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File 134185951618.png - (52.61KB , 712x491 , i dont give a fuck if this is spoilerz.png )
66991 No. 66991
Yeah, I have no idea either.
Kn g8 f6
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>> No. 66993
They should have sent a poet...
>> No. 66994
So in this update, Dirk made out with every other post-scratch kid. And in each sloppy make-out session, one of the involved parties was dead.
>> No. 66995
Can't wait for EoA6A3 and all the session-entering action.

Also, what?
>> No. 66996
What my eyes have witnessed today. God it's beautiful!
I can't even imagine how the EoA6A3 will go.
>> No. 66997
That was absolutely magnificent.
>> No. 66998
I only see one update
>> No. 66999
The other updates are hidden. It's a fakeout, kind of like how when DD: Ascend and DD:ascend more casually were released, we could only see the first flash listed.
>> No. 67000
File 134186356513.gif - (540.38KB , 400x300 , Slow_clap.gif )
>> No. 67001
What the heck is the pink thing, some sort of planet or something 'cause I can't seem to figure out what it is or why all the trolls-kids are in it.
>> No. 67002
it's the pink moon orbiting Alternia, or more accurately, a dream-bubble projection of that place
>> No. 67003
It's Meenah's dream bubble projection of Alternia's original, pink moon. I think it was mentioned that she lived there when she was, well, alive.
>> No. 67004
File 134186449334.png - (242.59KB , 557x490 , 1328763483554.png )



>oh god another hiatus nooooooo
>> No. 67006
What a good update.
>> No. 67007
>> No. 67008
But then how are all the kids there, I thought they were on a meteor. I think I'm confused with the geography of the furthest ring.
>> No. 67010
The meteor is passing through the bubble containing the moon. So is Roxy's dream self. Meaning it all gets kind of mixed up.
The thing about the Furthest Ring and its "geography" is that it's fucked up, in constant motion and almost impossible to predict.
>> No. 67011
File 134187037980.png - (117.29KB , 500x345 , tumblr_m6wuisBSSo1r4xlg4o1_500.png )
Why the hell did Meenah Hi5 with Dirk? Just because he was passing through? Also who wants to bet that Serenity is really Calliope's soul or something
>> No. 67012
>Why the hell did Meenah Hi5 with Dirk? Just because he was passing through?
That, and because he's a coolkid on a rocket board and she's still in half-catatonic glee from being told about the Condesce.
>> No. 67013
>Why the hell did Meenah Hi5 with Dirk?

When you see an awesome dude riding a rocket board through your death-dream void bubble, YOU HIGH-FIVE THAT AWESOME DUDE. It's just what you do.
>> No. 67014
it's scary how well it fits
>> No. 67015
>> No. 67016
So I just realized that Dirk used his Sylladex extensively during Synchronize.
Meaning that he was rapping the entire time.
>> No. 67017
That whole sequence war supposed to be over-the-top unnecessary cool bullshit. Hi-fives fit right in there.
>> No. 67018
File 13418732189.jpg - (55.85KB , 626x359 , eminem_has_a_stunning_revelation.jpg )
>> No. 67019
And all of this thanks to a donut.
>> No. 67020
>> No. 67021
>I think I'm confused with the geography of the furthest ring.
The whole point of the place is that it's total chaos in terms of spatial and temporal layout. If you're just walking around, it's entirely possible you could walk right into your own back, and then when you turn around to punch your past self for cramping your style, you instead find yourself punching Hitler.

The dreambubbles grant a little bit of stability to this madness but people can still pop in and out of them from any other time or place in the entire void.
>> No. 67022
How do people find these things?

Anyway, I'm still a little confused on what happened with the lotus. Can anyone enlighten me?
>> No. 67023
Okay so now all four Nobles are together and each has only one life. Jake is his real self and everyone else are there dream selves. This means that all four of them are together on Earth before the red miles show up, as that happens hundreds of years in the future from their present point on the timeline. Also, Dirk left Squarewave and Sawtooth in place of his and Roxy's normal timeline real selves. The robots are going to coordinate with the Nobles to get all the necessary SBURB entry work done in both timelines.
>> No. 67024
File 13418754607.png - (80.48KB , 500x138 , kissing a dude.png )
>> No. 67025
Dirk set the time to an appropriate time and flew the hoverboard into it. The meteor reached a defense portal by unknown means, crashed on B2 Earth far in the past and constructed the Frog Temple. Shortly after Jake got knocked out, the lotus opened and released them. Dirk grabbed the bucket he had transportalized next to Jake and woke him up with it.

The strange thing about this is that Jake got Liv Tyler's weapons out of it earlier, so they had to enter the lotus before Dirk did. Possibilities include the kids being already here, Dave or Gamzee using time travel to deposit them before they arrive, or someone somehow figuring out how to change the lotus from first-in-first-out to first-in-last-out.
>> No. 67026
Dirk jumped into it because he needed to wake Jake up.

I'm a bit confused about Jane, though. Is she going to start bleeding soon and then revive? After all, Dirk was being revived just a few seconds ago right in front of her, so he couldn't have revived her earlier than that.
>> No. 67027
This is so convoluted it's awesome.
>> No. 67028
We saw him revive her. Her realself died on Derse, and he kissed it with his dreamself just after having it woken up by Jake kissing his realself's head. Her dreamself was still tuckered out on Prospit after having survived the Slick's assassination attempt, woke up when Dirk kissed her dead realself, wandered into a transportalizer to the Frog Temple and got picked up by Dirk there.
>> No. 67030
But she couldn't have revived already when she wandered onto that transportalizer, since Dirk snatched her on his way to Jake, who was knocked out at the moment and has not revived Dirk yet.
>> No. 67031
Dirk rode a rocketboard through 2 different universes and across 200 years so that he could make out with every one of his dead friends and bring them back to life, all while freestyle rapping, and following established methods for all of these things. It didn't even feel like an asspull.
>> No. 67032
The incipisphere and the universe are temporally independent. That mechanism has been used to create stable time loops a couple times already, and it's exactly what's happening here. Jake woke up Dirk so he could wake up Jake so he could wake up Dirk.

Just watch Unite again. At the beginning, you'll see Dirk's dreamself waking up. That's because Jake kissed his head. You'll then see Dirk's dreamself kiss Jane's realself, reviving her. Then Jane and Dirk both take different routes to the Frog Temple in 2011, where Dirk snatches her and flies her to Jake, in order to wake him up and watch him make out with his head, which is the event that woke Dirk's dreamself up in the Incipisphere.
>> No. 67035
Ah, I believe I found where I made a mistake - I assumed Jake kissing Dirk happened in parallel. Dirk must've sent his head back whatever the time difference between him and Jake, when he really must've sent it a few minutes later than that to give himself time to wake Jake up.

Come to think of it, would Dirk kissing himself work?
>> No. 67036
>would Dirk kissing himself work?

I don't think we have any information on this. It's a pretty specific scenario, isn't it? Maybe there's a restriction in place to stop a time player from reviving themselves. Maybe not. Who the hell knows.
>> No. 67042
remember back when dirk was being introduced and we used to complain about him not being awesome enough and that he was a disgrace to bro
and how hussie had thrown away his undiluted coolness in favour of being able to make more gay jokes and innuendos

>> No. 67044
>> No. 67045

More of everything!
>> No. 67051
is it just me or the last updates aren't appearing in the page list?
>> No. 67052
So many decapitations in Act 6...

Nope, not just you. >>66999
>> No. 67053
File 134189056789.jpg - (49.65KB , 648x450 , Screenshot_7.jpg )
I love how happy Roxy seems about this whole thing.
>> No. 67058
Nobody ever said that. Dirk was clearly superior from the start. The guy synchros two separate bodies like it's no big fucking deal for most of his life for gods sake. With that extra head space freed up, this was probably child's play for him.
>> No. 67068
Hussie is seriously teasing us with the absurdly timed time loops now. The bucket timing makes it seem even more like AR's doing, because there's no way even Dirk could pull that off without him. Innuendo!
>> No. 67070
So this probably isn't the thread for this, but anybody else get the feeling Dirk isn't as serious about the whole Jake thing as Lil Hal is? Like, I think Lil Hal is the one that wants Jake more, not Dirk. Or at least to a lesser degree on his part. Just something I thought of.
>> No. 67073
Yeah, I concur. Dirk has actually been really cagey about his true feelings.

They might have a disagreement over it, actually.

One that comes to blows.

