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File 135270914534.png - (28.98KB , 712x492 , aaaaAAAAHHHHH.png )
69619 No. 69619
*fandom explodes*
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>> No. 69620
Well that was... short.
>> No. 69621
Nooooooooooooo I wanted more alpha kids! I was getting sick of the beforans and really needed my Jane and Jake and Roxy and Dirk fix.

...I like how Jane's outfit is the least ridiculous, but she balances it out by wearing a goddamned mustache.
>> No. 69622
Goddammit Hussie, this better be a psyche again.
>> No. 69623
Shortest act ever!

Of course it's probably a PSYCHE
>> No. 69624
Remember how short the intermission was when LE was summoned? Act part numbers mean nothing.
>> No. 69625
We--we missed the alchemy session.

And what happened to the other 3 kernelsprites?
>> No. 69626

Also that's some fucking awesome alchemized equipment right there. High caliber precision portal gun, anyone? And Jane seems to have gotten her hands on the WK's scepter.

I'm really curious how those lands work, though. Lots of electrical discharge stuff going on, apparently? And LOTAK doesn't even seem to have a breathable atmosphere. What's with those two huge trenches on LOMAX?
>> No. 69627
Apparently, the lack of prototyping makes residents come back as undead monsters.
>> No. 69628

I think those are the Underlings, actually. Without any prototypings, they're skeletal. Like wireframes before any "skin" is laid over them.

>> No. 69629
File 135272469590.png - (535.71KB , 779x540 , pretty colours.png )
lands are fucking beautiful looking
i wonder how long hussie spent on them because dayum that's some good eyecandy
>> No. 69630
Maybe it's a temp tat that he alchemized
>> No. 69631
File 13527255595.png - (3.54KB , 182x182 , Shaleimp[1].png )
>Without any prototypings, they're skeletal.
We've seen some unprototyped imps way back in Act 2 (/?s=6&p=002324). They looked like pic related.
These guys being skeletons is probably more of the "dead for millennia" theme the whole session has going on.
>> No. 69632
Well if this is all we're getting about the alpha kids for now, the following intermission had BETTER be about the cherubs. I really don't want to go back to the trolls and beta kids.
>> No. 69633

Oh fuck, haha, good catch. I'd forgotten that. Yeah, you're probably right, the skeletal underlings are either skeletal from the passage of time prior to Alpha entry, or it's just the consequence of a null session
>> No. 69635
So... Jack's counting off the weeks.

It looks like it's about April 13th now...
>> No. 69636
First off, all the lands are beautiful in so many ways.
> Lots of electrical discharge stuff going on, apparently?
Yeah, I'd definitely say that's what's going on, which explains aaaall the pretty colors.

>And LOTAK doesn't even seem to have a breathable atmosphere. What's with those two huge trenches on LOMAX?
Interesting thing to note about the breathability of the planet's atmospheres: Neon, like Helium, is "lighter than air", and so will naturally float up and away, which explains the pretty glowing fountains on the tops of the pyramids.
Both Krypton and Xenon, however, are both much heavier than your standard Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere, and so would settle and sink to the surface. And unlike LOMAX, which has huge-deep canyons that act as a "bowl" for the Xenon, it appears that LOTAK simply has the Krypton lying around everywhere.

On another note, Jack's been in jail for 21, almost 22 weeks. That's five and a half months. Wonder what's taking so long?
>> No. 69637
fun easter egg: if you count the number of jack's scratches it matches the number of non-cascade hiatus days
>> No. 69638
Homestuck is always good for land art.
>> No. 69640
I wonder what Jane used to get that fancy new spoon of hers. The White Queen's scepter?
>> No. 69641
File 135273977598.png - (226.41KB , 600x438 , untitled.png )
>> No. 69642
File 135273985751.png - (115.57KB , 618x445 , Homestuck - Jane.png )
>> No. 69643
God fucking damn it why

Why, fandom ;o;
>> No. 69644
Oh, yeah, the density thing. That makes a lot of sense.
As for what's taking that long, I think SBURB sessions usually take several months. Davesprite also spent months exploring his session before going back. The trolls are apparently an anomaly, powergaming a swath of destruction through their session in only 612 hours.

I don't think queens naturally get scepters. (Kings get scepters, queens get rings. Yay symbolism.) The one she used to beat SS over the head with was probably the WK's. But yeah, looks like Jane got her hands on it, or at least its code. I'm kinda surprised it even has one.
>> No. 69645
that's not how tattooing works at all

i am upset
>> No. 69646
why the moustache, Jane? I get that you LIKE moustaches, but why are you wearing one?

(and does Roxy have a sniper portal gun? That's pretty effing cool)
>> No. 69647
it's red, she must have alchemized it with her mobile appearifier thing.
>> No. 69648
i don't think it is tattooing, it looks like dirk is just drawing on him with a marker
>> No. 69650
Roxy doesn't have a useful weapon.
>> No. 69651
File 135275634310.jpg - (17.17KB , 303x300 , Chell ARE YOU A PORTAL.jpg )
>Roxy has an effing PORTAL GUN
>not useful
>> No. 69652
I've been waiting since we first met the fucking Beforans to get back to the alpha kids. I'm so sick of all these damn trolls after enduring two months with them. And instead of funny pesterlogs that aren't just exposition, silly teenage drama, freaking ROXY and all-around shenanigans I get a short flash which gives us a brief view of their lands, their new kewl outfits n weapons and Yaldabaoth.

I usually don't have any problems with how Hussie runs his comic, but unless this is a psyche I think I'm going to have to take a short break. I can't take another two months of dreambubble bullshit, no matter how much time we get to spend on the Meteor or the Battleship.
>> No. 69653
>implying Roxy has no other weapons alchemized

Hahaha, no.

Oh man, I wonder if when they meet up with the Betas, Roxy'll make use of the Ahab's Crosshairs! Unlike Jade, I don't think she'll be too proud to use it, and it'd be nice to see that weapon be more than a joke again.

Probably not, but still.

It's been pointed out that Jack's miniature calendar indicates the Journey Across the Yellow Yard and the Ring may be at an end! You may get the Alphas meeting with the Betas and the Alternians.
>> No. 69654
File 135276114468.jpg - (40.99KB , 433x301 , l.jpg )
Well, in that case, see ya later I guess?

But yeah I'm kinda hoping we don't go right back to Meenah & co. Some elaboration on the Cherubs and LE might be nice.
>> No. 69655
I want to see Alpha/Beta shenanigans, or the Alternians doing something unrelated to their freaking ancestors, or cherub session, or Denizens! I'm excited for Yaldabaoth.

I really gotta agree with not wanting to see more Beforans just yet. Let us catch up with the Meenah/Vriska Cooperative Debacle later.
>> No. 69656
Well, I have a strong feeling that lots of the Beforans are about to doubledie, so there's that.
I also have the feeling that we're going to get a flashback to Beforus itself, and its destruction, at some point. And that this will be how those two fantrolls will make their appearance in the comic. And die. It'll probably some kind of crowd scene or something.
>> No. 69657
reminds me of Rose and her magnetic Wustache, actually
>> No. 69658
I think it's funny how months ago everyone was like
>I'm so tired of these alpha kids, I want to get back to the trolls and beta kids!
and now everyone is like
>I'm so tired of these trolls, I want to get back to the alpha kids!
>> No. 69660
Not really? Hussie tends to dwell on things yet skips other things with almost irritating frequency.
>> No. 69661
I think it's mostly that there's a vocal subset who are really astonishingly bitter about the Beforan trolls and that dwelling on them at all happened, and even those who liked them and appreciated the jokes are kinda like "hey, okay, let's leave behind the joke ghosts and return to the living characters who have bearing on the plot."

Cause, like, if we switched back to Karkat right now that'd be great, maybe we could finally see if the poor sad fucker is going to make it or if he's ever going to get better or smile. Or if we went to Gamzee and got to see what that clown duck was even DOING. Or maybe Aradia! She could be important!

