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File 134185951618.png - (52.61KB , 712x491 , i dont give a fuck if this is spoilerz.png )
66991 No. 66991
Yeah, I have no idea either.
Kn g8 f6
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>> No. 67816

This is why I posted this. Link leads to sprites for Darkleer, Dualscar, GHB, Summoner, Disciple and Handmaid. These were in the code of the walkthrough somewhere.

...I think Darkleer is steampunk?correct me if i'm wrong though
>> No. 67818
Looks like it, but we'll have to wait. If we're lucky we might get the next part as early as tomorrow
>> No. 67819
>It's hilarious how after all that bleeding heart crap Kankri spouts, he makes a pretty big sexist slip anyway.

So he really is faithful to the tumblrite parody, after all?
>> No. 67820
>also, Caliborn once and for all confirmed to be Lord English, Lord of Time
Homestuck confirmed once and for all to make no fucking sense because characters are somehow born and then inexplicably also born somewhere else as adults in the past
>> No. 67821
So if you go to the area where you meet the other pre-scratch trolls you can find a chest in its own room that has the bent horse hitcher. Take it all the way back to where Hussie is crying and he will follow you. When you get to the final area there will be a chest containing the Horse calendar that HB is still trapped in. I can't tell if getting Hussie to follow you does anything else though. The code does seem to suggest that there is a Trickster mode.. but ctrl-T doesnt work this time. I wonder if Hussie's character and/or the horse calendar has something to do with it. Once you get the calendar you can't go back to the starting bubble, unfortunately. Talking to Hussie in the chest doesn't seem to change when Hussie is following you (o.O). Also, there is a third Hussie in the starting area in the northeast corner but I can't see any way to get to him as he's almost offscreen.
>> No. 67822
Why are there still people who don't get that in the Intermission 2, LE was not created, he was summoned? I mean come on. It's always referred to as a summoning.
>> No. 67823
Meenah's castle has a missing window. You can go through there.
>> No. 67824
Explain how he got inside Scratch's head then.

Go on. I'll wait.
>> No. 67826
Scratch was a juju.
>> No. 67827

Double also, here's an opportunity to watch another summoning via juju:
http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005733 and following.
>> No. 67828
What kind of fiction are you reading where nothing ever gets summoned by bursting out of a host body? That's, like, demon summoning 101.
>> No. 67830
so the hanged juju that meenah found. Is that calliope's juju?
>> No. 67831
Holy shit so much new shit was introduced in the last update I don't even want to try to see how /co/ reacted.

I'll just say:
Dem delicious upside down Latula legs
>> No. 67832
Nope, Stiches.
>> No. 67833
File 134643208732.png - (11.81KB , 359x410 , OHDEAR.png )
That was the longest walk around ever. I enjoyed it. Latula is my new homegirl.
>> No. 67834
It doesn't work for me. Meenah won't move at all.

I am using the latest version of Chrome. Should I check anything else?
>> No. 67839
Oh man Kankri was really funny at first but by the end of the flash i kinda hate him a little. I hope Karkat at some point buries Kankri with a endless wall of text of his own, all gray and full of creative and interesting insults.
>> No. 67842
Hear hear.

I made a bit of peace with it after Aranea's explanation of the Sufferer because that guy actually DID something so I guess there is potential for Kankiri too.

I can only hope that future updates will make him look less like a massive tool.
>> No. 67843
Yeah if the these guys hang around (they will vriska gona bust all the dead ghosts out) i think he could be forced to develop into a better person.

I just want a recreation of the first time you see him and karkat with the roles reverse because callbacks and reversed callbacks are my favorit part of homestuck that isn't the characters.
>> No. 67844
I now want hussie to show us the o-ancestors session from beginning to end in a side comic.

okay I admit it i just want to see the sexy adventures of the slutty vampire.
>> No. 67845
Alright so basically
Anon here is really beginning to like both Aranea and Meenah, they're awesome
Porrim is sorta cool but "porr" is (fittingly enough) Swedish for "porn" and it feels weird reading her name because it simultaneously sounds like porridge... so she's a hot bowl pornographic porridge to me
Sorry guys but Latula is just annoying, apart from those small moments of normality
Let's not even get started on Kankri or I might throw a fit and write lots of creepy obsessive posts about dismembering him

