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File 13400865799.gif - (57.55KB , 650x450 , 05095.gif )
66400 No. 66400
Welp, old thread is saging. Let's do this.
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>> No. 66401
we fem english now
>> No. 66403
Looks like uu is probably on the other side of the room.
>> No. 66406
It's not very hard to imagine that being directly affected by LE and given some of his time powers could drastically change how a carapace normally looks.

Or they're mentally handicapped offshoots of LE, or ectobiologenetically engineered, or y'know... whatever.
>> No. 66410
>random slabs of meat all over the floor

Well that's not alarming at all. Especially seeing as her and UU are the only living things on their planet.
>> No. 66411
Watch as the scene pans out to reveal an asteroid filled with living meat trees.
>> No. 66412
uu DID state that he really likes meat and candy, and UU mentioned in a chatlog that he completely fucked up her room. The fact that the meat is raw is still disconcerting, though.
>> No. 66413
Wow, that blank white circle isn't ominous in the slightest!
>> No. 66414

Oh hm well lookit there.

>I believe heartily in the giggles of all the cherubs in heaven and the metric tonnes of special stardust they consume each day to fuel their laughter.

That's probably what that cereal looking box is for.
>> No. 66416

Scratch's head?
>> No. 66417
File 134009585593.gif - (9.84KB , 650x450 , 1340086004718[1].gif )
Ooooh shit.
uu is a walking Saw reference.
UU is wearing a shackle with uu's symbol on it, on her left leg.
Pic related shows someone with that shackle on the left and an UU shackle on the right.

All incarnations of LE have a pegleg on the right.
>> No. 66418
File 134009733758.gif - (49.25KB , 618x428 , it has a 'tail'.gif )
The Green Sun?
>> No. 66419
File 134009824063.jpg - (111.77KB , 3000x2400 , Accretion_disk[1].jpg )
Yeah, first thing I thought of was this.
A black hole draining matter from a massive star.
>> No. 66420
uu taking the power from skaia? It would explain why it turned dark.
>> No. 66423
The picture of UU right next to it blowing a kiss right at it confuses me though.
>> No. 66425
The candies are Jujubes.

>> No. 66426
>the metric tonnes of special stardust they consume each day to fuel their laughter

Is that special stardust like drugs to cherubim?
>> No. 66427
I think what we really need to look at is, isn't that the shit Gamzee blows in his and other peoples' faces?
>> No. 66430
The ~ATH book is on her desk. And Scratch's holster is on her coat hanger.


Yeah, but I think he uses it because it's part of his weird juggalo religion. If UU and uu really are his mirthful messiahs like a lot of people think, then them using special stardust for something actually fits pretty well.
>> No. 66432
good theory
>> No. 66434
Stardust is only a small part of a universe. Both UU and uu need to consume a bit of the universes to survive. UU was withholding the truth from Roxy when she said the death of universes happens for reasons beyond their understanding, because she didn't want her friends to know she may be the one gradually eating theirs. Guess uu got a bit too greedy.

Not a theory. All but obvious now.
>> No. 66435
gotta give credit to hussie, not many comics show aliens being otherkin to other aliens
>> No. 66437
is this what i think it is
>> No. 66441
if you think it's a shitty kids' book about wizards that andrew defaced 3 years ago yes that is exactly what you are thinking it is
>> No. 66444
The book's written content is cheesy but its production value is pretty damned impressive. It's actually a shame because it's rare to see that much care put into publications these days. Book was probably worth a small fortune.
>> No. 66447

Ham and Steak. Hamsteak.
>> No. 66454
The Juju Modus seems like a comedic disaster waiting to happen which is par for the course in this comic.
>> No. 66457
Theres a .~ATH book on Calliope's room. It could be hers or uu's, but isn't .~ATH the code used for Lord English's summoning ?
>> No. 66462
That it is in a somewhat roundabout way. Or not roundabout. But yeah, more or less.
>> No. 66463
So Karkat + Dave (two "reds") drawing ≈ uu (red) drawing?

>No, you think this can't possibly be a coincidence. The comparison is too perfect for it to mean absolutely nothing.
>This is what you have always enjoyed doing. Agonizing over every detail of this epic, trying to craft theories to explain its mysteries. You think you are pretty good at it, too.
Ah. Haha. Oh Andrew.
>> No. 66467
So yeah. uu is almost certainly the Lord of Time. He's so great at time travel, he could be at any point on any timeline.

Which is to say...

>> No. 66469
oh my shit. i've lost it. i now unironically like this character.
>> No. 66470
Ok, that's it. Gamzee will be the one giving the epilogue to Homestuck. He will be the one to tell the Bard's Tale of everything.
>> No. 66471
File 134018243550.png - (8.97KB , 431x447 , fuck this im 0ut.png )
>Gamzee will be the one giving the epilogue to Homestuck
>> No. 66472
Half of Lord English's brain used to be a Homestuck fangirl of epic proportions.
LE has officially hit rock bottom on the threatening scale.
>> No. 66473
Wow Gamzee out of fucking nowhere who would've thought.
>> No. 66475
Not that much of a stretch.
The highbloods believe in LE's religion, which speaks of the mirthful messiahs.
Gamzee is the last to keep this religion alive, and the mirthful messiahs are obviously UU/uu who is even more obviously(unless Hussie just red herrings us on it) Lord English's younger self.
>> No. 66479
I'm more surprised that Rose knows details about Lord English, his origins and apparently even his name.
Yeah, Seer of Light and all, but still.