Hell, even Vriska, just a focus on the developed, real characters and not the joke background cast as much.
>> No. 69662
Addendum: also, Terezi would be great! I'd love to see what the hell is actually going on for the non-obnoxious Pyrope!
>> No. 69663
wow no bias detected there
>> No. 69665
Maybe the change was CAUSED by all those months of trolls? A very large amount of that time was spent waiting on flashes, and once we got them they consisted almost entirely of talking to incredibly self-centered joke characters whose interaction with each other consisted almost entirely of bullshit drama from millenia ago. I realize that they are important, even if only because they set the whole plot in motion, but I feel that this whole thing could have been handled a lot smoother.
>> No. 69666
I guess the whole thing is a smaller case of what people went through during the first part of act 5, which I conveniently missed since I started reading just days after it ended.

But hey, I looked at the latest page again. I spot an exclamation mark, so I'm thinking this is another attempt at trolling.
>> No. 69667
we just didn't fucking need to see any of the alpha trolls at all. not only are most of them annoying and terrible they're completely superfluous and everything they do could have been accomplished by trolls we already know.

the alpha kids at least were necessary to have insofar as they needed to have a session with a pristine skaia for the beta kids to jump into.
>> No. 69668
And the alpha kids had that whole years of foreshadowing thing going.
>> No. 69671
>I spot an exclamation mark, so I'm thinking this is another attempt at trolling.
That's an animation error.
>> No. 69672
Nah, we need more trolls.
>> No. 69674
I don't think it really could've--despite what people say, recall that Hussie's original mission statement for the interactive A6I3 portion was one big event, and maybe the Halloween flash. That's really not a lot of time dedicated to them, archivally speaking. Sure, we saw Aranea and Meenah earlier on, but they're the two most developed Beforans, intentionally so, I'd argue--Meenah's at least important for seeing background to the Condesce, much like Caliborn/Calliope is important for background to Lord English.

I think it feels like we've been inundated because of how the updates have gone on and the focus on the meteor and bubble environs, that and the larger fan response to the Beforans. But we kinda needed to see them, because, well, it's nice to have some context for the A1 session that isn't pulled out of someone's ass other than Hussie's. Jokes that they are, at least they ain't fanfic.
>> No. 69675
We didn't need context for the A1 session. Until he decided to introduce them all to us, what happened in that session was totally irrelevant to the plot. It basically still is even after their introductions.
>> No. 69676
Remember when Karkat had that conversation where he wondered if the grubs he made weren't really himself and his friends, but instead, the "real heroes" that were meant to play the session?
I think this is relevant to that, showing that... the other heroes to play sucked butt.
>> No. 69678
And remember when Rose had that same gut feeling about her mom? And then AR joked about the drunk girl being the best player. It wouldn't surprise me if Roxy turned out to be a big damn hero.
>> No. 69679
Big damn hero? Sure, why not. But while there may be great power in foreshadowing, let's not forget the greater power still that lies in raw screentime.
>> No. 69680
It's relevant to that particular throwaway line, not relevant to the plot. My point is, there didn't need to be a followup. We already know they fucked up. No one needed to know the specifics of how they did it in order to understand anything about the plot or the other characters. In serial readers' time, it was 3 months time spent on a detour to wait for and then slog through irrelevant garbage that Hussie damn well KNEW was irrelevant garbage. In archival readers' time, it's 3 hours. That's a misstep no matter how you look at it.
>> No. 69681
I would have liked to get some info on the Beforans in the form of a journal from the A1 session (either Aranea's or Meenah's) that was flung into the Ring before they scratched, just like Rose did. A mix of Mindfang's journal, Aranea's exposition stand and Rose's giant journal of everything. Somewhat short and relatively simple.
>> No. 69685
I liked meeting the dancesters, I thought they were a pretty interesting sub-adventure.
>> No. 69686
While plenty of good jokes were milked out of the dancestors, they are good and well done with now, I hope.
>> No. 69687
True, I hope we see more of the living characters.
>> No. 69689
Hey look, it's that guy. And he's not a troll!

moar english origin story plz
>> No. 69690
An act curtain?

...Do the cherubs live in the same dimension as Hussie or something?
>> No. 69691
HELL YES, BITCHES. Time for the intermission of Our Lord.
>> No. 69692
My currently running theory is that the cherub twins are from C1.
>> No. 69694
Man, that would deal a serious blow to everything Calliope had hoped for. Yet another instance of the attempt to escape your circumstances ending up creating them.

I'm just gonna go with Beforus instead. No fucking idea how the cherubs, the meteor, the statues or the curtains got there, but hey, it's a known planet and the size of the sun kinda fits too.
>> No. 69695
File 135288868021.png - (89.07KB , 483x650 , The Prospit.png )
And i wanna know: whats up with DD? He was red miled into kids' session on Derse. So where the fuck is he is now? Its about 6 month past guys are entered the Medium.
I dont actually get it. Is kids' session Kack Noir is in prison now on kids session? And what about cherubs' session Noir? Ive really missed him.
What about Dirk's robots? What's happened with kids prototype cores during this time? Do Jane's core blasted off forever after Gamzee's Tavrros-Vriska intervention? Did it mean Tavros and Vriska now are sto being dead forever and they realy can to start being again in any time?
>> No. 69696
unknown, unknown, yes, unknown, unknown, unknown, yes, no
>> No. 69698
I don't think it would be fair if the other kids had their sprites and Jane didn't.
>> No. 69700
I bet Gamzee destroyed those as well, to ensure they have no one to guide them through their session. I mean, if he wanted to he could even go about it the same way he did with Tavrisprite; he's still got the bodies of Eridan, Feferi, Nepeta, Equius and Sollux, after all. Hell, I wouldn't rule out him jumping into the kernel himself to gain some extra powers.
>> No. 69701
welcome to how everyone feels since act 5
>> No. 69702
>Hell, even Vriska, just a focus on the developed, real characters and not the joke background cast as much.
>real characters and not the joke background cast as much.
>wants to focus on the trolls
>> No. 69704
File 135291818240.png - (103.00KB , 292x479 , 1352915045673.png )
Is this really what a denizen looks like?
I thought they'de be stronger looking.
>> No. 69707
I have a feeling that's just a statue.
>> No. 69708
The Dancestor focus at least showed us that
1.) There is a Plan, or rather three of them, although it looks like they're most likely all going to combine into a single three-pronged plan.
2.) The three prongs are being lead by Meenah, Vriska, and Aranea respectively at the moment, though I suspect someone alive is going to take over at least one if not all of those.

I think most likely Aranea's plan is going to end up getting taken over one of the pre-scratch kids, most likely John (since he IS their leader).

It's also possible that Jane and the Alphas takes over Aranea's plan instead, since they've had personal contact with and know the name of Calliope, and instead the Betas go after the "Weapon." Leaving Meenah to form her army of the damned, possibly with Karkat becoming her lieutenant and maybe taking over at some point if there's some reason being alive ends up being a big deal.

...that's all assuming we want to separate the Cast Herds in a way that maintains the leadership that's been status quo for so long though. Homestuck isn't really a thing that has a deep devotion to status quo, so it might very well avoid it, but that's the future course I see being the simplest at the moment.
>> No. 69709
File 135292979220.jpg - (278.37KB , 400x565 , Yaldabaoth.jpg )
Well if the artwork people have made based on other ones stands, then they could be rendered to be quite frightening and awe inspiring.

See image for example.
>> No. 69710
You mean there is art of the Denizens?
I thought no one cared about them; could you post more?
>> No. 69711
so the Cruxtruder is essential to a session but it seems Caliborn's session has no alchemy.. at least not by any means we've seen so far.
>> No. 69712
File 135293541222.jpg - (192.39KB , 800x800 , hephaestus.jpg )
>> No. 69713
no alchemy.
no gates.

So he's stuck on this planet, which appears to actually be the planet he was on in the first place just in the medium now?

>You love having a dead sister. Having a dead sister is an experience you would highly recommend to everybody.

