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File 134732897840.png - (660.06KB , 600x888 , Katiafanart.png )
68299 No. 68299
Any love for Prequel here?

If not; now's a great time to start. Certainly one of the better MSPaint comics out there in my opinion:
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>> No. 68300
MS Paint Adventures is a brand/website name, not a genre (the genre I guess is would be comics-that-pretend-they-are-adventure-games, or something like that). I'm thinking this might fit better in /co/, but I like this comic and don't plan to complain if the thread stays here.
>> No. 68301
Pretty sure it's ok. We've had threads for Prequel and other interactive comics before. One of the ideas behind /mspa/ was that people could even start adventures here.
>> No. 68322
So that update...
time to see how long before Kaz eradicates that hope/ it turns out to be another horrible trick
>> No. 68326
This last series of updates (however far between) has been ridiculously cool, I just want to say. Especially that bit with the swaying stairs.
>> No. 68337
oh father akatosh u so silleee
>> No. 68349
Katia Managan is my waifu. a fun character and has provided me with an afternoon or two of enjoyment.

I really oughta get around to reading it again...
>> No. 68357
Katia seems like she has an entire case of SAD going on.
That and the dancing issue. She does know there are two types of dance right? The one sultry harlots of the night perform behind closed doors and classy dancing like Ballet?
>> No. 68424
She probably just doesn't know how to not dance like a slut.
>> No. 68441
It's getting very meta.
I had forgotten how meta the last dream sequence was.
>> No. 68472
File 134766593127.png - (393.89KB , 800x623 , Sharoner.png )
>> No. 68473
the updates can't ever come quick enough
>> No. 68485
Oh, wow. Katia really fucked up.
I swear to god I'll be dead before she starts making progress in the perpetual roller coaster of fuck ups that is her life.
>> No. 68488
She actually has made a lot of progress since the beginning.
>> No. 68512
All she has is magic. That is the only thing that is different from her at the beginning and now.
Is this site acting oddly for anyone else? Pictures are not showing up and threads aren't updating.
>> No. 68517
>All she has is magic. That is the only thing that is different from her at the beginning and now.
She has a lot more willpower and self control. That's not enough to take on a world where things constantly go horribly wrong for no apparent reason, but it's something.

>Is this site acting oddly for anyone else? Pictures are not showing up and threads aren't updating.
There have been some "hosting issues" today. Apparently the server was wiped and they had to restore from a backup. Some recently uploaded files were lost.
>> No. 68526
she's finally awake
>> No. 68654
any predictions on who the voice was?
>> No. 68655
She was in a chapel, so maybe one of the gods? I'd put my bets on Zenithar or Kynareth.
>> No. 69127
>New 'mechanic' introduced
>next update removed
>> No. 69133
The real lesson to take from all this is that everyone who contributes to Prequel in the form of commands is terrible, and should stop.
>> No. 69237
kaz should just take the Homestuck route and ignore commands anyway. It's clear that A) he knows where he wants the story to go and B) it's going to be great.
>> No. 69244
We ALL know how it's going to end though: Katia goes to prison in the imperial city. A dark elf taunts her a whole lot. The emperor himself comes into her cell. She is paralyzed with fear. Roll credits.

That, or she dies in a ditch and it turns out the orc was the real hero all along.
>> No. 70850
Your ideas are terrible and you should feel terrible. Stop trying to pull an M. Night twist you c grade fuck.

sorry that was a little harsh but you keep saying that idea and it is always terrible
>> No. 70854
Which idea do you mean? The "good" ending or the "bad" ending? Both are pretty stupid.
>> No. 70855
The point he is making is that the adventure is called Prequel Adventure. As in, it's the prequel to TES IV: Oblivion. As in, it's the prequel to a story that starts with the main character in jail getting a visit from the emperor.
>> No. 70856
lol nobody plays that its old

play skyrim
>> No. 70862
If you look at basic evidence from that game, you would see that katia could never be the main character. For one, she already met Quill-weave, the countess of Anvil, as well as several other characters in the comic. Don't you think it would have been odd for the characters to reintroduce themselves in game? Should't they have said "oh hello katia, nice seeing you again!" Don't pull that "all khajiits look the same" crap either, because that is hardly been a factor.

Aside from that, she has already leveled up. Kazerad has even gone so far as to write his own version of the level up screen text.

>All you know for certain is that when you look down that well and think of all the time you’ve wasted here, you start to wonder: what if you just have to… go a little crazy, and everything you do will turn to gold?
>> No. 71388
Oh of course, Vaermina is causing the nightmares.
>> No. 71469
Fuck you all. I've never seen Prequel before, and I had to spend my whole afternoon archive diving. Fuck you for getting me hooked on something so awesome.
>> No. 71551
Things bode poorly for Sworddog.
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