Well, unless it's information from the future. We don't know when Gamzee made these edits after all.
>> No. 66480
>the mirthful messiahs are obviously UU/uu
> LE has always been around influencing troll culture from the start, and it seems he was always the embodiment of the mirthful messiahs the highbloods worshiped, since he was really two beings, Doc Scratch and LE, both “mirthful” puppet-based entities, in their own ways.

Seems more likely to me. Fits better into the ICP thing, what with both messiahs appearing male, and we've seen in-comic that they influenced troll culture.

Plus, I have a feeling that there won't be very much of UU left once uu is through with her.
>> No. 66482
Good Lord how is one character this kawaii I just want to pinch her nonexistent cheeks
>> No. 66483
I think cheeks is practically all there is to her. whycantipinchallthesecheeks.jpg
>> No. 66484
Uh, the name she wrote was probably Lord English.
Notice how UU tiptoes around naming the invincible demon?
>> No. 66490

It's weird how this comic and its fandom can make a bald bony alien girl with no nose cute
>> No. 66491
wandkind = gunkind
canekind = A.Rifle kind

>> No. 66492
So Calliope's the side of the fandom that loves to create and make stupid theories and UU is the side of the fandom that loves to demand things of the creators and bitch about X ruining everything.

We need to go deeper.
>> No. 66493
IIRC it's possible to remove the smudge with the right chemicals depending on the ink used underneath

also maybe you could just have someone use magic or alchemize it without the blood
>> No. 66494
>"You wouldn't trade your dualing weapon for any other."

Was this meant to be intentional or some mistake? Or maybe it's another "red herring"...
>> No. 66495

I think it's a reference to the fact that it's a dual weapon, wand&gun.
Never heard the word "dualing" before, so what do I know
>> No. 66496
File 13402332323.jpg - (37.90KB , 595x407 , knifegun.jpg )
>> No. 66498
You guys, I think the Huss gave us a preview of how this was going to go back when he died to English.

Poor Calliope. :(
>> No. 66499


"Some believe magic to be fake. But you know better than that"

It's way too obvious you guys.. Hussie clearly wants us to think uu is LE but I'm not buying it. This is a huge red herring.
>> No. 66500
Unless it's a decoy red herring that's supposed to make up believe Hussie's tricking us into assuming uu is Lord English!
>> No. 66501
Well uu loves his shitty twists.
>> No. 66505
So I guess the body-sharing is confirmed then.
>> No. 66506
OR IS IT????


>> No. 66507

Weeeeeeeeellllppp I guess so.

So Lord English is just what happens when uu takes full control of the body?
>> No. 66508
Settle down. Remember how we all saw UU's cosplay horns months ago and started shouting YEP CONFIRMED TROLL?

We don't even know what kind of crazy bullshit powers cherubs could have. For all I know uu could have the power to make people sleepwalk to their deaths or something.
>> No. 66509
hussie sure is having a lot of fun with this
>> No. 66511
There's basically no other explanation for the chains or the Venn diagram layout of the room. If the chains were for protection, then they wouldn't be shackled by their sibling's chain. It'd be more interesting to make unhesitating apeshit insane conjecture about why they share a body.
>> No. 66512
maybe it's one of sollux's leftover bifurcation puns
>> No. 66513
Okay, well there you have it.
>> No. 66514
>But the fact that he's a slob was never exactly breaking news to anyone.
>Neither is the fact that you both share a body.

yay i was right and you were wrong yay
>> No. 66515
If they have to sleep to change bodies, how did they play chess?
>> No. 66516
I was kinda expecting Hussie to go Shyamalan on us this time.
>> No. 66517
Im actually starting to think that uu and UU are separate entities that exist without a body.. possibly in another dimension. The Sarswapagus could then swap their essences into and out of this singular puppet like two souls inhabiting a golem one at a time
>> No. 66518
Sometimes a Cigar, is just a cigar.
>> No. 66519
so, uh

does her/his blood change every time
>> No. 66520
Very very tediously.

Or maybe they can switch another way that doesn't have to involve the bed, like with that punch block looking thing her chain (and another for her brother at the other side) is attached to.
>> No. 66521
Suddenly that theory in the Edits thread on how they physically switch bodies makes a lot of sense, when you notice that their head pillow/swirls are on opposite ends. When one goes to sleep, the bed flips them over so the back of one's head becomes the other one's face.
>> No. 66522
Maybe more than we think. UU loves troll culture, while uu seems disinterested at best. If uu/UU is indeed LE, tjen maybe UU isn't so much dead, but now the dormant personality, pushing here and there on the eventually dominant uu>>66480
...or, whatever. For all we know they're hussie's left and right testicles, and LE is just a huge dick.
>> No. 66523
How is she not blind and/or dead already?

Also I got a bad feeling about her calling what they're on their planet. Cherubs don't have home planets, so it seems like they go around taking new ones.
>> No. 66524
They wouldn't be able to play the game without a home planet. They must have adopted this one as their own, probably after everyone else was dead.

