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64226 No. 64226
Previously on HSG: >>63478

Nice to hear some Ruins (with Strings!) make it into a flash. And then there's this douchebag, who stole Aradia's timeboxes. That bastard!
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>> No. 64608
Well. They seem to be getting along famously.
>> No. 64609
A year of being dead heals most wounds.
>> No. 64610
Metastuck still going strong.
>> No. 64611
File 133489011286.jpg - (121.82KB , 600x626 , brace_for_impact.jpg )
>> No. 64612
Tavros is.. growing something vaguely resembling a backbone?

>> No. 64613
>> No. 64614
Man I'm glad Andrew had Vriska say it was her fault for killing Tavros.

Him saying Terezi shouldn't have killed Vriska was completely out of character and I was worried he was going to do it again.
>> No. 64615
They have actually changed, in some minor ways. And I hope something actually comes from this, rather than just lolbacktoJaneandlet'snevermentionitagain
>> No. 64616
Why is Tavros even a part of this fuck shit up plan?
>> No. 64617
She's going to recruit more people.
>> No. 64618
He's the same as he was when he charged Vriska. And Vriska is still as repentent as she was right after his death. Why are people treating this conversation's developments as if it's something new?
>> No. 64621
megalomaniacal shit fuck uppers always need a spineless but more reasonable sidekick/minion. Is a Rule
>> No. 64622
That "spritelog" was definitely awesome. I love how they both changed their mind, and how they have a very slightly version of their previous dynamic.
>> No. 64623
She already said that when she talked about it with John. She could have flown away with her pixie wing if she wanted. The self-defense thing wasn't even an excuse, she did it because she had enough of Tavros.
>> No. 64624
It's really kind of disturbing seeing people worships a person like Vriska so.
>> No. 64625
Tavros's not the same, he thinks charging Vriska was a stupid idea.
>> No. 64627
Eh, she appeared back anyway.
>> No. 64629
>> No. 64632
>A 13 year old girl who has never killed before regretting it
>Out of character
>> No. 64633
>VRISKA: I think it's time to start fucking some shit up.
Just when I thought I was out.…youtube thumb
>> No. 64635
Yeah, I guess all those trolls she fed to her mom and nearly killing 3 characters and effectivley killing another was nothing.
>> No. 64636
I think he's talking about Terezi, who has never directly killed someone herself before.
>> No. 64638

Although, Terezi also fed trolls to Vriska's mom, and tricked Dave and John to their deaths.

As for "directly-with-their-own-hands" killing people, I think Vriska and Terezi only killed one person each (and felt really bad about it afterwards)
>> No. 64639
So that means that Vriska and Terezi are politicians?
>> No. 64640
So let me get this straight. Vriska is planning to bust out of death...because she is bored. How is this not the best character ever?

Replace "Vriska" with Bec Noir. Also, things are kind of different when it's a fictional character?
>> No. 64641
I'll laugh if Vriska isn't actually able to fuck shit up. You know, being dead and whatnot.
>> No. 64642
If that's the case I hope Hussie doesn't waste much time on it.
>> No. 64645
I get the feeling Vriska's mind control powers will work even from the afterlife....
>> No. 64646
Unlikely, fucking shit up is what Vriska does the best.
>> No. 64648
I hope we're going to find out more about the Horrorterrors and, more specifically, about whatever entity they're afraid of on account of being slaughtered by it.
>> No. 64650
i assumed it was english
but who knows
>> No. 64651
I wonder if we'll get a SBaHJ WEED DREAMS reference in today's update.
>> No. 64652
Aren't the horrorterrors working with English, though?
>> No. 64653
i dont think so....
>> No. 64654
Well they sent Rose and Dave off to create the Green Sun, but there's no indication whatsoever that it was at LE's behest.
>> No. 64655
They also keep that server with the code for summoning English.
>> No. 64660
Any ties between horrorterrors and English could be part of a tenuous deal for all we know. Doesn't mean they're on the same side.
>> No. 64662
There's no reason to believe it's English that's killing them, either.
>> No. 64674

Yay! We get to see Jake and Dirk actually have a fucking conversatioN!
>> No. 64676
So who is living on Earth now? If the Condense had trolls on her ship, they would have been killed by the vast glub. And I doubt she had a spare mother grub laying around, either.
>> No. 64677
>> No. 64679
Speaking of Dersites, I believe reset BQ and AR raised Roxy and Dirk respectively when they were still infants. We never got any confirmation that the BQ died in the Condesce-ruled Derse and Aimless Renegade sharing the same initials as Auto-Responder has to be more than a coincidence.

So I guess the next update is where we will begin a new HS General?
>> No. 64680
Condesce could've kept a matriorb or cloning equipment. I'm sure LE would have pulled some strings to get her well situated on earth.
>> No. 64681
A friend of mine just noticed something. Jake's name is the same as the Avatar's protagonist. Who got paraplegic. And met a cerulean alien. In a treasures planet. Jake is unconscient now. Maybe he had a traumatism in the fall and got paraplegic, and his land will have something with jungles/treasures. Maybe all pages get paraplegic before entering. It happened to Tavros too. He got paraplegic, entered in sburb, went to Land of Maps and Treasure, meeting Vriska, so...
>> No. 64684
Maybe? This thread isn't even halfway down the front page yet, tho, so it probably won't hurt to keep it around until it at least drops off the first page.

Speaking of "who's living on earth", and who raised Roxy and Dirk in their infancy, if all the humans are DEAD... yeah, it might have to have been Dersites. Not sure why it would need to be BQ and AR specifically, though, aside from just wanting it to be.

So, we need to know who raised them, and aside from that HOW they know the things they do about not only history on Earth, but also their personal "ancestry". I doubt there are public schools, or any equivalent that they could attend without notice if every human is DEAD. Maybe we'll finally found out what being "schoolfed" actually entails?
>> No. 64688
Here's something I can't figure out. If the Condesce arrived just as Jane entered the game, then who put all that batterwitch paraphernalia and propaganda devices in Jane's house?
>> No. 64689
I think it was that the Condesce had lived in the scratched universe for quite some time, building the BC Empire and spreading her dark, twisted locks all over the planet before somehow entering the Medium, usurping the Black Queen, and eventually taking a meteor back to earth right at the moment Jane left. At least that's how I'm reading this.
>> No. 64690

Oh, I got this one. For the long explanation, see:


If you're one of those "tl;dr" guys, then long story short is I think Her Imperial Condescension has been on B2 Earth for quite some time to help set up her eventual hostile take over. After all, from the Medium she can arrive on Earth at any point in history. When you're as close to immortal as normal organic beings can be, why not give yourself all the time in the world to soften the populace before bringing in your flagship and an army of drones? Pretty sure that's all that came in on Jane's meteor.
>> No. 64693
As someone who only reads this comic months apart I developed a appeciation for the autistic freakouts the fanbase has.

Its like watching a bipolar person haveing an argument with a mirror.

Ludicrously funny and very sad.
>> No. 65141
File 133628184247.jpg - (402.57KB , 639x1546 , homosuxexplained.jpg )
I couldn't help but notice how The Baroness takeover reminded me of a video game I lasted played. JUST SAYING. The game is "Strider" for you slow twits.
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