I laughed.
>> No. 69727
Hard to make fanart of characters that we have nothing visual to go off of for besides simple icons.
>> No. 69730

I've seen theories that this may be because Calliope's dead, and thus the session, without its destined Space player, is even more broken than the other broken sessions we've seen.
>> No. 69731
File 135294803813.jpg - (143.34KB , 800x800 , echidna_by_ursca-d3c6o4d.jpg )
>> No. 69732
File 135294807015.jpg - (108.59KB , 800x800 , typheus_by_ursca-d3c6nwa.jpg )
>> No. 69733
File 13529480912.png - (971.34KB , 896x1024 , yaldabaoth_by_hanna_cepeda-d5kymkr.png )
>> No. 69734
File 135294817576.jpg?nsfw - (66.55KB , 814x981 , echidna_by_matter-d4axrhp_png.jpg?nsfw )
It's vaguely nsfw-ish.
>> No. 69743
...I'm...I'm actually starting to kind of pity Caliborn, just a little. What a fucking shitty place to live, and an even worse place to get brought into the Medium with.
>> No. 69744
Okay Caliborn seriously dude. You're going to need to be a little less adorable so we can properly hate you.
>> No. 69745
Funny, I was feeling like Calliborn's thougts did not sound like it should, and suddenly he gets medium awareness.
>> No. 69746
"Naturally occurring puppets"? Huh.
>> No. 69752
Hussie is Caliborn's exile...
>> No. 69753
The more we learn about the cherubs, the more it seems their existence was just someone's deranged science experiment on how to create the most dysfunctional child imaginable.

I mean, obviously SOMEBODY set up their room full of magic bullshit rules that they themselves don't fully understand.
>> No. 69754
He seems somewhat atypical for a denizen, but also like he probably has some crazy spirit powers to make up for being physically weak. Maybe something like a denizen equivalent of bard powers.

Caliborn's lack of adventure seems to be on some level a result of how he constantly derided the adventures of others, as well as how he killed his sister. At the same time, he listened just enough to have hopes of an interesting adventure that could be dashed. Sounds like something Gamzee could have planned with his omissions to the book, though as usual it's not apparent why.
>> No. 69755
>he probably has some crazy spirit powers to make up for being physically weak.

Based on what, exactly? All we about them combat-wise is that Cetus uses magic and that Typheus likely uses wind.
>> No. 69756
>Typheus likely uses wind
I actually doubt that. He's opposed to the Breeze, isn't he? What with clogging the pipes and stuff. And whatever happened to the John that met him ended with his suit singed.
>> No. 69757
It's mostly an impression I get form how he looks. I mean he just sits there with a picture of a sun for a head, a weird tapering snake body, and a seemingly unchanging look of disdain on his three-line face, looking over a planet-wide city where the streets are choked in unbreathable fumes. To me, that just looks like a guy who passively invites destruction through fortune, like a bard of light would.
>> No. 69758
File 135302410692.png - (363.93KB , 481x449 , jackr.png )
That's what I assumed. Why do so many people think it's literally Yaldabaoth?
>> No. 69759
Why IS his head the sun symbol? He is the Heart denizen.

Also >>69704 is probably a statue, like Echidna's in Jade's Land. Dave and John both found their denizens underground, so it's kind of weird that Yaldabaoth would just be chilling on top of a building like that.
>> No. 69760
I swear we read at one point in canon that it's not that Typheus wants to stop the Breeze, but he wants to be the only one who wields it-- only he is allowed to play the vast pipe-organ thing beneath his castle.

But you have a good point with the singing, and he did invite the oil into the Pyxis. Hmm.

As for Yaldabaoth's appearance, his face is supposed to be "like the sun" mythologically, so that's why he looks like that--it's a play on how Earth's sun has also always been traditionally depicted in Homestuck, which is as the Light sigil in white.

That and that is almost certainly a statue, a la Echidna's.
>> No. 69761
Where do we know Cetus uses magic from? I'm not doubting you, I just think I missed that.
>> No. 69762
See, that makes sense symbolically, but he's still the Lord of Time in Sburb terms--still a Player. He's got to have some sort of game structures in place to challenge him, you'd think.

I'm still hoping he just hasn't found the way to his Land yet, I suppose.

Does this mean poor Calliope would've been deprived of a land, too, I wonder? I mean, given their shared body...

Gah. Still so many questions.
>> No. 69763
It's true that he could be a statue, though I figured it was just him being out in the open to flaunt his power and tempt players to attack him too early. As for the element mismatch, I think the denizens generally don't match their player's element. Hephaestus has a connection to time in that clockwork is one of the things he can make in his forge, but do any of them really have a more direct link?
>> No. 69765
It may have been the case that there was supposed to be only one player in the session

Or none
>> No. 69766
Well, lands are supposed to represent the character or a challenge the character must come to terms with. Seems fitting enough to me.
>> No. 69769


>AG: Well, that explains your quick death. If your denizen was anything like [Cetus], it wouldn't have wasted much time 8efore unleashing a huge shitstorm of devast8ing monster magic.
>> No. 69770
Not really. Denizens seem to be shaped by their lands, rather than having a consistent power/form. Which would explain doomed John's singed suit (Typheus used oil). Likewise, Aradia's Hephaestus likely worked with musical boxes rather than clockwork, and while Rose's Cetus ate a lot of fish Vriska's lurked amidst shipwrecks and greedily guarded her treasure (reflecting her land). Maybe Yaldabaoth finds waiting out in the open the best way to oppose/help Dirk?
>> No. 69771
I can think of somewhat flimsy reasons for most of them.

- Nyx (Void) is the personification of night. Darkness and stuff. Pretty obvious.

- Hemera (Life) is the personification of day. I guess this might be related to photosynthesis, which only occurs during the day, and without photosynthesis there would be no complex life on earth.

- Typheus/Typhon (Breath) was a massive demon associated with storms and his name may have come from "typhoon." Or vice versa, people might have taken his name and applied it to cyclonic storms, nobody is totally sure.

- Echidna (Space) is the wife of Typhon and "mother of all monsters." She doesn't appear to have a connection to her aspect until you take into account that the Hero of Space's role is breeding (frogs).

- Yaldabaoth (Heart) loathes his own creations because humans were gifted with a soul and he's super jealous.

- Abraxas (Hope) is the true Gnostic creator and basically the god of gods. Hope seems to be being billed as a potentially very powerful aspect with a tenuous connection to that "if you believe fake stuff is real it kind of becomes less fake" phrase that keeps reappearing, and so Hope is linked to creation.

- Hephaestus is cool as fuck but there's nothing about him related to Time? He made weapons and armor for the gods, and he made himself robots and a wheelchair to help him work because he was crippled. I guesssssssss maybe there is a connection in that he made some anachronistic stuff? But that is really pushing it. I mean it's not like nobody in 200 BC was thinking about making automated machines that could do stuff for them, it's just that only the gods had the technology to do it.

- I have no fucking clue why Cetus is the Light denizen. Cetus is not even a mythological character, it's an umbrella name for a bunch of sea monsters and it doesn't really have any symbolism attached at all.
>> No. 69772
oh and >>69770
>Which would explain doomed John's singed suit (Typheus used oil)
Typheus created the firestorms circling around Greek Hell, so it's just as likely that he just burnt John to a crisp with really hot wind. He is kind of a dragon after all.

Maybe in a more normal session, the LOWAS oil slicks would have eventually been set on fire anyway by Typheus' breath.
>> No. 69774
File 135305230813.jpg - (165.43KB , 900x924 , hephi.jpg )
My favorite Hephae pic
>> No. 69775
An interesting Abraxas-related quote from Hermann Hesse:

>The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas.
>Who would be born must destroy a world

Sounds a little like the cherub we're currently following around.

Oh, and then there's a tidbit from Jung's Seven Sermons to the Dead:

>That which is spoken by God-the-Sun is life; that which is spoken by the Devil is death; Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word, which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible.

That seems to encapsulate the whole Hope aspect to me, as well as having potential shades of Lord English in there--which is pretty fitting, given that Hope seems tied to him in several ways:

-Cronus' Harry Potter destiny
-Eridan and LOWAA's prophecy of "the Lord of all angels"
-Jake's potential to deal "the demon" his first defeat
>> No. 69776
>See, that makes sense symbolically, but he's still the Lord of Time in Sburb terms--still a Player. He's got to have some sort of game structures in place to challenge him, you'd think.

One thing that's nagging at my mind is this: the prototyping that takes place before entering the Medium grants all the powers of the prototypes object to the Royals, and part of it to the Imps. Caliborn's session resulted in his entire planet, as well as a collapsing sun, being prototyped before his entry.

