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63478 No. 63478
Last thread: >>62956

So John's pretty most of the remaining ships in the harbor by pointing out the simple truth of the situation. Prepare for incoming fan-rage.
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>> No. 64029
Who's Jane?
>> No. 64031
are you being sarcastic or serious
>> No. 64032
john and jade's inbred retard baby
>> No. 64054
No, actually. Jane is simply a perfect clone of herself. John and Jade are the "descendants" of Jane and Jake, but not the other way around.
>> No. 64080
There were dark spots in Scratch's omnipotence so LE may legitimately have not known about the ship behind the curtain
>> No. 64081
technically you're discussing "omniscience" here, not "omnipotence".
but yeah, if for whatever reason the space between the two fenestrated walls were to have a lot of local Void, what's going on there could conceivably be hidden from Lord English's awareness.
>> No. 64121
Update! Looks like the next flash will be added soon.
>> No. 64122
File 133430046845.jpg - (36.35KB , 642x479 , Stacy_and_a_sad_Candace.jpg )
>feferi gets a song on the human album
>> No. 64123
Heh, and people still doubt the return of our witch B)
>> No. 64125
I think it's more Glubulybls's (yes I can't spell it) song.
>> No. 64145
Ahh, mspaintadventures.com breaking

Good times.
>> No. 64148
that.. was fucking incredible. Protip: use TAB on every screen to see all your options, some of them arent very obvious.
>> No. 64150
Found this nugget of wisdom on tumblr:
"the four alpha kids are called nobles
and jane’s land has heilium in it
Helium is a noble gas
take the other three lands, lomax, lotak, and lopan
x,k, and n can stand for Xenon, Krypton, and Neon
all noble gases

if all the consorts are dead
because their session is void
then the other letter in the land name might also suggest places you put dead people

lopan - land of pyramids and neon
lomax - land of mausoleums/morgues and xenon
lotak - land of tombs and krypton

The only reason I really figured this out was the X in lomax. Not too many words off the top of my head that start with X except for like xylophone and xerox."

>> No. 64151
The skulls really reminds me of Problem Sleuth.

Proceed to next page? WHERE?

Oh yeah, not now I guess...
>> No. 64152
this is so fucking stupid
>> No. 64153

ur so fukin stupid

got em
>> No. 64154
this is awesome

is there an actual end though, i just made some lights and now i dont think theres anything else to do
>> No. 64155
There is an end.
>> No. 64156
Where do I get the iguana skull?
>> No. 64157
Look for clues and read some tablets.
>> No. 64158
Rotate the lanterns so that Dirk's light points south, which will make it bounce down the big hole Jane's house fell into. It will illuminate a switch in the cave area right before the unlocked door. Hit the switch and the balloon will fill up. The iguana skull will pop out when it leaves on the right side of the hole.

I did everything right up until the point where I had to pick up the iguana skull. It's not very obvious because it is grey like the rest of her world and doesn't really look like a skull anyway lmao.
>> No. 64159
Thoughts on the UU conversation?
>> No. 64160
UranianUmbra is clearly either in denial about her dissociative identity, or she knows about it but doesn't want anyone else too.

I don't particularly blame her. UndyingUmbrage does not seem like the sort of person you'd want to talk to, much less share a body with.
>> No. 64161
Some possible evidence supporting the "split-personality" theory.
>> No. 64162
UranianUmbra is clearly either in denial about her dissociative identity, or she knows about it but doesn't want anyone else too.

I don't particularly blame her. UndyingUmbrage does not seem like the sort of person you'd want to talk to, much less share a body with.
>> No. 64163
the split personality idea is stupid but it's also probably true

clarification: i'm not calling the people who figured it out stupid, because they are not, i am just saying that it is a really dumb plot/character point in general and i'm disappointed hussie actually did it
>> No. 64164
hes a ghost obviously
>> No. 64165
First thing I thought of when we saw Jane's land was the poem about Rose breeding lilacs from a dead land. The two human teams were set up to meet all along. Oh, SBURB!
>> No. 64166
Eh. I'm confident that Hussie will make something interesting out of this.
>> No. 64167
I wonder if that was one of the planned-ahead parts or one of the "I made this up to make something else make sense" parts.
>> No. 64168
File 133439617527.gif - (19.71KB , 650x450 , 04570.gif )
I bet Jake's land is LOMAX...

Course set clear for zombies!
>> No. 64169
I think that Jake is going to be dead during his trip into the medium like Sollux hence the dead on arrival. I think that Roxy and Dirk are going to die. The other four kids are then going to help Jane ascend to god tier so that she will be able to revive them.
>> No. 64170
I think it refers to dreamselves, not wakingselves.

This can't be the true end of Jake because he hasn't connected to anyone yet, and hasn't gone through the motions of setting up as a client either? The only way it could work is that he was Roxy's server and she made it in just before/after his death, and Dirk was Jake's server... but we know Dirk is Jane's server instead.

Oh, if Roxy is going to enter the Medium right away, Jake must have been her server because it wasn't Dirk or Jane. So the circle will go Dirk > Jane > Jake > Roxy > Dirk.
>> No. 64171
Sollux died on his Alchemiter from the vast glub, so it's obvious that he had to wait for the process to finish before he entered the Medium.
>> No. 64172

I think uu/UU is less about a personality and more about the different-gendered dream self. I'm gonna go ahead and say the dream self is male and the "real" self is female. Though I can't yet think of a reason they should be a different gender, just because we haven't seen it yet doesn't mean there aren't exceptions
>> No. 64173
That was awesome. Hoping to see more of these.
>> No. 64174
That game is awesome!


I don't have anything else to say!
>> No. 64175
I bet LOMAX is Dirk's.
>> No. 64178

According to Roxy, the order is Jane<Roxy<Dirk<Jake. So LoCaH for Jane, LoPaN for Roxy, LoTaK for Dirk, and LoMaX for Jake.
>> No. 64179
But that sequence is already fucked up due to shenanigans. Dirk had to function as Jane's server player, so he'll probably be next to enter.
>> No. 64180
That was such an amazing, fun update.
>> No. 64181
Rose plays the rain, Jane gets the flowers. Wonder if Jade's "Resolving frost into dew" will do something with one of the alpha kid's planets.
>> No. 64182
Except that we already know that UU dreams on prospit?
>> No. 64188
Honestly these were my thoughts. However, if it is the case somewhat, and there are two people sharing a body depending on some circumstance (i.e. awake/asleep), then Hussie could work it out that the two split into their own respective beings.

Also it work work out nicely to have it be two. That way, there are 8 kids & 8 trolls alive to continue playing.
>> No. 64191
I think it's LoPaN. Think about it.
>> No. 64192
Maybe UU and uu share realself but have separate dreamselves?
>> No. 64193
This is what I'm thinking will be the case. We still don't know why Sollux was a 'special case' in having two dreamselves other than twos of stuff is kind of his thing. I'm expecting the possible reasons for having more than one dreamself will be elaborated on with uu. They'll probably have one realself and two dreamselves. One dreamself on Prospit and one on Derse.
>> No. 64195
The realself's gotta die. There has to be something to finally make each distinctly separate. Could go places with the idea if this were the case. Much better than the personality disorder one.
>> No. 64212
Man, I hope all the Land-of introductions are like this.

Homestuck: a sequel to Myst
>> No. 64283
What, the FUU___________________________________________________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___________!!!!!!!!!____________!!!!!!!!!_________!!!!!!!!!!!!w,ksyohw,ksoghip,
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