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70204 No. 70204
What ARE the rules for reincarnation in the Homestuck universe?

Death seems to have gotten a bit of a short stick, and has quite clearly lost a bit of their bite. But is there a pattern or limitation to who can/can't come back, and why they can/can't?

A bit curious if anyone a bit more educated in the web comic could flesh out any hard established or at least inferred rules about how it's working so far in Hussie's universe.
>> No. 70207
Hard to say, really. I mean, the most powerful form of resurrection we've got available is probably prototyping. Now when Becsprite got prototyped with Jade's dead dreamself, she could remember being in the dream bubbles, and Tavros and Vriska woke up there when their shared sprite underwent spontaneous fission. So that part sounds like the essence or soul of a dead person is stored in the bubbles and can be brought back.
But then there's the strange fact that in all the dream bubbles we've seen, we have not seen one person who was not a SBURB player. This points more in the direction of non-players not going there when they die. And yet, John's Nanna could be revived from her ashes just fine.

Meaning that I, for one, have no idea what happens if you prototype the body of a dead person whose ghost was killed again in the bubbles.

Aside from prototypings, players still have a couple ways to cheat death, of course. They can use their dream- or realself as an extra life and they can go God Tier in one of two ways, either by having a living dreamself and a dead realself on a questbed, or by having their dream- (or last remaining?) self die on a quest slab, with possible additional prerequisites.
Once they are God Tier, they basically get really hard to kill, reviving from anything that would kill them unless their death is a) heroic, b) just, c) by having a universe collapsed on top of them or possibly d) broken on a game mechanical level (i.e. having the clock that symbolizes the revival process destroyed).

Aaaand then there's Kanaya. Who is basically a vampire. Most likely related to her blood color, although Doc Scratch might have had a little something to do with it as well. Probably nothing too important, though, since Porrim did the same thing, pre-Scratch.
>> No. 70250
Now that I think about it, we don't know who the First Guardian of A1 Alternia was do we? I wonder if that will ever come up.
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