Silliness aside and new characters aside, the best parts of these intermissions is to see the development of the already kids and oldie trolls. Rose and Dave are so... balanced and happy these days. Both of them seem to really be enjoying themselves meeting and talking to and learning about all these people, without having to go about it pretending to be ironical or indifferent. And Kanaya is being adorable, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't just go talk to her as Porrim and get it over with.
>> No. 67846
oh god Kankri please stop talking ugggggggh
>> No. 67847
Hey guys remember when we all hated Vriska and there weren't a fucking shitload of far more annoying characters?
>> No. 67849
but i never hated vriska, silly billy
>> No. 67850
Vriska is the best, bitches.
>> No. 67851
But it doesn't work because there's no such thing as gray miles.
>> No. 67853
File 134646544040.png - (648.38KB , 760x595 , fruitviking.png )
> just want to see the sexy adventures of the slutty vampire
There's always Oglaf.
>> No. 67854
Are you fucking serious.
I can't just walk out of prospshit and confront the fuck out of kanaya?
Can I take a break from exploring as Meenah for one god damn second, PLEASE?
>> No. 67855

I had this problem in Chrome, too. I opened it in Firefox and it worked well enough.
>> No. 67856
I can't stop myself from imagining that Latula has the same voice as the girl who sings her themesong, and I'm falling in love.
>> No. 67857
So Meenah baked a cake for everyone after their one year session anniversary.

I really really hope we get a followup album to One Year Older for the alpha trolls, complete with appropriate Meenah cake cover art.
>> No. 67858
Yeah Gamer Grl became my headcanon voice for Latula as well.
>> No. 67865
File 134650819694.jpg - (664.09KB , 1280x658 , 133668352329.jpg )
It took me literally an hour to figure out all that RPG trickery bullshit. That's an hour of my life that I will never get back. Why do I like it like that

Also when Latula talked about "getting rusty" I couldn't help but think about the fact that she might be getting lazy and soft in the afterlife and the chubby chaser in me is really interested in that concept

In other news, I've decided that over 50% of the attraction to Homestuck just consists of the readers projecting their fetishes onto the characters. Pic related.
>> No. 67869
I honestly think one of Hussie's greatest strengths as a writer is how he just fills in essential character traits and leaves the right amount of ambiguity for the fandom to project onto. Because really, when you boil it down, all character "depth" in fiction comes from ambiguity in their personality.
>> No. 67873
Kankri=Avatar of tumblr, have you checked your likeable character privilege everyone else?
Spatula?Whatever,PS-Terezi=GAME GURLLL
Porrim=Slutty Feminist Vampire Alien(lawl), seems to have a down to earth personality. Also has tits?TROLSS CONFIRMED FOR TITS
No wonder Kanaya is too shy to speak to her, it's awkward as fuck to be aroused by a clone of you.
Rose=Asian now
>> No. 67874
Porrim is going to bring on so much porn.
>> No. 67875
>going to
past tense, anon.
>> No. 67889
Rose seems to have her seductionface glued on.

Soooo has anyone figured out if getting Hussie to follow you leads to anything super interesting? I don't really feel like cruising through the game again to bother with that dope if there's no payoff.

remember, as annoyed as we all are with Kankri, think what a chore it must have been to actually sit down and write all that meticulously crafted horseplop
>> No. 67890
I fear any future updates involving Kankri will takes ages to produce. Not sure if that's hilarious or horrible; probably both.

Honestly, we have a ton of characters who seem to make it their deal to talk so damn much. I remember when Caliborn first showed up and he mentioned he wouldn't say much, but proceeded to word bomb Dirk. I kinda of want to see a character who just uses to absolute minimal amount in talking. In fact, I kind of want it to be GHB. Just have him be this infuriating one word answer kind of guy, like when you give a big long message, and get some garbled response in the shortest way possible.
>> No. 67891
>> No. 67904
>> No. 67907
Judging by the sprite, he seems to have a skeleton thing going... but since it's unlikely that he'll just be a palette swap of Gamzee, I'd say the chances are quite good that he'll have a mime thing going.

Not that that means he'll be quiet, ever. When a large amount of your characterization is conveyed through text (especially in a walkaround flash where there's very limited interaction), you're bound to come off as pretty dull if you're not interested in talking. Unless Hussie is somehow able to work avoid that through sprites, silences and superb and very concise writing.
>> No. 67908
Is it just me, or does pre-scratch Dualscar lremind anyone else of George Michael (or Wham! in general?) based on the sprites?
>> No. 67909
Kankri is a manarchist this is great
>> No. 67956
this board is dead, isn't it
>> No. 67959

Waiting on the next update to start a new general thread. The first one burned through a lot more of this thread than we could expect.
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