Also Lord English has always had the profile of a kind of parasite, and this still fits that theme.
>> No. 66526

Anyone who lived on that planet while it was actually hospitable is long gone.
>> No. 66527
They must be really fucking old, because who in their right mind would adopt a planet system with a nearly dying sun?
>> No. 66529
skull girl has nice ass
>> No. 66530
File 134026581613.gif - (322.03KB , 650x650 , 05120.gif )
skull girl has nice sun
>> No. 66531
fuck, beat me to it
>> No. 66532
Demonic time pimp has nice ass?
>> No. 66533
dat invincible omnipotent demon ASS
>> No. 66534
given how SWOLE Lord English is and how fine of a derriere UU has, one can only assume that LE has a fine trunk
>> No. 66535
Or that uu/UU is just kid English.
Wait till your bony cheeked waifu grows into Pimp Hulk. Let's see how you appreciate that rump then sir.
>> No. 66536
Someone who doesn't intend to stay very long.
>> No. 66537
Like by saying each others' names?
>> No. 66538
But he would have a hunk rump. What's the problem?
>> No. 66539
What are Cherubim bodies made out of if they can withstand a red giant that close to the planet?
>> No. 66540
They're probably made of man wouldn't it look awesome to have most of the sky being covered by a giant red star.
>> No. 66541
Pretty much this. I've no doubt Cherubs are various types of radiation proof if they roam about places like this.
>> No. 66543
Probably alien material

because they are aliens
>> No. 66544
I'd be fucking ironic if they croaked because of a sun, don't you think?
>> No. 66545
Red supergiants are actually pretty cool, 3500-4500 Kelvin, while our own sun is around 5800 K. They're also not necessarily that close to it, since supergiants are big as fuck (astronomy jargon for quite large). Betelgeuse for example is 2 AU in diameter. What's more interesting is that stars that are large enough to be supergiants quite frequently go nova. I don't think it's going to be meteors that wipe out the planet of the cherub players.
>> No. 66546
Which has some pretty serious implications for Callie's space powers. She's got a significant upper hand if her Muse class allows her to take control over a supernova, and potentially a blapck hole.
>> No. 66548
When a sun goes nova it usually ends up creating a solar system.. So what if that red giant results in the creation of the Sol system? Or possibly the trolls system.
>> No. 66549
Could the big red supergiant be the remains of Alternia's Sun?
Absolutely no reason to think so other than 1) dead planet and 2) red sun. Alternia's sun was already a red star, this might be what it's like in its throes of death. Also, this might be precluded if each SBURBian universe is only ever host to one sentient species (no evidence for or against beyond circumstantial).

We know it CAN'T be the remains of Sol because our sun will become a red giant, not a SUPERgiant.
>> No. 66550
one frog -> one species -> one game seems like an awful model because it means the first time a species fails to win AND fails to scratch, frogs go extinct.

I think many species per frog, one game per species is a more likely model.
>> No. 66551
It can't be any of the suns we've seen already in the comic.

1) Alternia's sun is gone, because Spades Slick destroyed the entire universe.
2) Earth's sun is too small. Also, it's gone, because Bec Noir destroyed the entire universe.
3) The Green Sun is not in any universe. Even if it made sense for a planet to orbit around it (it doesn't), and even if it was going to get old and turn red and die someday (not likely), it is not inside a frog, so the inhabitants of that planet would not be playing Sburb.
>> No. 66552
it's just a star
i don't think it's secretly a different star
>> No. 66553
When our sun nears the end of its life, it actually will become a red giant and devour the planets closest to it as it expands (which probably includes Earth, but it's not clear). By the time that happens all life on Earth will have been dead for a few billion years.

Calliope's sun totally isn't our sun though, no. It's just what our sun would have eventually been like if Jack hadn't killed our universe frog.
>> No. 66554
File 134031759023.jpg - (28.12KB , 560x287 , Star Life Cycle.jpg )
Just posting this for any needed reference.
>> No. 66555
So...no Squiddles session in the furthest ring? :C
>> No. 66556
is that
is that the meteor i think it is?
>> No. 66557

Yeah. Yeah, it is.
>> No. 66558
Gamzee created them, thus further ensuring his position as the Most Important Character.
Calling it now.
>> No. 66559
That much is obvious. We even had foreshadowing for this revelation when Gamzee created Tavrisprite. That's what he's been doing all that time on the meteor with those gestation tanks and stuff.

This story suddenly got really depressing.
>> No. 66562

Please note, I was not saying the red giant is Sol at the end of its lifecycle. I'm saying it could potentially be the end of the life of the ancient star that predates, and created, Sol. This ancient star went nova and the resulting stellar mess eventually coalesced into our 8 planets and what was left had enough mass and density to reignite into a new star (Sol). This of course takes into effect actual scientific fact and attempts to fit it into this absurdly abstract multiverse.
>> No. 66563
Welp.. that's that I guess
>> No. 66564
Oh, I got what you were saying, and yeah, it is plausible, or maybe was before we knew she lived in the same meteor the Trolls and Rose and Dave are in. I just wanted to throw out some random thoughts I had. That fact actually tells us quite a bit, which I'll get to later.

Thanks for throwing up the diagram, if I were on better nerd duty I would have done this in my last post. I was conjecturing it had to be not-Sol because it would become just a Red Giant, not a Supergiant, and I figured Hussie wouldn't make such a mistake in his story, what with how meticulous he is in everything else.

This guy brings up probably the most important point: all three universes that we've seen the inside of end LONG before the stars around Alternia or Earth could have entered the later stages of their stellar life....


>> No. 66565
So Dave(and or his legacy) and possibly the trolls lived on this planet and this world is part of the universe the kids created?
>> No. 66566
So this isn't actually earth, just the place where all of Dave's shitty creations ended up after he launched them into space.