Or Dirk crushing his shades.
>> No. 67075
It makes sense, except for one thing. AR repeatedly gave Roxy and Jake himself heads up about Dirk trying something with him in the first place. It's like shades doesn't know what he wants either, or it's more robomanipulation bullshit.
>> No. 67076
I think the minute we discovered his name is Lil Hal, we should have prepared for the long haul of manipulation to his own ends to an extent. Wish I could find that old edit with Dave and Lil Cal as David and Hal.
>> No. 67077
Would that make Bro's shades Hal?
>> No. 67078
I still think that Little Hal is going to be Lord English. I don't know how, but he just gives that fucked up vibe.
>> No. 67079
oh man, the facial expressions in this flash are hilarious. I love how Roxy looks like she's just having the most fun ever.
>> No. 67081
I thought MSPA could not get any more awesome. At least not significantly.

I was soooo wrong. Dirk on a flying skateboard makes everything better.
>> No. 67082
That's the nice thing about MSPA. It's on a steady rise of awesome, even if it seems like there are temporary downs.

The facial expressions are probably the thing that got me most. I've been rewatching the flashes just to see them!

>LOCAH lantern SHATTERS when Jake kiss-revives Dirk, but not when anyone else comes back.
What does this MEEEEAAAAN?
>> No. 67083
>but not when anyone else comes back.
We didn't exactly see their lanterns at that point now did we?
I'm more curious about what that firefly is doing in there.
>> No. 67086
Well we've seen Jane lifey thing reviving herself didn't break it.

And I think it was symbolic of how as of this moment all of Dirk's other bodies (minus lil' hal, who is his own person now) have collapsed into one single Dirk. Also anyone noticing it's using the heart symbol for his loading screens? Not his orange hat? Maybe it means he'll go god tier?
>> No. 67087
I'm starting to think Hussie should just do all the art himself. These two flashes managed to be far better than EoA5.
>> No. 67088
File 134191802334.png - (268.84KB , 376x449 , ____what.png )
>stop reading homestuck right after cascade
>come back to it 8 months later or whatever just now.
jesus christ what the fuck am i watching, i think i forgot half of the story. who are these people and why do they look like OCs based off the original ones
>> No. 67089
They essentially are.
>> No. 67090
Remember Grandpa, Grandma, Bro, and Mom? It's them.
>> No. 67091
well god damn. im guessing nomuscles-glasses is daves brother but a child, drunky mclikemymother is roses mom, and the other two dorks are...shit, i dunno.
>> No. 67092
aww shit, its all coming back to me now. they did a hard reset of the game and essentially rolled new characters or something, right?

...so, are the original four dead or whatever.
>> No. 67094
John scratched the game, Jade went god tier and shrunk all the lands + Skaia and crashed a battleship through the fourth wall.
They are currently travelling through Hussie's dimension together with Davesprite, all of the denizens, salamanders, iguanas, turtles, crocodiles and carapaces, on their way to the new session.

Rose set out on her quest to destroy the Green Sun, but was ambushed by DD. Dave showed up to save her. They both found crypt beds (like Aradia's) and went god tier. The twist was that rather than destroying the Green Sun, they ended up creating it. Then they met up with the surviving trolls (Karkat, Kanaya, Terezi and Gamzee) and are currently flying through the Furthest Ring on their way to the new session.

But since several new characters have been introduced, you should just go back and read everything you've missed rather than have us tell you what's going on. It's spoiler-heavy and we wouldn't want to ruin it for you.
>> No. 67095
Oh yeah and the meteor people (Rose Dave and trolls) also brought WV and Serenity with them (Serenity, due to dreambubble shenanigans, is currently with Roxy). Jack is chasing the meteor, but he is in turn chased by PM, who is royally pissed off and has the same powers as him.
>> No. 67097
Remember, Lil' Hal is Dirk's 13 year old mind.
When he had boners for Jake and was 13 and puberty stuff.

By now, perhaps Dirk's feelings have subsided a bit, or taken on a subtler route or whatever happens to crushes after nearly 3 years.
>> No. 67099
File 134192681725.gif - (15.78KB , 650x650 , 05242.gif )
Ditto...more than anything this really creeps me out. Like AR is going to take Dirk's head over, attach it to a robot body and do...something.
>> No. 67100
I think it means he's doin' what heart players do the best
>> No. 67102
Somehow I'm getting a feeling Dirk's head might get prototyped.
>> No. 67103
No prototypings this session remember? Or well, at least no preentry ones...
>> No. 67104
Postentry ones are still definately a thing, though. Jane's was wasted on a self-hating trolbomination, but I expect at least one of the kernels to be put to good use.
>> No. 67107
...what's up with the chess board?
>> No. 67108
some other mod giving bea beef
>> No. 67109
Hopefully AR/Lil' Hal will be prototyped into Jake's kernel. Not only would it be yet another parallel to Dave(sprite), but it would also make the weird love triangle Dave, Dirk and Hal have going even worse.
>> No. 67110
I still hold hope for Roxy to make a Zazzersprite. It just needs to happen. Hell, look at all that wizard memorabilia. Plus reasons.
>> No. 67116
This made me laugh. (Sorry, no regular audio overlay on Youtube yet.)
>> No. 67122
It just appeared yesterday around the same time the whole board was inexplicably locked. Obviously we can post now though. Don't stress about it.
>> No. 67123
Check the chessboard image name. Are the mods playing a chess game? How cute :3
>> No. 67127
>> No. 67128
Does anyone know Dirk got his rocket board from his real self to his dream self?
>> No. 67131
File 134201470443.gif - (40.22KB , 650x450 , 04536_1[1].gif )
He didn't. His dreamself had a rocket board, too. You can see it here.

All that stuff probably came with the dream room, like Dave's turntables.
>> No. 67142
> anyone noticing it's using the heart symbol for his loading screens? Not his orange hat? Maybe it means he'll go god tier?

Actually, from what we've seen a last-life dream self dying on a moon-bed is still a way to go God Tier, so Dirk, Roxy, and Jane still have a chance as far as we know.

What we don't know is the specifics of how Quest Beds work. Everyone we've seen ascend so far has ultimately ended up in their dreamself's body, though that could be coincidence. We don't know if a dreamself dying on a planet's quest bed would work, if a realself who still has a dreamself dying on a moon-bed would work, or most importantly, if it's possible to ascend without a live dreamself on either Quest Bed.

Through story hax we still know that if Jake post-entry prototypes his dead dreamself, he can ascend/merge with it via his planet's Quest Bed. Think it will happen?
>> No. 67145
I have my doubts, what with Gamzee roaming free in their session.
>> No. 67146
it'd be a nice paralell to Jade doing it. prehaps he'll get a second prototyping addition too?

>Like a skull or something
>> No. 67147
What I would like to see is someone prototyping their realself and then having that die on a quest bed.
>> No. 67148
Hal thinks Dirk wants Jake to be his boyfriend.

Dirk actually wants Jake to be his moirail.

>> No. 67149
Okay, so i finally found a YouTube upload of the two updates. Holy shit that was great. Dirk living up to uu's expected shit being done (i think, right?), and the way the characters interacting just did more for me than the logs did, if that makes sense. Also that music. Goodness, that music. It was just perfect for Dirk being so awesome so suddenly. What was that? Does anyone have the names?
>> No. 67150
They both want to kiss Jake on the lips, Dirk is just a lot more sane and less pushy. And also more physically capable of kissing people.
>> No. 67151
it's one track, called unite synchronization
>> No. 67152
>TT: The responder doesn't much distort my position on things usually.
>TT: Its demeanor leaves something desired though. I'd prefer it didn't make such aggressive and repeated claims of fidelity to my persona.
>TT: Be misrepresentin' hells of key subtleties, yo.

>TT: And anyway, it's too late for you to play "damage control" with me. My shit is in motion, and now we're beyond the pail.
>TT: Pretty sure it's pale.
>TT: Is it, now?

Also I just want a pale-proposition anticlimax because it would be hilarious and awful. It's the kind of fan-trolling Hussie'd indulge in, anyway.
>> No. 67153
I just think it would be stupid and a really lame copout.
>> No. 67161
>there will be no Dirk <3 Jake
And today just keeps getting better!
>> No. 67162
It doesn't seem he's shooting for pale. I mean, he did try to get Jake specifically to kiss his head, despite bringing Roxy and Jane there.
>> No. 67163
I still hope that there are more dead troll mix-ups. I really want to see a Feridan sprite. That would be silly and amazing.

Pale and nothing more.
>> No. 67164
omfg gise whats with the homophobobia
>> No. 67166
I'm not saying the pale theory is impossible.

But if it is true, wouldn't it be mad weird that Roxy, who grew up with Alternian concepts of romance, construed Dirk's palecrush as something that would get in the way of Jane winning Jake's hand?