What if he's not on his planet? What if he's actually on an imp right now?
>> No. 69777
Well that would be a huge ass imp, then. Or a small ass cherub.
>> No. 69779
Then I guess he'd be able to defeat the imp and maybe reach his land by attacking the ground? If that's the case, he might end up destroying worlds out of sheer habit.
>> No. 69780
He's also have to worry about the other eighty bazillion planet-sized imps, ogres, basilisks, liches, giclopses, weird horned things etc floating around his session wouldn't he.
>> No. 69781
File 135310073313.gif - (46.56KB , 650x450 , 05459[1].gif )
>> No. 69782
File 135310080179.gif - (11.09KB , 650x450 , 02474[1].gif )
>> No. 69783

Also, ROXY <3
>> No. 69784
So I guess we have confirmation that Roxy knowing Callie's name will not be a cure-all for the Lord English problem.
>> No. 69785
>Caliborn's session resulted in his entire planet, as well as a collapsing sun, being prototyped before his entry.

Sorry, gonna have to go with a big "no" to this.
Caliborn's/Calliope's kernalsprites were overlapping from the start. This means they effectively prototyped each other or, to look at it another way, nothing. Their session has been shown to be a Void one from the beginning, remember. That means no prototyping.

For some reason this had the bizarre effect of transporting the entire planet Caliborn was on into the medium instead of just his house, and leaving behind a black hole in their place. Maybe this is a weird way of saying that whole planet was his home?
>> No. 69786
Well it's not like it was anyone else's home, given the nature of his species and the generally deserted nature of it.
If this was the case, then he might as well have an entire Medium for a planet, and all of Paradox Space as his personal Medium. But >>69785 seems likely.
>> No. 69787
Well this is annoying. Now instead of just the auto-save not working, regular save stopped doing its job as well. Tried clearing my cache and cookies already.
>> No. 69790
Great. I was really hoping all those hints about Gamzee being the one behind Calliope/Caliborn were red herrings, but now it's practically unanimous.
>> No. 69792
Chill. There's no indication he creates them yet, just that he was responsible for their "tutelage", which we already knew from A6I3 and Kurloz.
>> No. 69794
Ohshit. Caliborn sees a blinking light and starts heading toward it just as Roxy befriends a firefly...are they in the same session somehow?
>> No. 69795
File 135313856746.gif - (2.42KB , 57x77 , Untitled-2.gif )
>Caliborn sees a red light very far away
>Caliborn is on a lifeless grey rock
> Serenity gives off a weak yellow light
>She's on a planet coated in fucking grass
>> No. 69797
Well that just proves that we're talking about Serenity after she's gone evil now doesn't it.
>> No. 69798
>His whole planet was home

You know, this is looking more and more likely. Look at how he thinks of the planet. Also, remember what normally flashes white and goes into the Medium.

Couldn't that red light just be his first gate?
>> No. 69804
I've been saying it's maybe a giant version of Dirk's shades, but what I'm wondering is when/if he'll run into that crashed intermission curtain that reflected in his eye. I'd think it would at least stand out to him as something other than statues and rock. I don't think it can be the blinking light, though, since it was clearly on the ground and not lit up in any way.

Maybe the imps ended up on the other side of the planet, and decided to build a city or something instead? It's a null session where the only living player probably doesn't even want to make a frog, so there's very little incentive for them to actually pursue Caliborn.

You know what, maybe it's even just another dumb copy of the Statue of Liberty, but with an actually working torch. Or, if it's his gate, it's placed right where the torch's flame is.
>> No. 69805
Haha, I hope it is his gate on a shitty torch, that would be hilarious.

I don't think there are underlings, actually--I posted it in the Theory thread too, but I'll mention it here: I think the Denizens and the Kingdoms, knowing who the reigning player is and that he doesn't intend to complete the game as usual, will basically knuckle under before he starts.

Prospit's Muse is dead; Space will go unborn.
Derse? Caliborn is practically their champion, now.
The Denizens? Again, they have little reason to oppose the Lord.

The irony here is I think this will just make Caliborn angry.
>> No. 69816
You are about to be very amused.
>> No. 69817
File 135322828965.jpg - (9.74KB , 372x325 , icantstopicant.jpg )
>my face when
>> No. 69818
This is how Caliborn says "fuck no".
>> No. 69819
Oh man, the Gamzee tags on tumblr are a fucking goldmine right now
It was about fucking time
>> No. 69820
For fuck's sake, if he really is God Tier then he'll just pop back up in a minute or two to bug the poor Lord some more. It's not exactly heroic to get gunned down offering to be someone's guide, and it's not just (in a cosmic sense) because Caliborn's just as bad as the Bard if not worse.

And if he's not already God Tier, well, someone should've researched his god better. B)
>> No. 69821
>wait the wings were fake oh my fucking god
Gamzee you dumb fuck
>> No. 69822
>> No. 69823
Best character?
Or best character?
>> No. 69824
He might be dead but he probably isn't out of the story. Now he'll just spend all his time fucking around in the dream bubbles.
>> No. 69825
Someone actually finally fucking killed him.
>> No. 69826
They are? How'd you tell?
>> No. 69827
Check out the frame where he's getting shot. Those gray crescents, those are the straps to his wings.
>> No. 69828
Then again, I wouldn't put it past Gamzee to wear fake God Tier gear over his real God Tier wings. And I wouldn't put it past Hussie to make him do that.

>> No. 69830
My suspicion is that this is somehow taking place BEFORE he sold Jane all of those blood potions. I mean, why else would he not have the wings at that point in time?
>> No. 69832
True, true. I somehow doubt the clown is gone for good, especially if he really is Whistles' inheritor.

Still, this was glorious. Caliborn, you are a villain to cherish. You are a little shit to treasure. Someday when I hate you for permakilling someone I Iike, someone will remind me that at least you shot Gamzee, and I will smile.
>> No. 69833
Yeah no. It's even worse now. We'll be seeing no end of Gamzee shenanigans in dream bubbles. He probably planned it this way.
>> No. 69835
Even if Gamzee was godtier, why would he auto-resurrect after all the shit he's done? Vriska sure as hell didn't when Terezi snuffed her out
>> No. 69836
There's still that whole can of worms about that clock, though. If Gamzee is indeed God Tier, the question probably becomes "is it Just if he's killed by a guy who knew nothing about him or his deeds and who killed him solely because he was annoyed by him".
>> No. 69838
I... what? How is it worse to have him in the dream bubbles? For one thing, there seems to only be one of him there, so it's not like there's a horde of Gamzees to do these shenanigans. More importantly, as a ghost, he's a laughably ineffective antagonist for anyone alive who isn't in the dream bubble with him, physically. Given that the meteor is leaving the bubbles even now, and isn't going to come back, he becomes a threat to...who? Sollux and Aradia? I'd hope by now the Maid of Time at least knows her shit well enough to avoid dying to a clown murderhobo. As a ghost, his shenanigans are much more limited.

Besides which, he's going to end up stalking Tavros for makeouts while Tavros is like "vRISKA, uH, hELP }:("
>> No. 69839
Look. No matter what happens, this was excellent. Do you know why? Gamzee met the god he's worshipped all his life.

His god took one look at him and shot him full of holes in disgust.
>> No. 69843

Can I just say this is my new favorite page of Homestuck?
That's all I wanted to say.
>> No. 69844
Even if that Gamzee died, what's to stop a Gamzee from a different timeline from jumping in and taking his place?
>> No. 69845
The "doomed" flag.
>> No. 69847

Yeah, exactly this. Paradox space doesn't work that way, especially not for non-Time players.
>> No. 69848


HAHAHAHAHA. YES. This is the perfect thing to come home from work to. Though I doubt it'll last very long, it's hilarious.
>> No. 69849
I don't see them. But I do remember Vriska having holes in her shirt to make place for them, and Gamzee doesn't. So yeah.
>> No. 69850
>Gamzee actually is god tier
>He revives
>Caliborn kills him again
>Repeat forever
>> No. 69851
File 135327676312.jpg - (34.77KB , 517x373 , am i for realz i checked like seven times.jpg )
oh my god, i checked again and all of a sudden the straps are just, like, right there
i have literally no clue how the fuck i managed to miss that i'll just go die somewhere in a corner by myself now
>> No. 69852
They'd be temporary replacements at best, but if he thought of using doomed selves he might as well have used one for the purpose of getting killed right now. However, I prefer to think that Lord English set up Gamzee to think he was in control of everything by having him manipulate his sister and sending him on a quest to become the perfect guide, when the former was partly to get his trust and latter was just an excuse to give LE's past self something to kill and maybe loot. Speaking of which, I wonder if we'll see Caliborn advance on his echeladder, if that's even a thing in his version of the game.
>> No. 69853
I take it back.
This is now my favorite homestuck page.
>> No. 69854