Wow. Really Dave?
>> No. 66567
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
>> No. 66568
okay that's interesting

but given the points already made itt this still can't be inside the human universe.

best theories I can come up with:
1) jade did more planet shrinkydink so as to take earth 2 with them to the new universe (meaning that the kids "win" and the uUs are from universe C)
2) similar to how the moment of the end for A2 occurred from within the green sun, B2's end is similarly located and someone with space powers grabbed B2 earth from there and plopped it in another universe or era for reasons of his own.
>> No. 66569
sweet catch from HSG

>Your bro had a lot of junk like this manufactured over the years. He patented the technology for producing THREE DIMENSIONAL JPEG ARTIFACTS, to make products shittier than was ever previously imaginable. He made a killing off them. Not because anyone bought this garbage. But because they were so cheap to manufacture, their cost was actually NEGATIVE, therefore miraculously netting him profit for every unit produced. He made so much money this way, he had enough to finance manned space missions to haul all of the hideous unwanted jpeg shit off the Earth, and launch it into the sun. But years thereafter, every now and then someone would report a stray shitty skateboard slowly drifting back into Earth's atmosphere. People would pray they would burn up on reentry. But they never would.
>> No. 66571
You know what I love most about this? Dave not only subverted the typical post-apocalyptic expectation by making it absurd with TONs of statues of liberties, but he also worked the "artifact" pun in there as well. True masterwork.
>> No. 66572
File 134033666224.gif - (9.99KB , 650x450 , 05130.gif )
Huss, man... you gotta stop making calliope so cute. One of my favorite expressions.
>> No. 66573
on second thought
is it possible that something happens in B2 to prevent it being destroyed by the Miles

like, is there anything that could do that without saving B1
>> No. 66574
>UU: that gave the miles enoUgh of a kick to rip a Universe to shreds.
>UU: and they have been doing so to yoUrs and its many instances for eons.
>UU: only now have they caUght Up to yoUr instance. it is qUite fortUnate it has taken so long, really.
>UU: some instances are tUcked deeper in the speaker's mighty blow sack, and will hold oUt for mUch longer, on a vast cosmic scale of coUrse.

Relevant to things because this explains how they might be on Earth (B2 Earth? B2 Mercury? B2 Mars?) without the universe being destroyed yet. Probably one of the many "doomed" timeline offshoots. All we know is that it's not the exact instance that Dirk and Roxy are escaping from now because THAT one is being destroyed.

But then that raises the question, how did the Meteor get there from the B2 Session?
Hussie, I will be disappoint in you if that red SUPERgiant is any variant of Sol. The first and only disappoint I will have ever had. )': For stars, giant =/= supergiant.
>> No. 66575

aw shit
>> No. 66580
So THAT'S where those things went!
>> No. 66581

So the Knight of Time and friends crashed on a planet, presumably in the human universe, which they presumably tucked into irrelevance by time travelling away and thereby insulated it from the Miles, and where uu/UU subsequently grew up. A Dave, either B1 or B2, blighted the landscape with shitty JPEG Statues of Liberty, making him rich. The red supergiant may or may not be Sol, and if it is, Neil Degrasse Tyson is gonna be pissed.
>> No. 66584
It can't be Sol, the human universe gets destroyed in 2400 or so. No time for our star to get that old.
>> No. 66587
Not to mention that it would be a red giant.
>> No. 66588
What if someone steals it and puts it somewhere else
>> No. 66590

So, out of the four "known" systems, only the A1 Alternia system remains a possibility?
It's due to be Scratched, but we don't know when that'll happen, and Alternia's star is likely to be larger than Sol, what with Alternia being on a further orbit than Earth and the star's radiation still being very powerful on its surface.

Only problem is that the meteor doesn't have a reason to be there.
>> No. 66591
To be honest, we still don't know what consequence the ''death'' of a universe has.
We've seen the troll verse continue existing after Snowman's death, albeit in a ravaged state. So Sol could actually age enough to become a red giant if Red Miles didn't fuck it up.
>> No. 66592
Where have we seen the trollverse survive? Do you mean the remnants of Doc Scratch's big white globe in the green sun where LE was born from?
>> No. 66593
Yes. Pretty sure this even transpired inside the trollverse, not next to the green sun. Kinda hard to tell with Hussie spraying green everywhere.
Consider this however, why the fuck would LE burst from his host next to the green sun? The reason he needs to be ''summoned'' is because he cannot universe hop at will, and when he arrives in a dead universe, he time travels back to when it still lived.
Thus, it is safe to assume a universe's destruction does not delete it, but merely dooms it from ever creating life again and making it ''rot''.
We can conclude as such that suns going red is still entirely possible within ''dead'' universes.
>> No. 66594
Keep in mind that killing a frog destroys the corresponding universe in every timeline. So pre-scratch Alternia was also blown up by Snowman's death.

I guess it's possible that a doomed "omega" timeline (AΩ or BΩ) is nestled so deep inside its frog that it lasted billions of years longer than the ones we've seen. If Calliope's sky turns blue and scratchy, we'll know she's in AΩ; if she sees red miles, we'll know she's in BΩ.
>> No. 66595
Didn't Hussie say in a recap that Scratch's tower had some sort of magical protection? All other matter in the universe was probably annihilated.
>> No. 66597
That makes sense. LE "feeds" on dead universes and it's hard to feed on something that no longer exists.
>> No. 66599
according to Hussie's Q and A, Scratch brought LE into the voided universe INSIDE the green sun. Also I think the only reason that all instances of the human universe are destroyed was because Jack killed BSlick from outside. Snowman's death was from within the Troll universe to it could plausibly only affect that universe and not all instances of it.