(This is putting aside the whole issue with making a male human character, revealing him to have a romantic attraction to another guy, and then going "lol nope he's not really gay", which would be an okay twist in a white room but with the world as it is would be kind of a shitty move.)
>> No. 67189
well it IS the homestuck fandom
>> No. 67193
If things don't work out between Dirk and Jake it would probably be because Dirk felt the need to be cagey and calculating and circuitously manipulate Jake into a romantic entanglement with him instead of just being upfront about his feelings, which is weird and potentially off-putting, especially since it wasn't even really him, it was his severed head. "His feelings were pale all along!" would be stupid. Really stupid.
>> No. 67194
I dunno, two years is a long time. Dirk could have had any number of personal epiphanies that Shades wouldn't have understood. Speaking anecdotally, it's pretty common for gay guys to go through a phase where they think dating their best friend is a way better idea than it actually is. Besides, it seems within Dirk's practical nature to focus on saving the universe.
>> No. 67195
I can't tell if you're being serious. Are you completely unaware that gay dudes bonking each other makes up the vast, vast majority of fanfic and fanart in this fandom?
>> No. 67211
>this fandom
Try every fandom in existence.
>> No. 67212
I thought the "omfg gise" and "homophobobia" would be enough to ensure that no one took me seriously

poes law i spupose
>> No. 67217
But people absolutely lose their shit when characters become canon gay. Homestuck fandom only accepts homosexuality when it's a fetish. If it's who a character really is, then they can fuck right off because fags must be killed.
>> No. 67218
Not really. Avatar (both ATLA and Korra), DC and Marvel shows/books, Sonic... those are some off the top of my head where the fandom is almost entirely no homo. Even the Portal series which is basically one huge thinly veiled lesbian robo drama has predominantly het fanshipping.

This is Homestuck fandom. No less than two levels of irony is mandatory before anyone can even understand you.

>> No. 67219
>Not really. Avatar (both ATLA and Korra), DC and Marvel shows/books, Sonic... those are some off the top of my head where the fandom is almost entirely no homo.

I'm not familar with the Marvel/DC fandom and I've been lucky enough to avoid most of the Avatar fandom, but I can tell you the Sonic fandom being mostly "no homo" is completely untrue. I would argue that there are as much homo ships in that fandom just as much as het there. At one point Sonic/Shadow was extremely popular years ago when I was still into the franchise.
>> No. 67223
How is marvel no homo, the most popular ship from that is Rogers/Stark. At least that's the impression I got.
>> No. 67226
Before the recent waves of moviegoers, the Marvel fandom was straight and male in the overwhelming majority
>> No. 67227
If you say "oh this scene is totally going to be turned into slash", that's just you using your imagination to generate slash. Pretty gay thoughts, you. Stop getting butt bungled over what non-present people that you don't like would think.
>> No. 67228
oh bea,
u so tsundere uguu~ ^3^ X3
>> No. 67229
Yo, remember how Dante Basco is reading Homestuck?


Apparently he threw together the vid because he wanted to dedicate/lean the song he already made to Rose and Jade.

Youtube Comment: "Dante: Bringing waifu lover to a whole new level."
>> No. 67232
Ken Squeals in 15 Languages!youtube thumb
In related videos for Basco's rap on youtube, doubles as reaction video.
>> No. 67233
I hope if the A1 Summoner is introduced his syntax is based on Dante's typing style...

i.e. lots of ellipses... but not in an unsure way...

More like he's just chill...
>> No. 67238
Tavros' is perfect for him and Summoner though.

>> No. 67239
That would be very clever if Hussie payed attention and did that.
It needs to be different from Tavros, that much is certain.
Like Aranea and Vriska for example.

Just no.
>> No. 67240
Sorry, I can't look at Tavros' comma spamming and think anything other than "pathetic tool."

Also, Rufioh needs to iNCORPORATE TH1S NUMBER... 1NTO H1S TEXT...

for reasons I'm to lazy too look up on the archives of hussie's formspring.
>> No. 67242
Aranea and Meenah are basically less annoying versions of Vriska and Feferi, quirk-wise. Then adjusted according to their personalities with rambling prose for Aranea and short sweet not-giving-fucks bits for Meenah.
>> No. 67243
I would also argue that Meenah enjoys fish puns even more than Feferi does.
>> No. 67244
Selective memory, bro. There's slash porn floating around the internet that carbon dates back twenty years.
And Shatterstar/Rictor became canon after the fans demanded it.
>> No. 67245
> implying ignorance of the word "majority"
>> No. 67247
I remember that. Tavros's part of the genetic code was "t1CK" even though he doesn't use 1's, and Andrew said something like since Aradia uses 0's and Sollux 2's (or used to, in both cases, but whatevs), that means Tavros, who comes between them in zodiac/spectrum order, might be meant to use 1's, but he's too wimpy for the number one. His ancestor using it would be a great way to incorporate that.
>> No. 67250
Now I have the image of an overly confident fiduspawn/pokemon master Tavros striking poses, turning his cap backwards, and shouting shit about being an ichiban/"numbah wan!!1" player. Am currently laughing through my vomit.
>> No. 67290
Well that was anti-climactic

>> No. 67291
>> No. 67292
That wasn't actually pause 2.
Kind of wondering why he even bothered carefully counting the pauses like that when he's just going to throw in an update in the middle, but whatever.
>> No. 67293
We're still on pause 2. Pause 3 doesn't begin until the End of Act 6-3 flash. a few measly soundless pages is not an end of act flash.
>> No. 67298
File 134258792926.gif - (64.62KB , 650x450 , 05252.gif )
Symbolic arrow pointing up, right behind Jake? Nope that's not foreshadowing, no sir.

He mentioned maybe posting stuff after/during the comic con. The "pauses" are meant to warn us that they'll be pretty long, I guess.
>> No. 67301
well, *that* was unexciting.
>> No. 67304
It looks like Prospit is in the way of the eighth Land, being right in between LOPAN and LOMAX or whichever.


It's also the Sburb House.
>> No. 67305
It looks like Prospit is in the way of the eighth Land, being right in between LOPAN and LOMAX or whichever.


It's also the Sburb House.
>> No. 67306
File 134262171645.png - (29.04KB , 635x437 , this.png )
So I am sort of dumb and forgot to pay attention. Can someone tell me what this first land was again?
>> No. 67307
Jane's planet, the Land of Crypts and Helium.

>> No. 67308
File 134262404743.gif - (155.64KB , 650x450 , 05254.gif )
Hey wait a second what's hanging from the tree

Is it a frog or a cherub
>> No. 67309
Looks like a Cherub to me.
I'm surprised there's something hanging from it at all. Jane didn't have to do anything to enter, and I assumed that was because it's a null session, so it'd apply to the others as well.
>> No. 67312
Looks like they still didn't have to do anything. It was already hung.
>> No. 67319
That's because LE/uu is already here.

Most adorable entry item.
>> No. 67325
>hanged corpse of a skull monster

you weird, bro.
>> No. 67328
Yeah, but I find it kinda weird that it's there.
The way cruxite items worked in the B1 session, and what made them different from normal alchemization, was that you'd get them in two "stages". John got a tree from which the apple grew, Rose got a wine rack that the bottle fell out of, Dave got a crow that laid the egg and Jade got another tree that the pinata grew on.
Now Jane also got a tree, but there was no second stage. Jake's tree looks like it got one.
>> No. 67351
What? Did you just forget the fandom during Civil War? Every other thread on /co/ during that time period was about how much Tony/Steve should bone each other and fix everything
>> No. 67379
>> No. 67394
so how much longer is the hiatus meant to last? How long has it even been already?
>> No. 67396
two weeks since the flash
one week since last update
hurry up hussie
>> No. 67401
Unite/Synchronize took about 8 days to make. He's been working on the EOA for 7 days (he got nothing done while at SDCC). We could see it tomorrow if it's about as long. I think it'll be longer though, with more stuff happening. My bet is on this weekend.
>> No. 67402
Ok, I was reading this and found someone post about Marvel and DC not having any canon homosexual characters. I laughed outright, the new green lantern is homosexual, it is a new comic series featuring the new green lantern who is a pilot (go fucking figure) or some shit to that effect.

Also, ATLAB and Sonic are CHILDREN'S shows, Homestuck is made by Andrew Hussie and if you read his label clearly it states: "Not intended for children 12 years or younger; choking hazard."

I would also like to state that though I would very much like for Dirk <3 Jake to be real and for true, I believe it is most likely going to end up as <> because that is how Hussie does, and when you become sane enough to calculate what Hussie will do I think you will understand why. To confirm a ship as canon, as was done with the GamTav incident, would be like signing a death certificate for the Huss, he lost fans that day but in return gained pubesant (spelled that wrong but dont give a fuck) fan girls who want nothing more than to squeal with musings of joy to Gog and Jegus over their shipping triumph.

Honestly, I think the characters in question of being shipped or any who are borderline canon, should be killed off. It fucks with fans and makes me smile.
>> No. 67403
Ok, I was reading this and found someone post about Marvel and DC not having any canon homosexual characters. I laughed outright, the new green lantern is homosexual, it is a new comic series featuring the new green lantern who is a pilot (go fucking figure) or some shit to that effect.