>> No. 69855
Did Gamzee intentionally make his fake wings look like penises with happy faces?
>> No. 69856
they look more like ghosts or those japanese octopus snack things than penises honestly, you have to be actively trying to see it as a penis for it to look like a penis. where are the balls.
>> No. 69857
...they don't look like penises. They look like betsheet ghosts with smiley faces.
>> No. 69858
I want Lord English to be the main character in Homestuck. His shenanigans are amazing.
>> No. 69860
i think i would be somewhat comforted if gamzee stayed dead
i mean i get that he's likely been setting this whole thing up and all, but now there's really no way he can be a significant threat in the future (unless you count the past-future, but whatevs)
>> No. 69861
I love those latest flashs. Caliborn is creepy and a bit stupid, and I dislike it for many reason, but he won a lot of brownie points for that one. Even if it is not going to change anything.
>> No. 69863
No man, see, Vriska couldn't die because she received a just death. You don't have to die heroicially to be killed in God-tier form, if you had done something that deserved death, then as a God-tier can be killed from that as well.

And Vriska died because she changed the outcome of Terezi's flip, and was going to invite destruction onto everyone else from Jack Noir. And also because she's a bitch. Also, see http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005693
>> No. 69865
Andrew confirmed that the reason Vriska died and stayed dead was intentionally left nebulous. Was it really a just death? She had done some rotten stuff, but she wasn't an all-out villain. Was it because Jack broke that clock? Was it because Jack broke the clock with Crowbar's power-negating crowbar?
>> No. 69866
File 135336549195.jpg - (165.72KB , 650x400 , mspa-sbahj-poetry[1].jpg )
Please take a break from the ol' Vriska morality discussion, people, and explain to me what the fuck my eyeballs are looking at here.
>> No. 69867
fudge magnets
EXCEPEPT??? more AWEsome
>> No. 69868
doesn't have enough magnets that say "fuck"
>> No. 69869
So um

what the fuck is that radio tower
>> No. 69870
The radio tower IS homestuck.
>> No. 69871
File 135338577680.png - (3.84KB , 270x150 , mspa.png )
>> No. 69873
We've gone full Gainax.
>> No. 69874
There's breaking the fourth wall.

Then there's breaking the fifth wall.

Then there's Homestuck.
>> No. 69875
We've officially found the Towering Narrative.

Wait a minute. Wait. A minute. Is...Is this how Caliborn becomes Lord English? He just writes into the script that his awesome future self who can break reality kills Hussie and...?????

Is Lord English Caliborn's self-insert?!?!
>> No. 69876
Oh shit, Hussi really IS Caliborn's exile.
>> No. 69877
Ah, so now Caliborn really IS writing the story.

So Jake will kill Caliborn, ending his influence on the universe and spreading Hope, but Lord English (being a construct) will remain and be defeated by the others. Or something. Either way, it explains how "you can't escape the miles" became a thing.
>> No. 69878
What the shit, Homestuck. I know you love to fuck around with causality, but you are fucking around with causality.
>> No. 69879
i'm beginning to think LE isn't caliborn at all. Caliborn MADE english, but it isn't him. He just wrote him into the story.

Plus, if the huss really was caliborn's exile, and was constantly putting thoughts like that into his head, it's no suprise lord english killed him.
>> No. 69880
So if Callies troll thing is her self insert into the story who cant really interact because shes a passive class, LE is Caliborns self insert who can take over the story because hes an aggressive class?
>> No. 69881
Well. If Caliborn created a reality-wrecking adult version of himself (provided that's actually the case), imagine what Calliope could have done if she was in charge of their body.
>> No. 69882
Well, damn you're right. I was just looking this up when you said that and he did say that. Although personally I think it's stupid that Hussie wants us to "imagine" the reason why Vriska died. I mean, I understand that he did this for story-telling and narrative purposes, and to let the fans question what was the reason why Vriska died, but she had done more than enough in her time to be killed; no question about it.
So yeah
>> No. 69883
Holy shit. I saw this pic thinking that was someone doing a shop to try to induce mass speculation. But I went back and saw the page AND FUCKING HELL IT REALLY IS THE MSPA LOGO.

>> No. 69884
Sorry about this but I forgot something and don't want to re-read all of the first and and then some to find the answer. I just don't have the time for that. I was wondering, what happened to the others in Dave and John's neighborhoods when they started playing SBurb? I seem to remember reading something about them disappearing but that might not be the case?
>> No. 69887
They all got hit by meteors and died, presumably. As Rose found out, all the other gamefaq walkthroughs ended rather ominously.
>> No. 69888
Well fuck....
>> No. 69889
Oh god, so perfect. It's like how the stereotypical teen boy's self-insert is always a VIOLENT BADASS with RED IRISES AND BLACK SCLERA and he wields a DOUBLE-BLADED SCYTHE and likes STAYING UP ALL NIGHT.

Also, remember how for a while there after LE killed Andrew everyone was saying that he was going to take over the story? Maybe he will influence Caliborn through the narration to ensure his creation.
>> No. 69890
So . . . are we supposed to take this to mean that Caliborn has a learning disorder or something?

Wait what am I thinking. Not everything has to be interpreted like that. Dumb.
>> No. 69891
Hussie. What are you doing.

making your lead villain have a learning disorder is probably going to make a lot of people angry.
>> No. 69892
Yeah, and I'm sure it's purely incidental that he also has a system of exact rules going on that govern much of his life, and that he gets uncomfortable when he's forced out of them, even with really minor stuff like the way he types.

It is? I like it already.
>> No. 69893
He also gets these seizures when he tries to draw stuff apparently?
>> No. 69895
Radio tower...? Yeah, I'm beginning to think that's definitely Hussie. This is why Lord English murdered him.
>> No. 69896
To me, it really fits with how he blows up whole parts of Paradox Space whenever he meets anyone. He opens his mouth, but has no idea what to say, so instead he just blasts away with his laser to avoid an awkward conversation.
>> No. 69897
I think it's hilarious how half of tumblr keeps calling Caliborn "cutie." He's a wretched, hateful, violent little cuss, but hint that he may have a learning disability and suddenly he's just a poor, misunderstood little angel who just needs someone to be nice to him (apparently someone other than the sister he just murdered).

Where's that comic from ages ago that had the fandom telling Vriska that they forgave her for all the horrible things she did to Tavros right before she starts ripping their limbs off? A Caliborn version of that would be about a thousand times more appropriate.
>> No. 69898
Yeah, methinks Caliborn is gonna be the new new Vriska of the Homestuck fandom.

Gamzee was the old new Vriska.
>> No. 69899
The miniature tower next to the console totally looks like a junkyard christmas tree :3c
>> No. 69900
it's a lot easier to find him adorable if you're not taking it too seriously imo
>> No. 69901
But he is serious. About everything.
>> No. 69902
Pretty sure Meenah's supposed to be Vriska 2.0
>> No. 69903
He is cute and horrible at the same time
>> No. 69905
Vriska 2.0 in reference to the way some of the fandom irrationally chooses to look past the horrible things done by what is, on first impression, a very unsympathetic character.
>> No. 69908
Ah. So Calliope and Caliborn would eventually have merged, or at least gotten along. By killing Calliope, he not only disrupted his myth arc, but presumably also got the Space powers in addition to his Time stuff.

And I guess this is when he starts to write in flashing multicolour text. Thank you so much, not-Exile Hussie.
>> No. 69910
So Gamzee probably wont be killed despite all this.

But he can be kept miserable and suffering.

Which is good in my book.
>> No. 69911
>He also gets these seizures when he tries to draw stuff apparently?
I took that a bit differently, based on the Cherubs' nature. People with brain injuries that damage the connections between their two brain lobes, to where they're basically only thinking with one side of their brain, have inabilities with certain sort of mental activities, and creative things as well as visual/spatial things are one of the more common types.

