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File 135406523883.gif - (73.10KB , 650x450 , 05507_2.gif )
70036 No. 70036
is jack noir marking sevens on his wall because he's waiting for act 7???
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>> No. 70037
could also mean weeks as well
>> No. 70042
Yeah, I always assumed it was marking weeks.
>> No. 70045
He's marking days
>> No. 70084
How the fuck can he tell what day it is
>> No. 70092
Prospit rotates on an axis as it orbits Skia. It may not get dark, but Jack would see Skia move past his window every 24 hours.
>> No. 73272
Each line is a day, they're in groups of seven like that to count weeks. Each full crossed group is a week.
>> No. 73273
Why on earth would you bump up a year old thread for that.
>> No. 73454
File 138949542818.jpg - (104.46KB , 553x842 , jack noir.jpg )
Who knows why jack does anything
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