates.


hopy shit trickster!jane and trickster!jake are scary.
>> No. 71276
What's going to happen
>> No. 71277
Oh, snap. Three down, one to go.
>> No. 71279
Anyone else want a trickstered out Condesce?
>> No. 71280
rip roxy she was a pretty good character
>> No. 71281
>Roxy: I am so boned
Delicious double entendre...
>> No. 71282
The really bad thing for Roxy is that it seems like she isn't really bringing any of her problems on herself, unless trying to accomplish The Condence's plan would somehow have protected her. Since she doesn't seem concerned with much other than surviving the session, her friends all apparently being super powerful and having no problems leaves her without any issues other than not being up for a (to us yet unknown) task she sees as impossible. Though I guess she could have tried claiming to be happily serving the Her Imperial Condescension and too busy to play until she (description of bogus task here).

I'm thinking she might still find a way out of this, possibly involving a death on her quest bed to sober up. And then looking down at the others to say "Don't touch me, you filthy casuals."
>> No. 71283
They way you're talking it's like you've written her off as dead.
She's a trickster now, but who knows how long the sugar rush will last.
>> No. 71284
Unless that pumpkin and what's inside it were to just disappear for some reason. That would probably kill her, just like Dirk died.
But really, what are the chances of that happening?
>> No. 71285
Roxy and prospitian jail guard can be decapitated pumpkin buddies!
>> No. 71286
Roxy the headless horseman, you say? I could get behind that.

It's also possible that we might get a walkaround where we just press ctrl+t to turn them back.

On the other hand, given >>71234, I'm not really sure what to expect, since so far Roxy seems pretty focused on the game, with only a lack of plausible-seeming means of advancement holding her back. It's quite possible her lack of emotional problems could in fact allow Roxy to actually "hold her candy", as it were. I still wonder why they didn't go to Dirk's planet before Derse, though.
>> No. 71290
I think their intention is only to turn her. I don't think the What Pumpkin will decapitate this time.
>> No. 71291
There seems to be a huge "1" theme going. Surprise noodles in counts of 11, and it took 111 tug pulls to see trickster Roxy. Each tug pull also had a bark followed by a meow which reminded me of the first guardians of Earth for some reason.
>> No. 71292
All I can say is the Kids and Trolls are going to come into some ****ed up **** when they arrive. I don't think even going God Tier has prepared any of them for this horror.
>> No. 71293
File 135840450369.png - (178.01KB , 841x607 , tumblr_mgosaiIkra1r8j86to1_1280.png )
goggles continues to pay huge dividends
>> No. 71294
File 135840578163.gif - (11.03KB , 650x450 , 05739.gif )
My thoughts vindicated by Dad Crocker
>> No. 71295
Oh no Jane's hot dad is in Trickster Roxy's direct line of sight
>> No. 71296
Trickster guardian? Hopy shit no :0
>> No. 71299
I forget if they were, but if Jake's glasses and shoes are based on Dad's stuff, I think them coming off before he changed mode shows that there is a degree of protection for fatherly figures.

Also, still no sign of what Trickster Roxy actually wants to do.
>> No. 71300
>> No. 71301
Fefeta at least likely won't be changed any more than Erisol was. Speaking of Sprites, it'd be interesting if Trickster Jane ran into Nannasprite eventually and pulled off a Jester-like Jane Japes x 2 combo.
>> No. 71303
Thank goodness. It doesn't affect carapaces. Why did they bother taking Deuce along though? I'm starting to love that little fucker.
>> No. 71304
Deuce has always been one of my favorite characters.

They're probably just bringing him along because, hey, why not? Plus he did give Roxy the ring didn't he? Maybe she considers him sort of a friend now.
>> No. 71305
File 135849187455.png - (7.84KB , 551x138 , nobody.png )
Erisolsprite is the hero we deserve.
>> No. 71306

I was wrong, Roxy isn't Bea in comic form, Erisolsprite is.
>> No. 71309
Okay, NOW they're gonna get dirk.
>> No. 71310
> Matesprit

Shitstorm inbound
>> No. 71311
Wait, does that mean Sollux / Feferi? Because the way he worded it it didn't sound like he meant Erisol had been Feferi's matesprit, nor that either of them had been Nepeta's.