Remember the Troll Bslick had "cancer" because Karkat didnt add the final frog. We dont know the session that created the Bslick comprising the troll universe so whether or not it too has/had/will have cancer is at this point unknown.
>> No. 66600
It's the human B1 universe that had cancer. OMG SORRY JADE I GAVE YOUR UNIVERSE CANCER.
>> No. 66602

when I say "the Trolls BSlick" I mean the one they created, not the one theyre in. I thought that was clear.
>> No. 66603
The cancer was Jack.
Who later Red Miles'ed the entire universe cluster in BSlick, therefore B2 also has cancer.
>> No. 66616
A fun pet name that some people use for the Alternian frog is "Ailious Slick"
>> No. 66622
when is this incredibly homosexual comic going to update omg
>> No. 66623
Let Hussie have the weekend off, dammit
>> No. 66624
so what does everyone think? 3x enter combo coming up?

with the twist being that one of the entries is actually calliope going into the sarswapagus
>> No. 66626
You know, that's made me wonder something. How can two people enter the game when they share one body?
>> No. 66627
>one frog -> one species -> one game seems like an awful model because it means the first time a species fails to win AND fails to scratch, frogs go extinct.
Hey, don't forget that each species has multiple opportunities to win. Other human sessions were able to get all their players into the game, and some of them might have progressed further than the main cast.
>> No. 66628
They'll just get an entry item that requires them to switch places a couple times in order to make it work.

I'm more curious what the circuUs folk will prototype their sprite with...
>> No. 66631
File 134064928448.gif - (61.23KB , 650x650 , 04979[1].gif )
They're in a Void Session.
Their entry item(s?) will most likely require them to do absolutely nothing, and they will not prototype anything pre-entry.
>> No. 66632
I don't get the whole "cloudy Skaia = void session" theory thing. There's really nothing to back it up, I mean, B2 is a void session and yet Skaia is looking all fine and dandy. I think there's something else going on with those grey clouds.
>> No. 66633
I wasn't referring to the cloudy Skaia. I was referring to the fact that their Prospit has no towers. No towers, no prototypings.
>> No. 66639
I wonder if the infinite creative potential of Skaia can be used for things other than hatching a frog.
>> No. 66640
Jaspersprite seemed to think so.

>ROSE: I'm saying there's something more important to accomplish now. Something more important than creating a universe.
>JASPERSPRITE: Oh thats ok rose i wouldnt want you to feel obligated to do that.
>JASPERSPRITE: I think that winning this game and getting the prize is up to you and your friends.
>JASPERSPRITE: You get to decide whether or not you feel its right to do that and what kind of prize you want to make!
>> No. 66641
ah. missed that. if it's good enough for the tentakitty it's good enough for me.
>> No. 66642
Ohhhhh the chain! That's why Lord English has a peg leg.
>> No. 66643
65 pages.
>> No. 66644
Lord English is becoming more and more of a joke with each page uu shows up on.
Dammit Hussie.
>> No. 66645
Not really?
The dude is seriously messed up and already pretty dangerous right now, seems very plausible to me that he'd grow up into an extremely dangerous person.
>> No. 66646
inb4 uu gets back at Jake stealing his look by stealing his name.
Lord English, product of a time loop.
>> No. 66647
Thanks for killing off all the characters I gave a damn about so far Hussie. For a moment I thought you were actually going to let non-main-characters live!
>> No. 66648
We've known since Myststuck that everyone but Jane will die at least once, it was even stated that they will need "divine intervention." In all likelihood, they'll be screwed over and over until the trolls and the kids arrive to save the day with their fancy god tiers.
>> No. 66649
Uhhhh.... Well shit.
>> No. 66650
Uhhhh.... Well shit.
>> No. 66651
So, to summarize:
Jane's realself is dead. Her dreamself is immortal, but unless her realself can do the Lifey thing too, she can't revive on her own.
Roxy's realself is dead. Her dreamself is somewhere in the Furthest Ring where it's completely useless to everyone, but even then she still can't revive on her own.
Dirk's realself is KO'd, but is guarded by Sawtooth and Squarewave. His dreamself is KO'd on Derse.
Jake's realself is KO'd. His dreamself is dead and buried.

So Jane and Roxy are just minutes from death, and the only two who could save them are KO'd and very much in danger themselves. Also, Cal jumped into the sea of fire, since "the can only ever be one." Now, why would he do this unless there all of sudden is another Cal in the same universe?

I think we're gonna see the Kids again very, very soon.
>> No. 66652
Also note that dreamselves die some unspecified time after the realself dies.

So unless they arrive now, they're going to arrive to see some corpses.
>> No. 66654
roxy's dreamself's with dave and rose right?
Guess who's gonna have to kiss revive her.
>> No. 66655

Not sure that's how it works. You kiss the realself to revive the dreamself. Only thing that they could conceivably do at this point is get her to her quest bed. Or a quest bed. Not sure if that would be possible, to get put on someone else's quest bed, or if it would even work in a dream bubble.
>> No. 66656
come on, it's too much of a joke for hussie to pass up. I assume kissing the dreamself just wakes the dreamself. Has no one died and revivee that way? Let me check.
>> No. 66657
>uu's class is probably Lord of Time
>it's a MASTER class
>he is probably lord ENGLISH
>Master, Lord of Time, English
>> No. 66659
So when a movie shows a serial killer's childhood and he is, like, pulling the legs off frogs or whatever, do you go "gosh, good thing the heroes aren't frogs, I was worried for them at first!"
>> No. 66662
Man no.
Just no.
Degrading what is supposed to be your big bad to a fucking joke that does shitty drawings and requests really tame porn from one of the heroes is not a good idea, not even in Hussie land.
I know the OTHER villain is a goddamn stab happy Dog, but don't you remember when we had some sort of ''awe'' and mystery towards English?
Did we really need his origins? Did his young self really deserve to be uu? At this point i'm hoping uu is just one massive red herring and like, LE's son or some shit.
>> No. 66663
Lil Seb... ;_____;

