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69933 No. 69933
I'm just trying to spread my poll.. Who is the best homestuck character: http://goo.gl/0JdD0
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>> No. 69934
How is it even a question? The Mayor is the best character, and everyone knows this is true. Anyone who didn't vote for the Mayor only did so because they figured everyone else already was and wanted to vote for second place.
>> No. 69936
No.. Dirk!
>> No. 69937
Serenity, duh.
>> No. 69940
Karkat. It was close, but I honestly think he's the most interesting and entertaining character in the whole comic.
>> No. 69946
Roxy. Best human and best character.
>> No. 69947
Dammit, why can I only chose one? :(
>> No. 69957
Because, the pollster isn't trying to find the most agreed upon best character, but the one favorited by the most people.
>> No. 69958
Well, duh. What I meant was "Dammit, how am I supposed to pick a favourite out of all these wonderful characters? :("
>> No. 70447
File 135500269525.png - (1.65KB , 396x61 , huge bitch.png )
oh fuck you
>> No. 70453
But she's so happy and judgmental.
>> No. 70454
Vriska lost one of those 8s ::::(

I'm surprised that while there's enormous love for WV, there's none for PM.
>> No. 70868
To expand on my previous answer, here are my favorite characters in diminishing order of specificity.

Favorite character: Karkat
Favorite kid: Roxy
Favorite pre-scratch kid: Rose
Favorite pre-scratch troll: Meenah
Favorite exile: WV
Favorite villain: Her Imperious Condescension
Favorite sprite: Jaspersprite
Favorite Jack: Spades Slick
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