Was this supposed to be a "Formerly Matesprits" sort of thing or what? Because I thought Aradia/Sollux had a thing going.
>> No. 71312
Is anyone else disappointed with Fefeta? It'd be a lot more interesting if she was actually talking instead of just making emoticons.

I find it funny that basically everyone hates Gamzee now. I'm pretty sure Karkat is the only one that doesn't.
>> No. 71313
But then people would complain Andrew missed a million pun opportunities.
>> No. 71314
Feferi/Sollux is canon. Aradia and Sollux are not and never were a couple. There is nothing to suggest they were anything but friends unless you had shipping goggles strapped to your face lmao
>> No. 71315
The Sollux/Aradia "thing" they had fell out when Aradia was killed unintentually by Sollux, through Vriska. During her life as Aradiabot, she seemed to think of Sollux as a friend though she was <3</<3 with Equius. Not to mention Sollux was with Feferi by this time. After Aradia godtiers and Sollux strange deaths, half of Sollux's soul hung around her in the dreambubbles--that relationship there is ambiguous. The other half of his soul seemed to have merged with Eridan.

Or at least that's what I'm getting with Erisol's situation. I could be wrong though as Sollux's deaths can be somewhat confusing.
>> No. 71316
I think he had a thing with her until she mysteriously exploded, and then went with Feferi because he thought she was gone for good until she also died, then possibly hooked back up with Aradia when he was half-dead floating in the outer ring with her.
>> No. 71318
Nothing except for the fact that Vriska called Sollux her boyfriend, you mean.
>> No. 71319
it still doesn't matter because you were wrong. if anything it was one-sided, and even then, it was clear that it wasn't sollux she had a thing for. it was equius, by the fact that every doomed timeline aradia was attracted to him, while sollux got exactly none of their love because he was with feferi and he was only friends (or pale?) with aradia.

i hate both pairings but i'm just glad that people can't claim sollux/aradia was canon anymore because that was annoying. thank u hussie
>> No. 71320
Between those events she was dead for a long-ass time and then turned into a robot. People change, you know.
Why are you so upset over the fact that their relationship is ambiguous? We don't have terribly much information here, and based on what we know, it could be either.
>> No. 71321
If anyone's wrong here, it's Erisol for thinking Nepeta isn't getting a kick out all of this. I don't think it'll really be a sad day for Fefeta until she finds out her one part's ancestor's alternate self is pawsibly in a ship with the target of her other part's absurdly obsessive crush.
>> No. 71323
Haha Dirk's facepalm combos ♥

Yeah, me too. It kind of bummed me out that Feferi in particular barely had dialogue throughout the comic, and I guess I was hoping Fefeta would have all the bubbly chatlog time to sort of make up for it. As hilarious as Erisol is, I would've definitely loved if Fefeta had more to say.

Oh well, trickster mode is supposed to be "resolve issues and loose ends crazy fast" brevity levity?
>> No. 71324
Pretty sure Fefeta actually can't talk

It's just that since Roxy is a rogue of void she steals the nothing from her speech and can communicate with her normally.
>> No. 71325
File 135864502320.gif - (130.70KB , 650x450 , 05745.gif )
Dirk's land is rather beautiful, I and I'd enjoy seeing more happen in it.
>> No. 71326
if dirk gets trickified it's fucking over
i can't imagine how he can unfuck this situation
>> No. 71327
Deuce is having the time of his fucking life
I'm so happy for him
>> No. 71328
Robo glasses save the day?
>> No. 71329
Well there is all the sprites, the robots, Dad, and The Condense, not to mention a battleship on the way with some more trolls and kids. I like to think Roxy will manage to stay reasonable enough to hatch a plan to hatch a plan for quest bed deaths, though.

