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File 134168308758.png - (19.79KB , 500x300 , I Ask The Hard Questions.png )
66938 No. 66938
What Is The Difference Between The Moderator Of This Board And A Very Ornery Grizzly Bear
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>> No. 66939
File 134168364835.jpg - (11.85KB , 340x166 , I helped!.jpg )
>> No. 66940
File 134168376610.png - (19.81KB , 500x300 , Kanaya Maryam Ace Reporter.png )
Ha Ha Ha Very Nice One Kanaya
I Don't Know The Answer Either
>> No. 66941
Are You Making An Implication That Bea And Vicious Grizzly Bears Are Not Discernibly Dissimilar In Nature And Using It As The Basis Of An Insult In Which A Comparison Is Presented And The Answer Is Unknown To Observers Due To The Above
If So I Congratulate You On Your Remarkably Smooth Execution And Delivery We Should Do This Again Some Time
>> No. 66970
File 134171161136.jpg - (48.24KB , 350x466 , 1304251125548.jpg )
This thread is hilarious
>> No. 66974
>Same Auspistic
>> No. 66975
Kanaya, go back to being a side character. Your time in the spotlight is over and trying to extend its welcome makes you look tacky instead of austere and fashionable.
>> No. 66976
We All Appreciate Your Jokes Kanaya
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