Mouse Rat - Lil Sebastian OFFICIALyoutube thumb
>> No. 66664
>Roxy's realself is dead
We haven't seen Roxy's realself die. uu just assumed she couldn't escape. I think this is totally going to come back and bite him in the ass eventually.
>> No. 66667
perhaps the kisses of a thousand exiles will be enough to revive her
>> No. 66668

i don't think uu's imagination looks that good
>> No. 66670
Degrading? This is exactly what I expected of Lord English.
>> No. 66672
do you want some fucking villain awe? read doc scratch's stuff again. if there is a single most evil bastard in this entire story it has always been that guy.
>> No. 66673

I think I see what Hussie is saying here. Except there's the part where Jane (and Jake) really is a dumbass that should have done what she was told, so I'm going to reluctantly side with uu on this one. That it happened to be Dirk or AR pointing out the obvious instruction is pretty irrelevant.

It's not like she was written into a stupidly contrived situation by a dude though, amirite?
>> No. 66674
File 134074461458.jpg - (20.22KB , 499x700 , BlameFait.jpg )

That is all.
>> No. 66675
I think you're conflating uu's imagination with his ability to express himself artistically. I don't think he's able to write a poem or compose a song, but it doesn't take much to visualize a simple concept inside your mind. It can just be Hussie representing his vision. He is speculating, he can't actually know for sure but he wants it to be true.
>> No. 66677
>everyone is in the shit
>no one can save them now
I'm going to make a few predictions based on the assumption that everyone is not perma-dead before the A2/B1 crew(s) arive(s), and that no one goes God Tier (yet, because of either lack of echeladder topness [does this even matter?] or lack of dreamself [does THIS even matter?]).

Best case: He realself does the Lifey Thing, wakes up and GsTFO.
Worst case: Realself cannot do the Lifey Thing, has to be kiss-revived, likely by Dirk's dreamself since NO ONE ELSE could possibly do it, she wakes up on Prospit.

Best case: Carapaces finish the entry item for her, someone gets to her Land lickety-split (likely Jake due to his Gate leading to her house), grabs her dying realself, runs through her Gate to Jane's planet, newly woken Jane does Lifey Thing on her and she wakes up.
Worst case: Carapaces finish her entry item, Jake Gates to her land, kiss-revives her, dreamself wakes in the bubble.
Better Case: After dreamself revival, someone re-plugs the window that GCat teleported to Dirk's house, she escapes through there to either Earth (if Dirk hasn't entered) or Dirk's Land, OR she navigates the Void back to Derse.

Jake (we know he will wake again soon due to Jane's Skaian vision)
Best case: Finishes his entry item, perpetrates some variant of the Roxy rescue mentioned above.
Worst case: Wakes up, barely gets into the game, someone else has to rescue Roxy. Possibly someone in the dreambubble has to kiss Roxy's Dreamself as >>66654 hypothesized, assuming that works.
Recall: it must be a "prince or princess" for a kiss-revival to work, can't be a carapace.

Best case: Jane does the Lifey Thing, wakes Dirk's Dreamself, both of them GTFO, either through the transportalizer Jane... wait, nope (covered in rubble), or I guess flying away from Derse? In the meantime Realself Dirk enters the game. This assumes both that Jane's realself can do the Lifey Thing and that dreamselves can leave Derse/Prospit
Worst case: Jane can't do the Lifey Thing, Dirk (real and dream) wake(s) up barely in time to kiss-revive her, then his Dreamself can't escape the miles and dies while she wakes on Prospit.

It strikes me as sad that the worst cases are much more likely. ):
Or there could be some hussnasty last minute ass pull and either a time traveling Dave or (shudder) Gamzee makes a quick appearance to kiss-revive various people.

What makes me saddest about all this is that all this dying, especially dreamself dying, means more and more that they won't get any God Tiers. Although we haven't seen a mechanism for ascension without a dreamself, we HAVE seen Hussie get someone to ascend after out and out stating that it was impossible to do so after being kiss-revived:
"She makes him choke himself, simply to prevent the kiss to avoid the standard resurrection process, which would prohibit god tier ascension."

So maybe there is Hope yet.
I will be impressed if the Page of Hope manages to get something to work to address this down the line.
>> No. 66682
All these new pages, jeez! I guess this is what happens when people complain about unfinished panels.

Anyway, I think Jane will auto-life and kiss Dirk. But wait, does she even know how that works? I dunno about Roxy though, if she'd been killed, why was uu's viewport still blacking out? Whatever happened to her, she'll probably wake up with Jake and HalluciDirk.

Dirk's entourage + Dadbert are still around though. If nothing else, the AR should be able to get shit done.
>> No. 66683
>What makes me saddest about all this is that all this dying, especially dreamself dying, means more and more that they won't get any God Tiers. Although we haven't seen a mechanism for ascension without a dreamself, we HAVE seen Hussie get someone to ascend after out and out stating that it was impossible to do so after being kiss-revived:
>"She makes him choke himself, simply to prevent the kiss to avoid the standard resurrection process, which would prohibit god tier ascension."

Rose and Dave both ascended after their kiss revivals. I'm thinking maybe Vriska didn't know about the "backup" method, or there are some other restrictions on it that would have disqualified her.
>> No. 66685
Some people are in serious need of kiss revivals.