Also, ATLAB and Sonic are CHILDREN'S shows, Homestuck is made by Andrew Hussie and if you read his label clearly it states: "Not intended for children 12 years or younger; choking hazard."

I would also like to state that though I would very much like for Dirk <3 Jake to be real and for true, I believe it is most likely going to end up as <> because that is how Hussie does, and when you become sane enough to calculate what Hussie will do I think you will understand why. To confirm a ship as canon, as was done with the GamTav incident, would be like signing a death certificate for the Huss, he lost fans that day but in return gained pubesant (spelled that wrong but dont give a fuck) fan girls who want nothing more than to squeal with musings of joy to Gog and Jegus over their shipping triumph.

Honestly, I think the characters in question of being shipped or any who are borderline canon, should be killed off. It fucks with fans and makes me smile.
>> No. 67404
Ok, I was reading this and found someone post about Marvel and DC not having any canon homosexual characters. I laughed outright, the new green lantern is homosexual, it is a new comic series featuring the new green lantern who is a pilot (go fucking figure) or some shit to that effect.

Also, ATLAB and Sonic are CHILDREN'S shows, Homestuck is made by Andrew Hussie and if you read his label clearly it states: "Not intended for children 12 years or younger; choking hazard."

I would also like to state that though I would very much like for Dirk <3 Jake to be real and for true, I believe it is most likely going to end up as <> because that is how Hussie does, and when you become sane enough to calculate what Hussie will do I think you will understand why. To confirm a ship as canon, as was done with the GamTav incident, would be like signing a death certificate for the Huss, he lost fans that day but in return gained pubesant (spelled that wrong but dont give a fuck) fan girls who want nothing more than to squeal with musings of joy to Gog and Jegus over their shipping triumph.

Honestly, I think the characters in question of being shipped or any who are borderline canon, should be killed off. It fucks with fans and makes me smile.
>> No. 67410
You sure you aren't one of those pubesant [sic] fans? You seem to be new here. And a bit dumb.
>> No. 67411
Stopped reading after the first sentence. Nobody ever said DC and Marvel had no gay characters. It's the fandoms that are predominantly straight and male. No surprise there.
>> No. 67425
Hussie must have died.
>> No. 67427
The guy just updated a couple hours ago that the flash will take another few days.
>> No. 67429
There is no way the fandon will survive without people eating each other or some such.

Any who, I wanted to bring up the possibility of pre-scratch trolls showing up and their names. I'm pretty sure they'd be anything from here http://mspaforums.com/showthread.php?29742-Hivebent . I may have brought this up before. No idea, just giving something to talk about.
>> No. 67430

What is Cascade I don't even
>> No. 67431
Pre-Scratch Signless to be named Rocket Papaya CONFIRMED! ;)
>> No. 67432
Heh, I wonder what would be the reaction he Hussie chose something silly instead of generic made up/exotic name.
>> No. 67433
we didn't eat each other last time

I think we made a sburb session for tumblr and hsg though
>> No. 67434
Don't post about that or the mods will lock the thread
>> No. 67461
holy fucking shit.


what the hell just happened?
>> No. 67463
uu or should I say Caliborn is hardcore. And Lord English is able to perma-kill the dead into nothingness. And that music...

My body was not ready for that update.
>> No. 67464
Most people (re)killed in an update?

also god tier page outfit looks dumb as hell
>> No. 67465
felt get to be in the dreambubbles?
rose/eggs confirmed ship ty
>> No. 67466
what no
bubbles are shaped by the memories of people inside them
thats all
>> No. 67467
Yet... What happened to the kernelsprite for it to become a literal black hole? I know the session is fucked up, but that's going too far.
>> No. 67468
it wasn't going into a blackhole, it was just prototyping everything around it. the less players a session has, the more powerful the things that get prototyped.
>> No. 67469
Jack and PM, you bastards better not die, that is not the way to go.

I guess uu/Caliborn/Lord English's secret to immortality probably involved going onto... Dave's quest bed? Not sure if it's any quest bed, or Dave's, or one in a dream bubble. He's had some power before, probably involving jujus that has seeded him throughout most of paradox space, that gives him some of the best time majyycks, as well as some Sburb-based ability to enter the furthest ring. He had all those different-colored gates flashing up as he entered.

There's a good chance that's going to happen with... whatever sorcery is happening at the end there. Some infinitely proto-typing kernelsprite. The way the meteor flashed as it was consumed made it seem like he entered... but the black-hole kernelsprite remained. The kernelsprite doesn't seem like that critical of a game element - it just needs to be prototyped in order for Skaia to evolve, and then the underlings and royalty receive the effects of that. Not sure if or how it could be responsible for Lord English's rise to power, but then again, we've never seen a kernelsprite like that before.

Also, that effect for... the furthest ring being destroyed, I guess? Is pretty confusing. Seems like an all-consuming wave and such, but it's a pretty static cracked glass image. Is Lord English actually destroying the furthest ring, and all sessions of Sburb, and all of reality? That's... quite a ticking time bomb for the B2 players then, if that's the case. Hopefully Dave, Rose and co. can escape from it... if there's any way that's even possible to do so. Whatever the case, it probably lies within Calliope, in whatever form she may exist in at that point. I have no idea what the B2 crew can actually do about that, though, and what possible salvation could be found in their session.
>> No. 67470
Theory: Caliborn and Calliope are each others' server players, but since they are in the same place they both used the same . . . kernelsprite-making-machine-thing. I forget what it is called. However, since there are technically two players, two kernalsprites came out of the machine instead of one. That's why the kernelsprite was flashing red and green, one was for Caliborn (red) and the other for Calliope (green). They just happen to be in the exact same place.

The kernelsprites prototyped each other.
>> No. 67472
If uu prefers the black hitcher, why was LE using the white wand?

Sounds cool but kernelsprites are super picky about what they'll accept. Having two players in one body probably just broke the game conditions.
>> No. 67474
Hey, if uu is Caliborn, why get so nervous about Dirk calling lil Cal by his name? Calliope and Caliborn both start the same way.

Caliborn = Calliope + ???-born (uu's name)
>> No. 67475
Red sun, green star.

I can't see all of them surviving this.
>> No. 67476
Wow check out that logo: http://www.uuyogurt.com/


>> No. 67477
what the hell
>> No. 67478
>super picky about what they'll accept.
You mean the "dead or doomed" thing?
Because right now, the thing is sucking in a dying star.
>> No. 67479
File 134348237516.gif - (50.45KB , 132x132 , mother fucker.gif )
My body was not ready.
>> No. 67480
uu's a Time player too, right? It's probably his own quest bed.
>> No. 67481
well questbeds tend to look like their players bed. The trolls had quest cocoons instead of questbeds, so uu would have had a quest sarswapagus? Plus Felt!Dave was right there when LE arrived so he could've been the one who dream spawned it. I feel sorry for all those dream dudes who got killed though, why'd LE do it?
>> No. 67482
a) He wants to destroy everything
b) He "devoured" it, like he does to universes
c) He saw them as a threat (after all, they have been helping the living by providing healing, information and guidance)
d) All of the above
>> No. 67483
In other words,
>> No. 67484
Am I the only one who's angry that characters can't even live in the after life without getting killed?

What's the goddamned point to that
>> No. 67485
Showing us that LE not only is a threat to the living, but also to the dead, the horrorterrors and reality itself?
>> No. 67486
Dang, what the heck just happened?
>> No. 67487
Hussie needs to make the story more suspenseful and he's doing it the only way he knows how. Killing characters, regardless if they're actually even relevant to the story anymore.
>> No. 67488
I can't say I'm happy with the update.
>> No. 67489
So basically the Cherub is the last in a long line of sburb playing races, probably created by a 'successful' human mission. Caliborn found a way to amplify his Cruxtruder so his Kernelsprite could engulf not only him, but the sun that was likely once a Skaia planet riddled with dead players from other sessions, making him into Lord English.

At least that's what I got from it.
>> No. 67490
You know.... That sure looked like Earth at the end there.

I mean it was literally a picture of Earth.
>> No. 67491
Did he actually destroy all of the ghosts in the dreambubble?
I kind of assumed that they are going to pop back due to being dead, and he just destroyed the dreambubble to set back their attempts at collaborating. After all, it seems like every time somebody manages to escape a scratch it's because of the dreambubbles in some way, either escaping into them or using them as a way to gather information and form plans.
>> No. 67492
File 134349733797.jpg - (16.23KB , 649x449 , Screenshot_2.jpg )
I would have thought the eyelashes would be kind of silly-looking, but he pulls it off.
>> No. 67494
So what is Dave doing? I can't remember what is even happening anymore.
>> No. 67495
pretty gay

jack ascending was better
>> No. 67496
I know some people didn't like the idea but I love that Caliborn is Lord English and I love what a little tool he is. It seems appropriate that in a largely comedic coming-of-age story we get to see the villain as a horrible adolescent, too. Usually if you see the villain as a youngster they're precociously sinister and stuff, but uu's a believable teenage creepo.
>> No. 67497
god, when everyone first saw LE they kind of dismissed him as looking kinda ridiculous, but goddamn, this guy doesn't fuck around, does he? In every appearance he's had so far he's shown himself to be powerful, focused and above all not hammy. He doesn't taunt and fires from the hip.
>> No. 67499
He's like when the Daleks mean business. When they don't fuck around with schemes or ranting and and just advance, exterminate and destroy.
It could go either way.

