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File 135291859129.jpg - (270.58KB , 1111x1920 , Jane Crocker.jpg )
69706 No. 69706
>not having a Jane Crocker thread
get it together /mspa/
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>> No. 69726
jane crocker more like
most boring alpha kid
>> No. 69729
hate hate hate hate hate
>> No. 69735
File 135294874889.png - (78.59KB , 381x700 , 1346989341603.png )
Well I like her.
>> No. 69736
Jane's cool, you guys are dumb.
>> No. 69738
File 135296071482.png - (112.07KB , 500x491 , tumblr_mdi9a2Kw011r1dzw1o1_500.png )
Someone hates cakes. And America. >:|

I think the reason we don't is because most of the sweet-ass pics of the alpha kids all got posted in the Guardian Swap threads. :o

Also if we're going to have a Jane thread we GOTS to have a Roxy thread I mean like COME ON
>> No. 69739
File 135296810359.png - (1.07MB , 1000x936 , Jane Cosplay sitting_on_stairs.png )
Just gonna show a bit of support for this thread.
>> No. 69740
File 135297053150.jpg - (43.11KB , 400x343 , image.jpg )
Tell me you would not serve this girl all the bacon and eggs you have. Try to. You can't. You'd be lying.
>> No. 69741
File 135297089782.jpg - (41.22KB , 366x600 , image.jpg )
Representin for the Maid of Life up ins
>> No. 69997
How can this girl pull of a mustache better then most men? I don't even...
>> No. 69998
How can this girl pull of a mustache better then most men? I don't even...
>> No. 70006
dear anon it's not about the manliness, its about being dapper as hell

looking good with a mustache seems to run in the family so there's that too
>> No. 70009
Serious question: why doesn't Jane's design include mary janes?
>> No. 70010
because drugs are baaaad
>> No. 70011
because that's aranea's job.
>> No. 70015
Wait a second. Aranea has red mary janes, basically ruby slippers.

Aranea is troll Dorothy Gale and the dream bubbles of Meenahquest are all an elaborate dream scheme.

>> No. 71043
File 135770617034.png - (1.30MB , 500x3000 , 29a648b2def418ffc8c6e779f90caaec.png )
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