Hold up. What if. What if all of Dirk's porno drawings. Come true?
>> No. 66688

Speaking of Dirk, what about his auto-responder?
>> No. 66689
>> No. 66692
Jake wears a tux and eats Rose. Calling it now.
>> No. 66694
Hm, Dirk's didn't go completely out, just dimmed.

Wonder what that means.
>> No. 66695
His dreamself and realself just got KO'd. Jake's dreamself has been dead. Roxy and Jane's dreamselves are currently "dying" basically will die if they don't either 1) go God Tier or 2) get kiss-revived.

I EXPECT the lanterns to re-light once Jane and Roxy get revived in some way or another. Unless they get blown out at the first of any death of a player and don't relight even if they get revived. The lantern mechanics are still really unclear.
>> No. 66696
So is Dave going to have to kiss his mother to try to save her dreamself from bleeding to death?
>> No. 66699
We haven't seen the kiss revival work on dreamselves, only real-selves.
>> No. 66700
They still ought to try it. Better than watching her dreamself bleed to death.
>> No. 66701
Dirk's glasses will do it by cybering with her unconscious dying body. It will somehow still count.
>> No. 66702
File 134082998029.gif - (150.73KB , 650x450 , 04628.gif )
If Dirk still has that fenestrated plane GCAT dropped off, couldn't he plug it in, teleport to Roxy's, and revive-smooch her?
>> No. 66703
He could! He'd have to be pretty fast to do it though. and meanwhile, his dreamself kissrevives Jane.

He's gonna pull off a 2x corpse smooch combo. By himself.

Because he's Dirk Fucking Strider.
>> No. 66704
this is totally what's going to happen
>> No. 66705
alright. I need this to happen. because I'm a filthy, filthy shipper.
>> No. 66706
Homestuck: Where smooching your bleeding parents is an important plot point
>> No. 66708
So Dave can't duck Dirk dirk now.
>> No. 66709
It doesn't look like dream Roxy is injured. And yep looks like Dave can't avoid Dirk now.
>> No. 66710
god damn it i really want to see everyone's reaction to dirk's arrival but i just fucking know hussie's gunna skip straight to something completely unrelated.
>> No. 66711
who's ready for a disappointing family reunion
>> No. 66712
everyone else is dead, so he has nowhere else to hide. it's coming.
>> No. 66713
Huh, I guess Karkat really did leave.
>> No. 66715
He doesn't always though. This is one of the biggest reasons I like the Huss-man's style, he's done enough red herrings and real follow throughs, enough subversions of things as well as playing then straight that you know he's really going to do anything at all and you can't guess 100% correctly by trying to divine a pattern, because he'll just change it again.

About the update:
Awkward as these meetings are going to be for the Kids, has anyone considered that they might be just as odd for the teens, since they'll be meeting these parental/ancestral figures in kid form for the first time as well?

We already know (sorta) Dave's reaction to Dirk. How's Dirk gonna react to this short pajama'd version of the ancestor he's heard tales of cutting juggalos in half and flying into the sky on incredibly shitty skateboards?
>> No. 66716
Did Dream Dirk absorb Jake brain Dirk? Dirk loses a splinter self, but sort of gains one back again.
>> No. 66717
What I'm curious about is how much Dream Dirk remembers from being Jake brain Dirk. He remembered Terezi whispering to him and that he was invisible. How much else does he know? Does he know what being in Jake's mind was like? Does he remember the information that Jake subconsciously knew?
>> No. 66718
is meenah ok
i thought she was lying like that for comedic purposes but now i'm worried
>> No. 66719
He probably doesn't remember being Dream Dirk at all right now!
>> No. 66720
does he remember how to give Jake a boner?
>> No. 66721
Why is no one discussing Terezi's smellfatuation with Dirk.
I mean, she's doing her equivalent of OGLING someone intensely.
>> No. 66722
He clearly smells like orange creamsicles, what's the problem.
>> No. 66723
Does he remember that he's actually a figment of Jake's imagination, and not in fact a "real" Dirk? Maybe that kind of thing doesn't even matter in this game.
>> No. 66724
She is still pitching a glee fit over being the Condesce. She's good.
>> No. 66726
even though this meeting is going to be cut short i'm glad i was wrong and got the chance to see dave's look of dismay/discomfort?
i just can't wait for them to actually engage in conversation, there aren't words capable of describing how much i want this to happen.
>> No. 66729
Dave's fucking face is priceless.
You can literally read "Bro?" on it.
>> No. 66732
I for one love how Rose has the perfect understanding "oh?" face
>> No. 66733
File 134091181169.gif - (1.61MB , 350x350 , precious.gif )
>dat half-smile and raised eyebrow

And let's all take a moment to appreciate Kanaya's "Oh Shit Oh Shit Okay Well Rose Is Alright What About Dave How Is He Handling This Badly Crap Okay What Do" face.
>> No. 66736
Kanaya is probably the best friend you could have among the trolls if you're looking for someone who actually gives a darn about your well-being.
>> No. 66737
I took Kanaya's face as a "who is this dude, how did he just appear there out of nowhere, what is happening, they know what's happening, he looks kind of like them, what is happening????" sort of thing instead of "oh no i am worried about their well being because i am just so nice."
>> No. 66739
Her being a very caring person is sort of an established character trait.
>> No. 66741
I think she kind of have up on that when she went rainbow drinker and started punching people instead. She's definitely just wondering what the hell is going on right now.
>> No. 66745
She's still nice and caring, she's just more selective about it, instead of hiding behind her helpfulness as a way to avoid conflict. After being killed and having her ~*ultimate*~ destiny/task/dream destroyed it's understandable she just isn't willing to stand back and watch all the dangerous bullshit her friends are brewing.