My suspicion is that Calliope and Caliborn control different parts of the brain, and they both have "learning disabilities" in the sense that, until they enter adulthood and become a single, merged entity, they are unable to use both sides of their brains at the same time. Thus, Calliope gets the creativity and emotional/social intelligence that make her able to draw and make her write fanfic and make her want to be friends with people and have adventures, and while we haven't seen quite as much of it, I suspect Caliborn gets different things--I suspect it's not all negative, but right now it seems to be where the cherub's anger and destructive tendencies dwell.

I bet he's basically got ass burgers. His wanting to stick to habits even when he is able to recognize that they're not as good as other options is a symptom, and it'd make sense if Calliope gets all the social and emotional intelligence that he's going to behave a lot like that. Whether or not he has analytical skills that we haven't seen much of yet, I dunno.

Incidentally, if it IS basically Aspergers, that's still high functioning so that'd mean he's still entirely responsible for his own actions, and none of this "woobie" shit that you guys are saying the fandom is enters into it. He's entertaining, and I hope his comeuppance doesn't come too soon for us to get more mileage out of it all, but he's an evil dickwad.
>> No. 69912
This is all very interesting to me. I've kind of caught up and I think it's cool. Keep on keepin' on, Hussie, and that's all I've got to say.
>> No. 69913
Weirdly enough, Calliope beat the hell out of Caliborn in chess, too. Which is less about the whole emotional intelligence stuff and more about logic or whatever.
>> No. 69916

You mean like how Meenah killed everyone and turned certain people against each other in her session?

Saying Gamzee or Caliborn were like Vriska grossly misinterpreting their characters. Meanwhile Vriska and Meenah do have a considerable amount of overlap in their personalities.
>> No. 69917
Characters can be similar in other things than personality. Such as the pattern of "character does horrible shit, is widely hated, has hidden depths of some kind revealed, tears all over tumblr".
>> No. 69918
It's possible he doesn't put much thought into it because it's not violent or entertaining enough.

Anyway, we don't know how a cherub brain works. We probably never will. Way I see it, their personalities are just an extreme opposite of that of the other. Caliborn is an egocentric, cheating and highly violent dickwad with a bad temper who lacks creativity or concern for others, while Calliope is selfless and helpful, mostly calm, almost pacifistic, usually plays by the rules and loves to read, write, paint, daydream and cosplay. Caliborn wants to kill everyone he meets but gets shit done, and Calliope spends a lot of time helping others without dealing with her own problems. Had they been given a chance to grow up, they would likely have become an incredibly powerful and reasonably well-balanced being.
>> No. 69919
Ahahahahaha Gamzee really is Whistles now.

Except Pendlecoat was at least subtle to start out with with his abuse. Caliborn's just like "NO, YOUR FACE IS STUPID AND YOUR TORSO SHOOTABLE."
>> No. 69921

Are people really crying tears over Caliborn? Vriska and Meenah's "pattern" involve an underlying sympathetic situations. Really, this is more like... Jack Noir/Spades Slick 2.0. Character is a terrible psychopath with quirks that some people find endearing.
>> No. 69922
Caliborn's situation reminds me of Alien X from Ben 10.
Alien X had two conflicting personalities and needed a third in order to get anything done, Ben was the voice of reason to Rage and Compassion. Alien X is supposedly very strong, but spent eternity arguing.
>> No. 69923

He sure looks miserable.
>> No. 69924
>Really, this is more like... Jack Noir/Spades Slick 2.0
Hey, you're right.
Explains why I like him so much.
What a scamp.
>> No. 69925
I was actually thinking just that a bit ago. They're both terrible little psychopaths with no real redeeming qualities to speak of, but we enjoy watching them because they're funny and entertaining and sometimes they stab things that we want to see stabbed instead of only characters we don't want to see stabbed.
>> No. 69927

They also both become nigh invincible demons in the wrong situations, capable of destroying universes or even reality itself, and are sort of mirror roles. Jack, in the form of Bec Noir, is a corrupted, overpowered game piece; Caliborn, in the form of Lord English, is a corrupted, overpowered player.
>> No. 69928
Good point.

Caliborn = Spade Slick ÷ film noir × Dennis the Menace
>> No. 69930
hahaha, now hussie's just fucking with him. And I'm guessing he's going to take a new colour everytime he kills someone until he has a full set?
>and why's the clown still not down?
>> No. 69931
shittiest mouse
>> No. 69932
"You can't keep down the clown."
"Are you down with the clown?"

Heh, nice juggalo reference.
>> No. 69935
Y'know, even though we've been assuming it's Hussie that's been talking to him this whole time, I keep getting fleeting impressions that it might be Gamzee. I have no explanation for how this could be so, and the dialogue's not even in-character for Gamzee in the slightest. But something just seems....off. About the idea of this being Hussie.
>> No. 69938
File 135358591153.gif - (48.85KB , 650x450 , 05485.gif )
Seriously, what is this legendary piece of shit?
>> No. 69939
That is honestly my favorite kind of mouse, sans the wireless part for most situations because then you just have another thing to worry about charging or changing batteries in. I guess my thumb is just better than most at moving tiny reflective balls. Also, it's fun to spin it real fast because it stops properly registering the movement above a certain speed, so it ends up looking like the cursor is somehow revving its engine and then suddenly zooming off.
>> No. 69943
I still maintain Scratch will come up again as some sort of mentor to Caliborn. That or Caliborn will meet him somehow and go down the weird pool ball eyed path of life.
>> No. 69944
Speaking of pool ball eyes...
The tower needs keys to unlock more monitors and things, and in the second Saw movie, there's a guy who has to gouge his eye out to get to a key behind it.
>> No. 69949
no sports :'(
>> No. 69951

You know, I was just thinking, what if that's how Caliborn solves this puzzle? Tears out his own eye and shoves in the trackball?

Hussie predictably mocks him for it while feeding him more info, and eventually Caliborn gets so fed up he swears he's going to create a machine that can take Hussie's place as narrator, but he'll color its text white so he never has to pay attention to the "SHITTY BORING PARTS".
>> No. 69953
And Hussie confirmed! I think.
>> No. 69954
What if Caliborn's not trying to kill his sister, but Hussie.
>> No. 69955
What if he's trying to kill his sister and Hussie.
>> No. 69956
What if he's trying to kill everybody in the comic.
>> No. 69959
what if he's trying to kill THE READERS
>> No. 69960
You know how in the first Earthbound Giygas was defeated by a song?
What if the same principle applies here?

But with elevator music.
>> No. 69961
No one breaks the 4th wall the way Hussie does.
>> No. 69962
Go Caliborn! Teach that Hussie some humility!
>> No. 69963
Well ladies and gents, MSPA has finally broken.
>> No. 69964
This will be the end song the beta kids play with their instruments.
>> No. 69966
Did in-comic Hussie just tell use that real-life Hussie shamelessly uses Gamzee's randum WILDCARD-ness as a plot device, or did real-life Hussie just tell us that Gamzee has plans behind his in-comic author's back?
I am confused.
>> No. 69967
>> No. 69968
Ahahaha, holy shit, there were little candy corn pieces falling out of the machine too. Caliborn may be a little shit with "brain problems", but he gets things done in the most physical way possible.

Are people still enjoying this Gamzee bashing?
>> No. 69969
oh yes
>> No. 69970
The candy corn actually fell off of the links bar at the top of the screen.
>> No. 69971
and now it's found its rightful home

in the gingiva of an adorable lunatic
>> No. 69972
Oh boy I can't wait to learn about YALDABAOTH

wait did I spell that right
>> No. 69973
candy corn snaggletooth vampire
>> No. 69974
Hm. The only other other denizen to offer players The Choice was Echidna, to both Space players of the beta troll and human sessions. Does that mean Kanaya and Jade are considered the most naturally gifted Space players?

Dirk being the other to have Yaldabaoth isn't a Time player like Caliborn, but he's part of a void session which requires the other four kids to intervene, meaning some link between him and Dave may have unlocked Yaldabaoth as his/their denizen.
>> No. 69975
Doomed timeline John got a The Choice from Typheus, tho. And Davesprite got a The Choice from Hephasus.
>> No. 69977

It could be that Denizens have discretion about which Heroes they get, disconnected from aspect. Or, they could make an exception for Lords.
>> No. 69978

Well amongst other things (being the false Creator god of Gnosticism, the Demiurge, who made everything material and animal, and being the burning bush that spoke to Moses in that same school of belief) he is also, according to the Gnostic Gospel of Judas, one of twelve angels brought into being to rule over chaos and the underworld.

