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File 134251672410.jpg - (16.21KB , 250x318 , 250px-Illu_breast_anatomy.jpg )
67264 No. 67264
Female trolls don't even give birth, much less interact with their progeny.
What are they hiding within the sacks of flesh on their chest?
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>> No. 67265
troll boobs are literally the least interesting part of their anatomy to speculate about.

also before anyone says "acid sacks" i just want to say that it is still a dumb idea and it will forever be a dumb idea.
>> No. 67266
You do know you are daring Hussie to canonize that?
>> No. 67267
lady trolls are clearly more vicious

they need the chest padding to protect vital organs from being stabbed or something
>> No. 67269
i accidentally clicked on my /mspa/ bookmark and i regret it
>> No. 67271
Perhaps they're coiled up tentacles that can be extended at will?
>> No. 67274
my headcanon is that the difference between male and female trolls is that very very occasionally a female troll will pupate into a mother grub and there's an organ in the chest that facilitates the metamorphosis

and the other 99.9% of the time females just end up with these superfluous lumps on their pectoral region

(meenah recently calling boobs "rumble spheres" might counterindicate this theory, however)
>> No. 67276
Perhaps trolls nursed their young at some point in their evolutionary path and now females still have breasts even though their breasts have lost their purpose. It's a bit far-fetched, but then again a lot of things about troll society and biology is far-fetched.
>> No. 67277
Clearly they have boobs because whatever alien race created their universe enjoys boobs.
>> No. 67278
Perhaps they produce a substance that lets one control whoever drinks it, which is one of the reasons for female dominance in the troll society.
>> No. 67280
rumble spheres

I know that doesn't provide much insight but

rumble spheres
>> No. 67281
Extra storage for grub sauce.
>> No. 67282
Maybe it's strictly for attracting a mate. Like peacock feathers don't necessarily serve a purpose either y'know?
>> No. 67283
File 134256204233.png - (4.90KB , 640x400 , tumblr_lvc5ewcLMn1qj6e6g.png )
i personally subscribe to this theory
>> No. 67284
File 134256501155.jpg - (100.44KB , 507x543 , Braconid wasp.jpg )
No, because he's heard it before and thinks it's dumb too. Same with >>67274. The Mother Grub it a different species that they parasitize to facilitate their reproduction.

this is a bad thread
>> No. 67285
they're for vocalising certain sounds that only females can make. Hence, "rumble spheres"
>> No. 67286
I thought we were discussing the biological excuse rather than the reason

because if we're discussing the reason my guess would be that it's "carapacian women have boobs and player species fit the same basic body shape as carapacians"
>> No. 67287
That's where the genetic material is stored.
>> No. 67288
Hussie did kind of vaguely confirm it could have something to do with defense, such as squirting acid.
>> No. 67289
Why do they have horns
>> No. 67314
I've seen somebody theorise that they're like lekku and are used for amplifying psychic powers.
>> No. 67315
Honestly this is what I think it more likely. Like, maybe it was the case in pre-scratch Alternia, but with a need to control the evolution of the species while under the watchful eye of Scratch, their reproductive functions were altered over time to depend on a Mother Grub. That way, the system of Ancestors could exist as well as the whole race being decimated by the death of a mother grub. All for control.

Now, what would they have done previously? Maybe "ancestors" were no different from guardians and trolls had parents instead of monsters bred to make children into fighting machines. That would facilitate a need for more individual biological reproduction organs in both sexes. In that regard, trolls may still be capable of these functions, but no attempt is made/tests are done/breeding is worked on due to their culture and society. I mean, look at the empresses like the Condesce. Sex makes her queezy; can't have that.

Of course this is simply a crazy idea. And I like it.
>> No. 67324
But the Condesce has nothing against sex, she just doesn't like the idea of growing a grub inside your body.
>> No. 67439
File 134334707731.png - (70.15KB , 700x583 , 1334934389823.png )
I thought we already established: they're venom sacs.
>> No. 67441
The trolls' reproductive cycle feels too artificial and designed. I mean, pouring your jizz onto another different creature? How does that naturally occur? So yeah, they most likely fucked and gave live birth before being modified somehow at some point in their history.
>> No. 67442
Hussie confirmed that a long time ago on Formspring.
>> No. 67443
IIRC Aranea heavily implied that the introduction of the Mother Grub was part of Scratch's plan to create a more hostile society. And since we know they had access to highly advanced technology capable of gene splicing n stuffs (the Condesce, Crabdad) and control over several powerful time travellers...
>> No. 67446
They're aliens, and from another dimension. They start off as insects with baby heads and grow into humans with horns. Who says they confirm to our knowledge of biology?
>> No. 67447
>> No. 67448
Hussie's stance on this whole silly issue can be accurately summed up with the quotes "TROLL REPRODUCTION SURE IS WEIRD" and "-WITHOUT GOING INTO MUCH DETAIL-".
>> No. 67449
But he also (according to above anons, can't be bothered to check) confirmed that the Mother Grub isn't a natural part of their reproductive cycle. Their biology outwardly resembles that of humans and they once reproduced in a similar fashion, isn't that pretty much all the information Hussie can give us without going into specifics?
>> No. 67452
They're overgrown adrenal glands.
>> No. 67453
so then troll women are more prone to STRONGness than males?
>dont know shit bout teh human boody
>> No. 67455
A thread full of tits. What a surprise.
>> No. 67596
Personally, I like the theory that the females are the hunters, and the breasts protect the upper chest. (and better hunters have bigger boobs because lololol Nepetits 9_9)
That one was on the headcanons tumblr, IIRC, but I couldn't be bothered to find it.
>> No. 67604
>> No. 67605
fixed that for you
>> No. 67607
ok no, do you want me to tell you how fucking stupid "boobs are armor" is, because it's really fucking stupid. even "bug alien" boobs.
>> No. 67610
someone's gettin real serious about alien boobs
>> No. 67611
Those boobs better be hard as hell and have little to no nerve endings. Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be punched in the tit. Especially in the nipple?
>> No. 67612
They are literally sacks made of chain mail-like skin, filled with things extremely similar to steel ball bearings (to better divert blows and piercing assaults). They make a rumbling sound when they shake.

>> No. 67616
>chain mail
>ball bearings
That shit's heavy, yo. Can't say I'm an expert on boobs or armor, but that sounds like a world of back pain.
>> No. 67617
Maybe trolls have more reinforced bones and muscles that can handle am extra 30 lbs on their chest.
>> No. 67620
File 134460038431.png - (242.55KB , 500x1000 , 1344600077541.png )
Tough Titty!
>> No. 67621
They're display structures for mating, like the gular sac of a frigate bird. When horny, troll women inflate their boobs and play music via the air that passes through the nipples.

It is considered a desperate move among civilized trolls to do this, and is generally discouraged. But their primal cavetroll ancestors did it all the time.
>> No. 67624

>tit bagpipes
This is my fetish
>> No. 67625
so nepeta spends a lot of time playing her boobs then
>> No. 67626
Thanks guys. This was a nice talk we had.
>> No. 67628
I'm really glad I unhid this thread so I could read this. A+ post

everyone else still gets Fs though
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