But yeah, she is more bloodthirsty than she used to be.
>> No. 66746
Oh wow! Serenity just stowed away in Dream Roxy's hair with Dirk to wherever and Dave just had some delayed reaction to meeting his Bro in kid form.
>> No. 66753
File 134096117326.png - (110.29KB , 594x727 , sshot-2012-06-29-[1].png )
Hey, remember that time Dante Basco started reading Homestuck?

yeah I kind of forgot entirely about it too. I'm all, "bwuh? General Iroh II reads HS? BWUH???", but anyways he finally got to that part.
>> No. 66754
So either Dante forgot someone sent him that pic, or it's for show.
>> No. 66755
Whoa Dante mind. Nice.
>> No. 66758
I get it.
>> No. 66759
He probably assumed it was some fucked up fanart.

And then it turned out to be canon.

>> No. 66763
Serenity has a pretty damn strong grip for a firefly I tell you hwhat.
>> No. 66767
Wait, dream Dirk can traverse the void without a problem? Okay.
>> No. 66768
That surprised me too, but it's probably due to having a passive Void player in tow.
>> No. 66770
I wonder what's the deal with Roxy. Her lantern when out, and uu THINKS she was killed, but her dreamself is a-okay. Maybe the dreamself/realself simultaneous dying process happens when a player is already IN the game?

Was Aradia's dreamself dead or just in a chained coma?
>> No. 66771
Poor Roxy, she's too interesting a character to become a boring old ghost :'(
>> No. 66773
looks like we're gonna meet uu face to face for the first time
>> No. 66775
File 134103817297.png - (111.86KB , 1300x450 , Cal Eyes.png )
Calliope's eyes. Or should I say Cal's. Are the same.
>> No. 66776
Well shitlick

I knew her eyes were creeping me the fuck out
>> No. 66777
Hussie updating on a friday night? Shit's about to get real.

Calli sure is chipper for somebody about to take what may be her last nap.
>> No. 66782
Uh so
I just realized that the reason Dirk can't leave the bubble is because the Dirk in the bubble is dream Dirk's dreamself, which is so ridiculously fucky I don't even know
Also I guess Roxy just lost her shot at dreamself kiss revival?
>> No. 66783
I love how Roxy can be one big enchanted accessory you carry around with you for a free pass in/out of dream bubbles.
>> No. 66785
I think it's just because he's an (almost) perfectly normal dreambubble projection, whereas Roxy is a material dreamself that's physically floating through the bubble.

The way it works is that when you go unconscious and you don't have a body to "go to", you end up as a projection in a bubble. The usual cases for this are either dreaming with one dead real- or dreamself, or being completely dead. In Dirk's case, it's a little different. He's a projection right now because he managed to get both of his selves unconscious at the same time, with his multitasking thing.
Anyway point is that these projections can't just leave the bubbles. Otherwise you could simply float out of the afterlife at will.

Now Roxy is a completely different case. She's not a projection at all, she's a real self who's physically floating in the furthest ring. That's why she, like Dave, WV, Terezi etc., can leave the bubble.
>> No. 66786
That's actually exactly what I meant
At first, for some stupid reason, I thought that Roxy could leave due to being the Hero of Void and the meteor due to being allowed passage by the horrorterrors
Then I realized that the Dirk in the bubble wasn't the actual dream Dirk or any of his physical selves, but more like his dreamself's temporary dreamself
Not the exact same thing, but close enough
>> No. 66791
I had a dream where trolls had a kind of plant called butthole combs and they made butthole sauce out of it and Dave overheard part of their conversation and got really uncomfortable and sexually confused

So anyway do you think Roxy is gonna merge with Mutini or Nepeta
>> No. 66793
But the only way she could merge with either of these would be a Jadesprite kind of deal. And considering she's probably going to transition to her dreamself it'd have to be her realself that'd get prototyped.
>> No. 66794
Aranea, what are you up to you rascal
>> No. 66795
I'm assuming she was just waking Dirk up. Like how Vriska could do it to John, Dave and Jade.
>> No. 66796
Didn't Aranea say she never used her powers for manipulation, nor would want to? I guess there's exceptions.
>> No. 66798
I don't think the kiss works on dreamselves anyway.
>> No. 66799
Does it count as manipulation if you're making them do something they really want to do but can't by themselves?
>> No. 66801
Dirk was obviously asking her for help.
>> No. 66802

>> No. 66803
File 13411255323.jpg - (32.87KB , 460x276 , Looters-ransack-a-shop-in-007.jpg )
>> No. 66804

Does this mean when he finally gives us the first update is a new thread going to be made or will we still talk about it in this one?
>> No. 66806

Time to fire up those metastuck threads.
>> No. 66807
This thread has already got 242 posts, nearing its limit. We might as well make a new one once the flash is out.
>> No. 66986
>> No. 66987
someone make new thread
>> No. 66988
aaaand before that happens
>> No. 66989
>> No. 66990
that was one of the most amazing AND fucked up things i have ever witnessed
>> No. 67456
I do not know
what just happened
>> No. 67457
That was certainly something.
And godDAMN I totally fucking called what Calliope's drawing meant.
Not that I have the slightest clue as to how he made it happen.
>> No. 67458
Man the battle stations ladies and gentlemen, shit just went into overdrive!
>> No. 67459



>> No. 67460
>> No. 67471
this is an old thread
switch to the superior one instead
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