Which might have bearing on the whole Lord of Angels prophecy once again.

Hm. Fuck. Shit just got weird.
>> No. 69980
Most likely, Dirk received Yal because out of the 8 kids, he's the one who is the most gifted. He was able to bring all of the alpha kids into the medium by an elaborate plan and his natural skills and intelligence.

If Dirk had the same level of competence as the rest, it's possible that he would have been given a different denizen altogether.
>> No. 69982
So the "100 billion corpses" thing was a reference to it being Earth after all.
Which Earth, though? And how the hell was it moved?
Oh, and where to?
>> No. 69983
I'd honestly like to know who all of the denizens are anyway. Given that there must at least be 12. We haven't even seen anything for Blood, Rage, Mind, and Doom players, who I'd argue we know the least about to a degree.

>twelve angels brought into being to rule over chaos and the underworld.

Oh...well then.
>> No. 69984
Considering the latest update it doesn't even seem certain that Denizens correspond directly to aspects. What with a Time player and a Heart player getting the same one.
It could, of course, just be a result of Calib's supremely fucked up session.
>> No. 69987
Pretty sure the shitty Statues of Liberty mean its B2 Earth. I'm guessing once the kids meet up in the new session, the meteor lab will be sent through one of Skaia's portals, and that maybe Jade is the one who moves Earth? We know she can transport planets.
>> No. 69988
>Which Earth, though? And how the hell was it moved? Oh, and where to?

Pretty sure the Shitty Statues of Liberty indicate that it was the B2 Earth, and was moved from B2 to A2 by the Batter Witch as the Miles were hitting it or after, since she knew it was a "safe" place to take the planet. As to how she did it: bullshit technology. It's kinda what she's known for.

>But it [Earth] was relocated once even before that.
>It was moved from its native solar system, where it circled around a little yellow sun.
>Then it founds its way to a new system, around your big red sun. It stayed there for a good while, until your sun started dying.
>Its universe was about to explode. So its proprietor closed up shop and got it the hell out of there.
>> No. 69989
I think it's B2 earth. As for how it got there, Condesce is as powerful as a helmsman now, so she could've moved it herself. Maybe. Or Jade did it
>> No. 69990

Yaldabaoth and Abraxas are the only Denizens with links to Gnosticism. And Yaldabaoth is apparently exceptionally rare and powerful. So... does the same go for Abraxas?
>> No. 69991
I wouldn't be surprised. The question is, what makes a person's denizen be Abraxas, if being a gifted fighter is what makes your denizen Yaldabaoth.
>> No. 69992
A2? Or A1?
I mean, A1 is the only universe we haven't yet seen destroyed, even though we have reason to assume that it has been, due to the Scratch.
>> No. 69993
so. Keys with pranksters gambit keychain.

This is going to be really bad. Or really silly. Perhaps both.
>> No. 69994
Maybe you receive Yaldabaoth if you're an extremely powerful player with an Active class, while an extremely powerful Passive hero would get Abraxas?

I mean, the only two who have had Yaldabaoth as their denizen is Caliborn who is a Lord and Dirk who is an incredibly capable Prince. Since Jake seems to be passive (1 passive and 3 active in B1, 1 active and 3 passive in B2) and is destined to kill Caliborn/English and spread Hope, I'm thinking that Abraxas would have been Calliope's Denizen if she had been the one to enter.
>> No. 70014
Well that was shorter than I expected. And hoped.
Oh well, anyone ready for some kid action??
>> No. 70016
Okay what the hell.
Does this imply that Caliborn/LE is going to kill the Jack from the B2 session? And that this will be, on his personal timeline, before he enters the A2 universe and possibly even before he does whatever links him to Lil' Cal?
>> No. 70017

My reading is vastly different than yours. Caliborn hates Jack less than anyone, he even has some misplaced gratitude from when his session's Jack killed Calliope. B2 Jack even has a candy corn tooth, like him. My guess is he wants to team up and murder Jake.
>> No. 70018

My reading is vastly different than yours. Caliborn hates Jack less than anyone, he even has some misplaced gratitude from when his session's Jack killed Calliope. B2 Jack even has a candy corn tooth, like him. My guess is he wants to team up and murder Jake.
>> No. 70021
Anyone ready for some motherfucking Yaldabaoth action?

Although it is kind of weird that right now there are so many signs pointing towards Yaldabaoth being the first Denizen we really get to see. I used to be sure that it'd be Typheus, what with him having the most fleshed-out Land and being the main character's Denizen.
>> No. 70022
File 135403149824.png - (21.63KB , 234x200 , 1353812393094.png )
>Wow! It's fucking nothing!

Man, Hussie is like the master of slow pacing and anticlimax. Somebody remind me why I read this before I start reading Questionable Content or something.
>> No. 70024
It looks like Jack's gonna gnaw through his leg like Caliborn did...
>> No. 70025
>Wow! It's fucking nothing!
>Intermission consisted of nearly nothing more than much needed reveals and hilarious clown shooting.

Why do you have problems with this? This isn't the end of Homestuck, things aren't going to be resolved yet or it'd be over. Honestly I'm impressed we found out as much as we did.
>> No. 70027
I just don't want it to end, man :(
>> No. 70031
At this rate Homestuck as a property will never end. There is still the game and who knows what else Hussie cooks up its development is finished. The game will never stop the game will never stop
>> No. 70033
I'm ready for some carapace people rapping against Squarewave, though that likely won't happen. It's, however, getting close enough to December that I'm pretty sure John's story will be stretched out just enough for him to end up getting a bunch of birthday presents around Christmas.

Looks more like an actual gold tooth to me, specifically the kind LE has.

I'm personally waiting for the Homestuck Macaroni and Cheese.
>> No. 70034
It's the tip of the pointy spire thing he's carving with
>> No. 70035
slick was the big bad
then english showed up
now it shows that english was inspired by slick when he was a kid

mobius double thunder stealing reacharound
>> No. 70055
I am endlessly amused that Lord English is a cherub manchild trying as hard as he can to imitate Jack Noir.
>> No. 70056
More amusing when you remember Noir considers LE his arch nemesis.
>> No. 70058
File 135409782361.png - (20.56KB , 300x300 , tumblr_me70bkSQWa1qhk6y7o4_400.png )
science has now officially proven that there is no god
>> No. 70059
So Gamzee really did that to everyone?
>> No. 70060
Well, there's an odd number of trollcorpses left, so either Nepeta, Equius, or Feferi was left unmolested to be themselves. That or they were combined with something other than another troll. There sure are two corpses lying around in Roxy's room...
>> No. 70061
I had hoped that Dirk's head and body would get prototyped into two different sprites. But I purpose that can't happen with Gamzee messing around.
>> No. 70062
oh man, this eri/sol sprite is gonna have the worst typing quirk ever.

But also, I guess it'd make one of the most powerful non first guardian sprites ever made. Sollux's eyebeams with Eridan's wwhite science?
>> No. 70064
Incoming catfish joke! Brace for impact!
>> No. 70065
Is this sprite really stable? Or has it just not exploded yet?
It's probably safe to say that Eridan and Sollux more or less hated each other's guts, but their personalities aren't as horribly clashing as Vriska's and Tavros' were. And the sprite itself looks a lot calmer than Tavrisprite did.
>> No. 70066
File 135412004348.jpg - (153.66KB , 504x504 , Eridan Sollux eri-sol_ship.jpg )

It's happening!
>> No. 70070

sobs quietly
>> No. 70071
Considering there were two parts of Eridan, Eriferisprite is still possible.
>> No. 70073
There were three parts of Tavros that Gamzee threw into Tavrisprite.
>> No. 70075
File 13541295295.png - (48.40KB , 161x278 , tumblr_me6wmhmFXt1r6xrqvo1_250.png )
>> No. 70094
I still want to see what happens when a sprite that has been prototyped twice gets prototyped by a sprite that has been prototyped only once.

Would this allow you to 'cheat' the rules and get a 3x prototype combo, at the expense of having one instead of two sprites, or would it just not work?
>> No. 70099
It wouldn't work unless there's a special condition we're not aware of yet. Kernel sprites are very choosey and adamantly stick to the rules.
>> No. 70102
Haha Gamzee made a hope doom sprite combo.
>> No. 70103
Sooooo who wants to bet that Horuss and Rufioh's difficult relationship was totally foreshadowing for Jake not being into Dirk?