Yeah, I like that he tagged along. Arquis seems pretty happy too.
...You know what, though. Since CD is immune to tricksterfication, and is the clubs/auspitice related guy, maybe he'll jump between Dirk and other kids?
>> No. 71330
Wait, why do we thing CD is immune to Tricksterification? They haven't tried to Tricksterfy him, have they? I don't think it gets passed purely by touch. Thus far there appears to have been some sort of mild trauma every time it was passed on--Jake got kicked in the balls, and Roxy got hit in the head with a pumpkin.
>> No. 71331
Because Hussie called trickster mode a riff on powerups in video games, and those tend to only work on the player.
>> No. 71332
Granted, but the Midnight Crew and their Alts have been viewpoint characters in the past, so that alone might not be enough to exempt them.
>> No. 71333
Even if that'd work on him, I don't think the kids are likely to attack CD, since two of them only just met the guy and Roxy got a gift from him. I guess Jane and Rake could be upset for the whole explosives and poison thing, but I don't think they know that was him.
>> No. 71335
Oh, I don't think he will go Trickster, I'm just not convinced he's literally immune to it.
>> No. 71336
Dirk u ok
>> No. 71337
>> No. 71338

sbahjbooktraileryoutube thumb

It's beautiful in the most horrifically retarded way.
>> No. 71339
now there is no hope :(
>> No. 71340
Ahhhh fuck!
>> No. 71341
Ahhhh fuck!
>> No. 71342
File 135878684557.gif - (966.31KB , 500x281 , table flip mtg.gif )
Dirk just... gave up? He didn't even TRY?
>> No. 71343
I just realized Dirk could have tied up this whole dating thing easily with a few robotic copies of Jake. For Roxy, he could have made a robot Jake that looks like Dirk and maybe has a few mannerisms/rap skills copied over. And a guess the Robojake for himself could have a bit of Roxy's mind to be more enthusiastic about the whole thing but still a guy.

Whatever, though. Now we'll get to see what this whole adventure thing Jake has planned is all about, and the trickster kids will hopefully act less demented when actually trying to get a job done. And we still have ARquius, so it's not like it's a total loss or Dirkness.
>> No. 71344
that is a horrifically bad idea
>> No. 71345
>Dirk just... gave up? He didn't even TRY?

Actually he did try to avoid Roxy at first, he just gave in due to a combination of Arquiusprite's bad advice and his own personal depression.
>> No. 71346
and also because he didn't want to hurt any of them.
>> No. 71349
>> No. 71350
Dear, sweat, precious nooooooo!
>> No. 71351
>> No. 71352
>> No. 71353
Turns out Nep and Fef are just as dumb and irrelevant together as they were separately \(`~`)/
>> No. 71354
I hope now we get several pages of Feferi and Nepeta in the dream bubbles not talking or contributing to the story in any conceivable way.
>> No. 71355
From the press release:
>Since the days of Gutenberg, publishers have tried to marry form with content in pleasing and impressive ways. And while there have been fancy books, and there have been bad books, never before in the history of the codex have the two been mismatched in so dramatic and pointless a fashion. Like a wrench torquing a bolt too hard and shearing off its head, so too does Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff completely and irrevocably break the notion of the printed book.

I truly hope people pay for the Dave Strider option.
>> No. 71357
will the death of poor sweet fefeta be enough to snap these idiots out of their sugar rush idiocy?
>> No. 71358
>> No. 71359
lol no. look at erisol and arquius just hangin around bein assholes. combining trolls and having them resolve their issues like this was an awesome idea. just literally condensing minor character development.

My question is: will the tricksters die on quest beds? Does it matter that they go got tiger anymore? I like the idea that LE can only be killed through glitches and such, and Tricksters are kind of glitches.
>> No. 71360
...hey guys just so you know, the lastest upd8 just loops forever without a replay button ever appearing. fyi.
>> No. 71362
are we ever going to get on with the story or?
>> No. 71363
so...dirk was talking pretty normally before this update...why is he still running around with the other sugar junkies? I can only hope he's doing it ironically.
>> No. 71364
Is this thread autosaging? Do we make a new one on the next update?
>> No. 71365
sounds like a plan
i feel like theres a big one coming
>> No. 71366
Nothing better to do, probably. Or maybe he is full trickster and ironically pretends not to be. We'll have to see if he turns back to normal only to start talking in rainbow text.
>> No. 71378
>My question is: will the tricksters die on quest beds?

Since their planets id them as the nobles, and the beta kids as gods, probably not and the plan to go god tier was a fakeout?
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