Also, does anyone suspect that PM and Noir will come to the conculsion that there's more important things to hand than their grudge match?
>> No. 67500
Going by their expressions and hopeless shared glance upon seeing the huge crack in the fabric of reality, it would be strange if they didn't. That way Jack can redeem himself and then die without PM killing him.
>> No. 67502
It tells all of is who thought death wasn't final due to bubbles that there is actually a way to completely erase someone from existence. Thank god. I was getting really tired of the lack of death's finality.
>> No. 67503
>MEENAH: somemoby kill me
>MEENAH: again
>MEENAH: make me double die
>MEENAH: can that happen can you kill a ghost

Careful what you wish for.
>> No. 67504
what was the point of the dream bubbles at all if everyone in them were wiped from existence before they did anything the living people couldn't? why didn't they just die for good the first time?

sure a god feferi healed wv but it wasn't a plot imperative that he needed to be mortally wounded in the first place. that's basically all any dead people ever contributed to the plot ever, or will ever now i guess, so why were they ever there
>> No. 67509
Gazing at LE's work at shattering the fabric of reality through the power of time&space. I'm guessing his reactions will be elaborated more on the upcoming intermission.

I'm assuming Dream-Bubbles are supposed to be the final resting place for the dead where you get to interact with your and the memories of others forever. It's sort of like heaven(or hell) depending how you lived.

>Usually if you see the villain as a youngster they're precociously sinister and stuff, but uu's a believable teenage creepo.

Seeing that he wanted to kill his sister(and was successful in a way) makes him more than some "teenage creepo".
>> No. 67510
They only exist for these specific sessions, though. Feferi created them (or more specifically, came up with the idea and asked the horrorterrors to do this favour) for her friends, and it bled into A1 and the human universes because they are intimately connected to one another.

The afterlife doesn't exist for anybody else.
>> No. 67511
How could Feferi have created the bubbles when they already existed (we assume) due to Meenah's actions?
>> No. 67512
They existed for Meenah because Feferi made them exist. The Furthest Ring isn't linear.
>> No. 67514
You're thinking of the timelines wrong. Both the A1 and A2 universe happen at the same time. Feferi and Meenah probably asked the horrorterrors to make the dreambubbles at the same time.
>> No. 67515
Meenah probably didn't even know the horrorterrors existed until she died, since Gl'bgolyb wasn't around in A1.
>> No. 67516
Meenah, unlike Feferi, didn't have a horrorterror as her lusus. Gl'bgolyb wasn't around in A1, remember?
>> No. 67517
ok then, maybe the A1 session was longer than A2, so Feferi died in an earlier point in her timeline and could do the dreambubble thing before Meenah killed all of them in her session? Or it could just be outer ring wierdness that allows green suns to be created after they've already existed to give power to first guardians.
>> No. 67518
That might have little to do with it. We still don't know the conditions between the Horrorterrors and Scratch using one of them as a plant for Feferi. As a Derse dreamer and maybe as a royalblood, Meenah may have some clout in the bubbles too.
>> No. 67519
The outer ring doesn't even begin to give a fuck about time or space, dude.
That's why, even with two gods of time and a goddess of space on their team, the kids still needed to get the Horrorterrors to help them navigate.
"Timelines" are utterly irrelevant. Feferi asked the Horrorterrors to blow dreambubbles, they did, and that was the start of them, even though they probably existed long before she ever did.
>> No. 67521
Not even the Demon can escape the Miles, eh?
>> No. 67523
I'll be interested to see if PM's white ring can do Red Miles as well.
>> No. 67525
It's going to be Blue Leagues. Just watch.
>> No. 67527
Blue leagues or green miles.
>> No. 67529
So to defeat Lord English, you just have to say Calliope?
>> No. 67538

Possibly, but I doubt it will be as simple as that. Calliope's existence is a pretty big weakness for Caliborn, which is why he wants to kill her. By the time he's Lord English, he's probably done something to suppress her. It's pretty tough, though, to kill something that lives in the same body as you. Getting Calliope back in control of their body might be what the alpha kids need to shoot for.
>> No. 67541
Or green pounds

Or some other unit of measurement that hasn't been used yet
>> No. 67542
I imagine it'll probably one of those jump through all the hoops sort of thing.

Like they'll have to get rid of the summoning server and the kernalsprite, and then get Calliope in control, and then probably MORE stuff
>> No. 67543
He can only be defeated by exploiting time/space glitches.
Doesn't rule out stuff like calling Calliope's name, destroying his summoning server, entering/ending his session, cracking his head with the Vrillyhoo or whatever else you can think of.

Before this flash came around, I was half expecting the fight against LE to be akin to Demonhead Mobster Kingpin, except less silly and not anywhere as long. Obviously that won't happen now that we know he can break reality itself just by attacking.
>> No. 67544
I thought horrorterrors are supposed to be huge and powerful creatures right? I mean, why couldn't they have stopped english when he was in his coffin?
>> No. 67545
Who knows. They don't seem very friendly though, so it's probably a matter of power.
>> No. 67546
Don't forget things like Die's doll. Pretty sure Slick actually still has it. And then there's Clover, the little bastard. Didn't he supposedly have some ultimate riddle to still be unanswered?
>> No. 67547
That flash was supposed to establish that LE is huger and powerfuller than even the horrorterrors.
>> No. 67551
I just want to see LE pull his giant ass down into a chair and type out a uu style recap.
>> No. 67555
I thought it was supposed to establish that Hussie has no problem making extras cease to exist.
>> No. 67557
The main thing it was supposed to establish is that LE and uu are both named Caliborn.

It failed.
>> No. 67558
So anyone figure out yet why LE's name and the origin of Dave's sword's name are the same?
>> No. 67559
Caledfwlch is another name for Excalibur.
Das it.
>> No. 67560
For now I guess it's just another connection to draw between Dave and LE. There have been a few already. Both associated with bright red, both Time players, uu's special interest in Dirk might be relevant somehow? The big one though is Lord English's characterization as a "ruthless pimp" or however Andrew described it and Dave's destiny as he who would drop it like it's hot whilst the pimp's in the crib (which was made a little more explicit with his Pimpslayer level).
>> No. 67563
I thought the main thing it was trying to establish is that the final boss is always a black hole.
>> No. 67564
And in the latest flash, there's that moment where Dave is just looking back at the shattered dreambubble.
>> No. 67566
File 134379799569.gif - (335.97KB , 255x184 , nod.gif )
I wasn't sure if I should mention that scene, because with the other associations between him and Caliborn it seems significant, but I kept thinking what if it was just a callback to Dave first looking up into the sky and seeing the dream bubbles? It's reassuring that you brought it up though.
>> No. 67570
The pimp verse also paints Dave as the guy to stop LE, even though Aranea says Jake is destined to do it. This could be a subtle callback to that time when both Dave and John were supposed to be the two most likely to pull off the Scratch (aka. big damn hero moment), except Dave admitted he didn't feel like he was supposed to be the hero.

The latter also reminds me of Rose saying the same thing about herself in relation to Mom/Roxy.
>> No. 67572
Actually, it was said that Jake could (but not that he would) be the first to battle and defeat one of LE's countless incarnations, which would create Hope that he some day could be completely destroyed.

I'm pretty sure they will all turn out to be incredibly vital one way or the other, especially the more supportive classes (Rose directing Dave and possibly the whole battle, Jane's healing abilities, whatever Roxy does, the above for Jake). But if anyone has got decent odds for delivering the final strike, it'd be John. He's the main character, the hero and has the strongest weapon evur. It's just too much of an established idea and trope for Hussie not to play with.
>> No. 67573
But John is only protagonist in that he's the guy everything is explained to. Other than that he doesn't seem to do anything special.
>> No. 67574
He was the first to be introduced, the one who served as our not-quite-narrator for most of the first few acts, was the one being pestered by the trolls the most, the first to get the tiger, is considered to be the unofficial leader of their session by the others and wields and incredibly broken hammer made of two Infinity+1 Weapons.

