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File 135270914534.png - (28.98KB , 712x492 , aaaaAAAAHHHHH.png )
69619 No. 69619
*fandom explodes*
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>> No. 70066
File 135412004348.jpg - (153.66KB , 504x504 , Eridan Sollux eri-sol_ship.jpg )

It's happening!
>> No. 70070

sobs quietly
>> No. 70071
Considering there were two parts of Eridan, Eriferisprite is still possible.
>> No. 70073
There were three parts of Tavros that Gamzee threw into Tavrisprite.
>> No. 70075
File 13541295295.png - (48.40KB , 161x278 , tumblr_me6wmhmFXt1r6xrqvo1_250.png )
>> No. 70094
I still want to see what happens when a sprite that has been prototyped twice gets prototyped by a sprite that has been prototyped only once.

Would this allow you to 'cheat' the rules and get a 3x prototype combo, at the expense of having one instead of two sprites, or would it just not work?
>> No. 70099
It wouldn't work unless there's a special condition we're not aware of yet. Kernel sprites are very choosey and adamantly stick to the rules.
>> No. 70102
Haha Gamzee made a hope doom sprite combo.
>> No. 70103
Sooooo who wants to bet that Horuss and Rufioh's difficult relationship was totally foreshadowing for Jake not being into Dirk?

...Who wants to bet that tumblr will explode into a firestorm of RAGING RIGHTEOUS FURY because of this?
>> No. 70104
Well then. Looks like Jake doesn't wanna talk to dirk anymore.
>> No. 70105
I was just gonna post this and ask this last night when no-one was here after the flash came out but I was too lazy.

Anyways, I think it's safe to assume EquiusxNepeta sprite will happen unless Hussie decides otherwise. But assuming that EquiusxNepeta does happen, who or what will become of Feferi? I didn't even think Gamzee was gonna use Sollux's corpse because he's not actually dead, but there is a corpse of him. Oh whatever

I didn't think of that. But when you examine it, Eridan just destroyed hope with his class, not create it, so they're not conflicting as they should be.
>> No. 70107
>Anyways, I think it's safe to assume EquiusxNepeta sprite will happen unless Hussie decides otherwise. But assuming that EquiusxNepeta does happen, who or what will become of Feferi? I didn't even think Gamzee was gonna use Sollux's corpse because he's not actually dead, but there is a corpse of him. Oh whatever

EquNepsprite seems too predictable, therefore, Hussie might throw a curveball and give us a Nepferisprite and a Equ+Lil Hal/Dirk's head-sprite.
>> No. 70109
Nepquissprite would be 0kay with it. There'd be no inner turmoil. Equifefsprite on the other hand, is a contradiction with Equius' violence and hemoist views at odds with Fef's pacifism and bleeding heart idealism, and that's the theme with these sprite abominations.
>> No. 70110
Dirk is the clingiest overbearing quasi-boyfriend.
>> No. 70111
Seems more like he might just be uncertain and confused over shit. His phone background is pic of them broing it up on one of their planets, so there apparently weren't any hard feelings about the decapitation kiss he got hornswaggled into

Probably just him clamming up rather than fuck up in the same way Jane did with him by saying the wrong shit while in a flustered state
>> No. 70112
Could also be that Dirk didn't seal the deal for whatever reason, and now Jake just doesn't know what to do at all, especially since Dirk is really clingy despite being unwilling to say one way or the other what's going on. Or maybe Jane said something while yelling at Dirk and shaking him that affected them both.

It's hard being handsome and having multiple friends who want all up ons your junk. It's hard, and no one understands.
>> No. 70114

Good End: Jake starts a relationship with Jane.
Also Good End: Jake fixes his relationship with Dirk
Harem End: Jake enters a relationship with Dirk and Jane; Roxy can come too
Best End: Jake enters a relationship with Dirk, Jane, Roxy, and Roxy's cute skull-headed girlfriend
>> No. 70116
Bad End: Jake enters a relationship with Erisolsprite.
Worse End: Jake enters into a relationship with Hussie and his spirited horses
>> No. 70117
File 13542087759.png - (624.10KB , 1280x996 , shine.png )
Jake English: Dating Sim Protagonist.

Sounds accurate to me.
>> No. 70120
Awkward Striders are my favorite
>> No. 70124
christ tumblr, a rough patch does not equal 'broken up up foreverrrrr'
>> No. 70129

>> No. 70134
Wow, I feel really bad for Dirk. Dude was so in control for so long, and now he's just kind of floundering. Poor guy.
>> No. 70135
Never thought I'd see a Strider drop so much spaghetti
>> No. 70136
Well, Erisol certainly is a hot mess.
>> No. 70137
are you kidding, dropping spagetti while pretending you're totally incapable of doing so is pretty much the strider family business.
>> No. 70138
I know, right? Sollux and Eridan's revulsion for each other combined with Sollux's self-hatred combined with Eridan's self-pity.
>> No. 70139
Oh God, I actually love Erisol. It helps that he has to play off Jake, whose cheerful, empty-headed demeanor just makes the perfect foil for a bitter, sarcastic character.
>> No. 70141
What I want to know is why they haven't exploded yet. I mean, I could see Eridan hanging on because, you know, clingy, but Sollux is volatile enough just dealing with himself, let alone Eridan.