...Who wants to bet that tumblr will explode into a firestorm of RAGING RIGHTEOUS FURY because of this?
>> No. 70104
Well then. Looks like Jake doesn't wanna talk to dirk anymore.
>> No. 70105
I was just gonna post this and ask this last night when no-one was here after the flash came out but I was too lazy.

Anyways, I think it's safe to assume EquiusxNepeta sprite will happen unless Hussie decides otherwise. But assuming that EquiusxNepeta does happen, who or what will become of Feferi? I didn't even think Gamzee was gonna use Sollux's corpse because he's not actually dead, but there is a corpse of him. Oh whatever

I didn't think of that. But when you examine it, Eridan just destroyed hope with his class, not create it, so they're not conflicting as they should be.
>> No. 70107
>Anyways, I think it's safe to assume EquiusxNepeta sprite will happen unless Hussie decides otherwise. But assuming that EquiusxNepeta does happen, who or what will become of Feferi? I didn't even think Gamzee was gonna use Sollux's corpse because he's not actually dead, but there is a corpse of him. Oh whatever

EquNepsprite seems too predictable, therefore, Hussie might throw a curveball and give us a Nepferisprite and a Equ+Lil Hal/Dirk's head-sprite.
>> No. 70109
Nepquissprite would be 0kay with it. There'd be no inner turmoil. Equifefsprite on the other hand, is a contradiction with Equius' violence and hemoist views at odds with Fef's pacifism and bleeding heart idealism, and that's the theme with these sprite abominations.
>> No. 70110
Dirk is the clingiest overbearing quasi-boyfriend.
>> No. 70111
Seems more like he might just be uncertain and confused over shit. His phone background is pic of them broing it up on one of their planets, so there apparently weren't any hard feelings about the decapitation kiss he got hornswaggled into

Probably just him clamming up rather than fuck up in the same way Jane did with him by saying the wrong shit while in a flustered state
>> No. 70112
Could also be that Dirk didn't seal the deal for whatever reason, and now Jake just doesn't know what to do at all, especially since Dirk is really clingy despite being unwilling to say one way or the other what's going on. Or maybe Jane said something while yelling at Dirk and shaking him that affected them both.

It's hard being handsome and having multiple friends who want all up ons your junk. It's hard, and no one understands.
>> No. 70114

Good End: Jake starts a relationship with Jane.
Also Good End: Jake fixes his relationship with Dirk
Harem End: Jake enters a relationship with Dirk and Jane; Roxy can come too
Best End: Jake enters a relationship with Dirk, Jane, Roxy, and Roxy's cute skull-headed girlfriend
>> No. 70116
Bad End: Jake enters a relationship with Erisolsprite.
Worse End: Jake enters into a relationship with Hussie and his spirited horses
>> No. 70117
File 13542087759.png - (624.10KB , 1280x996 , shine.png )
Jake English: Dating Sim Protagonist.

Sounds accurate to me.
>> No. 70120
Awkward Striders are my favorite
>> No. 70124
christ tumblr, a rough patch does not equal 'broken up up foreverrrrr'
>> No. 70129

>> No. 70134
Wow, I feel really bad for Dirk. Dude was so in control for so long, and now he's just kind of floundering. Poor guy.
>> No. 70135
Never thought I'd see a Strider drop so much spaghetti
>> No. 70136
Well, Erisol certainly is a hot mess.
>> No. 70137
are you kidding, dropping spagetti while pretending you're totally incapable of doing so is pretty much the strider family business.
>> No. 70138
I know, right? Sollux and Eridan's revulsion for each other combined with Sollux's self-hatred combined with Eridan's self-pity.
>> No. 70139
Oh God, I actually love Erisol. It helps that he has to play off Jake, whose cheerful, empty-headed demeanor just makes the perfect foil for a bitter, sarcastic character.
>> No. 70141
What I want to know is why they haven't exploded yet. I mean, I could see Eridan hanging on because, you know, clingy, but Sollux is volatile enough just dealing with himself, let alone Eridan.

Maybe both of them have to want out of it for them to explode?
>> No. 70142
He can at least agree with himself on being self-hating, rude, and aloof though. Plus Eri might learn something from this. Sollux I'm less sure about, though I'm not sure how this works for him at all with there being a half-alive version of him around. I'd be interested in seeing him talk to Jade, if her arriving didn't seem too long from now for him to stay merged.
>> No. 70143
>with there being a half-alive version of him around
Is there, though? With Sollux having two dreamselves, it's possible, but my first thought was that the prototyping would have summoned him away from his place.
>> No. 70144
>Jake tries to get love advice on his multiple suitors from the Eridan half
>> No. 70146
Jake's kind of a putz really

I would say Dirk could do better if not for the fact that Jake is literally the only other guy on the planet right now
>> No. 70147
I don't care for the pairing, but hopy shit that lock image is adorbs yo.
>> No. 70153
I fucking love Erisol sprite

And come on guys

We know Jake's going to ruin everything with Dirk. His soul has to be destroyed before he can go godtier
>> No. 70155
>> No. 70156
For REAL Jake?
You're about to pester Jane about your wishy washy homo drama bullshit on Jane's fucking BIRTHDAY?

Oh, this is going to be good.
>> No. 70159
Shouldn't be too bad. She's got her best buddy to keep her company. Roxy is adorable <3
>> No. 70161
This fucking thing. I mean, Roxy arranged this really cute birthday party for Jane, she gets hats for everyone, including Jake and Dirk (and even fucking GCat)... and they don't show up. Alright, that's pretty freaking sad actually. But Jake, holy shit, I don't give a fuck if you've forgotten about her birthday, that is NO excuse to call her up to discuss your romantic problems in the middle of her party. Fucking hell.

I know this probably isn't the usual reaction, but I'm seriously sad now. Mostly because I can relate to this whole situation, but still. Thank god Roxy is such a great friend.
>> No. 70163
Now that I think about it, I guess Roxy is a bit like Dirk? I mean, Dirk's thing is to do stuff. Action stuff, setting things in motion, dealing with threats and problems. And while she isn't as good at her thing as Dirk is at his, Roxy is the one trying to bring the whole group together, solving the conflicts. She's outside the love triangle and most of the drama bullshit, doesn't seem to harbour any hard feelings towards the boys and even expected them to come to Jane's party, as evidenced by the party hats. I wonder how, and if, this relates to her role.

I also think it's neat that the pyramids show who will appear in that scene. In the A6A4 flash we got a pink and a blue glow, ie Roxy and Jane... and now we've got pink, blue and green.
>> No. 70165
i thought i was going to hate erisol cause of the shippers... but who am i kidding, he's fucking great
>> No. 70167

I'm really putting most of my blame squarely on Jake's stupid, stupid head that should not be so handsome, because I mean I can't really fault Dirk for not showing up--the last interaction we saw him have with Jane was her shouting at him and shaking him violently, and we've already seen that the alpha-Strider's one major weakness is anything social, the poor dude.

Jake, though, you are making the ghost of every lusus that ever lived on your island facepalm at once. You are lucky Janey has her bffsies to help her through your dumb shit.

>> No. 70168
Well right now Jane has a huge void in her heart and Roxy is thieving it :3c
>> No. 70170
/braces self for the onslaught of cat and fish puns
>> No. 70173
I am forever sad that nobody is calling her Nepfef. It's the cutest lil name ever
>> No. 70177
Jake. You have a magic phone. Put some calendar notifications in there gdi I don't even like birthday parties and I wanna punch him for forgetting Jane's :(
I'd understand Dirk avoiding her though.

please be fefeta
>> No. 70178
Nice to se the carapace people again, though they still seem a bit stressed after barely surviving the destruction of all life on Earth. Here's hoping Nepeferi takes up giving relationship advice to Jake, since at least half of her is practiced at it.
>> No. 70180
>since at least half of her is practiced at it.
Uh, Fef was in a relationship, and Nepeta is a rogue of heart plus she did all those shipping walls, so yeah. I think they could both help

Question is now, who is Equius paired up with?
>> No. 70181
He's by himself. Without his moirail he is probably more unstable.
>> No. 70183
we need a new thread
stupid lack of good op pics
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