He's not the most important or special character, that's true. But like I said, it (the hero being the one to slay the final boss) is just too big a cliché for Hussie not to use it, somehow.
>> No. 67575
I think what it means with jake is, he's going to kill calliborn. This will unhook LE from whatever stable time loop he's in that prevents his death, and will allow others a chance to actually kill him.
>> No. 67586
jesus christ what the fuck has homestuck become
>> No. 67587
A web comic?
>> No. 67588
Ba dum tssshhhyoutube thumb
>> No. 67589
Thank you, thank you.

Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.
>> No. 67590
so I finally caught up to the current part of act 6

my only question is what caused the stable time loop that allowed dirk wake jake so he could kiss the head?
>> No. 67591
Dirk, as his dreamself, with Roxy and Jane, woke Jake up so they could all enter the Medium together. if he didn't wake Jake up and/or Jake didn't kiss the head, the three of them couldn't have been there.

It's a really simple, small loop.
>> No. 67592
Don't forget that Little Hal/Autoresponder kept track of it all.
>> No. 67593
Like all good stable time loops, it caused itself. Dirk wakes Jake, which allows Jake to revive Dirk, which allows Dirk to wake Jake, which... etc.
>> No. 67630
File 134467254277.gif - (861.29KB , 735x500 , horseqwantz1.gif )
So Hussie hasn't updated in ages because he's been super busy making this AMAZING GUEST COMIC for Dinosaur Comics.
>> No. 67632
File 134471564143.gif - (28.83KB , 735x500 , horseqwantz3.gif )
Nah, he made a bunch of horse-themed Dinosaur Comics like... a year ago and posted them on the Twitters.

>@andrewhussie hey do you like my comic today, do you remember why you made that picture because i have NO IDEA
>@ryanqnorth whoa BLAST FROM THE PAST. i think it was something like, you mentioned horses, and i dropped everything and made horse comics.
>> No. 67640

So this YouTube channel is a bunch of animated videos explaining the backstory behind different video games in under a minute. I've been trying to come up with an accurate script for a Homestuck episode.

"Long ago in another universe there existed a peaceful alien race called the trolls. One day, twelve troll children start playing a computer game that transports them to another reality. This game, as it turns out, is the means by which all universes die and new universes are created. Oh, and universes are frogs. Unfortunately, the trolls fail to win the game and opt to perform the Scratch, which will reset and change their universe into one more likely to succeed. In this universe, trolls are an angry violent race and the original twelve exist as the ancestors of a new set of twelve trolls who play the same game. These trolls actually succeed! But right after they do, an omnipotent monster shows up and deprives them of their reward. They trace the origins of the monster to a game session from the new universe they helped to create, which just so happens to be the universe of the humans where a boy named John and his three friends Rose, Dave, and Jade are getting ready to play a computer game that... well, you get the picture. Have fun!
>> No. 67641
are the videos' explanations generally chronological, rather than according to the order in/importance to the narrative?
>> No. 67645
Whoa dude, those are some pretty late-game spoilers :/
>> No. 67646
File 134483715688.jpg - (43.30KB , 650x448 , LE.jpg )
God damn it all. . .

I love the whole concept of Caliborn, the awful psychotic feral-child whimsy of it all.

But you literally cannot deny that this, this right here. . . This looks fucking stupid. You know what it makes me think of?

SHOOP DA W000000000000000000000P
>> No. 67647
Yeah, concern for spoilers is pretty much nil as long as it explains the backstory right up to the moment the player takes over.
>> No. 67649
File 134486721656.jpg - (19.96KB , 250x239 , skull.jpg )
Would you rather all the joints separate?
>> No. 67650
File 134487095256.jpg - (116.09KB , 480x771 , zomborflash.jpg )
Funny. Gave me instant flashbacks to this dude right here.
>> No. 67651
I think it should at least name skaia, as well as lord english and doc scratch mabye?
>> No. 67652
You know, for someone who claims to have never watched anime, Hussie sure seems to use a lot of stuff that's really prevalent in it.
>> No. 67653
File 134490541931.jpg - (144.73KB , 500x453 , kill me.jpg )
I don't think he's ever claimed to have not watched anime ever? But in the hopes of staving off ye olde "Andrew is a liar who rips off DBZ" chat I'm linking this old post >>66851

See also the image just three posts above this one of an evil skeleton from an old school Japanese RPG (the likes of which actually are a cited influence on Homestuck) shooting a destructive beam from its maw
>> No. 67654
File 134490793687.gif - (746.31KB , 500x326 , LE BLAST.gif )
This was actually going to be used instead, but Hussie turned it down in favor of the other look, as he didn't think this one fit with the rest of it.
>> No. 67655
He's seen a little of it. Or maybe a lot. Either way, his final analysis of the collective product seems to be "There's some really interesting stuff and a lot of dreck, just like anything else".

holy dick that is incredible
Where did you find this information?
>> No. 67656
I mean, to be fair, it's true that it doesn't really fit. Especially compared to the shots of English a few seconds earlier, where his shoulders are at least five heads wide. But that's even smoother than that really amazing bit in Cascade where the Tumor split. I would think he'd nip that sort of effort-heavy work in the bud if it wasn't going to get used.
>> No. 67657
Abortedslunk's art. Say what people will about his art, his animations are pretty decent.
>> No. 67658
this is hearsay so take it with a grain of salt
but I'm pretty sure he didn't have a chance to nip it in the bud
from what I've heard it went like, he asked slunk for a rough and slunk just went ahead and did the whole thing
so by the time he had a chance to decide whether it fit his mental image it was already done
>> No. 67659
File 13449865248.png - (770.47KB , 1004x526 , Saxon speaks to Hussie.png )
>> No. 67660
He's good at drawing monsters and such. It's just his humans/trolls that are really....horrifying.
>> No. 67661
File 134499015765.png - (26.47KB , 500x500 , trexmiamivice.png )

Dammit. I would've loved to see something this fluid end up in Homestuck with all its static images. The fact that it "doesn't fit" works in its favor; it makes English seem even more malign and "wrong" in the context of the multiverse.

Plus, the bit where he licks his mandible is just golden. Wasn't he supposed to eat universes at his inception? Oh right, Hussie conveniently forgot about that. . .
>> No. 67663
The relevant passage reads like so:
>He has the entire cadaver of the expired universe to pick apart at his whim. From its birth through its swelling maturity and tapering decay. In a reality he is known to have marked for predation, he will go about assembling followers through various epochs, even going as far as personally establishing the parameters for his future summoning.

It's easy to read "predation" here literally, as though Lord English was some sort of cosmic hedgehog feasting on Genesis Frogs, but I prefer to read it more metaphorically: particularly, as an indication that by arranging for his own instantiation via the death of a universe, he generally brings about that end much earlier than it might otherwise have occurred. B2, for instance, was many billions of years away from heat death when Slick shot it through the heart.
>> No. 67664
I hear there are animations like this that were made for the Strife flash he was going to make that he eventually canned. Would anyone know where I could see them?
>> No. 67665
File 134501122176.gif - (172.21KB , 650x650 , 03817.gif )
They actually did get used.
>> No. 67667
Slunk's animation is nice and fluid, sure, but it's a nice and fluid animation of an old man sneezing a pitiful rainbow. I'm glad Hussie didn't use it.
>> No. 67668
Slunk's piece of animation is nice and fluid, sure, but it's a nice and fluid animation of an old man sneezing out a pitiful rainbow. I'm glad Hussie didn't use it.

I generally prefer the looks of flashes where second-party art is used sparingly. I mean, there are part where it works great, like the Tumor one someone mentioned, or that one animation of Terezi walking in Make Her Pay, but I think there are also several cases where the mixing of styles just looks awkward.
>> No. 67670

Case in point: Jade's ascensiion in Cascade.
>> No. 67671
Which is odd, since it seemed like she had a Hussie-ish style down perfect in [S] JOHN. RISE UP.
>> No. 67672
Not odd at all. I recall Hussie saying he asked the contributing artists to do their own thing instead of trying to follow the style.
>> No. 67673
Davesprite and Jadesprite looked really out of place in Cascade too. The weird thing about that though is that Laz's drawings in the Gamzee vs. Vriska vs. Eridan flash worked, and the style there was a lot closer to her normal style than what she did in Cascade. Trying to bring her art closer to baseline MSPA actually made it stick out more.
>> No. 67675
Updating from here: >>67640

"Long ago in another universe there existed a peaceful alien race called the trolls. One day, twelve troll children start playing a computer game that transports them to another reality. This game, as it turns out, is the means by which all universes die and new universes are created. Oh, and universes are frogs. Unfortunately, the trolls fail to win the game and opt to perform the Scratch, which will reset and change their universe into one more likely to succeed.

What they didn't expect was that performing the Scratch would allow the entry of Lord English, an immortal, time-traveling, demon, skeleton, mobster, billiards-themed demon who, through the scheming of his omniscient right-hand-man Doc Scratch, caused his own creation after he died at the end of the universe. Scratch influenced the trolls to be an angry and violet race, and the original twelve troll children serve as the ancestors of twelve new troll children who play the same game as their predecessors.