Maybe both of them have to want out of it for them to explode?
>> No. 70142
He can at least agree with himself on being self-hating, rude, and aloof though. Plus Eri might learn something from this. Sollux I'm less sure about, though I'm not sure how this works for him at all with there being a half-alive version of him around. I'd be interested in seeing him talk to Jade, if her arriving didn't seem too long from now for him to stay merged.
>> No. 70143
>with there being a half-alive version of him around
Is there, though? With Sollux having two dreamselves, it's possible, but my first thought was that the prototyping would have summoned him away from his place.
>> No. 70144
>Jake tries to get love advice on his multiple suitors from the Eridan half
>> No. 70146
Jake's kind of a putz really

I would say Dirk could do better if not for the fact that Jake is literally the only other guy on the planet right now
>> No. 70147
I don't care for the pairing, but hopy shit that lock image is adorbs yo.
>> No. 70153
I fucking love Erisol sprite

And come on guys

We know Jake's going to ruin everything with Dirk. His soul has to be destroyed before he can go godtier
>> No. 70155
>> No. 70156
For REAL Jake?
You're about to pester Jane about your wishy washy homo drama bullshit on Jane's fucking BIRTHDAY?

Oh, this is going to be good.
>> No. 70159
Shouldn't be too bad. She's got her best buddy to keep her company. Roxy is adorable <3
>> No. 70161
This fucking thing. I mean, Roxy arranged this really cute birthday party for Jane, she gets hats for everyone, including Jake and Dirk (and even fucking GCat)... and they don't show up. Alright, that's pretty freaking sad actually. But Jake, holy shit, I don't give a fuck if you've forgotten about her birthday, that is NO excuse to call her up to discuss your romantic problems in the middle of her party. Fucking hell.

I know this probably isn't the usual reaction, but I'm seriously sad now. Mostly because I can relate to this whole situation, but still. Thank god Roxy is such a great friend.
>> No. 70163
Now that I think about it, I guess Roxy is a bit like Dirk? I mean, Dirk's thing is to do stuff. Action stuff, setting things in motion, dealing with threats and problems. And while she isn't as good at her thing as Dirk is at his, Roxy is the one trying to bring the whole group together, solving the conflicts. She's outside the love triangle and most of the drama bullshit, doesn't seem to harbour any hard feelings towards the boys and even expected them to come to Jane's party, as evidenced by the party hats. I wonder how, and if, this relates to her role.

I also think it's neat that the pyramids show who will appear in that scene. In the A6A4 flash we got a pink and a blue glow, ie Roxy and Jane... and now we've got pink, blue and green.
>> No. 70165
i thought i was going to hate erisol cause of the shippers... but who am i kidding, he's fucking great
>> No. 70167

I'm really putting most of my blame squarely on Jake's stupid, stupid head that should not be so handsome, because I mean I can't really fault Dirk for not showing up--the last interaction we saw him have with Jane was her shouting at him and shaking him violently, and we've already seen that the alpha-Strider's one major weakness is anything social, the poor dude.

Jake, though, you are making the ghost of every lusus that ever lived on your island facepalm at once. You are lucky Janey has her bffsies to help her through your dumb shit.

>> No. 70168
Well right now Jane has a huge void in her heart and Roxy is thieving it :3c
>> No. 70170
/braces self for the onslaught of cat and fish puns
>> No. 70173
I am forever sad that nobody is calling her Nepfef. It's the cutest lil name ever
>> No. 70177
Jake. You have a magic phone. Put some calendar notifications in there gdi I don't even like birthday parties and I wanna punch him for forgetting Jane's :(
I'd understand Dirk avoiding her though.

please be fefeta
>> No. 70178
Nice to se the carapace people again, though they still seem a bit stressed after barely surviving the destruction of all life on Earth. Here's hoping Nepeferi takes up giving relationship advice to Jake, since at least half of her is practiced at it.
>> No. 70180
>since at least half of her is practiced at it.
Uh, Fef was in a relationship, and Nepeta is a rogue of heart plus she did all those shipping walls, so yeah. I think they could both help

Question is now, who is Equius paired up with?
>> No. 70181
He's by himself. Without his moirail he is probably more unstable.
>> No. 70183
we need a new thread
stupid lack of good op pics
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