These trolls actually succeed! But right after they do, an omnipotent monster named Jack Noir shows up and deprives them of their reward. They trace Jack's origins to a game session from the new universe they helped to create, which just so happens to be the universe of the humans where a boy named John and his three friends Rose, Dave, and Jade are getting ready to play a brand new computer game that I'm sure will not lead to any death or disaster. Have fun!"
>> No. 67676
You mean the point when she was huge and juggling planets? Because I didn't like how that much looked either if that's what ya mean.
>> No. 67689
Should start updating soon

>> No. 67690
>> No. 67691
Should, based solely on a husstimate from about three weeks ago. Perhaps he was on the spot, but he hasn't given anymore ETAs after that and he might be a little late.
>> No. 67692
Word on the street is that A6I3 will all be one giant walkaround flash. He wouldn't tell us exactly when something like that is due just because of the strain on the servers.
>> No. 67694
Sounds too good to be true.
>> No. 67695

Posted on 20 Aug 2012 by Andrew

Three weeks ago I took a guess at how many weeks it would take to update again, and to quote myself, this is exactly what I guessed: "I'll guess about 3 weeks." It turns out I guessed wrong. I guessed slightly less weeks than the right amount of weeks. I'm now going to guess it will take one more week.

I would like to update right now instead of additional weeks from now, but the only way that could possibly happen is if magic wasn't fake. And I think we all fully understand what the deal is with magic at this point.

posted from the news section on MSPA
>> No. 67696
If that's true it would be a perfect way to introduce us to all those pre-scratch ancestors he clearly made sprites for.
>> No. 67697
God I want this so bad. I know, more trolls seems a bit ridiculous, but I just can't help but want this.
>> No. 67698
Do they really need to be introduced, though?
>> No. 67700
That's what everyone said about the first twelve trolls, the ancestors, and the alpha kids. Deal with it nerd >B]
>> No. 67707
Wasn't the presence and handling of such a large cast one of the more common complaints in this comic?
>> No. 67714
Eh, I bet he'll just show them to and let the "omg i am so into troll romance, i love my kismesis :3 wait why did hussie make genderbent john??? xD" types take care of the rest.

Because who needs introduction or characterization when you've got a stupid fanbase perfectly capable of both creating and perverting them for you.
>> No. 67715
Good point and I am sure he will do that for most, but a few demand some development purely for plot reasons, like pre-scratch Sufferer and maybe Summoner. We still need to know what the deal is with Aranea's necklace (brotip: all zodiac water signs are apparently super compatible with each other)
>> No. 67716
pre scratch karkat was a rock star

>> No. 67754
w-where's the update hussie?

You said there'd be an update!

He said that, right?
>> No. 67755
He said on twitter he needed a few more days, that was suuuuuunday i think
>> No. 67756
How long has been in comparison to The Great Hiatus?
It feels kinda close, though maybe not.
>> No. 67757
File 13462124149.jpg - (3.52KB , 126x124 , 1321059688747.jpg )
Half as long. The big wait was two months.

...jfc it's almost been a year since cascade went up
>> No. 67758
Although we've gotten two pretty significant flash updates, daily updates stopped around around July 1st, so it's kinda been two months.
>> No. 67762
chill out guys. i'm sure hussie hasn't used this short break to step back and realize what a tumorous monstrosity this work and the surrounding fandom has become, reevaluated his life and decided to stop making homestucks

80% sure that hasn't happened
>> No. 67763
Update shmupdate. Where's the third solo album? Month's almost over, guys.
>> No. 67764
The first album was released on the first, the second on the sixteenth. Pretty sure the last is coming on Friday. Perhaps with an updoot accompanying it.
>> No. 67771
it updated

no lies it really just did
>> No. 67772
Dangit, the flash isn't loading for me.

>> No. 67773
Huss blog says it's best viewed in chrome. Won't load for ie.
>> No. 67774
Hopy shit Aradia's dimples are huge

PS it's a walkaround as Meenah
>> No. 67775
God dammit is there an ending to this? I can't find it.
>> No. 67776
>hear there's a new flash but as usual the traffic makes it impossible to view
Oh well, I'm still pumped to see it! I'll grab a look the first chance I...

>hear what it's like
...never mind, I guess.
>> No. 67777
ugh I couldnt give hussie the horse does anything neat happen if i do?
>> No. 67778
Meenah for most adorabubble troll.
>> No. 67779
I can't get past Dave. Not sure if normal? I saw pictures of pre-scratch troll sprites but can't figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong.
>> No. 67780
Real confused. If the pre-scratch trolls died at about 7.5 sweeps old in a 3 sweep old session, then they started pretty young. Doesn't the game get you started only once you hit early puberty, which for trolls is 6 sweeps?

>> No. 67781
Dang at Rose making passes at Meenah, kawaii shit.

Also LAtula or whatever owns.

Just head down
>> No. 67782
it probably varies. like, pre-scratch kids went in at 13, but post-scratch went in at 15. the pre-scratch team is younger i guess, and if scratched the game ages up the players so they have a better chance of winning.
>> No. 67783
File 134638366231.png - (356.67KB , 576x432 , wha.png )
>my face when G4M3 G1RL
>> No. 67784
I got to the area below dave and can't go any further.
>> No. 67785
Okay get the Skateboard from gamer girl, then Be goth chick and examine the bubble to make stairs appear, then you can be meenah and GRIND THAT SHIT letting you be gamer girl. Im sure you can figure out the rest
>> No. 67786
So is Kankri's tiny text actual text? I can't seem to zoom in on the flash like normally.
>> No. 67787
I just now got that Latula calling Meenah "paycheck" is a spoof off her last name and somehow it makes the character even more obnoxious.
>> No. 67788
Oh my god why would you want to? You'd need to invest a good few hours into that!
>> No. 67789
These new characters are awesome.

Not even joking. I love them.
>> No. 67790
Oh my god. There have been so many tiny things and implications about troll society that I didn't think Hussie even considered, and the obscure mythology bits that I assumed were just for gratuity, but holy damn he's thought of all of that. Never underestimate Huss.
>> No. 67791
It's not flash. It's some kind of new bullshit invented for iPhones. So of course it doesn't work on a real computer.
>> No. 67792
oh my god i want to fight kankri to death
>> No. 67793
I think it's gibberish. At least in one instance you can tell it's copy-pasted text from the length of the paragraphs.
>> No. 67794
how fucking long does this go on for sweet baby jesus in heaven
>> No. 67795
get ready for 2 more installments

this was supposed to be longer according to hussie, but this one took so long that he had to break the entire thing up into three. yeah, it's too much to just split in half, he needs THREE walkaround flashes which are likely all going to be around the same lengths to tell this part.
>> No. 67796
It's hilarious how after all that bleeding heart crap Kankri spouts, he makes a pretty big sexist slip anyway.
>> No. 67797
>> No. 67798
I read all of it. ALL OF IT. I don't hate Kankri, but I certainly can't call it liking. It's some strange sensation of ecstatic snickering laughter. He's the ultimate tumblrite (blubbrite).
>> No. 67799
File 134639192680.png - (94.98KB , 500x381 , 44839.png )
>> No. 67800
He's quite a bit more than that if you keep reading. I've called him a sexist jackass about half a dozen times now out loud, and I'm still not done with the walkaround.
>> No. 67801
best update. best trolls, every interaction was gold all the tumblr jokes were gold i can't stop rebubbling dave orbs
>> No. 67802
Hey how do we do the Peanuts thing?
>> No. 67804
There's no trick to it. It's just an infodump. That's where you find out everyone's classes (Knight of Mind, Maid of Space, Seer of Blood).
>> No. 67805
oh god everyone fucked kanaya's ancestor
>> No. 67806
I've got Hussie following me, all chests opened and people talked to, but can't figure out how to get to it.
>> No. 67807
1. Get the board from Latula
2. Be Porrim
3. Use the tiny green bubble, a stair should appear
4. Be Meenah again, grind that shit
5. Be Latula
6. Be Kankri
7. Be Meenah again
8. Talk to Karkat, go to the door
>> No. 67808

special delivery fresh off the Bubblrs. Nitram and Makara are pretty much what you'd expect. Captor... I like it. That Ampora though. Guess he already had a theme song this whole damn time
>> No. 67809
So Seer isn't female only and Knight isn't exclusively male.

Also, I want to stab Kankri to death, for obvious reasons. Kinda glad to see a character with feminist views who isn't a strawman or an incredibly butch lesbian.
>> No. 67811
also, Caliborn once and for all confirmed to be Lord English, Lord of Time
>> No. 67812
>> No. 67813
The new trolls.
They're such horrible people.
I want them all.
>> No. 67814
good thing it will take that long to fully wank to this update.
>> No. 67815
wait I keep hearing about A1 Darkleer being in this update
is that true?
>> No. 67816

This is why I posted this. Link leads to sprites for Darkleer, Dualscar, GHB, Summoner, Disciple and Handmaid. These were in the code of the walkthrough somewhere.

...I think Darkleer is steampunk?correct me if i'm wrong though
>> No. 67818
Looks like it, but we'll have to wait. If we're lucky we might get the next part as early as tomorrow
>> No. 67819
>It's hilarious how after all that bleeding heart crap Kankri spouts, he makes a pretty big sexist slip anyway.

So he really is faithful to the tumblrite parody, after all?
>> No. 67820
>also, Caliborn once and for all confirmed to be Lord English, Lord of Time
Homestuck confirmed once and for all to make no fucking sense because characters are somehow born and then inexplicably also born somewhere else as adults in the past
>> No. 67821
So if you go to the area where you meet the other pre-scratch trolls you can find a chest in its own room that has the bent horse hitcher. Take it all the way back to where Hussie is crying and he will follow you. When you get to the final area there will be a chest containing the Horse calendar that HB is still trapped in. I can't tell if getting Hussie to follow you does anything else though. The code does seem to suggest that there is a Trickster mode.. but ctrl-T doesnt work this time. I wonder if Hussie's character and/or the horse calendar has something to do with it. Once you get the calendar you can't go back to the starting bubble, unfortunately. Talking to Hussie in the chest doesn't seem to change when Hussie is following you (o.O). Also, there is a third Hussie in the starting area in the northeast corner but I can't see any way to get to him as he's almost offscreen.
>> No. 67822
Why are there still people who don't get that in the Intermission 2, LE was not created, he was summoned? I mean come on. It's always referred to as a summoning.
>> No. 67823
Meenah's castle has a missing window. You can go through there.
>> No. 67824
Explain how he got inside Scratch's head then.

Go on. I'll wait.
>> No. 67826
Scratch was a juju.
>> No. 67827

Double also, here's an opportunity to watch another summoning via juju:
http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005733 and following.
>> No. 67828
What kind of fiction are you reading where nothing ever gets summoned by bursting out of a host body? That's, like, demon summoning 101.
>> No. 67830
so the hanged juju that meenah found. Is that calliope's juju?
>> No. 67831
Holy shit so much new shit was introduced in the last update I don't even want to try to see how /co/ reacted.

I'll just say:
Dem delicious upside down Latula legs
>> No. 67832
Nope, Stiches.
>> No. 67833
File 134643208732.png - (11.81KB , 359x410 , OHDEAR.png )
That was the longest walk around ever. I enjoyed it. Latula is my new homegirl.
>> No. 67834
It doesn't work for me. Meenah won't move at all.

I am using the latest version of Chrome. Should I check anything else?
>> No. 67839
Oh man Kankri was really funny at first but by the end of the flash i kinda hate him a little. I hope Karkat at some point buries Kankri with a endless wall of text of his own, all gray and full of creative and interesting insults.
>> No. 67842
Hear hear.

I made a bit of peace with it after Aranea's explanation of the Sufferer because that guy actually DID something so I guess there is potential for Kankiri too.

I can only hope that future updates will make him look less like a massive tool.
>> No. 67843
Yeah if the these guys hang around (they will vriska gona bust all the dead ghosts out) i think he could be forced to develop into a better person.

I just want a recreation of the first time you see him and karkat with the roles reverse because callbacks and reversed callbacks are my favorit part of homestuck that isn't the characters.
>> No. 67844
I now want hussie to show us the o-ancestors session from beginning to end in a side comic.

okay I admit it i just want to see the sexy adventures of the slutty vampire.
>> No. 67845
Alright so basically
Anon here is really beginning to like both Aranea and Meenah, they're awesome
Porrim is sorta cool but "porr" is (fittingly enough) Swedish for "porn" and it feels weird reading her name because it simultaneously sounds like porridge... so she's a hot bowl pornographic porridge to me
Sorry guys but Latula is just annoying, apart from those small moments of normality
Let's not even get started on Kankri or I might throw a fit and write lots of creepy obsessive posts about dismembering him

Silliness aside and new characters aside, the best parts of these intermissions is to see the development of the already kids and oldie trolls. Rose and Dave are so... balanced and happy these days. Both of them seem to really be enjoying themselves meeting and talking to and learning about all these people, without having to go about it pretending to be ironical or indifferent. And Kanaya is being adorable, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't just go talk to her as Porrim and get it over with.
>> No. 67846
oh god Kankri please stop talking ugggggggh
>> No. 67847
Hey guys remember when we all hated Vriska and there weren't a fucking shitload of far more annoying characters?
>> No. 67849
but i never hated vriska, silly billy
>> No. 67850
Vriska is the best, bitches.
>> No. 67851
But it doesn't work because there's no such thing as gray miles.
>> No. 67853
File 134646544040.png - (648.38KB , 760x595 , fruitviking.png )
> just want to see the sexy adventures of the slutty vampire
There's always Oglaf.
>> No. 67854
Are you fucking serious.
I can't just walk out of prospshit and confront the fuck out of kanaya?
Can I take a break from exploring as Meenah for one god damn second, PLEASE?
>> No. 67855

I had this problem in Chrome, too. I opened it in Firefox and it worked well enough.
>> No. 67856
I can't stop myself from imagining that Latula has the same voice as the girl who sings her themesong, and I'm falling in love.
>> No. 67857
So Meenah baked a cake for everyone after their one year session anniversary.

I really really hope we get a followup album to One Year Older for the alpha trolls, complete with appropriate Meenah cake cover art.
>> No. 67858
Yeah Gamer Grl became my headcanon voice for Latula as well.
>> No. 67865
File 134650819694.jpg - (664.09KB , 1280x658 , 133668352329.jpg )
It took me literally an hour to figure out all that RPG trickery bullshit. That's an hour of my life that I will never get back. Why do I like it like that

Also when Latula talked about "getting rusty" I couldn't help but think about the fact that she might be getting lazy and soft in the afterlife and the chubby chaser in me is really interested in that concept

In other news, I've decided that over 50% of the attraction to Homestuck just consists of the readers projecting their fetishes onto the characters. Pic related.
>> No. 67869
I honestly think one of Hussie's greatest strengths as a writer is how he just fills in essential character traits and leaves the right amount of ambiguity for the fandom to project onto. Because really, when you boil it down, all character "depth" in fiction comes from ambiguity in their personality.
>> No. 67873
Kankri=Avatar of tumblr, have you checked your likeable character privilege everyone else?
Spatula?Whatever,PS-Terezi=GAME GURLLL
Porrim=Slutty Feminist Vampire Alien(lawl), seems to have a down to earth personality. Also has tits?TROLSS CONFIRMED FOR TITS
No wonder Kanaya is too shy to speak to her, it's awkward as fuck to be aroused by a clone of you.
Rose=Asian now
>> No. 67874
Porrim is going to bring on so much porn.
>> No. 67875
>going to
past tense, anon.
>> No. 67889
Rose seems to have her seductionface glued on.

Soooo has anyone figured out if getting Hussie to follow you leads to anything super interesting? I don't really feel like cruising through the game again to bother with that dope if there's no payoff.

remember, as annoyed as we all are with Kankri, think what a chore it must have been to actually sit down and write all that meticulously crafted horseplop
>> No. 67890
I fear any future updates involving Kankri will takes ages to produce. Not sure if that's hilarious or horrible; probably both.

Honestly, we have a ton of characters who seem to make it their deal to talk so damn much. I remember when Caliborn first showed up and he mentioned he wouldn't say much, but proceeded to word bomb Dirk. I kinda of want to see a character who just uses to absolute minimal amount in talking. In fact, I kind of want it to be GHB. Just have him be this infuriating one word answer kind of guy, like when you give a big long message, and get some garbled response in the shortest way possible.
>> No. 67891
>> No. 67904
>> No. 67907
Judging by the sprite, he seems to have a skeleton thing going... but since it's unlikely that he'll just be a palette swap of Gamzee, I'd say the chances are quite good that he'll have a mime thing going.

Not that that means he'll be quiet, ever. When a large amount of your characterization is conveyed through text (especially in a walkaround flash where there's very limited interaction), you're bound to come off as pretty dull if you're not interested in talking. Unless Hussie is somehow able to work avoid that through sprites, silences and superb and very concise writing.
>> No. 67908
Is it just me, or does pre-scratch Dualscar lremind anyone else of George Michael (or Wham! in general?) based on the sprites?
>> No. 67909
Kankri is a manarchist this is great
>> No. 67956
this board is dead, isn't it
>> No. 67959

Waiting on the next update to start a new general thread. The first one burned through a lot more of this thread than we could expect.
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